Cinnamon 1.3 released

Cinnamon 1.3 is out!

This is another major update for Cinnamon.

Read below for a brief overview of the new features and major improvements.

Applets improvements

In Cinnamon 1.3, every panel component is an applet. This means you can remove the default menu or window list and replace them with 3rd party applets.

Another important feature in this release, is the fact that applets can now be dragged and dropped with the mouse and placed wherever you want within the panel(s). So you can now move any part of the panel(s) around and really fine-tune the layout of your desktop to what works best for you.

Your panel, your rules. You can now drag and drop applets and order things in your panel exactly the way you want (The screenshot above is an extreme example of this).

Settings improvements

Cinnamon Settings gained a lot of new features and a lot of new tabs. You can now use it not only to change Cinnamon preferences themselves, but also to configure your fonts, windows, desktop icons, window, cursor, gtk+ themes..etc.

It’s graphical interface was also changed, for the tool to be able to show more information without using more screen estate.

A new UI for Cinnamon Settings, similar to Gnome Settings, which allows the tool to feature more settings and use less space on the screen.

Menu improvements

The menu received the following improvements:

  • New hover delay preference
  • Better icon sizes (crispier icons)
  • Fixed menu size when the number of favorites is high
  • More exhaustive search results

Other notable improvements

  • Panel launchers can now be re-ordered by drag & drop
  • Improved visuals in the default theme
  • Workspace navigation is now possible in scale mode (note that we’re still planning an Expo mode)
  • Multiple bug fixes

Impact for themes artists

If you’re developing a new theme, simply start from scratch using the following tutorial.

If you made a theme for Cinnamon 1.2:

  • You don’t really need to add anything for your theme to work
  • The default theme was slightly improved, in particular it now uses more transitions and shadows, and it defines “ltr” sections for things to look better on Left-to-right locales (Arabic, Hebrew..etc). Have a look at the diff (list of changes) made to cinnamon.css: cinnamon.css.diff
  • PanelMenu isn’t used much anymore. Instead, all core components of the panel now are applets, so make sure your applet section of your theme (at the complete bottom of cinnamon.css) is up to date.

Here’s the Applet style section present in cinnamon.css in Cinnamon 1.3:

As you can see, it defines a different behavior when the applet is hovered, and it triggers a different behavior on applet-icon and applet-label as well. In the default theme we use this to add text-shadows and icon-shadows to applets when the mouse goes over them.

Impact for applet developers

Unless your applet is tightly linked to our code or referring to other panel components, it should continue to work in Cinnamon 1.3 the same way it did in Cinnamon 1.2.

Impact for extension developers

For all extensions, you need to change the version of Cinnamon from 1.2 to 1.3 in the metadata.json file.

If your extension refers to any part of Cinnamon that is a panel component (for instance: menu.js, windowlist.js, dateMenu.js, status/bluetooth.js, status/keyboard.js….etc), it will no longer work in Cinnamon 1.2. All these components were migrated to applets and are now located in /usr/share/cinnamon/applets.

Extensions which design was to modify the behavior of a particular applet component (for instance: an extension which hides the bluetooth icon in the panel) should be abandoned. Applets can be removed, and rather than modifying them using extensions, developers should write their own modified versions of them as applets.

Extensions which design was to add new content to the panel (for instance: the weather extension), will continue to work.. but we STRONGLY recommend they get migrated to applets. Extensions are stuck to a particular place in the panel and users won’t be able to drag and drop them and move them around like they do with other applets.

If your extension has nothing to do with panels, then it should continue to be an extension.

If you encounter any problems, please log in the IRC and ask us for help at #linuxmint-dev on

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Robinz says: - reply

    Outstanding work Clem! Cinnamon has really come a long way since it’s beginning. Everything works for me except the dock extension. Excellent, just excellent ;)

  2. Robin says: - reply

    Excellent Clem! The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the dock extension. Everything else is great! Thanks for creating such a beautiful desktop ;)

    • greg says: - reply

      hi, do you mean you cannot place dock on top/bottom? i had a crack on code to force it to bottom since i cannot leave without this function and also made icons detached from menu favorites so you can have separate set of icons in dock and separate in menu favorites, if this is something you are after i can ask how to contribute changes to dock’s code so you can too try this out

  3. tripleti says: - reply

    Cinnamon is great! Nice project

    One concern is will we be able to use gnome shell themes eventually or like what has already happened will cinnamon themes have to be made from scratch or can the theme designer just modify their theme a bit to work for cinnamon?

    Edit by Clem: Both Shell and Cinnamon use the same theme engines, but themes are not compatible between them. A theme can define both a Cinnamon and a Shell section though and work with both desktops.

  4. physics says: - reply

    Great work guys looks awesome!

  5. That’s cool!!! Now we got the Gnome Tweak Tool combined with some cinnamon powers of his own. Now i got some questions:

    1) Should we uninstall GTT or leave as it to prevent bugs?
    2) The update will be available for Mint? (silly question i know but i just want some information)
    3) I got some themes for Gnome Shell that (kind-of) works in Cinnamon. Do the window, gtk and cinnamon theme will change if i apply a theme of this or should i download-rewrite a theme to adapt it for Cinnamon?

    Thanks, sorry for the questions, and keep the great job in that (Y)…

    Edit by Clem: 1) It’s not needed by Cinnamon. 2) Yes, 1.3 is in the Mint 12 repos already and it will make its way to LMDE when Update Pack 4 is ready. 3) Personally I would use another Cinnamon theme to start from scratch and then copy over lines and styles from the Shell theme and incrementally make it look similar.

  6. kneekoo says: - reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

    Now onto reading the whole post and installing Cinnamon 1.3.0. :D

  7. I’m able to drag many of the applets but can’t figure out how to move the Panel Launchers or Cinnamon Window List applets. Is there some trick?

    Edit by Clem: There is :) Ok first, an explanation… the applet zone of these applets was conflicting with their content (both in theming and behavior) and so these two particular applets actually redefine their main actor.. which means they overwrite their wrapper and you can’t access their “applet zone”.. hence you can’t move them. We’ll try to fix that before the next release. In the meantime, like any other applet, their location is defined in gsettings, so you can move them manually using either gsettings or dconf-editor by modifying them in “org.cinnamon enabled-applets”.

  8. billynick says: - reply

    it sounds sweet but im using a 2 panel layout, and after rebooting into cinnamon 1.3 all my applets, windowlist and everything is in the top panel. when i try drag and drop some of them to the bottom panel they just fly back to the top panel…maybe i need to delete my saved cinnamon settings? if so where are they stored?

    Edit by Clem: They’re stored in gsettings, the key is “org.cinnamon enabled-applets”. You can change panel1 to panel2 to move them to the other panel manually.

  9. Cinnamon is starting to get too sexy for my desktop :D But keep bringing the improvements, this is another great release!

  10. Robin says: - reply

    Clem, will we need to remove and reinstall extensions after they are updated to 1.3? Beautiful desktop! ;)

  11. hapi says: - reply

    Looks better and better. Thanks! Two suggestions though:

    Please add option to autohide battery icon, when battery is full.

    Also please allow sidepanels. With small laptop widescreen every vertical pixel is precious.

    This looks like to become something great. Keep going!

    • Yes, please! Side panels! With proper rotation of all text etc. It mostly worked in Gnome 2, except for the window list.

      Horizontal resolution I can spare – both on my 1024×600 9″ Eee PC and my desktops (1920×1200 and 2560×1600), but vertical resolution is precious. I read documents on screen pretty often, and you want every last vertical pixel.

      If I could figure out how to put window titles and buttons vertically on the side of windows, I’d be a happy man.

  12. Pranav says: - reply

    When I try to launch cinnamon-settings , it gives me the following error-:

    /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gobject/ Warning: g_boxed_type_register_static: assertion `g_type_from_name (name) == 0′ failed
    import gobject._gobject
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/”, line 1269, in
    File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/”, line 1234, in __init__
    img = GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf.new_from_file_at_size( “/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/data/icons/%s” % sidePage.icon, 48, 48)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gi/”, line 72, in constructor
    return info.invoke(cls, *args, **kwargs)
    gi._glib.GError: Unrecognized image file format

    I am using archlinux. (cinnamon 1.3).

  13. Luke says: - reply

    Thanks for the quick update but I do have some issues with panel placement. Like billynick I use a two panel setup and when when I rebooted into 1.3 everything is messed up. I figured small bug so I try to move the panel applets but they don’t seem to want to move where I want them to move. I especially can’t seem to move anything to the bottom panel or move the window list at all. Other than the panel bugs I whole heartily approve of the improvements especially the integrated settings.

    • Luke says: - reply

      I tried the changing around the gsettings and that didn’t seem to work for me. Is there anyway I can go back to 1.2 until all the bugs are worked out?

  14. Javier says: - reply

    Great improve! It’s fine to drag’n drop icons in the panel but as billynick says, they usually fly back or get stuck. Just alt+F2 and type r to reload desktop and everything looks right

  15. hello Clem and guys !
    *what was good just got better *
    Cinnamon works perfect with my arch linux 64 bits !!

    Thank you clem and team ! ;.)

  16. P.T. says: - reply

    Very, very nice update! I don’t seem to be able to move back to a bottom panel, but somehow I also like the top-bottom panel I got. Too bad I am missing the search function in the menu now.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. timo says: - reply

    Thanks for the update Clem!
    But why does the Cinnamon 1.3.0 package have this nvidia-current dependency? I’ve got a ATI graphics card and after updating, my drivers were messed up and I found myself in fallback-mode.

  18. nhanth87 says: - reply

    the same here, my panel’s icons is mesh, I can’t drag and drop it to enywhere

  19. billynick says: - reply

    @clem: my whole desktop is a mess now im afraid i cant drag anything anywhere. gsettings, is that the same as dconf-editor? if not does it have a gui? and i dont get what you mean by ‘change panel1 to panel2′ is there a command i can issue in a terminal to totally reset cinnamon to scratch? – thanks for your work btw

  20. Since i updated to 1.3 cinnamon doesn’t work for me anymore :(

  21. Manolis says: - reply

    Nice work and looks great!

    However, I got here from a post at webupd8. I found nowhere an ‘about’ section to find out quickly what cinnamon is. I had to figure it out through the news looking at the images etc. The ‘Love your Linux, Feel at Home, Get things Done!’ slogan does not do the job of describing what cinnamon is, and the ‘home’ link just takes you to the news! The only post I found to explain something was about the original spice from wikipedia!!! Ok now I know that cinnamon is the home menu (right?) of the linux mint project (a project I have used a lot), but there is nowhere a clear definition…

    • vanderson says: - reply

      (forgive any errors here Clem)
      Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome 3 Shell, with the idea that many people using Linux want to still have options to control there interface and not be forced to do it the “Gnome 3 way” or the “Ubunutu Unity way”.

      Many modern GUI’s (Mac/Win/Unity/Gnome3) are focusing on tablets and touch interfaces where user’s just have to accept whatever the software gives them, and Cinnamon is (to me) a focused effort to have a modern core (Gnome 3) while maintaining control over our own settings, interface styles, preferences and allow us to do what we want with our own machines.

      I started with Linux Mint ver 12 in Dec. 2011. I did this because my WinXP box finally failed really badly. I had run Ubunutu on an old extra box for years, but it always had issues. (maybe it was too slow, too little ram) So I was hesitant to switch over to Linux.

      So, I keep reading about Linux Mint in geek oriented sites/blogs/news, so I install ver 12 a few days after it came out, it was awesome….

      BUT.. it was based on some very new Gnome 3 interface or something, that made it maddening to get any work done! It took 4 or 5 clicks to get around to windows and workspaces, to open and close things, it’s a bit tricky.

      I tried the Gnome 2 classic interface, but it just really reminded me of the old slow box I used to run… *sigh*

      Then came along Cinnamon and it was just simply going in the right direction for a desktop interface. It looked cleaner, acted smarter and was easier to use for work, easier to navigate around, less flashy crap in my face. I could (eventually) turn off the blasted squiggly icon in the top left corner that messed up my work flow, and I started to get more control over my computer.

      So, in my experience, Cinnamon represents the only desktop GUI left that is focused on user customization and control. (end rant)

  22. Tomek says: - reply


    why cinnamon 1.3 is dependand on package nvidia-current? I have Radeon and after update from 1.2 to 1.3 cinnamon desktop dosn’t work anymore and glxinfo gives:
    Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:0.0″.
    Error: couldn’t find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig
    Installing fglrx doesn’t help.
    Any ideas?

  23. Stefan says: - reply

    Why are there dependecies for nvidia-current and nvidia-settings? I don’t have Nvidia hardware, so I don’t want to install these drivers.

  24. Any reason to make nvidia-current *hard* dependency for cinnamon?
    Please move it to Recommended instead of Depends.

    I’ve got Intel graphic card and I don’t want to download over 50MB of some Nvidia crap.

  25. Manolis says: - reply

    I just found out from a few posts on Webupd8 that Cinnamon is a Gnome Shell Fork and not a Home Menu for Linux Mint

  26. yael says: - reply

    Thanks for Cinnamon, it;s great!
    I had the same problem with moving some applets, but will wait for a fix later on or I’ll try to mess with it in gsetting.

    I lock my screen (using it at work) and when I came back and put my password cinnamon was gone. I managed to open a terminal and since I could find the command to restart cinnamon I typed cinnamon –sync and brought back cinnamon. I’m sure it’s not the way I’m suppose to do that but it works.

    Also my F2 r doesn’t work anymore, I mean when I press either Alt F2 or Super F2 nothing shows up. Not sure if that is a bug in cinnamon though!

  27. yael says: - reply

    I had the similar problem with moving the applets.

    Also, when I lock my screen (at work) and came back and put my password, cinnamon was gone. I had to type cinnamon –sync in a term to get it back up. I’m sure it’s not the best way to do this, but it worked.

    For some reason my F2 r doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s link to cinnamon.

    • vanderson says: - reply

      I had the same issue with F2 not doing anything, go to System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > “Show the run command prompt”

      Mine is set to Ctrl+r though I don’t remember ever setting it to this… :P

  28. billynick says: - reply

    ok now i got it!
    open dconf-editor, org >cinnamon >enabled applets (in the right pane)
    now change for example ‘’ to
    ‘’ to make it appear on the bottom panel
    left:0 probably means its the leftmost entry , left:1 the 2nd most leftmost entry and so on, right:0 probably means the rightmost

    just playing around here, itll be like i want it in no time!

    • clem says: - reply

      There was a dependency issue in the AMD64 DEB file posted on the Cinnamon github download section and in the AMD64 package present in the Linux Mint 12 repositories. These packages depended on nvidia-current. Both packages were recompiled and replaced in both locations and the dependency is now removed. Sorry for the inconvenience and apologies for this.

    • Yeah, I’ve got it too now, moved show desktop, open windows, system pane (for me Wuala, DropBox and System Updates) to the bottom pane.

      Would be nice if you can sort out ability to create Side / Floating Launchers // Customiseable Height/Width for the future. :-)


      ps – can we change margin/padding already, if so, is it ok, or buggy and either way, hwo do you do it? :-)

  29. Andy says: - reply

    Same problem here…in a top and bottom panel (Classic) arrangement, everything goes to the top panel and won’t move – bottom panel remains completely empty. Also, the drag-and-drop functionality doesn’t appear to be working.

    Can’t find a way of getting the Cinnamon Window List applet onto the bottom panel in a Classic layout.

  30. Thank you Clem It looks fantastic.

    The panel, that was set to authide, doesn’t disappear while you are browsing in a menu, the icons on panel are moveable, there are new exciting settings, windows themes work. Beautiful. Everything has very reasonable defaults. Just like we have come to expect from you.

    I just do not understand one thing. Why couldn’t Gnome developers provide us the same beautiful, traditional and sane things that you did singlehandedly in such a short time?

  31. dhor says: - reply

    That’s what users waiting for… update :)

    But please, remove nvidia-current dependency, I’ve almost crashed my Ati machine…

    Edit by Clem: I’m terribly sorry about this, this was a mistake during the build of the 64-bit DEB package. It’s now rebuilt and replaced.

  32. Tim Wooten says: - reply

    Hey Guys,

    I love Cinnamon! Quick question. I just set up the panels so I would have one at the top and one at the bottom. But I can’t seem to figure out how to add anything to the second panel. Right clicking gives no options.

    What am I missing?


    Edit by Clem: Run Cinnamon Settings to add applets. You should also be able to drag/drop applets from one panel to another. If it doesn’t work you can edit “org.cinnamon enabled-applets” using gsettings or dconf-editor, and change values for panels (panel1, panel2).

  33. Alexander says: - reply

    How I can downgrade to 1.2?

  34. John says: - reply

    One problem with moving things around in dconf-editor…the hover-text and the direction in which they open doesn’t change. So if you move the menu to the bottom panel it will open BENEATH the screen. Any way to fix that?

    Edit by Clem: It fixes itself if you restart Cinnamon or login again.

  35. elav says: - reply

    First of all I must congratulate Clem and all developers who have put their effort to launch this new version.

    If you would like to ask me something, please do not delay in updating LMDE for Debian users can enjoy Cinnamon. Too bad right now in Debian Testing can not compile due to dependency error:…

    configure: error: Package requirements (gio-2.0 >= 2.29.10
    gio-unix-2.0 dbus-glib-1 libxml-2.0
    gtk+-3.0 >= 3.0.0
    folks >= 0.5.2
    libmuffin >= 1.0.1
    gjs-internals-1.0 >= 1.29.18
    libgnome-menu-3.0 gconf-2.0
    gdk-x11-3.0 libsoup-2.4
    clutter-x11-1.0 >= 1.7.5
    libstartup-notification-1.0 >= 0.11
    gobject-introspection-1.0 >= 0.10.1
    telepathy-glib >= 0.15.5
    telepathy-logger-0.2 >= 0.2.4
    polkit-agent-1 >= 0.100 xfixes
    libnm-glib libnm-util gnome-keyring-1) were not met:

    No package ‘dbus-glib-1′ found
    No package ‘libxml-2.0′ found
    No package ‘gtk+-3.0′ found
    No package ‘folks’ found
    No package ‘libmuffin’ found
    No package ‘gjs-internals-1.0′ found
    No package ‘libgnome-menu-3.0′ found
    No package ‘gconf-2.0′ found
    No package ‘gdk-x11-3.0′ found
    No package ‘libsoup-2.4′ found
    No package ‘clutter-x11-1.0′ found
    No package ‘libstartup-notification-1.0′ found
    No package ‘gobject-introspection-1.0′ found
    No package ‘libcanberra’ found
    No package ‘telepathy-glib’ found
    No package ‘telepathy-logger-0.2′ found
    No package ‘polkit-agent-1′ found
    No package ‘xfixes’ found
    No package ‘libnm-glib’ found
    No package ‘libnm-util’ found
    No package ‘gnome-keyring-1′ found

    Edit by Clem: Run ./, and then dpkg-buildpackage. That should do the trick on Debian Testing. Also make sure you’ve built and installed Muffin 1.0.1 first.

  36. yael defaye says: - reply

    When I lock my screen (I’m using it at work) and come back and type my password, Cinnamon is gone, I have to use term and type cinnamon –sync and it comes back.
    I’m sure I’m not doing it the right way, but it’s an issue.
    I do have an nvidia card if that matters.

  37. Rodolfo says: - reply

    Clem, I was using the bottom bar layout and after the update, It switches to the 2 bar layout. Could you tell me how to change it back? Also, the “Menu” button disappeared, and the icons/applets (at the top) are bigger.

    Sorry for my english. Thanks!

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure it switched your layout.. it shouldn’t have. To set it back open Cinnamon Settings, click on “Panel” and set back the layout to “Traditional”. For the menu button, make sure the menu is enabled in the “Applets” section of Cinnamon Settings.

  38. tassiebear says: - reply

    Fantastic work! Thanks for the update. With the workarounds on moving applets, everything working without a hitch. Proud to be part of desktop history

  39. Rodolfo says: - reply

    The layout is already set to “Traditional”, and the Menu applet is enabled :(

  40. P.T. says: - reply

    I can confirm rodolfo’s problem. Same happened here

  41. Rodolfo says: - reply

    I solved my problems by erasing Cinnamon and then reinstalling.

  42. P.T. says: - reply

    Hm, didn’t fix it for me. Running cinnamon in command line gives me an error:

    Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:0.0″.

    (cinnamon:8358): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: The OpenGL version could not be determined
    Fout van vensterbeheer:Unable to initialize Clutter.

  43. Adam says: - reply

    I have a serious problem now.
    Installed the normal updates,
    restarted PC (Thinkpad t60) – screen was in Fallback mode only.
    The driver for graphic card was only fallback (in System settings).

    Uninstalled Cinnamon, installed again. no difference. Unistalled Nvidia (should not have)

    Now the desktop will not start. I can see that the Nvidia module is not starting.
    My graphics card is Intel 945 Express Chipset Family.
    What should I do? I don’t want to re-install linux yet again.

  44. boci says: - reply

    I am simply in love with 1.3 :)
    after the firs restart i could not start Cinnamon and my linux mint started gnome classic, but after uninstalling all the nvidia stuff (I have onboard intel) it came back.
    moving the applets by editing in dconf works great. just one question: when will the option ‘center’ work? I’d love to see my clock again in the middle of the top bar :)

  45. Tim Wooten says: - reply

    Clem, just wanted to add my experiences here. I was trying to use the 2 panel setup, one at top and another at the bottom. I wanted to have the menu and other apps in the bottom panel.

    Earlier you told me “You should also be able to drag/drop applets from one panel to another. If it doesn’t work you can edit “org.cinnamon enabled-applets” using gsettings or dconf-editor, and change values for panels (panel1, panel2).”

    When I try to drag/drop as soon as I drop, the item jumps back to the top panel. I then spent some time looking at gsettings and not much useful documentation (from what I could find on google) about using this so I tried to run dconf-editor and got the message about “E: Unable to locate package dconf-editor”. After a bit of searching I found out that to get dconf-editor on Linux Mint 12 you have to run ‘sudo apt-get install dconf-tools’. Hope that helps save someone some time.

    Alrighty so I’ve got dconf-editor now and spent some time messing with that. I navigated to “org.cinnamon enabled-applets” and changed where it said “panel1″ to “panel2″ for just a couple of items. Sure enough the items went to the bottom panel. However the problem now is that when I click on the item in the bottom panel (panel2), the popup can not be seen because it is popping up UNDER the panel, off the screen. I figured there was a simple setting so I copied the enabled-applets definition into a text file so I could look at it. I then changed everything back to the original 1 panel only and on the bottom, went back to dconf-editor and copied the definition and pasted that into my text file just so I could compare the settings.

    Following is what that looks like formatted for readability:

    Top Panel Definitions

    Bottom Panel Definitions

    As you can see they are both exactly the same. So the question is, how do I go about making it so that if an applet is in the bottom panel and I click on it, it’s popup is above the icon so it can be seen?

    Sorry for the long winded reply but I figured it’s better than not enough info.


    Again, Linux Mint rocks and Cinnamon is soooo much better than the direction Ubuntu it going.


    Edit by Clem: You’re almost there. You just need to restart Cinnamon… the orientation is given to the applet when it is loaded, so if you move it to the other panel, you just need to restart cinnamon then. I’m hoping to fix that in a later version.

  46. Haddad says: - reply

    After updating to 1.3 and moving some applets , the “window list” becomes small
    can I fix this (window list should occupy the whole unsued space in the panel)
    or how can I restore default settings for cinnamon

    Edit by Clem: To restore the default –> “gsettings reset org.cinnamon enabled-applets”

    • Haddad says: - reply

      Thank’s Clem,
      I fixed the problem, by editing gsettings in org.cinnamon enabled-applets, setting to “left” all applets before the window list applet and to ‘rignt” the others.

  47. FIlip Krmpotić says: - reply

    I just installed for the first time this “Cinnamon”. It is really beautiful! I love it. I will never switch from Mint to other distro. Thank you Mint.

  48. P.T. says: - reply

    Had to install bumblebee to get everything working. Seems like I got a nvidia optimus card.

  49. andy says: - reply

    After the upgrade to 1.3 all my icons on the panel are right most of the panel and I can’t see how to move them back to the left. dragging them doesn’t work – they just shoot back to the right. ?

    • Mike says: - reply

      I have having the exact problem.

    • vanderson says: - reply

      I had the same issue, read farther up on the comments for other people using dconf-editor. You can set the applet to be left, center or right. All mine were set to center for some reason. I set some to right, some to left and just put the window list in the center, and it works well.

      Example: This puts the “show desktop” button in the left…

      • BETurner says: - reply

        For those who are having panel issues. Here’s my panel configuration with most applets enabled on a single bottom panel:

        ['', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '']

        Just open dconf-editor and paste the line into the line where the panel config is.

        Hope this helps :)

        BTW, a note to Clem about dconf-editor: Is there the possibility of setting those text fields to support multi-line and wordwrap? That would make it considerably easier to edit the settings in those entries. Just a thought. Also, when one selects a line, the bottom frame changes size, can that be suppressed?

  50. billynick says: - reply

    i hope there will be a change to the systray mouseover effect. it seems weird with everyhthing suddenly having a different bg colour

  51. vanderson says: - reply

    Just noticed (after updating) that alt-tab is FAST. THANK YOU!

    Also, I like the control over the taskbar, (everything is right aligned, though, lol) I am sure I can figure this out.

    In the middle of work , but wanted to say I am really happy with where Cinnamon is going. Your work is appreciated. :)

  52. ethan says: - reply

    congrats on the wonderful progress! it keeps getting better and better.

    two major points for me:
    1. how do you want us to submit bug reports?
    2. may i suggest that the developers spend a few days trying to navigate the cinnamon desktop using only keyboard shortcuts if they aren’t currently aware of the limitations that prevent keyboard usability (some are features that need to be implemented, some are bugs i’m pretty sure)

  53. Antonio says: - reply

    Thanks, I am using Cinnamon for the past 2 weeks, and i feel very confortable with this shell. Thanks for your work. Blessings!

  54. jasir says: - reply

    Thanks again Clem and team.
    Under Cinnamon Settings > Windows , would it be possible to have other options like Shade, Always on Top, Visible on All Spaces, etc?

  55. Paul says: - reply

    You guys make the best desktops I’ve come across! Thank God for people who are able to _listen_ to desktop users instead of forcing an ‘unholy mess’ up their throats..

    I’ve got one major request though: please consider separately releasing your desktop environments and ‘syncing’ to Debian stable. A GNOME2 release for 6 (Squeeze) and Cinnamon for testing now and eventually for 7 (Wheezy). (Adding intermediate releases in a backport fashion would be my absolute dream.. : )

    To be frank, I’m only using testing (LMDE) because of your great desktop. I would love to be able to switch back to Debian stable. The lack of annoying regressions, frequent security patches and generally, me feeling much at home..

    Thanks again for all the work. Much appreciated!


  56. Mantas says: - reply

    Cinnamon restarts itself after coming back from blank screen

  57. ljacmi says: - reply

    unfortunatly after updating it ain’t working for me, 1.2 was working good but this one seems like not working at all.
    when I switch from cinamon or gnome there is no difrence it is the same.
    now I have 2 panels, no menu … it looks same like GNOME.
    seems like I am going to be forced to use MATE :(

    I saw question before, anychance to switchit back to 1.2 and undoo all last updates (nvidia packeges), till this is fixed?

  58. Craig says: - reply

    I was loving Cinnamon, it was getting better all day today as updates happened, until the big 1.3 release. I run Cinnamon on a Toshiba i5 Sandybridge laptop and on my main desktop which has an NVidia card. Took lots of work from the great guy in IRC help, got the laptop working. Even got the desktop working till I decided to see if I could change from bar at bottom to bar at top. Disaster, won’t boot to X. Uninstalled NVidia-common (wrong thing to do). Reinstalled nvidia-common using apt-get install nvidia-common. Get the desktop back but nothing on the desktop but a mouse cursor, no panels, only wallpaper. Really want to get Cinnamon going again as can’t abide the Gnome stuff. It’s taken 5 hours out of my evening, after a long day web developing. Looks like I’ll have to do more tomorrow. I hope I can get it back.

    • Kirk M says: - reply

      Try this:

      Log into MATE and open a terminal. I the terminal type the following one at a time:

      apt update
      apt clean
      apt reinstall cinnamon

      Once this is done, log out of MATE, and log into Cinnamon. Hopefully Cinnamon will now be working.

  59. Nina says: - reply

    Heute automatischer update von cinnamon 1.2 auf 1.3 unter LinuxMint 12 und danach läuft keine Cinnamon-Oberfläche mehr.

    Weiss jemand Rat?

  60. Hugo12 says: - reply

    I really like Cinnamon and with 1.3 I think I switch from MATE.

    3 “bugs”:

    1) I’m using 2 panels as well (as I like to have it like gnome2). The drag and drop does not work. The dconf works fine however when I quit dconf and add another applet with the cinnamon settings it alters all changes.
    I set “show desktop” to the lower panel then I added the “window switcher” and “show desktop” was again in the top panel.
    I tried it again to see if it’s a problem with the applet “windows switcher” and removed the bluetooth applet. Again the “show desktop” applet moved to top. :(
    How can I lock the settings?

    2) I have graphics problems. The screen flickers when I move an applet, add or remove it or just open the cinnamon settings but it’s not applet only. If I start any program it flickers too.
    It does not flicker when I don’t do anything (like typing this here is no problem).

    The graphics card is and AMD HD 4350 and I already read that Cinnamon has problems with it. The newest drivers (11.11) made it possible to use Cinnamon as with the original drivers (not using the update repositories) that Linux Mint 12 has I got only pixel mash with every graphics displayed.
    Could it be a Gnome3 problem? If yes how can I solve it. :(

    3) Sometimes the desktop crashes. Firefox remains opened but everything else is gone. No panels, no buttons to close firefox, no keyboard commands (like Alt+F2) or even normal typing in firefox is possible anymore. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is working to login again.
    Same graphics problem?

    • Yes, I have noticed this problem, too. It happens on both a live bootable flash drive (my native graphics hardware is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200) with both open source and proprietary drivers, and in VirtualBox with VB’s guest additions graphics driver. Seems random. Sometimes happens right at login without doing anything at all, sometimes doesn’t happen at all, sometimes happens in the middle of a session no matter what I’m doing. Happens whether using Cinnamon, Gnome 3 MGSE, or basic Gnome 3.

      I hope this gets worked out soon. Cinnamon is amazing! Hope I can run it full time someday!

      Back to Mint 10 with Gnome 2 for now… :(

      • I guess I shouldn’t frown about that. Gnome 2 is still really awesome, too. I’m much happier on that than Gnome 3 or Unity.

      • Fig says: - reply

        I love how cinnamon is coming on, as Gnome3 and Unity have driven me from Ubuntu after many years. However, I’m still having to run MATE as my system under Cinnamon is unstable in this same manner. The window manager randomly crashes every 5 minutes or so for no reason. Usually it recovers and restarts, but after a few crashes it will require ctl-alt-bkspace to recover. Then eventually the whole server will die :-(

        You can see the problem in this log section from last night:

        Feb 20 22:16:06 hostname kernel: [12031.845593] cinnamon[23300]: segfault at 5abdf5107 ip 00007f29f72450a8 sp 00007fff625c3e60 error 4 in[7f29f71e5000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:16:06 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:20:18 hostname kernel: [12284.302323] cinnamon[25329]: segfault at 100000007 ip 00007f5dc8ac50a8 sp 00007fff0c2f0390 error 4 in[7f5dc8a65000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:20:19 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:43:37 hostname kernel: [13683.401495] cinnamon[25592] general protection ip:7f607a8320b5 sp:7fffe96d1680 error:0 in[7f607a7d2000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:43:38 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:49:47 hostname kernel: [14053.210241] cinnamon[26959]: segfault at 2d4495008 ip 00007f91cca440a8 sp 00007fff5f801330 error 4 in[7f91cc9e4000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:49:47 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:53:40 hostname kernel: [14286.112184] cinnamon[27322]: segfault at 100000007 ip 00007f4e9a9190a8 sp 00007fffab127950 error 4 in[7f4e9a8b9000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:53:40 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:56:36 hostname kernel: [14461.731883] cinnamon[27558]: segfault at 4b1d74008 ip 00007f28898be0a8 sp 00007fff98b5d4a0 error 4 in[7f288985e000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:56:36 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:56:59 hostname kernel: [14484.525182] cinnamon[27725]: segfault at 3cc1ec009 ip 00007f0405e5f0a8 sp 00007ffff241c0f0 error 4 in[7f0405dff000+f4000]
        Feb 20 22:56:59 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        Feb 20 22:56:59 hostname gnome-session[23217]: WARNING: App ‘cinnamon.desktop’ respawning too quickly
        Feb 20 22:56:59 hostname gnome-session[23217]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry….
        Feb 20 22:57:31 hostname gnome-session[23217]: Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#012
        Feb 20 22:57:31 hostname kernel: [14517.381514] [fglrx] IRQ 53 Disabled
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname acpid: client 23102[0:0] has disconnected
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname acpid: client connected from 27802[0:0]
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname acpid: 1 client rule loaded
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname kernel: [14518.415970] fglrx_pci 0000:00:01.0: irq 53 for MSI/MSI-X
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname kernel: [14518.416572] [fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 27804
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname kernel: [14518.416796] [fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 27805
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname kernel: [14518.416998] [fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 27806
        Feb 20 22:57:32 hostname kernel: [14518.417111] [fglrx] IRQ 53 Enabled
        Feb 20 22:57:33 hostname kernel: [14518.483985] [fglrx] Gart USWC size:1280 M.
        Feb 20 22:57:33 hostname kernel: [14518.483995] [fglrx] Gart cacheable size:508 M.
        Feb 20 22:57:33 hostname kernel: [14518.484086] [fglrx] Reserved FB block: Shared offset:0, size:1000000
        Feb 20 22:57:33 hostname kernel: [14518.484089] [fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:fbfd000, size:403000
        Feb 20 22:57:33 hostname kernel: [14518.484091] [fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:1fff4000, size:c000

        I have onboard ATI graphics, and it does appear to be more a gnome 3 problem maybe :-/

  61. Hugo12 says: - reply

    About 3):
    Seems to be a gnome3 problem. As long as this is not fixed I can’t use Cinnamon.
    I hope they fix it soon. :)

  62. Craig says: - reply

    Just a note that there are 2 Craig’s here (lol) i am the other Craig…the one that posted here probably more often then the other Craig (lol)…..

    Hope you get your Cinnamon problem worked out, “other Craig” (lol)…

  63. cc11rocks says: - reply

    When I lock my screen and type my password, the window manager crashes/disappears. In the Windows equivalent, the process “explorer.exe” would have crashed. When I move Applets, some go blank and I have to restart Cinnamon with a alt+f2 + “r” + enter. All the windows are left-centered. The start menu goes above the top of my screen. I can’t even see the search bar (1024 X 600 resolution). Please fix these bugs ASAP.

  64. Luke says: - reply

    I finally got my desktop to look the way I want it to. For some reason dconf wasnt working. So I just reset the defaults and then did something that made it work. To be honest I really don’t know what I did but it worked. Anyway this whole experience made me realize that while the drag and drop is fine it would be nice to determine the applet position from the applet settings or in the panel settings. If for some reason drag and drop doesn’t work I don’t want to go rummaging through dconf-editor.

  65. rich says: - reply

    Hey. Good work with cinnamon.
    Hope bug fixes will come soon ; )
    Is there a way the Menu applet reacts faster? That’s the only thing that bugs me.

  66. Carlous says: - reply

    Hello Clem!
    Please check the drag & drop from applets in panel.
    These not work properly, eg, windows list I can not drag.
    I not install cinnamon 1.3, I update it from 1.2 version

  67. m00tpoint says: - reply


    The upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 seems to have gone awry on my machine. Although I have Intel onboard graphics, the system updater installed the nvidia xconfig and driver. Several applications I had in the bottom panel in 1.2 disappeared. dconf says the name of my menu is “Menu,” but what I actually have is “Applications.” This looks like the “gnome traditional” layout, but I am 100% sure I’m logging in with Cinnamon selected. By default, I have a top and bottom panel, even though the string “traditional” is in place in the dconf settings. My dconf window is way too wide, and doesn’t want to let me grab the border and drag it to shrink it.

    What can I do to help gather information for you dev efforts, and is it possible to go backwards and get back my tweaked Cinnamon 1.2 layout?


  68. Mari says: - reply

    Please develop thumbnails view at gtk-file-chooser, so we can se thumbnails when we want to change (example) main menu icon etc. Gnome developers not so care about that issue, so i hope linuxmint teams want to develop this ‘killer’ feature.
    Thank You.

  69. BenR says: - reply

    Great job Clem! One minor bug I noticed is that when you hover over the update manager icon (using single bottom panel) the notification of how many new updates are available is now hidden behind the panel and not visible.

  70. Adam says: - reply

    @Craig (not the other)
    Thanks for the tip, I am really not good with linux but after this debacle with uninstalling nvidia, I hate using windows again. Want Cinnamon back badly. Will try this:

  71. Adam K says: - reply

    Lucky… managed to fix the fact that nvidia caused my desktop to start in fallback and also later no X would start.

    As Clem said in the forums: apt remove –purge nvidia current
    then removed xorg.conf from /etc/x11
    just in case: apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel
    then sudo apt-get autoremove
    reboot > voila, finally working, albeit cinnamon without the panel. Will try to fix it now.

  72. niagr says: - reply

    thank you Clem!!!
    Feature Suggestion: provide an option for Shell-type workspace management from overview (it’s the only feature of Gnome Shell that I actually liked)

    • clem says: - reply

      I think what’s confusing a lot of people in 1.3 is the fact that they can’t “always” drag and drop applets where they want. This was natural to us while developing this release because we have an understanding of how panels are made and what zones they have. I understand this is a major source of confusion right now. We’ll follow up with a quick 1.3.1 update where panel zones cover the entire surface of the panels (at the moment they don’t expand when empty), and get highlighted so that they are visually recognizable when dragged-over.

      There’s also a few applets (panel launchers, window lists) which can’t currently be dragged-over and for which you need to modify settings in gsettings. We’ll try to tackle this as well or at least to provide better workarounds/documentation until we do.

      Stay tuned, we should be able to bring 1.3.1 early this week.

      • Romuś says: - reply

        The panels could use the “lock” or “pin” option for keeping the applets’ layout.

      • m00tpoint says: - reply


        I worked through the nvidia driver install, and I’m really enjoying Cinnamon 1.3 so far. I’ve been using Mint since Bianca, and it’s been a real treat. Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work — really appreciate it!


        Edit by Clem: Sorry about the release issues… we’ve got a good process at Mint with QA and the RC releases, but we need to put something in place here at Cinnamon. Most of the issues identified here shouldn’t have gone public and could have been dealt with during BETA testing. We’re learning from this anyway, that’s for sure.

      • jasir says: - reply

        drag and drop seems to be working well after a system restart. except for the lauchers. i’m able to rearrange the icons within the launchers by drag n drop, but cant move the group.

  73. chamfay says: - reply

    Very nice update and it work fine for me.
    But there are some bugs.
    - When i change to themes witout arrow (box only), them menu apeared far about the left side.
    as you see:
    I hope to fix that in the cinnamon code (i modified the ccs file –arrow-base: 114px but is not a perfect solution).
    Why not make them touch the left side (In my opinion is good).
    - Other thing, i propose to show the popup menu in the middle (like win7 for excemple)
    as you see:
    Just an idea…
    Last, is a perfect realase and just a begining, thanks.

  74. nomadewolf says: - reply

    Thi is AWESOME!!!

  75. When you consider how slowly Groan3 is evolving, and the abysmal direction it’s evolving in, the performance of the Cinnamon team (who else apart from Clem?) in moving it forward is really impressive.

    With this release (ok, maybe after 1.3.1 :-) ) Cinnamon has to be the desktop of choice – I wouldn’t consider anything else.

  76. billynick says: - reply

    not sure if this is the right place to report bugs but in addition to all the things mentioned above ive found
    - in cinnamon settings > applets one applet is labelled systRem tray
    - sometimes if tray in bottom panel rightclick menu appears below the panel, for example lifereas ‘exit’ menu entry is invisible cos its under the panel
    - very annoying that cinnamon restarts itself when coming back from blank screen (screensaver)
    -if mouseover colour for panel applets such as the mint menu and calendar the whole systray also gets a mouseover colour (very visible using my frostymint theme) – might be a theme bug dont know

    otherwise cinnamon is excellent, but looking forward to 1.3.1 :)

  77. I’m also having the problem where cinnamon dies after lock screen or sleep like others have mentioned here. This was not happening in 1.2. Hoping that can be addressed in 1.3.1. I’m currently keeping shortcut to cinnamon on my desktop so I can restart it every time I log back in, but this is far from optimal.

  78. fyzzics says: - reply

    I’m using Traditional, but I get, in addition to the regular expected panel at the bottom, what looks like the Nautilus control bar across the top of my desktop (File Edit View Go Bookmarks Help). It wasn’t there in 1.2. What happened and how do I get rid of it?

    Edit by Clem: This sounds like a global bar… search for any package which name contains “global” and see if you need to remove them.

    • Pinewood says: - reply

      In Traditional, if you check the “Have File Manager Handle the Desktop” setting (either in Advanced Settings – Desktop or Cinnamon Settings – Desktop), the file manager menu is displayed on top of the screen.

      It goes away if you uncheck this option – and so do all the icons…

    • richo123 says: - reply

      In the latest update of nautilus the Ubuntu developers removed a hack that got rid of this global menu. So it returned. Oddly enough this only seems to be the case on Ubuntu rather than Mint installs.

    • radegor says: - reply

      I have the same issue here, a global bar appears at top of desktop. In Flipped of Classic layout, the bar is below the panels. If I uncheck “Have file manage handle the desktop” in Cinnamon Settings-Desktop, the bar dissapears but also the desktop icons and I can’t do anything in desktop, even right click.
      I couldn’t find any installed package with “global” in its name.

    • fyzzics says: - reply

      Thanks for the idea, Clem, but I checked, and no packages are loaded with “global” in the name.

      Edit by Clem: Check “appmenu”

      • Pinewood says: - reply

        The global menu also appears in the Gnome 3 desktop.
        It is partly hidden by the Gnome upper panel (depending on panel opacity it can be seen “behind” the upper panel).
        When Linux Mint is started it seems to be turned on/off/on which makes the desktop “jump”.

        A workaround in Cinnamon is of course to have two panels (or just one upper) and use a theme where the panels are opaque.

        In Traditional, the menu looks like an “upper panel” but it is hidden by any maximized windows.

        I tried to uninstall Unity (which I wont be using anyway…) to see if this is some kind of “unwanted unity” functionality -
        but the menu is still there.

        Edit by Clem: Remove all “appmenu” packages to get rid of Ubuntu’s global menu.

  79. Thanasis says: - reply

    Had some issues when updated to 1.3 but they are now all fixed thanks to the comments of everyone here.
    Thanks Clem and team for this new release of cinnamon!

  80. François says: - reply

    Hello…yesterday at morning I upgraded to cinnamon 1.3 (it’s awesome, thanks very much guys) …but accidentally on the night I stupidly changed some stuffs in /settings/applets. I unselected the CINNAMON MENU option, and after doing that my menu panel drastically changed. When I selected the CINNAMON MENU option again, the menu icon appeared on the right; when I open several windows such that the menu panel is full and I open a new window, the first window runs to left and it’s not visible. I would like to get a kind of limit in the left side of the menu panel, such that when it is full, the sizes of the blocks becomes smaller and smaller (as previously) and to be able to see all of them.

    Please…HELP ME!!!

  81. This just keeps getting cooler and better! New releases with great new features every few weeks, it seems! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when Mint 13 LTS comes out! You’re amazing, Clem!

  82. Will Cinnamon get, or does it already have, the ability to manage workspaces like Gnome 2? I’d really like to have a fixed number of workspaces that I can auto-attach windows to.

    Edit by Clem: We’re going towards a situation where you’ve got both scale and expo plugins and you can allocate new workspaces if you need them… and where the system “never” allocates or deallocates any workspace on your behalf (i.e. your allocations of workspaces are persistent).

  83. Gary says: - reply

    Just dropped by to say Thank You! It may not be perfect, but it certainly works well for me. The progress you guys have made on Cinnamon to date is really nice.

    I would post a few “Paper Cuts” but every thing I have noticed so far has been addressed in the comments above.

    Thank you,

  84. cc11rocks says: - reply

    When I lock my screen and type my password, the window manager crashes/disappears. In the Windows equivalent, the process “explorer.exe” would have crashed. There is also a huge bug where the hibernation is concerned. Booting from hibernation, the folders showed up. A box popped up, informing me that I was connected to my network and gave the correct SSID. There was no panel, and when I used the shortcut to launch Chromium, I could not type in the brower. It looked like the window manager crash mentioned above, except that I could see the folders on my desktop. When I move Applets, some go blank and I have to restart Cinnamon with a alt+f2 + “r” + enter. All the windows are left-centered. The start menu goes above the top of my screen. I can’t even see the search bar (1024 X 600 resolution). Please fix these bugs ASAP.

    Clem, please delete this message to you, as well as my other post. I have noticed another bug (coming out of hibernate) and I would like to swap in this post for the old one. If you wish, you could also edit the old one and add what I have written here (previous content unchanged, just added information) Thank you very much!

  85. cc11rocks says: - reply

    Please fix my last post : *”All the windows are left-centered” > “All the windows are right-centered on the panel bar”. Guess I don’t know my right from my left :P

  86. David stl says: - reply

    When I updated now the menu only saying (Me…) until I open window then it displayes the hole (Menu) any help please? Cinnamon is getting better with ever release I love this stuff. I know this is not the place but can some one help me with my old pc works fine with linux mint 11 with the experimental drivers for nvidia when I installed 12 the experimental drivers or not there in the list I tried all the drivers it listed think one of them might work but no luck it would be nice to get it working but if not can all ways go back to 11 thanks for any help.

  87. Lance says: - reply

    If anyone is looking to get back to their 1.2 Cinnamon, Synaptic Package Manager allows you to highlight your Cinnamon 1.3, click “Packages,” then select “Force Version” and choose which release version to which you would like to downgrade (there are only 2 choices in this instance, obviously).

    Clem, I am fairly new to linux: Ubuntu was my first (almost 1 year ago) and slowly started breaking, then I moved everything over to Linux Mint 12 just two weeks ago and have been extremely happy with it. I don’t see anything else on the market that fulfills my needs and is also heading in the same direction that I feel a desktop OS should be.

    I upgraded to Cinnamon 1.3, had the same issues as others re: 2-panel items moving to the top panel. Reverted via Synaptic. I will, however, hold out and wait for the Cinnamon 1.3.1 release. I am sure you guys will everything all ironed out by then; that is the reason I LOVE Mint.


  88. Andy says: - reply

    Cinnamon is amazing and IMHO could make eventually lead to Mint becoming more popular than Ubuntu+Unity or anything else with regular Gnome 3.

    Unfortunately I can’t afford any more time trying to muddle through with 1.3 and in the absence of a 1.2 roll back I have to use gnome again.

    Shame. I was so happy with 1.2

    Good luck getting it sorted. I’ll be back when 1.3.1 arrives.

  89. Hugo12 says: - reply

    Is there a way to exhange nautilus with caja like Linux Mint? I like caja a lot more as it’s looking like the old nautlius but better. :D
    (I’m afraid of just deinstalling nautlius to see nothing working anymore. ;) )

  90. Hey Cem, is there a way to add applets on the bottom panel in the classic look? Great release!

    • Hugo12 says: - reply

      Clem posted this here above:

      “Edit by Clem: Run Cinnamon Settings to add applets. You should also be able to drag/drop applets from one panel to another. If it doesn’t work you can edit “org.cinnamon enabled-applets” using gsettings or dconf-editor, and change values for panels (panel1, panel2).”

      Panel1 = top panel, panel2= bottom panel.

  91. Excellent work !!
    It’s really nice guys :)

    Big to the point improvements :)

  92. tom says: - reply

    hi can you fix the clock in the next version it will not change from 24 hours to 12 hours i dont like 24 hours clocks thanks

  93. rob says: - reply

    can you fix the clock i cant get it to change to a 12 hours clock from a 24

  94. tom says: - reply

    can you fix the clock i cant get it to change to a 12 hours clock from a 24

  95. Name*Jake says: - reply

    Really thrilled to see the quick pace of Cinnamon’s development.

    Personally I’d like to see classic style Places and System menus, but that seems to be something that Applets will take care of.

    I haven’t checked if it’s possible with theme CSS, but are there any plans to add some visual feedback to launching apps via panel launchers? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something’s been clicked or not. Metacity would scale and fade icons; something like that would be useful.

    A minor problem, though, really.

  96. I hope in the future it will become easier to install themes, exentions and apps as while I really like Cinnemon its a little hard to install certain things on it.

  97. Lance says: - reply

    If anyone is looking to get back to their 1.2 Cinnamon, synaptic package manager allows you to highlight your Cinnamon 1.3, click “Packages,” then select “Force Version” and choose which release version to which you would like to downgrade (there are only 2 choices in this instance, obviously).

    Clem, I am fairly new to linux: Ubuntu was my first (almost 1 year ago) and slowly started breaking, then I moved everything over to Linux Mint 12 just two weeks ago and have been extremely happy with it. I don’t see anything else on the market that fulfills my needs and is also heading in the same direction that I feel a desktop OS should be.

    Tried out Cinnamon 1.3, had the same issues as others re: 2-panel items moving to the top panel. Reverted via Synaptic. I will, however, hold out and wait for the Cinnamon 1.3.1 release. I am sure you guys will everything all ironed out by then; that is the reason I LOVE Mint.


  98. crab says: - reply

    Loving Cinnamon, it is a great alternative to gnomes hell!

    As others have experienced, returning to the desktop from a locked screen causes Cinnamon to crash and can’t be brought up unless I can get to an open terminal and execute the cinnamon command. Video here is nVidia if that is any help on Arch Linux 64 bit.

    Thanks and all the best!

  99. Pinewood says: - reply

    I installed dconf and edited the (org – cinnamon-)enabled-applets entry.
    Now I can move applets to the bottom panel in Classic.
    This should be possible with drag and drop.

    It seems that the Cinnamon Window list only works properly when in the Left position.
    If the window list is centered, I can have no more than 5 open windows, otherwise the applets in the Left position are kicked out of the screen… The width of the window buttons seems fixed.

    When the window list is in the Left position the buttons get smaller if there is not enough room. The way it should work.

  100. Great work !

    This project has great potential keep it up.

  101. Pinewood says: - reply

    I tried to remove the Cinnamon menu to try to “reset” the size of the applet.
    The applet was too small for the text so it showed only “Me..”
    This problem seems to have been solved by editing the applet positions in dconf.
    It seems that the menu applet must be in the Left position to be resized to fit the text.
    Is the Center position default for all applets in 1.3?

    Removing the Cinnamon menu without having any panel or desktop shortcut for the Cinnamon Settings is not a good idea…
    For your information: the command for Cinnamon Settings is
    cinnamon-settings :-)

    Hitting the super(windows) key does not show the menu when the menu applet is disabled. In there any other way of showing the menu (or Cinnamon Settings) when the menu is disabled?

  102. Oyabunbaba says: - reply

    Can the panel be bigger? Mean taller? Similar to win 7 panel because the icons are very small and i got difficulty to see eg. skype, update icon on 15″ screen with 1600×900

  103. none of my extensions are working any more. :(
    Should the 1.2 version extensions just work, or do I need to change anything.

    Otherwise great work.

    Edit by Clem: That’s explained in the post. Extensions are tightly linked to the code and a particular version of Cinnamon.

  104. Is there a way of switching off the grid, as there is in compiz? I’ve installed CCSM, but turning it off there has no effect on Cinnamon.

    I am beginning to be very annoyed by the auto-maximise.

  105. Studio K says: - reply

    I like Cinnamon very much and enjoy following its progress.

    Does anyone know how to move the HOME folder to another drive/partition?
    I wanted to try to change the path of my Home folder in User Accounts (in System Settings), but I am unable to find my user account “Properties”. I saw a demonstration of this in Ubuntu but can’t seem to do it in Mint 12.

    Edit: It’s a bit tricky, but please ask this on the IRC or Mint forums, this has nothing to do with Cinnamon.

  106. spiro says: - reply

    After I did 1.3 update I couldn’t log into cinnamon (or gnome 3). It kept logging into fallback mode without 3D or compositing. Then I remembered it asked to install nvidia drivers allthough my graphics is ATI. So I tried to remove nvidia, but it then said that cinnamon depended on it. So I logged into gnome 3 (fallback again) and THEN removed nvidia drivers and then it didn’t complain about dependencies. After I removed nvidia drivers, rebooted and all was fine with cinnamon. Just in case somebody is having the same problems…

  107. crab says: - reply

    @theoldfellow February 19, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Do you mean ‘Edge Tiling’? Launch gconf-editor and navigate to desktop > gnome > shell > window and untick edge_tiling

  108. Emil says: - reply

    I’ll still use Mint 11 for a while, but it’s nice to see that the traditional desktop is still alive and well.

  109. samivuic says: - reply

    hi all ,,

    how to rest panel i added new applets to panel then menu go t center i can not move to left

    help me plz

    • spacy01 says: - reply

      samivuc, install dconf, (if you haven’t) press ALT+F2 and type “dconf-editor”, in the left side navigate to org/cinnamon/ and in right side find “enabled applets”, there are have list of all enabled applets with their positon and orientation, edit position to “left” on this applets, who you want. Then press ALT-F2 again and type “r”. That’s all!

  110. StefanB says: - reply

    Hello, what about translations into different languages?

  111. foo says: - reply


    First of all, thanks for the great work!

    I’d like to mention that the web site is lacking information.

    I suggest that you include the following links in the front page:

    * “About” – what is cinnamon; why does it exist; what problem it tries to solve

    * “Screenshots” – nice screenshots showing the desktop, some unique features, etc.

    I know the announcement includes some of this information, but these two links should be in the front page for easy access!

    Thanks again!!!

  112. Hello all. How can I use my own icon in the metadata.json file (icon field) that is located in the applet’s own directory?

    Edit by Clem: You can’t. That’s a good point though. We’ll try to add support for this.

  113. Etienne says: - reply

    Cinnamon 3 is great!

    Would be really nice to have a GUI for location of applets, because currently it is pretty un-intuitive to have to dig into dconf

    - top/bottom pannel (panel1 vs panel2)
    - left/center/right

  114. Roj says: - reply

    Can someone point me at an Idiot’s Guide step-by-step to installing Cinnamon 1.3 on vanilla Mint 12 **including all dependencies up front**? I spent a very frustrating evening with it last night on a test box and I’d appreciate a clear, simple and srtaightforward procedure.

    Please and thank you…

    Edit by Clem: Open a terminal, type “apt update” and then “apt install cinnamon”. Then log out and select “Cinnamon” for the session in the login manager.

    • Roj says: - reply

      Thank you Clem. I have it installed and it’s time to play! I was trying to do it via the software manager and you can guess how that went. Will this be the default interface in Mint 13 when Ubuntu releases 12.04LTS?

  115. Faisal says: - reply

    I’ve tried Linux Minut & LMDE a few months ago. What was missing is a Gnome 2 experience. Enter Cinnamon. I really think Linux Mint will be my next distro after almost 6 years with Ubuntu. Thanks Clem

  116. Bjorn P says: - reply

    When I enter the cinnamon-settings, and click Applets to start up my newly downloaded cinnamon applets, the Applet-window is all gray, only offering a big “Close”-button …. Please help!

  117. Mannie says: - reply

    Hi guys,

    i have a strange problem with Cinnamon – I installed 11.10 and updated it with Cinnamon. It all looks fine – when I log in and pick Classic or Unity 2D, everything is as should be. However, when I log in using Cinnamon, my background pic disappears. The screen is black ( I can see the taskbar and I can open applications) but I cannot see anything on the screen. The screen is comletely blacked out. I have an old IM T41, with 1.5 GB of memory. Is this an issue with my graphic card?

    Any help would be appreciated


  118. Greg M says: - reply

    I am running 1.3.1 on Ubuntu 11.10 and love it! I did not dislike Unity that much, but this is much more usable, with much less annoyance.

    I lock and unlock my screen several times per day and it’s never caused me trouble.

    A problem I have seen is if I run cinnamon-settings and try to enable the Recent Documents applet, the screen flickers and the panel disappears. If I run cinnamon-settings again and turn off Recent Documents it comes back.

    I had that applet enabled when I was using 1.3.0 and the panel disappeared then but I didn’t know why. I simply reverted to Ubuntu desktop for a few days. 1.3.1 came out and it ran fine for days after installation. The problem only appears if I enable Recent Documents. It’s reproducible, it happens every time I enable that applet.

    Works fine now! Still love it and thank you for the work you do.


  119. How do I get involved?

  120. mawaddah says: - reply

    i love linuxmint..i love gnome 3..i love mate..i love mgse..i love cinnamon..everything just so fast..:)

  121. linxgalaico says: - reply

    recent documents applet crash cinnamon 1.3.1 desktop and show no panels.

  122. Daci says: - reply

    Hi Clem.
    I’ve been following Mint’s journey for sometime and was wondering if you would add something to Cinnamon?
    I have low vision and really need help with seeing my mouse and reading text..I know Compiz does not work with Cinnamon,but was wondering if you could add the Compize features scroll superkey zoom in and out to it? Could you also have the mouse enlarge as it zooms,or provide some way for people to easily see their mouse who don’t have 20/20 vision?
    Anyway,I’d sure appreciate it..I use Compiz all the time and the page moving to follow the mouse and the zooming feature sure make things easier.
    Keep up the good work!

  123. Mory says: - reply


    i’d be really greatfull if you’ll give me an advice. A’ve been using Mint 12 with Gnome Classic for a couple month and it was ok however last week i instaled Cinnamon. And when I run Mint with Cinnamon, my resolution is toooo high (about 3000x … ) and i don’t have any idea to fix that.

    I looked into .config/monitors.xml file and i have there this (seems to be ok) configuration:



    Cann someone help me ?

    ps. sorry for my not very good english

  124. -M-ric says: - reply

    Ok, can’t find answer to my problem in above comments. I have few applets : cpu mon, weather, settings, wlan, sound, battery and calendar. Thing is : whatever location I put calendar to (left, right, middle), calendar got shrinked by surrounding applets. Minutes are replaced by ‘…’. Minutes return when i put the applet near the launchers on the left, but it’s not the place i want it to be… Anyone has an idea? (screen resolution is 1366 x 768). Thanks heaps !

  125. cool says: - reply

    Cinnamon really is great. It’s like, you get niceness without the cost of niceness, (if you get it, you get it)

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