Cinnamon is a desktop environment developed by Linux Mint.

It provides advanced modern features on top of a traditional desktop layout.

Just like Linux Mint, it aims to be easy to use, powerful and flexible.

It is compatible with and available in most Linux distributions.


Cinnamon is highly configurable by default

3rd party artists and developers also provide “spices”.

A “spice” is something that changes or complements the look or the behavior of Cinnamon.

Currently, Cinnamon supports the following types of “spices”:

  • Themes (which change the look and feel of the desktop)
  • Applets (which are little apps you can place in the panels)
  • Desklets (which are little apps you can place on the desktop)
  • Extensions (which are little apps you don’t usually see which change the way Cinnamon works)


News about Cinnamon are covered on the Linux Mint development blog “Segfault” at:


The development is hosted on Github at:

Github issues are used for bug reports and for requesting new features.

Pull requests are welcome and developers are encouraged to get in touch with the developers via IRC to discuss their ideas.

Developers can be reached on IRC at:

#linuxmint-dev (on

Cinnamon follows the same philosophy as Linux Mint; A conservative and pragmatic approach to development with a high level of focus on end-users.

3rd party developers are welcome to participate.

Other than the Linux Mint development team, Cinnamon is also actively developed by individual developers and by maintainers of other distributions (Fedora, Debian and Arch Linux in particular).


API references and tutorials are available at:


Translations are performed on Launchpad at: