Cinnamon translations efforts underway!

A translation template for Cinnamon was generated and uploaded to Launchpad at

The Linux Mint translation teams will translate Cinnamon, just like they translate Mint tools and packages at the moment, but if you feel like giving them a hand don’t hesitate to do so.

Unlike other Linux Mint translation templates (which get packaged in “mint-translations”), translations for Cinnamon will of course be packaged as part of Cinnamon itself.

This template contains not only the character strings for Cinnamon itself, but also for its underlying St library, all the applets included by default and the Cinnamon Settings configuration tool.

It’s pretty big.. 342 sentences to translate in each language, but once everything is in place this will ensure people can run Cinnamon, fully localized, in their own language.

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. hanny says: - reply

    translating to Arabic.. :)

    Edit by Clem: Nice. I also committed some bug fixes for RTL languages today.

  2. Finally my mom won’t get confused with which button is the “off” button. Time to get translating to Spanish.

  3. otoman says: - reply

    translating to Czech… :)

  4. Jakob Moss says: - reply

    I’m working on the Danish translations right now!

  5. Cleiton says: - reply

    translating to Brazilian Portuguese…

  6. GJP says: - reply

    There i’m going with spanish!

  7. dalcde says: - reply

    Why do we have translation 52? It seems like a remnant of GNOME Shell.

  8. Aritz says: - reply

    Translating to Catalan

  9. hello, I will assist you on the French language nederlands good to you and Cecile

  10. Jose says: - reply

    No tengo cuenta en launchap, pero desde aqui me gustaria advertir a quien está haciendo la traducción al español que ‘To remove’ en inglés es ‘Quitar’ o ‘Retirar’ en español, no ‘Remover’.
    Espero que no se moleste quien está haciendo todo el trabajo de traducir al español.

  11. Piotr says: - reply

    Polish translation also finished and reviewed! :-) Thanks Clem!

  12. Slovak translation finished.
    It was great honour to contribute a little bit to such wonderful project.

  13. akm74 says: - reply

    Yep! Russian translation is completed!

  14. Aliokas says: - reply

    Translated to Lithuanian, someone needs to review though…

  15. Nicram says: - reply

    How to check translation on workin cinnamon? Is is possible currently somehow?

  16. sdim says: - reply

    Translating in Greek, as well…

  17. Pual says: - reply

    Please don`t leave Cinnamon project!

  18. So far, I love cinnamon much more then GNOME 3. It’s lightwight, fast, stable, and the “Looking Glass” feature is wonderful. I only have one complaint, and it’s a big one. WHERE IS THE “SWITCH USER” BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mystica says: - reply

    I really Like Cinnamon! It feels as if it is very malleable and that it happens a lot with the development of cinnamon (fast pace). Lacks the ability to more desktop effects settings. Need not be as much as Compiz has to be good even. Something that I miss in the desktop environment and not just in cinnamon is the possibility of a theme at the login window. That you can change the background image and some icons are not Enough, I want to be able to download a theme and install. Much like it was in Gnome (many versions ago). Perhaps this is more a project for Linux Mint in general (to create opportunities for login window themes). The only problem I had with my computer and Cinnamon is that when I click the menu button it can take quite a long time before the menu appears. Have solved this by installing mint menu applet (use it instead of the original menu). I would be very happy if something happens with the development of screen savers. The KDE environment, it’s a lot of nice screensavers. Cinnamon desktop environment is not even a single screen saver installed by default.
    Although I think that much can be improved with Cinnamon desktop environment. I think you are doing a great job with this desktop environment! Thank you!

  20. mark boil says: - reply

    I updated to the nightly an now all my menus are in Korean I think. How do I reset them to English?

  21. Tarnix says: - reply

    I joined the French translation team :)

  22. prozaican says: - reply

    Please, how to make correction to a Croatian translate file? There’s a huge mistake, and I just can’t stand watching the word

    it should be

    Edit by Clem:

  23. Ivan says: - reply

    I’m helping with the Filipino translations. :)

  24. This menu is translation yes for other language ( look my S.O. GNU/Linux KDu-2.0 ), but this is a work manual , change item by sample folder cinnamon in /usr/share/cinnamon/applets/win7Menu@physics , this is ease by use MidnightCommander ( mc ) chege for this folder and press F4 in a file into folder, and find frase for tanslation, out this and save, reboot cinnamon……

    Developement GNU/Linux KDu

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