New sections for themes, applets and extensions

New sections were created for artists and developers to submit new themes, applets and extensions, and for you to download, rate and comment them.

Don’t hesitate to click on “Themes”, “Applets” and “Extensions” in the menu above and to register an account to get involved in this new community.

Good luck to all artists, devs and users out there interested in extending Cinnamon via themes, applets and extensions. As we go along we’ll integrate the content of these sections within Cinnamon itself and provide tutorials to help you make the most of them (How to install a theme? How to develop an applet? etc..).

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Bill says: - reply

    Thank you very much for this and everything.

  2. Bill says: - reply

    Where can we upload?

  3. bill says: - reply

    I’m not seeing any of my posts for 3 days now. Tried 3 browsers. Am I locked out for some reason. I don’t recall doing anything wrong.

  4. Kirk M says: - reply

    Nice to see these new sections in place. One thing though. There’s no way for a user to comment on any particular theme as comments appear to be closed. ;-)

  5. Bill says: - reply

    Where can I upload 2 themes?

  6. Kirk M says: - reply

    I should have said that comments appear closed for non-logged in users.

  7. b says: - reply

    Where do I upload, and why are my posts not getting through? – Bill

  8. Bill says: - reply

    Help, my posts don’t get through.

  9. Bill says: - reply

    Are my posts getting through?

  10. bill says: - reply

    I can’t post unless I put in a website. :-X
    Anyway I finally figured out where to upload themes, and uploaded two of them. Can’t wait to see new applets and extensions. Wish I new how to write them. Great idea here Clem, you’re always thinking. ;-)


  11. crzen says: - reply

    Great idea. Cant wait for the applet tutorials. Is there a way to get rss feeds for the site or the different sections? Love what your doing. I just wish there was something I could do to help.

  12. crzen says: - reply

    Great idea. I cant wait for the applet tutorials. Is there a way to get rss feeds for this site or the different sections? I wish there was something I could do to help contribute.

  13. bobby says: - reply

    I have linux mint 12 in my VB as well as in desktop (dual boot). After reading about new themes etc. I downloaded some theme first in my VB Linux Mint. Everything is working fine there. But when I tried to install them in desktop, there was no .theme folder. Well I don’nt understand how can it be. Even if I create the folder, nothing seems to work. ISO of both are same. Only thing that in VB, I am using Mint-12 from the start. Whie on desktop, perhaps I am using it from Cinnamon 1.1.3 (after installing deleting many times, may be regularly from two-three days before Cinnamon 1.2 was released). Any suggestions.

  14. xadem says: - reply

    The installation via browser would be a great feature :) keep going! Cinnamon have saved my netbook :D

  15. thx Clement , i love you work ! :-)
    Cinnamon is Great !!

  16. Nice to see the non-core developments being highlighted on this site. Now we just need a Documentation section…. (and some documents)


  17. alex says: - reply

    My last comment didn’t go trough, somehow this comment section semms broken.

    I wanted to ask what are the differences between applets and extensions?

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi everybody,

      I’m not sure what happened with the antispam system, but a lot of comments were treated as spam. I unmarked them and re-approved them manually. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the spam folder from now on and if the problem persist we’ll use a different anti-spam technique (we need one, it’s unbelievable how much spam we get otherwise).

  18. Bill says: - reply

    Gosh, now we look silly repeating our posts over and over. ;-)
    Anyway thanks for Cinnamon Sections and fixing the Spam issue.

  19. Luke says: - reply

    Along with being able to install from a browser, I think it would be beneficial to be able to add extensions/applets from Cinnamon Settings. Or at the very least a link to the website so we know where to find/install more.

  20. dhor says: - reply

    It would be nice to be able to sort themes/applets by the date of add.

  21. Bill says: - reply

    Does anyone know how to change the Window Themes in Cinnamon? Is it even possible? I mean I know about Advanced Settings, but all that does is change colors, every theme keeps the same old ugly grey – box x in the right top corner. I think it is called Adwaita. I like changing panel and menu theme as much as the next guy, but there must be a way to change the window too. Or is there?

    • Pierre says: - reply

      You have to change it in gnome 3 advanced setting and cinnamon settings. It took me a while ti figure that out. Windows settings must be the same.

  22. mtwebster says: - reply

    How do you upload applets?

  23. How do I register for the website? I can’t find a registration link.

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