Cinnamon 1.4 released

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.4!

It’s been a month since the 1.3.x releases and we’ve been reading your feedback with a lot of attention. Most of the things you’ve asked made it to this release and today we’re extremely proud to release another major update to the Cinnamon desktop.

Cinnamon 1.4 features a total of 267 commits. Read below for a brief overview of the new features and major improvements.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy ;)

The new “Expo” overview

This is something we announced before. We weren’t happy with workspace management and the overview and so we completely changed the way it works. Cinnamon 1.4 comes with two “overview” modes: “Scale” and “Expo”.

“Scale” was present in previous Cinnamon releases and looks like the Compiz Scale plugin, it shows all the windows from your current workspace on the screen and easily allows you to select the one you’re interested in.

The "Scale" overview allows you to select a window

“Expo” is new in Cinnamon 1.4. It zooms out of your current workspace and shows you all the workspaces on your system. From there you can switch to the workspace you want, or even drag and drop windows from one workspace to another. As such, it looks and behaves like the Compiz Expo plugin (from which it gets its name).

The "Expo" overview allows you to manage your workspaces

Expo also introduces a new feature: workspace management. Workspace management is fixed in Compiz (done via configuration) and missing in Gnome Shell (automated by the desktop). In Cinnamon you’re the one who decides how many workspaces you need, when you want to create new ones and when you want to remove the ones you don’t use. If you need a new workspace, just go to Expo and click the button to create a new one. If you want to remove a workspace just click the close button on the workspace and it’s gone…. and whatever you do things don’t change on your behalf. Say you create 5 workspaces, then your Cinnamon has 5 workspaces, whether you use them or not, whether you restart Cinnamon or not, whether you even reboot your computer or not… you’re in charge of your workspace management now.

Note: In future releases you’ll also be able to “name” your workspaces.

By default:

  • CTRL+ALT+UP goes to Expo
  • CTRL+ALT+DOWN goes to Scale
  • The hot corner is on the top-left and calls Expo
  • CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT switches to the LEFT/RIGHT adjacent workspace
  • CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT moves the active window to the LEFT/RIGHT adjacent workspace

You can now also configure the location of the hot corner and whether you want it to call Expo or Scale.

New “Settings applet” and “Panel Edit Mode”

The introduction of drag & drop support and movable applets in Cinnamon 1.3 confused a lot of people. Some applets such as the workspace switcher, the window list and the panel launchers, due to their internal design and their user interface, made it extremely hard for people to move them around.

Cinnamon 1.4 introduces a brand new applet called the “Settings applet”.

The new "Settings" applet makes your life a little easier ;)

This applet features:

  • Troubleshooting options (restart cinnamon, looking glass, restore settings to default)
  • Panel Edit Mode
  • Quick access to settings

The quick access to the settings and the troubleshooting options make it easier for novice users to perform complex yet sometimes necessary tasks (restarting Cinnamon without restarting the session, restoring the default settings etc..).

The “Panel Edit Mode” is a new concept in Cinnamon. Applets are not movable anymore. If you want to change their position you need to activate the “Panel Edit Mode”. When this mode is on, the zones of the panel (left, center and right) appear in different colors and all applets are easy to drag & drop. Applets such as the window list, the panel launchers or the workspace switchers, which were hard to move in previous releases, now detect the panel mode and behave differently in Panel Edit Mode to ensure you can move them around with ease.


Cinnamon is now localized. If you want to monitor or participate in the translation effort, please visit

Cinnamon 1.4 comes with support for 39 languages and features significant improvements for RTL (right-to-left) languages.

A screenshot of Cinnamon in Arabic. This release is localized in 39 languages and features improved RTL support.

New configuration options

Cinnamon 1.4 adds the following new options:

  • “Only use workspaces on primary monitor”
  • Configurable hot corner position and behaviour
  • Menu hover delay
  • Draggable panel launchers

Menu improvements

The menu received two significant improvements: full drag & drop support, and edition.

You can use drag & drop to:

    • Add applications to the panel launchers from the menu
    • To add/remove applications to/from your favorites
    • To reorder your favorites

By right-clicking the menu and selecting “Edit menu” you can launch a brand new menu editor. “Alacarte” was made compatible with Cinnamon and got fully integrated with the desktop. Using this embedded menu editor you can fine-tune how applications and categories are shown within the menu.

Cinnamon now features a menu editor (forked from Alacarte and fully integrated within Cinnamon)

Other improvements made to the menu:

    • It’s now possible for the menu button to have no icon
    • The menu height was fixed for certain screen resolutions
    • The menu now scrolls when showing the context menu if the menu

Window list improvements

The window list is an essential part of your desktop. In Cinnamon 1.4 we introduced some handy features:

    • You can now reorder windows in the window list via drag & drop.
    • If you drag-over a file on a window in the window list, the window comes to focus (this feature was present in Cinnamon 1.0 and lost along the way, so it’s nice to have it back).
    • You can simply right click any window in the window list and send it to other workspaces, or have it shown on all workspaces.

Applets improvements

Other applets and the applets API itself received the following improvements:

  • Keyboard applet: now has an option to launch the character table
  • Network applet: shows its status in the tooltip
  • Calendar applet: better layout and year selector
  • Sound applet: added limited support for gmusicbrowser
  • Workspace Switcher applet: Mouse scroll support
  • All applets:
    • Use symbolic icons for common applets (better look and feel)
    • More consistent margins and spacing between applets and tray icons (better look and feel)
    • Panel settings and “Add/remove applet” option added in applets context menu
    • Fixed applets menus orientation after moving from one panel to the other

Cinnamon Settings improvements:

  • UUIDs are now visible for applets and extensions
  • Extensions and applets are now sorted by name
  • Allow search on applets

Other notable improvements

  • Context menus now appear on top of the panels and are clickable
  • Fixed a bug which made Cinnamon crash when windows returned NULL as their name (happened when a window was opened and closed very quickly)
  • Fixed a bug which made the Menu label appear as “Me…”
  • Systray icons don’t disappear anymore when applets are moved around
  • Fix for applets getting “shuffled” after drag & drop
  • Remove useless notification when adding/removing favorites
  • A couple of memory leaks fixed
  • Changed default animations and effects (more subtle)

Notes to applet developers

You can now give your applet a custom icon by placing it within your applet. Make sure it’s called “icon.png” and its dimensions are 32x32px. Alternatively you can continue to use the “icon” field in metadata.json to specify a name for the icon, in which case Cinnamon Settings gets the icon from the theme itself.

Notes to extension developers

For all extensions, you need to change the version of Cinnamon in the metadata.json file to “1.4.0″.

If you encounter any problems, please log in the IRC and ask us for help at #linuxmint-dev on

Notes to themes artists

For your theme to fully work with Cinnamon 1.4 you need to add styles for the buttons in “Expo”. Click on the links below to see how this was done in the default theme:

You can also improve your theme by adding some of the improvements the default theme received in 1.4.

This link shows all the changes made to the default theme (cinamon.css) :

Changes made between Cinnamon 1.3.1 and Cinnamon 1.4 include all commits (i.e. changes to the code) made on the 21st of February, as well as 1st, 2nd and 5th of March 2012. If you click on a “commit”, you can see exactly what was changed. As a theme artist, you’re only interested in changes done to “cinnamon.css”.

The following commits in particular are noteworthy:

If you encounter any problems, please log in the IRC and ask us for help at #linuxmint-dev on

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. billynick says: - reply

    didnt try yet but sounds awesome.
    i hope the ‘restore settings to default’ thing has a confirmation dialog, or else id be scared to go near the settings-applet :)

    Edit by Clem: It does.. not thanks to me, I coded it without, but another dev added one to it (AlbertP if I remember correctly) :) )

    • AlbertP says: - reply

      The confirmation dialog wasn’t added by me. I added panel settings, add/remove applets and other settings replacing the original “Cinnamon Settings” option in settings applet.

  2. mhnassif says: - reply

    Just installed it on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin using PPA. Congratz guys.

    • mitweeeeh says: - reply

      Doesn’t work with me.
      I have a nude desktop without interface nor icon.

      Edit by Clem: That means it fails to load or crashes while loading. You can run it from the console or a terminal with “cinnamon –replace 2>logfile” and look at the log to see what’s happening. Also make sure you’re not running Ubuntu 12.04 because they recently switched to Clutter 1.9.8, which Cinnamon isn’t compatible with (basically the way clutter evolved, Cinnamon can either be compatible with 1.8 or 1.9, but not both… so at the moment it’s compatible with 1.8 and in the future at some stage we’ll move to 1.9).

      • TH says: - reply

        @Clem: Wouldn’t it be a good idea to mention that in the release notes? I know Ubuntu 12.04 is beta, and so is probably Cinnamon at this stage, but when the Cinnamon PPA contains packages for Ubuntu 12.04, it gives an impression that it’s OK to update. Apart from that, I really like the direction of Cinnamon (although I can’t use v1.4 because of the clutter-issue…). When everything is out of beta, I’ll switch to pure Mint/Cinnamon.

        Edit by Clem: I just asked Gwendal (he maintains the Ubuntu PPA) and he’ll remove support for Ubuntu 12.04 in the PPA. Whether people updated from 1.3 to 1.4 or kept 1.3 in Ubuntu 12.04, they can no longer run Cinnamon if they updated Clutter or Gnome. In other words.. it doesn’t matter whether Precise users updated Cinnamon to 1.4… the minute they update Clutter/GNOME they can no longer run Cinnamon (any version).

        • mitweeeeh says: - reply

          It’s a very bad news…

        • I have just lost my cinnamon shell after yum update, help please …. I am using Fedora 16. I have been using Cinnamon since v1.3 successfully.

          I have just updated cinnamon from 1.4 [I believe] to and now cinnamon does not work – Clutter initialization error.

          $ cinnamon 2>cinfault.log
          $ cat cinfault.log

          (cinnamon:8253): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: Unable to select the newly created GLX context
          Window manager error: Unable to initialize Clutter.

          $ rpm -q muffin cinnamon clutter

          • Naipaul Ojar says: -

            Problem Resolved – This turned out to be a broken nvidia display driver issue.
            Clutter Issue –> glx Issue –> Nvidia Driver.

            Resolved on Fedora Nvidia Forum, Leigh123

      • mhnassif says: - reply

        It didn’t work for me either. I have the same problem you have. Hopefully, they will support the new version of Clutter and Gnome on the upcoming releases for Ubuntu Precise. Currently, I am using it on Fedora 16 Verne and it’s working pretty good so far.

      • mhnassif says: - reply

        Now, cinnamon 1.4.0 is working on Ubuntu 12.04. but it’s very laggy!!

  3. Israelem says: - reply

    I have been installed Cinnamon on Ubuntu 11.10 and I like it very much. I hope try the new realese soon.

  4. Great improvements. I love the workspace management. I was really missing that. One thing, you say:

    CTRL+ALT+UP goes to Expo
    CTRL+ALT+DOWN goes to Scale

    CTLR+ALT+UP works fine for Expo, but I can’t get CTRL+ALT+DOWN to work. There doesn’t seem to be a setting for it in keyboard shortcuts.

    Also, request for future version: in Expo, windows start to get really small if you have more than 4-5 workspaces, which I often do. Would be nice if they could maybe be shown in multiple rows or something.

    Otherwise, awesome release!

    Edit by Clem: We won’t do multiple rows, we like to think of workspaces as LEFT/RIGHT and be consistent across the desktop with this paradigm. However, we’re hoping to add perspective and bending to the Expo plugin so it should be easier to see things in the future. We’re also in an accelerated 3D environment so we can take inspiration from the Gaming industry and the type of UI they use in their games for this… there’s a lot of ways to innovate here. We’re not there yet though, at the moment we’re still fixing all the regressions caused by the migration to GNOME 3 (features we had in GNOME 2 + Compiz which got lost along the way).

    • Yeah, I understand that multiple rows can be confusing. Whatever you can do to make them a bit more visible would be great.

    • hoodie says: - reply

      I love the fact that you added expo and I acknowledge that some people may find multiple rows confusing at first. But please please reconsider making multiple rows at least an option, if not a default.
      Me and everybody I know uses 2×2 or 3×3 workspaces because it is a very efficient use of space in expo. As you see in this screenshot where there are only two desktops visible, if there were 4 they would be far smaller, yet if you had two rows the workspaces stayed just as big.
      The problem with having only one single row is also that you have to progress from one workspace to another sequentially, which can be tiring once you have (as you wrote) up to 5 workspaces.
      I personally have 2×2 workspaces, in which case every other workspace is only once step away.
      I hope I’m not the only one who shares this view.
      Please keep up the great work, the progress you make with this project really gives me hope.

      Edit by Clem: Ok. I’ll give it some time and reflection and I’ll consider it. Thanks for the feedback on this.

      • Rob D says: - reply

        Hi hoodie,

        I share your view. I guess I picked the habit up from being an OS X user for a while (I think it was leopard) where the workspaces would be tiled. Certainly makes sense to me to more effectively use all that space above and below a single horizontal row.

      • hoodie says: - reply

        Thank you so much :D

      • Tracey says: - reply

        also a 2×2′er !

        I hardly use the expo feature, rather I Ctrl+Alt and simultaneously tap two arrow keys to bring me to the respective corner workspace, where I always have the same app open.
        For example, bluefish is always Ctrl+Alt and up+left.

        I find it makes for a snappier work flow

      • gisli says: - reply

        2×2′er all the way.

        The lack of this feature is the only thing that makes me hesitant to swtich to Cinnamon. Still using Gnome 2 because of this feature. If Cinnamon would integrate it I would switch to Mint in a heartbeat!

        | terminals | terminals |
        | browser | music, aim |

        @Clem: hope you’ll give it some thourough consideration since it’s a more efficient layout to work in. For me it’s kind off a dealbreaker.

      • Tyler says: - reply

        I always used 2×3 (apparently that makes me weird) in GNOME 2 and I would love to see multiple rows supported in Cinnamon.

      • mercurycc says: - reply

        This feature is fairly important to me. I some times work on 3 different branches, each requires about 4 workspaces for different tasks within the branch. Organizing the branches in 3 rows of workspaces had been working greatly for me. Now without this feature in Gnome I had to switch to Xfce.

      • Wonky says: - reply

        I’d like to add my vote for multiple rows … I currently use 4×2 in Linux Mint 10.10.
        - it may sound a lot, but I have :
        [ GTD | invoices | sales sheet | finance prog]
        [banshee | evolution | mailwasher | firefox]

        I also use both expo (mouse down to bottom right) & scale (mouse down to bottom left) … it’s great to have the flexibility to use either.
        … would love to move to Mint 13 with these options


    • legion1978 says: - reply

      6×2 over here..
      its certainly easier to group applications in each desktop (expo) than figure out where did my window end up (scale).
      The hot corner makes it very easy to access, instead of sliding thru them; while 12 desktops appear very tiny and hard to manage: As the row gets longer, the thumbnails get smaller and the waste of vertical space becomes obvious. This is a key feature for me to be productive on g2+compiz. On the other hand, a great addition might be to allow the use of the mouse wheel to move left-right thru desktops (cycle one [active] raw)
      This feature [among eyecandy] plus some random cinnamon freezing has me stuck to mint10+compiz. But here i am, testing one more time :)
      I find cinnamon to be closer to my working environment in m10.
      Tested Mate.. Compiz is very flicky and misbehaves, plus I simply cannot get over all that [silly] apps renaming thing.
      If [most] everything goes well this time i will *finally* move on to mint13 and on. But i have the feeling that NOTHING will ever replace or surpass my old mint10+compiz eyecandy/productivity setup :’(

      Edit by Clem: The renaming in MATE is far from being silly, it’s a requirement. Two packages cannot be called the same, and cannot provide the same files. Libraries too need unique names. For things to work, conflicts need to be avoided and since the Gnome devs started something completely new but reused the old names, MATE had to use new names.

      • legion1978 says: - reply

        Youre right, Clem. im aware of the need for renaming. What I meant is that for me its kind of silly to call nautilus “caja” which mean literally “box” and gedit “pluma”, meaning “pen” and so forth. I guess i believe they could have given some more thought at it.. looking forward to a better branding, specially among the hispanic/latin commmunity. Or maybe its just me :) i guess i just have to get used to it… eventually.

        So any news on the expo view rows?
        thank you.

        Edit by Clem: Yes. It made it to the master branch today.. you can now see Expo as a line or a grid (among other improvements, all credits to Autarkper who did a fantastic job on it!).

  5. chamfay says: - reply

    Very very nice release.

    Edit by Clem: Well thank you Chamfay, you contributed to making it better ;)

  6. Mantas says: - reply

    Great update.
    But Skype windows still restore themselves after every new message is received. It is annoying.

  7. Rob D says: - reply

    Great release. thank you. Look fabulous.

    However, I hate to be the first to report a bug, but,

    The new cinnamon settings app seems to be creating some strange behaviour. Turning it off or on makes the Skype icon disappear requiring a reboot of Cinnamon. Slightly more annoyingly, turning the cinnamon settings applet OFF moves the workspace switcher out of the RHS corner to be on the left of the RHS icon panel. Of course I need the cinnamon settings applet open to move the workspace switcher in the first place because I need to enable panel edit mode.

    Apart from that it looks like a stunning release.

  8. billynick says: - reply

    odd little bug: when i add or remove and applet from cinnamon-settings>applets some apps minimized to tray are unminimized. for example liferea and pidgin buddy list. no biggie :)

  9. Hi,

    It doesn’t seem like the ‘Me..’ problem is fixed. I still get it when I disable the panel launchers applet.

    Thanks for all your work on this! Other than this little problem, Cinnamon is looking great!


  10. neegool says: - reply

    thanks for the great release!

    i have this ‘issue’, though. i cannot seem to find a way to change/theme the indicator icon for dropbox (it’s still a dark icon, which looks ugly with a dark-colored panel). it can be changed in other DE’s though but meh, cinnamon’s simple design got me hooked :P

    p.s. i also noticed that the dropbox indicator in the settings applet screenshot above is also dark, so maybe it isn’t just me or idk :) )

  11. Robin says: - reply

    Excellent release Clem! This is just fantastic. I am really psyched for Mint 13 as I think Cinnamon will be the best DE by then. Outstanding, just outstanding! ;)

  12. a4507037 says: - reply

    Menu label still appear as “Me…” on my Linux Mint 12

  13. Pranav says: - reply

    Can you please add the option to add two hot corners on the screen simultaneously? For eg, I can use the top left hot corner for Compiz Expo and the top right hot corner for Compiz scale or vice versa. It’s a great release . Just installed it on Archlinux 32-bit. Runs great.

  14. Wow, awesome release! It’s great to see cinnamon growing and becoming more are more mature and robust. I specially loved the new workspace expo, better than anything unity tried in this sense (although the background is still ugly, but I understand that the priority for now is in the functionalities.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the future releases.

    • Just one more thing I was about to forget. I don’t know if you have something to do with it, but could you please talk to the linux mint Brazilian Portuguese team to approve the contributions we made to the translation? They haven’t seen the improvements we done, so the current pt-br translation has some problems and sounds kinda weird (too much Portuguese Portuguese hahah).

  15. Steven H. says: - reply

    Awesome job, installed it immediately on Ubuntu 11.10 and Linuxmint 12 machines! Just keeps getting better and better.

    Yeah, I think Linuxmint 13 is going to take the world by storm, can’t wait.

  16. Jack Kramer says: - reply

    I use symbolic links in /usr/local/bin, which is always first in my $PATH, to force using specific version of installed SW. One of these is to direct “python” to “python3″

    I could not get cinnamon-settings to work., and I assume other cinnamon *.py scripts do not like python3.

    All works well when #!/usr/bin/env python points to a python2*.

    Great job on 1.4. I had totally given up on using gnome3.x until I found cinnamon. Now it has surpassed my longing for gnome2. Handling workspaces has never been easier or better!

  17. Herisson says: - reply

    I have a “test PC” with Mint 12 and right now, I preferred Gnome Shell than Cinnamon mainly due to the lack of Expo mode. With this release, I think to switch my main PC on Mint 12.
    I miss the Auto Move extension … and can’t code it.
    The 2 hot corners could be a great idea if we can deactivate the second one.
    Great job and Mint 13 should be a great LTS version (with Cinnamon 1.5 if you keep our rhythm)

    • Herisson says: - reply

      Just for information about the lack of Auto Move extension, I found a turnaround by using wnctrl in a script associated with a keyboard shortcut (which by the way doesn’t work every time !)

  18. I’m using Linux Mint 12 with Cinnamon currently 1.3.1 and still don’t have the update. Usually comes from within the distro repos, maybe I should wait a little longer or? I don’t want to install it manually.

    Edit by Clem: It should hit Mint 12 tomorrow. It’s in Romeo at the moment.

  19. Excellent work, I love this interface, good luck

  20. Max JRB says: - reply

    I installed recently Cinnamon on my xubuntu 11.10 everything was ok, but when I log in into cinnamon it shows a menu bar on top, and I can’t hide it, if choose the dual bar display, the menu bar goes behind the bar with the applets

    Edit by Clem: That’s Ubuntu’s “appmenu”. Look for *appmenu* packages and remove them from your system.

  21. Hi there …

    I noticed that the bug with the “Menu” Text not being displayed as “Me…” is only solved, if panel launchers and the Menu applet share the same applet area in the panel (same color). If you drag the panel launchers applet in another area of the panel with another color (away from the Menu applet, the Menu text displays as “Me…” again.

    Also I noticed that the categories for programs in the Cinnamon Menu don’t follow the language of the user. But the program names and the descriptions themselves are shown in the correct language. In Gnome fallback session the categories are shown in the user language, so this can’t be an issue of missing localization? There must be a bug with the cinnamon menu I guess?

    Hope that helps fixing these issues.

    Keep up the good work …

  22. Vanderson says: - reply

    Thank you for your work Clem (and the other devs), I’ve been using Mint/Cinnamon exclusively since December 2011, and it’s only getting better. A few minor bugs, but I am willing to deal with them as you have been consistely on top of things. Keep up the good work. :)

    I noticed that 1.4 is not available yet via apt-get upgrade… Hopefully soon.

    The cinnamon rebooting every time the screen is unlocked hopefully is fixed, if not, I will submit a detailed bug report. The screen-cap software Shutter can trigger this exact same restarting action as well.

    • Vanderson says: - reply

      UPDATE: The “cinnamon restarting on unlock screen” is fixed. (fyi)
      The performance is better, I like the changes to the theme, text and panels is more readable and cleaner looking.

      Cinnamon 1.4 BUG: I noticed others here having the same issue, I have no way to add or remove workspaces now. I am stuck with 2. I don’t see the “add” button on the side in scale or expo mode.

      • Vanderson says: - reply

        BUG UPDATE: (SOLUTION) The “add” workspaces buttons not showing. Also, I had noticed that the “panel edit mode” screen shot showed color highlights for the window list areas. I wasn’t seeing these either.

        I restarted Cinnamon a few times, logged out/in to see if that fixed it. FINALLY, I just decided to completely reboot, and this solved the problem…

        I think there is some kind of style sheet caching issue going on, because I had used a custom theme, and then switched to default, but it didn’t reload all the new styles, fyi…

        • Robin says: - reply

          You’ll have to use the stock theme to add workspaces. Select the stock theme, restart Cinnamon, and then go to your hotcorner for an overview. Click on the plus to the right to add your work spaces. Everybody will need to update their themes to 1.4 to get this feature ;)

          • Vanderson says: -

            Yah, that is what I did. But, it still didn’t show the updated styles (ie, coloring when editing panels & “+” button in expo for workspaces) until I did a complete reboot. Not just restart Cinnamon…

            Just passing this on, as I read other people having the same issue.

          • Naipaul Ojar says: -

            Thanks for this.

            It was driving me crazy, as it seemed that I was the only one with the problem.

            Would the additional themes have the “v1.4″ compatibility ?

  23. A N O'Ther says: - reply

    Thanks for all the hard work on Cinnamon. May I try your patience though and ask if it is possible to get the old workspace behavior back? By which I mean the Gnome 3-like behavior of dynamically creating a new workspace when something is opened on the last one. I really got used to this on Cinnamon up to 1.3 and don’t want to go back to a fixed number of workspaces. I know it is possible to manually create new workspaces in Expo but I would prefer the automatic way.

    • I tend to agree with A N O’Ther, the automatic workspace generation was great and I loved it, rather than the manual approach. Can this be a configuration option ?

      Great work, Cinnamon has made Gnome useable !!!

  24. Bao2 says: - reply

    Many, many, many, many thanks.
    It would be a hell using ubuntu 11.10 without Cinnamon. Gnome and Unity are in the wrong direction for those that are using Linux to work.

  25. gv says: - reply

    Cinnamon calendar. Please make it fixed width, because now, if custom format datetime string contains seconds (useful for rough measurement of duration) it changes width each second and everything in panel moves by several pixels.
    Also would be nice to be able to change calendar presentation so than week can start from other day than Sunday – f.e. Monday.

    Youtube player in full screen maximizes properly. But other fullscreen players still are shown beneath panel (vimeo, player controls).

    Show desktop applet. Sometimes requres second click to work. after that works nicely – recognizes each click.

    It would be nice, if themes in site would be grouped by supported cinnamon version.


  26. richo123 says: - reply

    Installed this on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 beta using the ppa and unfortunately it crashes and the panels disappear and it is basically unusable. I’m assuming this will rectify itself as the beta is updated to the final release. Pit because 1.3.1 worked nicely….

    Edit by Clem: Ubuntu 12.04 upgraded to Clutter 1.9.8 and Gnome 3.4, which interfaces aren’t retro-compatible with those of Clutter 1.8 and Gnome 3.2. These upgrades break Gnome Shell 3.2.x and Cinnamon 1.4 (and previous versions) in Ubuntu 12.04. You’ll need to wait for Gnome Shell 3.4 and a future release of Cinnamon for these desktops to work in Precise again.

  27. crab says: - reply

    Thank-you to Clem and all the devs for a fantastic release! Loving the ability to re-arrange applications in the task bar, and the ability to drag and drop files into different applications using the task bar. (Do readers know that you can also close apps by middle clicking?)

    I’ve also noticed the menu is faster (although this could be due to recently running e4rat).

    Great work, very professional. Running on Arch Linux 64-bit.

    Edit by Clem: I use the middle-click all the time! It’s really handy when you’ve got a lot of windows to close. I’m not sure people know about it though. It’s been the same for years with Mint and Linux, many people don’t know about some of the cool features that are there (Alt-drag on small screens, middle-click paste, print to PDF, cool commands in the terminal etc etc..). It’s the little things you never really pay attention to, which really make your life easier :)

    • Shah says: - reply

      “Loving the ability to re-arrange applications in the task bar…”.

      Yes, that is a nice feature. But what I’ve noticed is when you rearrange the applications in the task bar, go into the Overview mode (scale or expo) and then go back to the normal view, it loses that rearranged order.

      • crab says: - reply

        Yeap this looks like a bug.

        However I disable the Overview mode – I don’t “get” it. For me it is faster to switch applications using the task bar. In the overview mode you have to figure out where all your windows are – the order seems random. But with the task bar, you know the the windows you’ve had open for ages are toward the left and new windows to the right – much faster to switch IMO.

        But each to their own and I’m sure some people find the Overview works better for them.

    • ray says: - reply

      How did you get it to compile on Arch? i tried through the AUR, manual compiling, everything. I keep getting errors. one has to do with bluetooth or something. I can try to do it over and paste what it says..I tried bridge linux and it has an older version pre-installed but will not install new version, even updated to gnome 3.4 still no luck.

  28. Chris says: - reply

    Is someone going to upload it for you know… Linux Mint? ;-) Its already available for Ubuntu in the PPA but not on the main Linux Mint repo…

    Edit by Clem: Yes. Expect it soon. It’s in Romeo at the moment.

  29. hanny says: - reply

    very nice Clem, thank you for supporting Arabic :*)

    Edit by Clem: You’re welcome :) We can support any language that has a locale, including Klingon (somebody asked :) ). For Arabic it’s a little harder because it’s an RTL language, which means there’s potential for additional bugs.. but we’re getting help from Arabic and Hebrew speakers and tackling the issues as we go along.

    • hanny says: - reply

      so sweet, i can test anything if you needed some day :)
      by the way right now i am working on a book about cinnamon,”cinnamon in Arabic” ——>”سينامُن بالعربية” for Arabic end users(install, customize,use,etc..) , anything you like to add or any Suggestions? :)

  30. Steve says: - reply

    still shows up as Me… in ubuntu 11.10 and I don’t have that On/Off toggle switch for panel edit mode

  31. brodi says: - reply

    -i installed Cinnamon 1.4 for my Acer Aspire on top of Ubuntu 12.04 and when i log into cinnamon the screen is black for about 5 seconds and then my default wallpaper shows up……and thats about it no menus NO noooothing

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon 1.4 (and previous releases) are compatible with Clutter 1.8 and Gnome 3.2. Ubuntu 12.04 upgraded itself to Clutter 1.9 and Gnome 3.4. Neither Clutter or GNOME kept their interfaces compatible with those of their previous versions, so you can’t run Cinnamon in Ubuntu 12.04, you’ll need to wait for Cinnamon to move towards Gnome 3.4 and Clutter 1.9.

  32. minipunk says: - reply

    Great release, thx a lot for all this superb work.

    Some issues though: In ‘Expo’ I don’t get the ‘add workspace’ button nor the ‘close’ ones. I have a dual monitor setup (everything else works very well): But only the windows of one (that with the panel) show up in Expo.
    ‘Only use workspaces on primary monitor’ is off.

    (BTW there were already some remarks about Expo layout above. Please don’t forget such szenarios with extreme screen ratios like 32:9 ;)

    Edit by Clem: Expo is new and your theme needs to add a few definitions to support it (that’s why the two buttons don’t appear). You can switch to the default theme in the meantime.

  33. hexelpdkk says: - reply

    I’m getting the gdm “Oh No! Something has gone wrong” screen since the 1.4 update, on Fedora 16. Where can I file a bug and/or get help tracking my problem down.

    • jtaylor says: - reply

      I am also getting this same message. Really want to get cinnamon back up and running since it will not allow us to revert back to cinnamon 1.3.

  34. Paul Resso says: - reply

    This is great release, but i can’t open menu editor. Cinnamon shows the error:
    “Execution of cinnamon-menu-editor failed. Command not found”. I use Fedora 16 x86 distro.

    • I have exactly the same problem on Fedora16 : cinnamon-menu-editor can’t be found.

    • Jack Kramer says: - reply

      I also have the same problem of the cinnamon-menu-editor missing with the fedora repo distribution. Problem is still there with the recent update.

      Searched the complete file system for the missing file and couldn’t find anything. i think there is a directory tree missing in the fedora repo downloads. Sent a message to leigh123 who was listed as a package manager at fedora but no answer yet.

      Everything else seems to be working. The menu editing is a great “nice to have” and I hope there is a solution BUT everything else with 1.4 has made me an enthusiastic convert to cinnamon. Finally gnome 3 is usable for day to day work. cinnamon 1.4 is even better than any gnome 2 I ever used.

      • Jack Kramer says: - reply

        Got an answer. cinnamon-menu-editor requires gnome2 libraries. I assume this is because it is modified from Alacarte which requires gnome2. I suspect when Alacarte catches up with gnome3 the cinnamon-menu-editor will get fixed. If you need to edit the menu you can find lots of info on workaround fixes to get Alacarte working on fedora 16. Just google “Alacarte gnome 3″. Not a big thing for me so I’ll probably just wait until it gets rolled into an official release of cinnamon – so much else in 1.4 is working great.

        Following quote from fedoraforum:
        ”’ doesn’t exist in gnome3

        [leigh@main_pc SPECS]$ cinnamon-menu-editor
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “/usr/bin/cinnamon-menu-editor”, line 5, in
        from Alacarte import MainWindow
        File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-menu-editor/Alacarte/”, line 19, in
        import gtk, gmenu, gobject, gio
        ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  35. bobby says: - reply

    Great work Clem.
    After upgrading, if I right click on favourites, it shows nothing, earlier it used to show option e.g. add to desktop/ panel etc. Perhaps its only with me. Desktop is working good. Some suggestions would be (its only my suggestions if others don’nt agree please don’nt give any heed).

    1. I know you are working, so next would be a customisation option for size of panel height and applets, as it looks very small on large screen.

    2. As the talks of expo and scale windows are going on. As I said earlier also, if i am working on computer my right hand is on mouse and left is on keyboard. So if I have to use either scale or expo mode I need to press, ctrl+alt+ up/ down arrow (hot corner for overview is ok). Here I have to leave the mouse and have to use my other hand and then again, if I want to drag and drop any application or switch to other desktop, I have to use mouse again. While using computer the combination of keys (at least to me) is not very comfortable. Here, gnome-3 (super key) and Unity (super+s) seems more comfortable (as my one hand remains on keyboard and other is on mouse). Its only a suggestion (whether some other key combination could be worked out or not) and would certainly requires opinions of other users also, as to what they think is fit to use or is it comfortable to them.

    Regards – Bobby

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Bobby, good idea about the keyboard shortcut. We’ll try to add a few. In the menu, the favorites don’t have a context menu anymore… we didn’t like the way it looked and you can manage them using drag & drop now.

    • Matt says: - reply

      For your second issue I am also a: left hand on the keyboard / right on the mouse: while managing windows. You can change that now by going to Keyboard->Shortcuts(tab)->Navigation(section)->Scroll to the bottom. You should see “Move to workspace above/below” which is the shortcut for Expo/Scale respectively. I changed mine to ALT+2/ALT+1. I chose those key bindings because it seems similar to ALT+TAB to me and very easy to hit. BUT a more rational person could set it to CTRL+ALT+S for Scale and CTRL+ALT+E for Expo. But it’s really nice that we may customize this. :D

      • bobby says: - reply

        @Matt – Thanks for the reply. It solved the problem. Here, I am using computer for years and not knowing these basic things, how stupid of me. Now that I know where are the shortcut, I would certainly be modifying/ creating many shortcuts, according to my convenience. Thanks again Matt.

        @Clem – No need to look into my second suggestion as it is solved.

  36. Sven Rieke says: - reply

    This last release is awesome, now it is a really decent desktop environment.
    Thanks for the menu editor integration, the new panel configuration applet, and of course, the Expo plugin.

    But there’s one problem which annoys me:
    In my Expo overview, there’s no “Add new desktop” button.
    I can’t add additional desktops and two is far too less.
    Tried that on two of my machines, the same issue here.
    Tried several themes, nothing.
    I upgraded from 1.3.1

    Is there anything I could look at which might prevent this must-have-button from appearing?

    For the moment I’ll use the following work-around:
    1. Change org.cinnamon.number-workspaces with dconf-editor.
    2. Restart cinnamon

    BTW, I have never seen the Keyboard applet, what does it look like in the panel?

    Edit by Clem: Until your themes get updated to fully support 1.4 you can use the default Cinnamon theme to regain the Expo buttons. The keyboard applet allows you to quickly switch between keyboard layouts, it only appears when you’ve defined more than one layout in Gnome. On the screenshot it’s that “ie” (Irish) applet.

    • steen olsen says: - reply

      Had the same problem.

      Copy the lines from Clem’s ” Note to theme artists”,”Expo add button css”.
      Then paste into ‘ what ever theme you use’ cinnamon.css file.

      Now copy the ‘ add-workspace.png’ icon from the original cinnamon theme folder, found in /usr/share/cinnamon/theme, then paste into your own theme folder.

      Restart cinnamon, problem solved you now have a add workspace button.

  37. Siechtum says: - reply

    I don’t have the button to add a new workspace :-(

    Edit by Clem: Switch to the default theme until your theme adds support for them.

  38. Siechtum says: - reply

    Thank you, dear clem! :-)

  39. Andrew says: - reply

    Awesome work, Clem. This is one of the reasons I contribute.

    One small thing that still bothers me (and I’m a little OCD) is the “speech bubble” arrow for the Cinnamon menu. Would it be possible to remove it (so the menu was flush with the taskbar)? Even if it was just an option somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  40. Emil says: - reply

    Awesome as always! :)

  41. Kristian says: - reply

    Sounds great! I love the Scale and Expo features. I’m glad to hear that Cinnamon looks to Compiz for inspiration in regards to those features. No other window manager have implemented that as well as Compiz did.

    I’d love to see Cinnamon adopt this cool little feature that Compiz has (had): In stead of simply a hot corner that triggers by mouse pointer position, in Compiz you could move mouse pointer to a corner (or even better: a screen edge) and click a (configurable) mouse button. It’s much faster and won’t get triggered by accident.

  42. I Clem,

    great work… amazing how you can manage so many great projects.

    Any thoughst on how to make cinnamon work on Ubuntu Precise without having to wait for a version with support for clutter 1.9? Could there be a way to instal a clutter1.8, withouth breaking unity on precise? I think an option like that woul really help.


    Edit by Clem: I don’t think you can have multiple versions of Clutter… for you to be able to do this we’d have to fork Clutter itself, like we did Mutter/Muffin. I’m not saying we won’t ever do it, especially if we face regressions with every Clutter upgrade, but what we’re planning is to continue to use clutter and to eventually move to 1.9.

  43. Matt says: - reply

    I’m absolutely sold on this interface. This is exactly the DE I used to create in Gnome 2 with compiz extension. But now, I get it right out of the box with tons of polish :D . Right now this interface is perfect for me and working on it is a breeze. Great job Clem and Devs.

    As far as expo goes: I’d be perfectly satisfied with bend being added to it. Making the expo stack vertically isn’t intuitive at all for people who use only 2 to 4 work spaces. Once workspaces begin stacking it’s great for people who specifically use expo to manage all their windows/workspaces and a giant pain for people who prefer to not have their hands leave their keyboard for the mouse. I’m not against the ‘option’ of stacking workspaces, but I do feel this would add needless complication to keyboard surfers. My compromise would be to allow another option such as Tile alongside Bend and Angle (only changes the way the expo is graphically viewed). It would lay the workspaces out in a grid fashion (like the scale plug-in) in respective order but exist as a single row still as far as keyboard navigation is concerned. I think this would be a fair and more simple compromise than allowing vertical navigation. Thanks for your time.

    • Bobby says: - reply

      How awakward, I just said thanks to you above.

      You know in Mint-11 super+s was there for expo as it was based on Ubuntu 11.04. But in Mint-12 it is changed because of some major changes. Anyway, I would say that please play with gnome-3 or Unity for some days and then you will know, what I meant. I specifically used the word “play” and “days” and not try. Because to know the quality of any distro you have to play with it for some days. Otherwise it will always be biased and personal.

      As I said above that was just the suggestion keeping in mind gnome-3 and Unity. Your opinion matters a lot. Thanks for that. Always welcome. Regards.

  44. Mr. Medved says: - reply

    Clem & co -

    Great DE… I am usually flipping back and forth between MATE and Cinnamon and haven’t decided which one is the best yet.

    I’d like to echo an earlier comment – I really would like to be able to increase the font and icon size in the menu panel. I’ve got a 17 inch laptop with a high resolution screen, and all the fonts in the panels are just way too small.


    Edit by Clem: The font size is defined by the theme… but you have a point about the panel size.. it should be configurable indeed.

  45. e01 says: - reply

    1) Is it compatible with the Deepin’s docks or any way to make windows list like its.

    2) Is it possible to move the panel on the top?

    Anyway great work, gnome 3 feels in 2′s layout.

  46. billynick says: - reply

    @clem or someone else re theming. umm, i found the best way to explain what i mean with this screenshot

    Edit by Clem: I’m sure there’s a way… but we’re going to need to hack the applet system a bit if we want to be able to do this.. don’t hesitate to come and chat with us at #linuxmint-dev on, with our dev skills and your CSS knowledge we’ll have this solved in no time :)

  47. justpusher says: - reply

    “Expo” overview is good, but has some bugs on my desktop:
    1. Esc key does not close Expo
    2. Background image is not drawn, I see just dark gray color above workspaces and light gray below.
    Linux Mint 12, Cinnamon 1.4.0

  48. Jos says: - reply

    Fixed Workspaces! Yay!

    Anyone can tell me how to use this over an NX session? Can’t seem to get a cinnamon session over NX.

  49. Jos says: - reply

    Is it possible to ‘lock’ the workspaces applet to the right side?

  50. Rafael says: - reply

    It is impressive the developement speed of Cinnamon. You are doing a very good work. Thanks a lot :-)

  51. justpusher says: - reply

    I noticed that taskbar (window list) buttons are now draggable. It’s very handy indeed! But when I switch workspaces or use Overview, the buttons order is reset. It would be cool if you make the buttons order persistent.

  52. jb says: - reply

    Oh man, a million thank yous for the static workspace thing, and another million for all the rest of this excellent work!!!!

  53. justpusher says: - reply

    Network applet does not show hint for me.
    Also, it always shows that my VPN connection is OFF, although it is connected. If I click on VPN to connect, the notification shown “VPN … connected”, but it still shows as OFF in applet.
    Restarting cinnamon does not help.

  54. Shred says: - reply

    Thank you for this great release! I’m crying happy tears… (I mean it!)

    Since December I am using Cinnamon exclusively now, and it is getting better and better. I love the Expo feature! Could you also add edge flipping now, so I can switch workspaces even faster?

  55. alex says: - reply

    @clem I switch to the default theme but doesnt have the “add workspace” button in the Expo

    • Nate says: - reply

      Yes, I went to the default theme and the + was there, went back to an old theme, and now it does not show up on any of the 1.4 themes. Prior to this all 1.4 themes panel had strange coloring.

  56. Jhn says: - reply

    Great update.

    I’d really like an option to use the more traditional “Applications Places System” menus. I’ve never been a fan of mintmenu, which this resembles in functionality. I use the classic two panel layout, and having the old style menus back would be great for me as I feel they make better use of screen area, and menu interaction is generally much quicker.
    Also, for whatever reason the current menu performs quite badly on my machine.

    So, to summarize: optional Applications-Places-System menus please.

  57. Yves14 says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.4.0 is just excellent to me!
    I’m delighted at the improvement in the Overview. It’s much clearer and easier to manage this way.
    As an old “Linuxian” but not quite a geek (age I suppose…), I can stand having to modify such or such .json file but I’d love to be able to add extensions directly for a GUI rather than having to unzip them in the right place. But that will come, I suppose.
    Super boulot en tous cas! Merci beaucoup!

  58. James says: - reply

    Thank you for the great release!! Cinnamon just keeps getting better.

    One thing I’m still having a problem with is the Pidgin systray icon. It disappears after some time leaving no way of knowing a new message has arrived. I haven’t been able to figure out what actions actually cause it to disappear yet, but it happens daily… I will do my best to replicate.

    Thanks again

  59. Kirk M says: - reply

    A fine update to an already fine DE. I do have a rather oddball niggle that I can’t seem to figure out and that’s the “Keyboard” applet. I often use special characters in my writing and I was pleased to see that the Cinnamon 1.4 Keyboard applet now includes the ability to launch the special characters table. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to get the Keyboard applet to appear on the panel. Checking the or un-checking Keyboard applet check box simply makes the icons in the tray blink once and that’s it. No icon and no extra space for an icon. Even using the default theme. (this is on a desktop PC)

    No a biggie, just wondering if I’m missing something obvious (probably knowing me)

    Edit by Clem: It appears if you have more than one keyboard layout defined in GNOME.

  60. Hugo12 says: - reply

    Pretty cool update. :D

    One or two things:

    In the menu the categories aren’t translated (‘places’ is). The sub categories are.

    Cinnamon settings the new point “Only use workspaces on primary monitor [...]” aren’t translated.

    The Trash applet does not show wheater there is trash or not. (And not how many items iare in when hovered over. Can that be added somehow?)

    I really like where this is going. :)

  61. Marty says: - reply

    nice update !
    hope to find a good old “apps / places / system” menu applet one day.
    Please devs make us one for us !

    until then i will stay with my mint9.

    thanks again for the good work

  62. Henrique M says: - reply

    This is a great improvement from 1.3, congratulations on the hard work. I’m having a few issues, but I’m still moving from XFCE to Cinnamon in this version, so I can at least help by report my issues and making tests. Thanks!

  63. Hugo12 says: - reply

    Omg, I just went to change my keyboard layout to see if my idea I posted above works. While doing that the language “Chinese” was on top. After a restart guess what…. everything was chinese and I had a hard time getting it back as I don’t read chinese. :p
    Now I tried to remove “Chinese” from the Keyboard Layout menu but I can’t and it’s on top. I don’t want it and I don’t want to accidently click on it. Please make it removeable (I don’t have any chinese language pack installed so I can’t remove it via Synaptic. :( )

    I will search for it everywhere an remove it manually if needed. What a stupid option to have… sry.

  64. Very good job !

    I very agree with other comment. It ‘s a great improvement from 1.3.

    You reconciled me with gnome 3 (gnome-shell is definitely not for me).

    I’m french so : “MERCI a tous les contributeurs de cinnamon”

    and sorry for my english, i do my best.

  65. Hugo12 says: - reply

    The new applet icon dowes not work for me.
    I named the icon “icon.png” and placed (and 32×32) it into the folder of my applet.
    The metadata.json is using “icon”: “icon” as well but is displaying the standard icon in the settings.

    Any help?
    both don’t work.

    Edit by Clem: Remove the “icon” field from metadata.json (that will make the settings tool show your icon.png). If you want to show your icon.png in the panel itself, you’ll need to do something like this.set_applet_icon_path(metadata.path + “/icon.png”); (metadata is given to you in the main function, you can pass it as an argument to MyApplet in its constructor and init function).

    • Hugo12 says: - reply

      Thx for your fast answer. :)
      When I remove the icon row from metadata the applet does not show up in the settings anymore. When I leave it blank “icon”: “” it shows the default icon again but the applet icon is still broken.
      It’s this applet:
      I use the 32×32 separator and named it icon.png. Maybe the icon itself is broken?

      Edit by Clem: Check this applet, I just coded it today.. it uses a custom icon.png both in the settings and in the panel. Don’t hesitate to look into it and compare with your own metadata.js, directory structure, file names, and applet.js code:

      • Hugo12 says: - reply

        Found the error regarding the no show. I had a “,” too much in the metadata. ;)
        Took me a while to finally get it working but now it does what it sholud. :D
        Long time no “programming” makes you not see the most common errors like “(metadata, orientation)” instead of just “(orientation)” in every function/call/etc..

        Thx for your help. :)

  66. “Can you please add the option to add two hot corners on the screen simultaneously? For eg, I can use the top left hot corner for Compiz Expo and the top right hot corner for Compiz scale or vice versa. It’s a great release.” YES!!! This is what i want. Please….

  67. Dima says: - reply

    Dear Clem!
    Dear developers of Linux Mint and Cinnamon!

    Thanks a lot for your work! As debian user I am happy to find solution for debian testing with Cinnamon. When can we get 1.4 for LMDE?

    Thank you in advance!

  68. Morten says: - reply

    Awesome work once again, this is soon going to be my main system (still mainly running Mint 11). Works like a charm with the panel editing and the expo+scale, I do however not have the button for adding additional workspaces in expo-mode. And somehow I managed to get a yellow notification that says “Cinnamon Settings” and won’t disappear unless I restart Cinnamon.
    One feature that would really make my day, would be the ability to refocus windows using keyboard shortcuts, e.g. super+1 to refocus the first window in the window list and so on.

    • Morten says: - reply

      The issue with the missing button for adding additional workspace, was just a matter of going back to the default theme and restart cinnamon.

  69. Luke says: - reply

    Just wanted to say great job on the release and comment on the Me… menu issue. I notice the bug only happens on certain themes. For instance the Eleganse theme works perfectly well. While, at least for my system, the default cinnamon theme has the menu issue. I don’t know how helpful this information is but I thought I’d point it out.

  70. I was looking forward to being able to move windows around in Expo view. Strangely when I mouse over a view in Expo all windows shrink and slide off the left side of the view and out of sight. I’m on dual monitors, so I’m guessing that is what is triggering the bug.

    I’m certainly loving Cinnamon. Thanks for all your hard work! You have given us back a desktop option worth using!

  71. Do you intend to create on the fly skin settings for us perfectionists who can’t/don’t want to get into creating their own skins?

  72. GR says: - reply

    Cinnamon keeps getting better and better! It was version 1.3.1 which enticed me to switch from Mint 11 to Mint 12. Now I’m using version 1.4.0.

    One thing that I miss from Mint 11 is the functionality of the Compiz Grid plugin. Are there plans to add a similar functionality to Cinnamon? I emphasize that I’m talking about the functionality, not Compiz itself.

    Here is something that first I noticed when using version 1.3.1:

    I added some software (Latexila) using the software manager. When I did that with Mint 11, double left-clicking on .tex files opened them with Latexila. In Mint 12, using Cinnamon version 1.3.1 (and now version 1.4.0), double left-clicking on .tex files opens them with gedit when Latexila is installed. If you right click on a .tex file, you can choose
    to open with gedit, Latexila, or Other Application. However, I couldn’t change the default from gedit to Latexila. When you right-click on a .tex file and choose Properties > Open With > Show other applications, Latexila is not listed as a choice even though I have it installed.

  73. Cobold says: - reply

    I just updated to Cinnamon 1.4.0-2.1. My system is openSuSE 12.1 and I’m using the SuSE GNOME:Cinnamon repository. Upon starting Cinnamon, I briefly see the desktop and then get a fatal crash. No packages other than the ones for Cinnamon and Muffin were updated since the last time Cinnamon worked on my machine, nor are there any programs in the autostart (is there even one in Cinnamon?) What happened?
    Gnome-Shell ver. 3.2
    Clutter ver.1.8.2

  74. steveha says: - reply

    I’m looking forward to trying this out! I will never be happy in Gnome Shell or Unity; either Mate or Cinnamon is my future, and I think it’s Cinnamon.

    I have one feature request. This is something I have wanted for over 15 years now. Please make it possible to set a different “wallpaper” on each workspace. I use workspaces for different purposes, and I think of each one as a different place; it would not only be fun to have different art in each one, but it would help me spot which one I want in Expo mode. Of course by default, all the workspaces will share the same wallpaper, but please make it possible to change it on individual workspaces.

    Thanks for your work on Cinnamon. I’ll update my Cinnamon 1.3 right away and try out the new stuff.

  75. Graeme says: - reply

    Just want to say a big thanks to the mint team love the new version of cinnamon, love everything about mint, cant understand why anyone would want to pay a license fee to to a multi billion corporation to use their computers when they can have all this for free. only one negative point I still have the truncated menu problem but I can live with that

  76. mayhemm88 says: - reply

    Well Done

    this is a breath of fresh air considering I hate the “mobile phone interface on a desktop computer” idea every developer thinks is great. I am primarily a Windows user, but now that Windows 8 is going down the same path as Unity and Gnome3 Cinnamon looks very appealing…

    I absolutely detest Metro UI and if this keeps progressing the way it is, I may make the permanent switch to Linux instead of using it as my secondary OS.

  77. Danko8321 says: - reply

    Hello, fellas; liking pretty much this new Cinnamon release; I made a post regarding expo and Scale in the Community Forums that I don’t really know if was read, but I don’t really care! This new release is everything I expected from it and more. Thanks for the release. Now, I have a doubt regarding the Expo feature. I have no “Add Workspace” button in the Expo feature even while using the default Cinnamon theme. Any ideas how?

    • Danko8321 says: - reply

      Sorry, never mind. I found out I had an older Cinnamon theme in my .themes folders and Cinnamon was using that one instead of the new one. Deleted the older one from the .themes folder and reloaded cinnamon. Liking it pretty much now. Cheers.

  78. won’t install:

    Reading package lists… Done
    user@1204-daily-32:~$ sudo apt-get install cinnamonReading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package cinnamon
    user@1204-daily-32:~$ sudo apt-get install cinnamonReading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package cinnamon

    now what?

  79. Drydos says: - reply

    A little background: I use a non-roman character input program called UIM ( ) for typing the International Phonetic Alphabet since there isn’t a straight-up keyboard for it, but it hasn’t worked with cinnamon yet so I’ve had to just insert and copy-paste, which is extremely annoying when typing lots of things. So I updated cinnamon to 1.4 last night like a good little boy, and to my amazement UIM’s dropdown menus showed up in the tray (which is where they are supposed to be as of gnome3), and worked perfectly fine! Then I clicked the ^ settings button, and they vanished, and try as I might I haven’t been able to get them to show back up, and I’ve done everything short of reinstalling it or cinnamon (which I’d really rather avoid since I had to install UIM one package at a time, which totals about 50 .debs :/ ). It doesn’t have a cinnamon applet, but it showed up in that section and worked anyways so I don’t know if that is actually necessary? I really hope it isn’t since I don’t know javascript in the slightest. The settings program for UIM has no option to reenable this (as I said it was designed for gnome3), so no luck there. I’m posting this here to see if anyone has any advice or steps I could take to get this wonderful program to work again (in other words, HELP!) ?

  80. odwall says: - reply

    I’m using it and it’s awesome for the most part. Nice work guys. One small nit tho: In the article you state, “If you need a new workspace, just go to Expo and click the button to create a new one”.

    I don’t have a button for adding new workspaces beyond the default 2. Is this a glitch or is there a setting I need to change in order to have the button appear?

    • odwall says: - reply

      Hmmm …

      for some reason, after second machine restart, the button is now visible for me.

    • Pat says: - reply

      @odwall. The button is only present when you are using a theme fully compatible with cinnamon 1.4.
      Also, if interested, there are links in the article above to add: Expo add button css and ‘workspace-close-button’ style class
      to themes. If you go to the themes download area, you will also notice that many themes have already been updated. Cheers, enjoy your Cinnamon.

  81. If I minimize a window, say firefox or terminal, I can NEVER bring it back. I click on its “button” on the bottom panel and NOTHING happens.

    I recently upgraded from cinnamon 1.3.1 (I think thats the latest one before 1.4) to 1.4 and this new weirdness happens. I am running Mint 12.

    I have been using mint for several years and cinnamon since it first appeared. I have been running linux since about 2000 (RedHat, Ubuntu, then Mint) so I am not a newbie.

    Please help!


      The new settings applet had “Panel Edit Mode” turned “ON”. Turning it “OFF” allowed the window buttons on the bottom panel to work properly : i.e., minimze-maximize the window when selected. Interestingly, everything else in the lower panel seemed to work OK.
      I don’t remember turning “Panel Edit Mode” to ON — it may have been on when I added the settings applet or not…..

      Is this “intended” or a “feature” or a “bug”?

  82. shelley says: - reply

    BUG Report:
    After login to Skype if I close the skype window , skype icon is missing in the panel. If we try to login to Skype again it displays:

    “Another Skype instance may exist”. Skye is running, but icon not displayed……Please correct it….

    Another user too have reported it in a post above…..

  83. zyvy says: - reply

    i got a little problem after upgrade to 1.4 i can’t see menu when i right click on pulpit to create new folder ar anything , or i dont see any menu infirefox, they are there coz when i click on place where it shoud be i actualy start that menu fucnktion but i can’t see the menues.
    the only right click mouse menu i can see when i click on panel

    • zyvy says: - reply

      on ubuntu 11.10 cinnamon 1.4
      universal acces – zoom ON
      make right click mouse invisible turning zoom OFF make it visible again
      on cinnamon 1.3.1 zoom coudl be ON all the time so i think its a little bug

  84. j spaeth says: - reply

    Ruuning Mint 12 on ASUS EEE 1001PXB. Still having the ME.. Menu issue with a custom Menu Icon.

  85. rpo says: - reply

    is there any repo for ubuntu 12.04?

  86. mrjive says: - reply

    The list of improvements sounds impressive!
    But since I’m a debian lover, still waiting for news about LMDE or deb version of the cinnamon packages! :)

    And in general, what are your plans bout the debian edition?

    Thanks a lot


    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon (1.3.1 at the moment) is in LMDE’s incoming repo.

    • mrjive says: - reply

      Clem thank you. But I was talking about 1.4 release :)

      And a more general question: is the Debian edition as important as the main edition in linuxmint plans? That is: is it something we count on in the long term? I’d definitely love to.


  87. Rehdon says: - reply

    Awesome work Clem, I just moved from 1.3.1 to 1.4 without a glitch!

  88. Tom says: - reply

    First of all, thank your for the great work. It’s really awesome, even though there are some things i wish to change in de future:

    1. The menu. Possibility of the old menus would be nice and it would be great if there would be something like the mint menu. I would like to switch between the normal view and a favourite view. The left bar with the favourites isn’t htat nice, if you ask me.

    2. Right click -> run terminal. I really miss that.

    3. The Panel-edit-mode works absoultely good, but i just can change the order of the applets. I would like to place them how i want. For axample i want the clock exactly in the middle of the panel. At the moment, that doesn’t work for me.

    4. The possible of setting the height and color of the panel. Also the Colors of the whole windows , I know that there are different themes, but i think there hast to be the possibility for the user to change it by himself.

    So, but alltogher cinnamon becomes better and better and probably soon its the best option.
    Thanks for your work.

  89. Lucas says: - reply

    When reading all the improvements of the newest release I realized that Cinnamon will definitely be my next desktop environment as I don’t like the concept behind Gnome Shell or Unity – or even HUD – at all.
    For the moment I’m still using Gnome 2 in Linux Mint 9 but I guess that Cinnamon will be absolutely usable and really stable when Mint 13 will be released.

    For now I’m testing Cinnamon on an Oneiric USB stick and I can see it growing and maturing.
    My compliment for all developers. For instance I really like the idea of another mode when changing the applet’s positions – or different colours for the panel areas.
    But one question at this one: What is the difference between the left panel area and the center area? I thought applets should be shown centralized in the center area – but this is not the case…

    Another question about the Mint Menu: Is it possible or planned to add support for more than one level of “subfolders”?

    Best regards,


    Edit by Clem: It’s neither possible nor planned to have submenus in the menu.. we used filtering instead, ala mintMenu. New menu applets will appear though as the community feels a need for them, and I’m sure some of them will support nested submenus. The difference between left and center in the panel is the alignment.. we didn’t manage to get the center zone center-aligned yet, but we’re working on it :)

  90. Jim Carr says: - reply

    I’m very happy to see that a couple of items from my workspace management wish list are addressed: (1) wraparound workspace navigation, and (2) fixed (but customizable) number of workspaces. Cinnamon is definitely Gnome as it should be. I appreciate your hard work.

  91. Studio K says: - reply

    So where is this ‘Settings Applet’?
    And I’ve got different colors on my menu bar that I can’t switch off. Would the ‘Setting Applet’ allow me to switch off the colors?

  92. Studio K says: - reply

    I’ve answered my own questions.

    ‘Settings Applet’ is the ‘Cinnamon Settings’ applet.

    And the colors can be switched off when ticking the box for panel edit mode in Panel settings.

    very nice. thank you.

  93. Squirrel says: - reply

    When I tried the menu editor, I noticed that the two menus Administration and Preferences aren’t displayed. Is this a bug or is there a reason why?
    Since it’s not displayed on this new’s screenshot as well.

    Also when rearranging the windows in the panel, the window right to the one I want to move always moves to right before they switch their position. Not a big deal, but looks pretty weird.

    Thanks for that awesome desktop!

  94. clem says: - reply

    OK, I’ve got some good news for Ubuntu 12.04 users. We managed to get Muffin 1.0.2 and Cinnamon 1.4 compile, package and run successfully against Gnome 3.4 and Clutter/cogl 1.9.

    We had to hack a few things and change some code so I want to review all that and take my time to make sure everything runs smooth before we release a version on this new base.

    • Zon Saja says: - reply

      Thank you very much, Clem!
      That would be absolutely useful for Ubuntu 12.04 users :D


    • Marty says: - reply

      why not wait for Pangolin to be in final stage and (maybe) introduce Gnome 3.4 and Clutter 1.9 instead of hacking ?

      Edit by Clem: There’s no proper documentation for the libs we’re using… that’s what I mean by hacking. Also, it’s nothing to do with Ubuntu in particular, this relates to Gnome and Clutter changes.

    • Divius says: - reply

      Thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing it again.
      Can I help with testing new package before release?

    • fog says: - reply

      Great news. Cinnamon is my new favorite “look and feel”.
      Thank you.

  95. Shah says: - reply

    Thanks Clem. I have to say excellent work!

    As a nice to have, it would be cool to have the Gnome Shell ‘application picker’ included in cinnamon. Having this feature would also make it on par with Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad.

  96. BUG report:
    When I minimize the last visible window by left-clicking on the window list, the element in the window list becomes unresponsive until another window is restored (left clicked) or the window is restored by alt+tab.

    Cinnamon 1.4
    Mint 12 fresh install yesterday evening

  97. e01 says: - reply

    It’s really great, now I am playing with the 1.4, it’s faster than gnome3 fallback

    *Thanks You*

    But I have a question, when someone writing me, or calling on Skype, the Skype is autofocused, is it possible to disable this?

  98. Siechtum says: - reply

    Somehow the cinnamon process takes up to 922 MB space. Is that normal?

  99. arachnia says: - reply

    Many thanks to Clem and the rest of the team for producing Cinnamon. Needing to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 I couldn’t face Unity and initially used Gnome Shell on a Mint installation.

    Cinnamon provides an elegant and excellent solution for those of us who use desktop machines to do actual ‘work’. I have completely moved over to Mint/Cinnamon now and am very happy :)

    It is so refreshing to have a team looking after the requirements of desktop users. Although we are led to believe otherwise, I am sure there are many people who still need a desktop machine, and that will continue to be the case. I cannot imagine doing detailed graphic work, web site design or managing my accounts in a tablet-based environment.

    I am also very impressed at the speed of development – well done everyone and thanks once again!

  100. Sen says: - reply

    Awesome, i love this update. keep it up. Thanks for all the hard works. Thanks :)

  101. Silvio Sá says: - reply

    I use my computer all day long developing web apps . I need to “get things done” and “feel myself at home” for productivity (tks for the words). Cinnamon meets all my needs. I’m using it in my production environment since release 1.2, running Arch Linux. And I don’t regret.

    Thank you, Clem, for Cinnamon. Yes, it is another great project.

  102. samiuvic says: - reply

    hi all

    i have a problem high GPU temp it is about 52c
    but when i logout and use razor or mate it become 36-38
    on cinnamon 1.31 no problem also with 1.4 but when i installed this packages the temp go up

    g++ libboost1.42-dev scons pkg-config libusb-1.0-0-dev git-core libx11-dev libudev-dev x11proto-core-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev

  103. Could we also have the option to have the default automatic addition of workspaces like GNOME Shell too? The current setting can be the default but the automatic management is one thing that I like about GNOME Shell.

  104. Stefan says: - reply

    I like Cinnamon very much, so i am happy to read this.

    But i have one little question: Does the Delete-Key work now, so that i can delete files on nautilus if i press it?

  105. dghemo says: - reply

    Many thanks for your work. It is awesome.


  106. Very good! is running fine on my Ubuntu 11.10. Congratulations to the entire development team. Sorry English ruin, I’m from Brazil …

  107. BIGFRIEND says: - reply

    Nice :) Would it be nice if I had Winamp on Linux . Itś the only thing that I miss from the old Win2000

    • mikemmm says: - reply


      just install Audacious (it’s in the Mint repository.) It was designed to look just like Winamp; it even uses Winamp 2 skins.

  108. Lance says: - reply

    Amazing work, Clem. Love how quick you’re cranking out these new developments and implementing many of the items on our wish lists.

    Switched to 1.4 with barely a hiccup. Bravo.

    My new favorite DE and aspect of linux. And I just know it’ll get even better.

  109. Kream21 says: - reply

    Great work on this guys! I was wondering if there is a way for themers to change the background in the expo mode or make it transparent? The gray to light grey gradient seems dull. Thanks and again great job!

  110. Eno Wijaya says: - reply

    Thanks for the great release!

  111. Deepak Jain says: - reply


    Today i updated my cinnamon from 1.3 to 1.4 . But i am facing issue with the empathy in 1.3 the empathy comes under panel (near by clock ) while minizing but in this it is not happning .. :( please look at issue..

  112. Great release again. Loved it since the beginning and its only getting better!

    I have found this “bug” If i close a window, and on the workspace i’m on are no windows left, i can’t use the keyboard shortcuts to move to another workspace. I have to click the desktop first. I’m pretty sure this bug is there since the 1.3 release.

    Keep up the good work!

  113. Gilles says: - reply

    Seeing Cinnamon 1.4 perfs, I switched yesterday my main laptop from Mint 10 to Mint 12. I faced some problems (no way to re order the launch area, so I removed all the apps and put them again by order) and right now I can’t install the hardward monitor applet.
    The expo mode availability is the reason for my switch to Cinnamom but it could (and I’m it will) be improved. Could it be possible to not have all the views in a row as when there are more than 4/5 desktops (it’s difficult to move a window to another desktop) and let the choice to have a matrix view as with Compiz ?
    Another improvement could be to be able, as with G Shell, to close in the expo mode the windows in the desktops. Currently, closing a desktop just moves the open apps to the next desktop and doesn’t close them. It’s safe but GShell is more ergonomic on this point.

    • Gilles says: - reply

      Complement : Hardware monitor works after a reboot (log off session not tested).
      Note : The preference applet is awesome !
      Thanks to the team and waiting the next improvements !

    • bobby says: - reply

      Agree with you Gilles. Instead of row it should be in square on screen just like Unity or as some other users suggested in grid style. G Shell close in expo may be worked out.

      Another request would be, If I have some application opened on another desktop, it is not shown in alt+tab and panel. At least an option could be made available whether we like to see it in alt+tab or at panel. Because if application is shown in panel, switching to other desktop become more easier/faster and it saves some extra clicking.

      Regards – Bobby

  114. Running Mint 12, switched to Cinnamon soon after it was released and I am amazed at the fast and steady improvement with each release. Awesome job!

    Something that looks like a bug though: from time to time, some icons in the System Tray (KeepassX and the SpiderOak client for sure) disappear. If I restart Cinnamon ([alt]+[F2] then [r]) icons are restored. Never noticed this with version 1.3.1.

    It is just a minor annoyance, and I cannot tell when it happens or what triggers it. I will post more details if I find out.

    Thanks for the release.

  115. R.E. says: - reply

    Working great with my arch box.

  116. DosCoder says: - reply

    Great desktop environement. Keep going on with it and we’ll have the best one ;) !

  117. dino says: - reply

    Hi guys,

    Can someone please help complete noob. I installed Mint 12 and added Cinn 1.4 as shown here without any errors. I am using Gnome and set up Cinn in settings panel but when I switch to Cinn desktop I don’t have any bars top or bottom, only 2 icons, computer & home. why don’t I have bars top & bottom or how do I get them. They are selected in settings top & bottom. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no difference. Please help.

  118. Jim Carr says: - reply

    I use a lot of virtual machines (VirtualBox), and Expo Overview provides the best method of switching between them and host applications that I’ve ever seen. VERY handy!

  119. Kristian says: - reply

    Could someone please make a scrollable screen brightness applet,miss it so much and is to stupid to make one myself… =)

  120. Orographic says: - reply

    Brilliant with 1.4, just love it. Have been using Cinnamon since release as my production machine and its been so stable. Would love to have launcher icons in the panel re-sizeable as they are a bit small on a large screen.

    Other than that, BRILLIANT!

  121. Ed Stovall says: - reply

    To Clem and all other Mint/Cinnamon developers: Most excellent! You guys ROCK!

    Like some others, I have tried a number of things in the past few months. I’ve tried (on Mint 12) Gnome-Shell, Unity, Xfce, MATE, Gnome Classic, KDE 4, and of course Cinnamon … as well as MS Windows 8, starting this month. Gnome-Shell with the Mint Extensions is not bad, but lacks too much configurability. Unity is worse, since you have to reopen Update Manager to verify that you are up to date after opening it the first time; not only that, but it’s unstable! (I use a looping sound file in Audacity to help me sleep, and Unity crashes sometime during the night — and it’s the only DE I know that does!) Something about Cinnamon 1.2 broke Xfce, even after I removed and reinstalled Xfce, and I haven’t tried it since then. I don’t know what it is about the other Linux DEs, but I have gravitated to Cinnamon. As for Windoze 8 — stay the hell away! I still have the beta installed on my system, but it’s really starting to grate on me. I understand that it’s much more cost-effective to have one UI for an OS that will be used on both desktop and mobile/tablet systems, but desktops REALLY need a UI that can work on them as well as the traditional UIs do. Mobile UIs on desktops REALLY BITE!

    I don’t doubt that, one day, Linux Mint will have to carve out its own space in the mobile sector, but I hope that, then as now, you will remember your old friends and fans of the desktop.

    For now, I anxiously await the arrival of the next Cinnamon updates and the eventual release of the next Mint LTS. (Are you sure you want to call it “13″? You do have superstitious users, I’m sure!)

    Keep in rockin’!


  122. Ashwith says: - reply

    This Expo overview doesn’t seem to work correctly with a dual screen system. Only one of the screens (the primary screen) zooms out to show the workspaces and windows. The secondary screen shows just my wallpaper. The windows on that screen don’t show up anywhere.

    I’m using Fedora 16 64-bit.

  123. Vito says: - reply

    Dear Clem,

    I love the possibility to manage the desktops but when I start the Expo view mode the add button is not there.

    Any suggestions?

  124. Alexander says: - reply

    I have heard a lot about Cinnamon. What a nice project, I thought to myself, bringing Gnome2-like environment to a Gnome3 framework… And after some time (well, one would think that release 1.4 would bring some stability) I’ve decided to give it a try.

    What I saw before me, after logging in, surprised me. In a bad way. This was nowhere near the classic Gnome2, and even more fragile than vanilla Gnome3 with gnome-shell.

    When I click on ‘Menu’, or hit the ‘Super’ button, I do not usually expect to wait for seconds until something pops up. The system tray was constantly losing applications (as already mentioned here), and upon trying to restart the systray applet Cinnamon crashed along with its window manager. A DE that apparently constantly needs restarting to operate normally with virtually no means to do so.

    Quite worrisome is the number of positive feedback on this page. I do not mean to bash this DE-attempt altogether, but calling it brilliant? No, no, no.

  125. Kristian says: - reply

    Please someone make a scrollable brightness applet!!.

  126. I forgot to mention: THANK YOU for fixing the issue with context menus showing behind the panels, instead of in front of them. That was the single most annoying problem I had with previous version!

  127. A.D-S says: - reply

    There it is, Expo! The only thing I missed to abandon other DEs on my netbook.
    But yet one certain problem. Is there really no way to move windows by any part holding Alt?! With a netbook’s built-in LCD (1024×600) this function is vital.

  128. aduke says: - reply

    When a package to Ubuntu 12.04 will be available again?

  129. leae89 says: - reply

    Looks great!

  130. Douglas says: - reply

    wow O.O i actually just found out about Cinnamon desktop… i completely gave up on linux when GNOME 3 and unity came out, mint 12 was just
    GNOME 3 with a panel, the bottom panel is good but it still has the GNOME 3 feeling. GNOME 3 is good but i just don’t like the interface, and now mint is doing exactly what i wanted which is taking the GNOME 3 technologies and wrapping them in a comfortable, familiar, and easy to use environment. I’m back into linux and hope to see cinnamon in mint 13! Go Mint/Cinnamon team! lol what’s funny is everyone hates GNOME 3′s shell and takes it and puts a new one on.

  131. McVoiceX says: - reply

    Cinnamon is wonderful. No more Linux MInt without Cinnamon :)

  132. A.D-S says: - reply

    Great job!
    Yet there are some wishes about the panel:
    1. Window list: is it possible to list windows from all workspaces?
    2. Battery applet: show percentage and remaining time?
    3. Calendar applet: add customizable fonts?
    And maybe it is planned to support Gnome Shell or Gmone Panel applets on Cinnamon panel?
    Thanks in future, and long live Cinnamon!

  133. igor says: - reply

    Hi guys,
    is there a way to resize Cinnamon menu?
    the hight seems to be flexible up but I’d like to make it smaller.


  134. thuustalu says: - reply

    Great work, Clem and others!
    I don’t know if it is already possible (havent downloaded cinnamon yet), but I would still like an option to have the Gnome-Shell style menu in the hot corner, because I quite liked Gnome-Shell, but Cinnamon’s customization is so much better.

  135. sdim says: - reply

    Very useful improvements, indeed.
    Cinnamon is shaping up as a great desktop.
    Many thanks, Clem & Team.

  136. Rick Beltz says: - reply

    I have gone back from LM 12 to Ubuntu 10.10 on both of my IBM Thinkpads. Though LM 12/Mate/Cinnamon has many good features, it is still in development and has created too many issues for me to deal with. I will simply wait for LM 13 to come out in the future and become very stable and hope that it will then run as well and error-free as Ubuntu 10.10.

  137. Henrique M says: - reply

    Cinnamon is restarting a lot with me. I don’t know if “restart” is the most appropriate word here: all my windows disappear, all I see is my wallpaper, a few seconds later all my windows come back (at first without the title bar, it comes back only seconds later). Sometimes the windows come back but they are frozen and I have to restart the computer.
    I noticed that closing a window is what triggers this most of the time, and that “heavier” programs (like Firefox and Eclipse) are more likely to do this than “lighter” ones (like Nautilus and Pidgin).
    I know that this give you almost any information to investigate the problem, so I would like to ask how can I get logs, stacktraces, dumps or whatever info you need about this problem.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hugo12 says: - reply


      it’s a known Gnome shell problem. See here:

      Please add yourself to it so it gets more attention.
      Adding ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 to my system and getting the latest gnome-shell release helped a lot (only 1-3 crashes a day instead of 10+). As there comes a lot more with it it may make your system unstable so update on your own risk (I had no troubles).

      • Henrique M says: - reply

        Hi Hugo12,
        I read the bug you linked and people there were reporting this line on their syslog:
        [18092.041703] cinnamon[2025]: segfault at 796f32008 ip 00007f3ce510eeb8 sp 00007fff126f87f0 error 4 in[7f3ce50af000+f4000]
        WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal
        which is the same thing I get when I have this problem.
        I actually had that ppa, I added it when gnome-shell was released to test it. But it was still on natty ( natty main) and disabled. I changed it to oneiric, enabled it and upgraded the system. There were a lot of new and upgraded packages, including the libglib that is mentioned on the log. Like you said, the problem didn’t go away, but it’s a lot better.
        Thanks for your response, it helped a lot. I’ll follow that bug closely.

  138. avasili says: - reply

    @Henrique M

    By any chance do you have an ATI graphic card? Those are known to have issues with the current drivers… I experienced the same issues you are describing… :)


    • Henrique M says: - reply

      Yeah, I have an ATI Radeon…. I can’t use the proprietary driver on Additional Drivers, the menu gets garbled. It’s a shame, because that driver works well on XFCE and I need it to play some Steam games with Wine.

  139. Hugo12 says: - reply

    Anyone know a theme that has a high performance but looks similar to the standard theme? (Like with no transparent windows.) Or what I need to change to have no transparency?
    Thx. :)

  140. Clem, is there a way to add workspaces? I have 2, but I am used to working with 4. Also, is it possible to have a different background image for each workspace?

    Thanks! I really appreciate your efforts, man.


  141. Flynn says: - reply

    So, does anyone know how Cinnamon handles the message tray? It seems that every once in a while a raft of status updates (I received email, a song switched on Rhythmbox, a download completed) pop up, many belatedly. Is there an applet I’m missing somewhere that puts messages in the tray like Gnome used to handle it?

  142. anon says: - reply

    first: thanks for your efforts. My question is: where should I fill a bugreport?
    Cinnamon forgets the order of the windowlist when I switch workspace.

  143. neycho says: - reply

    Hello, Clem! :)
    1.4 is a great release, but i manage to find some trobles with it.
    When i try to send some files from my phone to PC via bluetooth, at the right up corner pops message saying that some files are waiting to be received, but i did not succeed to accept them. I try to do that at Mate and there are no problem with clicking on message.

    Thanks a lot for the great work :)

  144. Frank says: - reply

    Hi All,

    I like the 1.4 release of Cinnamon. I have a comment on the new expo-feature though.
    In regular Gnome-3 windows can be closed bij the special button in the top left corner. I miss that feature now and it takes extra steps to close a window. Would love to have that feature back.

    Thumbs up for Cinnamon. It is nice and it is verry fast

    Cheers Frank

    Succes is a journey, not a destination

  145. Victor says: - reply

    Hello, dear developers and administrators! Whether will be Cinnamon 1. 4 to have support LTS ?
    Yours faithfully, Victor.

  146. jos says: - reply


    I’ve gone back to gnome classic, because of the following things: no icons for windows in the workspace switcher and notifications. Notifications are totally transient in cinnamon, if you’ve missed it, you don’t see it anymore.

    But I’ll keep on coming back, since I can see things definitely going in the right direction here :-) .


  147. Shammancer says: - reply

    Hey I got a feature request. After I open a few programs (All of them opening on the task bar) The buttons start pushing the menu button out of the screen.

    So what I would ask is that the buttons on the task bar are rezizable and/or resizable.

  148. Romuś says: - reply

    I’ve stumbled upon an article about an interesting distro. I found one thing that could be incorporated into Cinnamon – profiles. Here’s the article:

  149. summer says: - reply

    I love this new desktop. I was wondering if there was a was to make it so the panel could also be placed on the left or right side of the screen as well as on the bottom and the top.

  150. neycho says: - reply

    Hello, Clem :)
    recently i found a strange behaviour of 1.4 version:
    When there are open more applications at task bar, suddenly menu and quiqck launch icons dissapear. 1.3 version manage to open another workspace to collect additional applications. May you look that case, because it is not thing that make me personally (and i think that others) happy.

    Thanks a lot :)

  151. Lejoni says: - reply

    Even in it current stage of development I now think Cinnamon 1.4 is the best DE out there :)

  152. Não estou conseguindo instalar no Ubuntu 11.10 via PPA, informa que estão faltando dependências que não podem ser instaladas…
    Alguém passou pelo mesmo problema? Como resolveu?

    Atc.: Marcelo Soares

  153. tester says: - reply

    I just tested out cinnamon 1.4 yesterday on my rig under mint 12 for most of the day at is look very promising and has a bright future ahead and i plan on putting it on my dad’s new rig i will be building Monday assuming i can get good enough graphics out of the driver on a a6-3500 APU and no parts are doa

    it seems to eat more resources than i expected (but i have a lot of resources so it works) it also appears it may have a leak (cpu usage build up over time on a single core)
    it may be cause i am using the nvidia proprietary driver 290.20
    seems pretty nice overall it could use a recent documents feature there is a applet for that but it can cause cinnamon to crash do to lack of some special character support (i opened a font style and lost the ability to open cinnamon until i removed the recent history file)

    some features it could use multiple hot corner option i would like to set the lower left for app switching and the lower right for expo also i would like to be able to disable the feature that MS bragged about in win7 used for comparing documents so i can drag windows between workspaces also i would like a multi row expo option (i use a 3 column 2 row setup in gnome 2) i would really like to not have to restart cinnamon to apply new window borders
    i really would like to have sensors applet (sensors-applet in gnome 2) as well as a CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor

    used a amd phenom II x4 965, nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti, and 12gb of g.skill ram
    clean mint install with the xswat ppa for the nvidia driver and conky (vindsl’s theme) was in use

    sorry for the lack of punctuation i really suck at that in paragraphs and i am too lazy to use capitalization

  154. Luigi says: - reply

    OMG – but where the hell is the donate button?
    i really want to support this project!!!

  155. GeneC says: - reply

    Real nice job on 1.4 :)

    Any plans on giving users more configurability option with mutter?

    Particularly I would like to have the option to set ‘open windows centered’ like I could set with Compiz. When using a large monitor its clumsy having widows open in upper left.

  156. Mint lover says: - reply

    In this version I mean 1.4 Gnome zoom option doesnt work properly so please fix it thanks so much

  157. Danko8321 says: - reply

    Ok, don’t know if this is precisely the place to post this, but still; if someone can support me that would be just great, but as far as it goes, this is an idea just from myself.

    It is about Scale and keyboard usability.

    I noticed that whenever using Scale you can summon it using the keyboard but you cannot change apps with it. In order to give better support to us keyboard-users, why not have every app numbered in order of appearence (or alphabetically, whatever) and have the numbers select the app while in overview? That would be a very useful feature. Cheers. Danko.

    • Danko8321 says: - reply

      Ok, reading my comment I realize I wasn’t very specific; what I meant was that Scale windows should be numbered using a criteria (I don’t know which one, but order of appearance strikes me as a doable one) and have the number buttons (while in Scale) select and bring to front the window that matches it. I hope it is a bit more clear now and sorry for the little info. Cheers. Danko.

  158. cshin9 says: - reply

    Will Cinnamon be upstreamed to Debian?

    Edit by Clem: Debian and Linux distributions are “downstream” to Cinnamon. It’s probably only a matter of time before Debian packages it for their users or somebody does it within the Debian community. In the meantime, Debian testing users can probably use the Cinnamon packages from LMDE.

  159. Kristian says: - reply

    Off topic but could someone please make a scrollable brightness applet,it is much needed.

    • Danko8321 says: - reply

      Yup, not sure if it is the right place either, but I support your idea; scrollable is the way to go with the brightness, but going all the way ’til screen settings is quite annoying. Somebody could please make an applet? Thanks.

  160. Justin says: - reply

    i would like to see the current menu take up the entire screen.

    it should keep the favorites on the left side, along wth the shutdown, and restart buttons.

    but for the rest of the empty space there should be a grid of apps(much like apple’s launch pad), in alphabetical order(maybe add a sorting function, so they can appear in most used order).

    and on the top should be a search typing bar.

    • coolime says: - reply

      Perhaps add an option to put Gnome3′s menu into the hot corner and then put the hot corner where you want the menu to be?

      Also, multiple corners, please!

  161. Kyle says: - reply

    I know it might not be a priority now, but I would VERY MUCH appreciate a way to change the expo hotkey. Taking my right hand off the mouse in order to open expo, then putting it back on the mouse to open a window is very annoying. I would like to either bind it to just the super key or super+center click on my mouse. This is really my only complaint about an otherwise great desktop manager.

  162. niagr says: - reply

    Is cinnamon compatible with appindicator?

  163. cortexed says: - reply

    I’ve tried to register on the website with two different addresses and I never get the email to activate my account…any help would be appreciated if anyone that’s in charge of this website actually reads this.

  164. jugg says: - reply

    python-gmenu was not installed on my system (ubuntu 11.10) so right-click on the start menu and selecting ‘Edit menu’ did nothing until I installed that package. I guess a package dependency rule is missing.

    The new expo feature is great, however when adding many workspaces, the expo view becomes visually unusable because they are all added in a single horizontal layout with each workspace too small to easily see. I suggest having them fill up the screen vertically as well (much like the ‘scale’ view does).

    The calendar is missing showing multiple timezones/regions at the same time. That is a must for me.

    The start menu functionality is great, definetely the current best feature of Cinnamon, although there is a slight pause in loading it every so often which can be annoying.

    Otherwise, I’m liking Cinnamon very much – I might finally be able to get some work done. Gnome Shell and Unity have been quite ackward to use.

  165. Quan Nguyen says: - reply

    “Expo” overview is good, but has some bugs on my desktop:
    1. Esc key does not close Expo
    2. Background image is not drawn, I see just dark gray color above workspaces and light gray below.
    Linux Mint 12, Cinnamon 1.4.0

    I second this :)

    anyway, keep on improving & adding new features !
    thank you :)

  166. Ian Sp says: - reply

    New to Mint and really liking Cinnamon at the moment.

    There are two things I’ve found that I would like to be able to do.

    1) Having a way to switch user as with Gnome3 would be a killer-add for me.

    2) I can’t find out how to have more than one set of panel-launchers – can this be done?

  167. cc11rocks says: - reply

    Awesome release! Loving it! Please add more configuration options and more options in general. Give us more control (it’s happening more for each Cinnamon release, just keep it up :) ). Great job! Looking forward to Linux Mint 13!

  168. e01 says: - reply

    To developers and site administrators, I think one forum for cinnamon will be really good idea. Because answering a questions and sharing opinion with cinnamon is a little bit hard to follow in comments.

  169. Adam says: - reply


    It’s a great update.
    But, I still have a little problem: I can’t move or drag the screenlet on the desktop.

    Thank you.

  170. GeneC says: - reply


    There is a ‘Cinnamon’ sub forum @ Linuxmint.

    • e01 says: - reply

      Thanks, i didn’t know because I am Ubuntu user.

      • mikemmm says: - reply

        Although there is a subforum in Mint (where I’ve been a member for years and visit daily), e01 does have a good point about Cinnamon having its own forum. Cinnamon is not just part of Mint; it’s an important project of its own, and in order to fully embrace members of other distributions it will at some point need its own forum. Setting that up (and maintaining it) would take a little time and attention from Mint’s developers, though, which may not be a good idea right now.

        Edit by Clem: That’s it really, it’s down to resources and focus.

  171. timo says: - reply

    I fled to Xfce after Ubuntu 10.04 and was using it in LMDe until today. Cinnamon is already pure awesomeness in version 1.4 and I am thankful for this additional choice.

  172. Clem, good night.

    Its a choice to enter the program windows are active when in the “Scale” and in “Expo” via the TAB key?

    Marcelo Soares

  173. Marty says: - reply

    this is a congratulations and encouragement message. nice work to give linux world a modern yet productivity oriented DE.

    But both MATE and Cinnamon (so is Gnome Shell) are too much unstable for everyday use. Too young ! Can’t manage to make them as polish and stable as they should be. Ubuntu (and Mint) is becoming heavier every day. Cinnamon lags : every time i click the menu icon or windows buttons, it take 1 to 3 seconds to open. I don’t like the Mint menu that much, too messy. etc…

    I will stick in 10.04 till the dust settles. IMHO it will take more than a year for new DE to become usable without frustration.

    keep going!

    • e01 says: - reply

      Actually I am using it from v1.3 for every day use on my computer in the office where I work, and actually i wasn’t click on the menu so much. Most of applications I run from ALT+F2 or quicklist.
      But you are right, there is few details that make me mad sometimes. But i am optimistic so i think after couple of months cinnamon will be mature enough for most of users.

    • I totally agree. I have high hopes for Cinnamon and MATE. Both are by far much better options than Gnome 3 and Unity (in my opinion), but right now, neither is quite as stable and usable as good-old Gnome 2. They are getting better, though. I’m hopeful for Mint 13 LTS.

      Right now, I’m using Mint 10 until its support runs out (Mint 11 had many problems with my hardware), and after that I guess I’ll be switching down to Mint 9 LTS. We’ll see how Mint 13 turns out. Too bad there’s not an easy way to do some sort of hybrid version of Mint, with all Gnome-related items held back at Gnome 2 levels, while everything else is completely up to date and supported.

      If I ever run into any of the Gnome 3 developers, there WILL be words. ;)

  174. samiuvic says: - reply

    hi all i can not recorded my desktop like this video

    I have tried several applications like recordmydesktop , eidete , kazam ….

    all like this video blue and white screen my GPU is Asus Nvidia GTX 560TI

    with driver 295.33

    any help plz

  175. New workspace is phenomenal, excellent upgrade. I am also very happy with the tweaks to the panel as well. Overall Cinnamon 1.4 is the best yet, definitely something I would use as my primary desktop environment.

  176. Lardo says: - reply

    Will Linux Mint 13 come with switchable window border styles/themes?

    (will cinnamon have that feature in the future?)

    Window border options like in LXDE Mint would be nice.

    The dull metallic theme isn´t very “inspiring” imo.

  177. jordansc says: - reply

    I have the same results as you using recordmydesktop and kazam with a Nvidia GeForce 210 card (280.13 driver). What works for me is the built-in Gnome 3 recorder: press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R to start (and stop) your desktop recording.

    • samiuvic says: - reply

      yes the built-in Gnome 3 recorder: press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R is work but some time you want to record some window or record with sound and maybe you want to change the resolution ..

  178. Kevin says: - reply

    Clem you are awesome I think I know what I running on the next LTS of mint… thank you so much for everything you do. I’ve donated to Mint before, put up a donate button and you can get one for this.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for your support Kevin. Cinnamon is developed for the Linux community as a whole but the project itself is managed by Linux Mint, so we won’t be taking donations directly for Cinnamon.

  179. joki says: - reply

    After upgrading to gnome 3.4 in my arch system cinnamon doesn’t work. I could still my wallpaper it doesn’t crash or nothing i just can’t do anything…

  180. sdim says: - reply

    Upgraded to Gnome 3.4.
    Is there a way to install Cinnamon?
    I keep getting error reports about muffin, etc.

  181. Chiron says: - reply



    Thank you a lot.

    Keep it going….please….

    This is the best shell all…It gave me back the pleasure of work with linux….

  182. Rodders says: - reply

    Great stuff and well done!

    And in such a short period of time.

    Has saved me from Gnome and Unity- thank you!

    Keep up the great work- this project has the potential to be THE DTE of choice IMHO.

  183. Luke says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    Thanks so much for all your work combining the GTK3 goodies with a sensible UI. I’ve just switched from Fedora to Slackware. As of now, I’m stuck in Gnome Shell, but I’d like to compile Cinnamon for myself since there are no available binaries. Muffin builds without incident, and Cinnamon’s configure script also runs without complaint, but when I try to make Cinnamon, it throws up complaints about a recipe starting before the first build target. Am I forgetting to do something?


  184. Rich Dennis says: - reply

    The most recent version of your distro (v12 Lisa) and Cinnamon are looking like they’re going to be my main business desktop of choice for the next few years. I can use MATE successfully on my Optiplex GX280, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD4350 dual-display rig, but whenever I attempt to run a Cinnamon session and the system lapses to the default blank screensaver and comes back out, I log in, the right screen (which has no Cinnamon panel) looks normal – Conky’s running, etc. but my lefthand display, which should have desktop icons, Cinnamon panel, etc, blank. ALT-TAB ing does nothing.
    This is probably not the most appropriate place to post this, but other than one post I found, which said that Cinnamon 1.4 solved a similar issue, I’ve had no luck resolving it. (Incidentally, the version of Cinnamon running on my Mint system is 1.4).
    Thank you sir – awesome job. There is a donation coming Mint’s way from me, I promise.
    RD – SLCS

  185. Alex_PK says: - reply

    I am using Cinnamon 1.4 since “day 2″ (I was not able to compile the packages on my Debian testing… :/), and I find it great. I finally can fix my workspace number, assign key-shortcuts to them and live happy :D

    I think there is some leaks, and would try to help, but don’t know if I can.
    I see the Cinnamon process grow and grow in RAM. It starts with about 70 MB res memory (26 shared) and grows. After 2-3 days it reaches 7-800 MB res (and still 26 shared). I just restart it by Menu-r and everything is OK.

    But it leaks CPU too. It seems it relates to Chrome. Sometimes Cinnamon reaches 25% CPU (on one core). Closing Chrome it goes back to 2-3% (it seems). strace-ing it gives me a ton of sched_yield()=0

    HTH. Thank you very much for your work.

  186. Some interesting Menu behavior, and something I’d like to see added (maybe someone’s already requested these, IDK):

    1. Cinnamon’s menu “Favorites” section on the far left side did something sort of odd this morning. I tried (for the first time) to add something to it, and the icons separated like they should to make room for the new one. However, I decided not to actually add what I was dragging to it, and the gap remained, even after I closed and reopened the menu. I had to actually add something for the gap to go away.

    2. I would like to see full search functionality come back to the search bar in the menu. Instead of just searching for menu items, it would be nice to be able to get the same search functions that the (nicer, imho) old Mint menu had. Or, like I’ve said before, just bring back the old Mint menu, maybe with an updated “Cinnamon-ish” look – I’d be very happy with that.

  187. robert says: - reply

    i don’t like the way you switch between workspace you have to click around cant use keybord

    Edit by Clem: You can switch with CTRL+ALT+RIGHT/LEFT

    • Alex_PK says: - reply

      You can configure keyboard shortcuts with Menu->Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts (the standard Gnome3 shortcuts editor).

      Most of the preferences are in the Gnome3 control panel, and not in the Cinnamon one.


  188. Craig says: - reply

    When LM 12 came out, like others, I was disappointed. I hadn’t been keeping up with things and didn’t know about the position the team had been left in. I applaud your efforts to pick up where Gnome left off, keeping a desktop a desktop. I’ve recently, albeit briefly, given Cinnamon a try and MATE a fair try. They both seem like possible Gnome 2 alternatives, replacements rather. At this point, can you say whether both are here to stay?

    Thank you to the Linux Mint team for all your work.

    Edit by Clem: My personal intuition is that these two desktops will be the most popular within the Linux community going forward. We’ll see how things go. Within Linux Mint, we’ll continue to support what our users want, so there won’t be any loyalty towards these two projects based on our relationship with the MATE team and the fact that we’re developing Cinnamon. If tomorrow people want something else, we won’t support them anymore. My experience with this though and looking at these two, it’s pretty clear to me they’re both going to become very popular.

    • Craig says: - reply

      Thanks for the reply Clem. I think you’re right about the desktops future popularity. I do think some people will lean towards Cinnamon since it’s being developed “in house”. As I said, I haven’t used either enough to know which is better or how they’re different. I love GNOME 2 but it’s not perfect. It just needed some tweaking, maybe this added or that removed to keep up with the times, not a complete overhaul. I understand, though, that they have different goals in mind now. I have added respect for Linux Mint. You watched, listened, and acted. You make it easy to stay loyal to Mint.

  189. cwwgateway says: - reply

    Just as a thought, since Mint 13 will be an LTS release and it will therefore most likely be used by a lot of people upgrading from mint 9/gnome 2 with the traditional mint menu so I think this menu applet – – might be in the applet list by default, although not as the default menu (sort of like the how the gnome applications, places, system menu was in mint’s gnome 2 as well as the mint menu). Also, in general, I think that there should be an easier way to find and download applets, extensions, and themes (like a list inside cinnamon settings or maybe something in the software manager.

    • Someone has made a PPA for Applets, Extensions, and Themes (ppa:bimsebasse/cinnamonextras). Perhaps this should be added as default to Mint 13. If the Mint team wants more control than to add someone else’s PPA, then they’d have to package them and add them to the Mint repos. Maybe put the tested, stable Applets in the main repos, and the untested or unstable ones in Romeo?

  190. The N One says: - reply

    Still can’t resize the panel. Can this feature be implemented? 25px is too small ,and editing a .css file is not very appealing…

  191. pepe says: - reply

    is a very important for the new generations of programers!

  192. Clem about the Me… if I leave the three icons for firefox,terminal and file the Me… Works the right way and looks like this Menu but if I take one of them away it goes back to the Me…

    Edit by Clem: Hi David. We’ve got a fix for this, it’s not ideal though so we’re looking for a better way to fix it.. but whether we find one or not, this will be fixed in 1.5.

  193. jesaja662 says: - reply

    Great! Keep on the good work with Cinnamon!

  194. anon says: - reply

    Thanks a lot for Cinnamon, it is almost perfect for all my needs.

    Thanks also for this page as I discovered they keyboard shortcuts to activate the “expo” overview. Only that now I’d like to change those to something more similar to gnome3.

    How do I do that? I can’t find the right shortcut in the keyboard settings.

    Thanks again, and when you have some time, please allow me to add a panel to my second monitor and stop the skype icon from disappearing from the tray (assuming that’s the windows manager fault!).

    Happy easter everyone. Yours,


  195. Orographic says: - reply

    This is what I love about Mint, I plan to make a donation later this year as my finances permit. Cinnamon is great, been using it full time since release now.

    This great post by Clem is what makes me use Mint:

    ‘by Clem: My personal intuition is that these two desktops will be the most popular within the Linux community going forward. We’ll see how things go. Within Linux Mint, we’ll continue to support what our users want, so there won’t be any loyalty towards these two projects based on our relationship with the MATE team and the fact that we’re developing Cinnamon. If tomorrow people want something else, we won’t support them anymore. My experience with this though and looking at these two, it’s pretty clear to me they’re both going to become very popular.’

  196. Any plans to port the messaging tray of Gnome 3.
    And to just make it better customisation options would be awesome

  197. Graylion says: - reply

    Nice developments. But i have a one track mind ;) When do I get my wobbly windows? :)

  198. Brian Read says: - reply

    I’ve tried Gnome 3, Unity and back to Gnome 2, but Cinnamon is the best I think.

    A small request – could the bottom panel extend across my second screen?

  199. Baatezuu says: - reply

    So I finally installed Mint 12 Lisa so I could play with Cinnamon 1.4. I was running Cinnamon 1.3.1 in Ubuntu 12.04 but as promised it quit working after an update. Unity was driving me crazy now that they remomved the window dodge feature from the launcher. I found a workaround but it wasn’t as nice as the original feature.

    I like it very much what with the expo and scale it is very nice. I’m not sure that I like how when using ctrl alt and the arrow keys to switch from one workspace to the next that it will switch from the third to the first desktop again without warning. It makes it a bit difficult to quickly and easily know what desktop you are on.

    I miss the square 4 desktops like in Mint 11 Katya. If you pressed ctrl alt and arrow right if the desktop didn’t move then you knew you were already in the right desktop so you then had to go left. Same with up and down, I really miss having the desktops arranged in a square like they were. I would love to see a setting in Cinnamon Settings that would allow you to configure like that.

    Otherwise the progress is amazing. I can’t believe how quickly this thing has come together. I jumped on Cinnamon bandwagon at version 1.1 and it is like night and day from then to now.

    Clem thanks a lot for your continued efforts on this.

  200. bobby says: - reply

    One request would be right now there is no good search (for files etc.) application like HUD Unity (although it has to prove itself) in Cinnamon or Linux Mint. In window XP in I can add a search function at the panel itself, which can search all my files including the files containing some text etc. just by simply typing it. In window 7 it can be done from menu search. Its very helpful feature if one plans to use Linux full time. Although the same is said about HUD (Ubuntu), don’nt know it is true or not. Will be checking. Can something like that be added in the Cinnamon panel, if at all possible may be in Mint-13 . Cinnamon may become more enhanced and feature rich. Just a suggestion.

  201. Caner says: - reply

    Two problems I noticed:
    1. It is mentioned here that the “Menu” – “Me…” text problem was fixed but:

    I have just downloaded a theme (Mictlan) and the menu is shown as “Me…” when all windows are closed.

    2. Choosing an icon theme doesn’t change the icons in the nautilus sidebar (F9). They are either Gnome default or Mint-X (after logout-login).

  202. Chiron says: - reply

    Last month I gave Cinnamon a try and I loved it. It’s wonderfull, simple wonderfull.

    IMO the best shell I have seen so far.

    Thank you very much. I hope you keep it going, forever.

  203. Mark F says: - reply

    Installed Cinnamon 1.4 today on Fedora 16…

    longtime gnome user who had put off installing anything greater than f14 to avoid gnome shell. Cinnamon is like manna from heaven.

    I wish applets could be as easily moved in Cinnamon as they were in gnome 2 but other than that there’s nothing negative i can really say about cinnamon. it rocks! keep up the good work, guys!


  204. Duane says: - reply

    I’ve run into a problem with Cinnamon 1.4 on Linux Mint 12.

    I have an Nvidia 8800 GTS and since upgrading to nvidia-current 280.13-0ubuntu6.1 cinnamon crashes with “cinnamon[2399]: segfault at 50 ip 00007fd4f6e55003 sp 00007fff2ae4f450 error 4 in[7fd4f6e07000+71000]”

    I have reverted to nvidia-current 280.13-0ubuntu6 and the problem disappears.

    This is with kernel 3.2.14.

    Any suggestions?

    • Alex says: - reply

      > I have an Nvidia 8800 GTS and since upgrading to nvidia-current 280.13-0ubuntu6.1 cinnamon crashes with “cinnamon[2399]: segfault at 50 ip 00007fd4f6e55003 sp 00007fff2ae4f450 error 4 in[7fd4f6e07000+71000]”

      Do you have /tmp mounted noexec? That can cause issues with some nvidia drivers.

      • Duane says: - reply

        Nope. /tmp is not a separate filesystem. It’s on the root. I’ve created a bug report on launchpad and a couple other people have chimed in with the same problem or similar. The report doesn’t seem to be getting any attention though. :-(

  205. Vertexer says: - reply

    Sorry, i posted this before in the wrong place.

    Clem, thank you so much for your hard work. I love my desktop once again!
    Everything is looking good, but ( yeah i know) i have a little question:
    The icons on the panels, when you click on them, there’s no visual effect confirming that you just clicked on it. I mean, the icon opens the program that is supposed to open but with out a visual effect.
    Right now it works just “flat”. Any chances of getting some kind of effects for the icons on the panel any time soon?
    I know it has nothing to do with functionality or performance, Cinnamon works just great. Just wanted to see if it is possible to have a sort of “the cherry on top of the cake”.
    Thank you so much again for such an amazing work. Thank you for Cinnamon!

  206. kibitzer says: - reply

    I would like the choice to have the favorites bar automatically populated with the top n most used applications; coul it be done?
    anyway great work indeed!

  207. Phoinx says: - reply

    Hi, there!
    I missed a “About” session in this site. A simple “what is Cinnamon” definition. Or, at least, a link to Wikipedia…
    Thanks! And good luck for Cinnamon!

  208. mitweeeeh says: - reply

    thank you for the version of Cinnamon for Ubuntu Precise! It’s working on my laptop.
    But… it seems to be unusable with dual screen (note that it never worked with anterior versions of Cinnamon, if i’m right).
    I just have a nude desktop, only the wallpaper.
    A solution to fix it?

    Thanks for your great job.

  209. John says: - reply

    I have two quick suggestions:

    1. Sloppy(?) mouse mode. I know there already is a sloppy mouse mode, but it doesn’t seem to work (at least in the way that I think it’s supposed to.) There should be a mouse mode where when you take the mouse away from the current window, keyboard input still stays in the window, but middle-button scrolling works in the window behind it. (I don’t know if that’s what sloppy is supposed to mean…if so then it’s not working right.)
    It’d also be really cool, if there could be a “double click to raise” feature, where hovering a window gives mouse focus (but not keyboard focus), clicking a window gives keyboard focus (but doesn’t raise it) and double-clicking will raise it.

    2. Mac-like file dragging. Basically it’d be great if when you drag a file over a folder or drive, it will open that folder or drive after a few milliseconds. (This makes it SOOO much easier to drag a file through several recursions of directories.)
    This could also be extended so that when you’re dragging a file, right-clicking the mouse will raise you up a directory, so that dragging files upwards through recursive directories is easy.

    Any chance that these things could be implemented?

  210. Thank you so much for cinnamon. It makes a seamless upgrade path to GNOME-3 for this long-term GNOME-2 user.

    Fantastic work!

  211. Tom says: - reply

    Just one short question.

    How ist the name of the cinnamon-panel. How is it called if i want to start just the panel?

    Thanks a lot

  212. Bill says: - reply


    I am using cinnamon on a HTPC that is hooked up to a 37″ widescreen. I scale the fonts up so I can read things from the sofa. When the fonts hit a certain size, the menu popup misbehaves… the text drops within the textbox so that you can only see the top 20% of what you type. The text for “Menu” in the bar gets truncated by the icons to the right. Can you please look into how things scale with BIG fonts?

    Thanks for the great work

  213. Guillermo says: - reply

    Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!!

  214. hanny says: - reply

    by the way, i have made a 96*96 icon for cinnamon for small use omly ^_^

  215. James says: - reply

    Hey Guys,

    Just had to say, I really like the work you’ve done with Cinnamon. It makes the transition from Gnome2 SOOOO much easier. I no longer feel like I have my hands tied when trying to get things done. (previous experience with Unity, Gnome Shell, Vanilla Gnome 3, …)

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Keep it comin’!

  216. Jesse5567 says: - reply

    Clem, please consider this request:

    Make dialog box windows floating.
    Many dialog boxes designed for Gnome 3 don’t float. It seems Gnome 3 makes modal windows stick to their parent window. This means that they cannot be moved without the parent window moving with them. Often it is convenient to move such a window to see what is behind it on the parent.

    Thank you for considering this.

    Edit by Clem: I agree 100%. I’m not sure whether that’s in GTK3 itself or in Muffin though. If we can fix it, we will. Thanks.

    • Lippy says: - reply

      It’s a gconf setting. It is possible to turn this feature off by loading gconf-editor and going to /desktop/cinnamon/windows. Uncheck attach_modal_dialogs and restart Cinnamon, and you should then be able to move modal dialogs freely without the parent window moving with them.

  217. eestrada says: - reply

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this, but THANK YOU (Linux Mint developers) so much for creating the Cinnamon desktop environment. I just installed Cinnamon 1.4 on my Fedora 16 machine and it is quickly becoming my favorite GUI to work in. Cinnamon is what Gnome 3 should have been at its release. I look forward to the continued development. Again, thank you.

  218. lucazade says: - reply

    I’m using Cinnamon 1.4 in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise and I get black window borders.

    this is the related error present in .xsession-errors:
    gtk_style_context_set_background: assertion `GTK_IS_STYLE_CONTEXT (context)’ failed

    it should be this mutter/muffin bug:

    is it possible to port the fix for muffin?

  219. I installed Mint 12 from a mag DVD on a 2005 ish HP laptop;

    Linux minty 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:50:42 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    I then installed cinnamon via;
    apt-get install cinnamon
    which seemed to work fine, no error messages.
    rebooted, cinnamon now appears as a desktop choice.
    selecting cinnamon and loging in just displays a blank desktop with just the LinuxMint 12 logo, no task bars etc.

    Nothing I do, on the keyboard, seems to have any effect.
    Is this the normal way cinnamon looks at start up ?
    Is there something else I need to do, configure ?
    Is there a user manual for cinnamon ?


    • mikemmm says: - reply

      It’s very likely that your problem is the graphics capabilities of your laptop. A laptop that old is probably not capable of the graphics acceleration necessary to run Gnome 3 or Cinnamon. Try logging into Gnome 3 instead and see it also misbehaves (or throws you into Gnome 3′s fallback mode.) That should confirm that it is a graphics issue. Then try Mate, which will likely run with no problems at all.

      • Chris says: - reply

        I am having trouble with video playback under Cinnamon on 12.04 and it seems to be specific to Cinnamon. Running Unity or any other shell it is smooth, but using VLC or Totem in Cinnamon leads to the cinnamon process eating up 70-80% CPU power and the video playback is really choppy. The acceleration of the desktop itself works fine, dragging around the window cointaining the video is smooth as silk, but the video itself stutters along.

        System specs: Specs: AMD Athlon II X3 460 | HD5770 | 4GB RAM | Precise 12.04 x64

        Right now I use Unity to enjoy my videos.

  220. vyper says: - reply

    Some crashes on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  221. Matt says: - reply

    using the expo mode with dual monitors only shows primary monitor. hope that this is fixed in the coming releases

  222. Lebrac says: - reply

    I like very much Cinnamon, but I’d like to change the the windows style Adwaita. Is it possible? If yes, how???

  223. Catty says: - reply

    Thanks for Mint’s collective effort working on Cinnamon. What’s going on with Cinnamon? What features are planned for the next version? Will a port for Precise be available soon?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, coming next is the port to Clutter 1.9, memory leak fixes, fix for the menu and text applets being shortened (the notorious “Me…” menu label) and if we have time… workspace names.

  224. rojadirecta says: - reply

    After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every
    time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment.

    Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?

  225. xinel says: - reply

    Long time linux user, I just installed cinnamon and I am very impressed. It’s easy to use, pretty without going overboard and a joy to use. Fantastic work guys :)

  226. Kenny says: - reply

    how do I apply themes to this? I downloaded a theme for cinnamon and have no idea where to put the theme files at

  227. jlbrewer says: - reply

    Does Cinnamon require 3d acceleration to work? On a clean install on a high-ish end desktop, it runs without question (though I’ve found it to be fragile). On a VMWare install and on my netbook, both upgraded installs to 12.04, it bumps me to a Gnome 2 session, or at least something functionally identical (because I thought Gnome2 was supposed to be no longer used). When I rebooted into nvidia-mode of my Optimus-enabled netbook, Cinnamon started “properly”.

    It would be nice if there were a fallback option in Cinnamon like Unity2d for Unity, because I like the default Cinnamon layout better than Gnome Classic (which I apparently can’t customize).

    Also, minor nitpick, the Cinnamon menu is about 30 px too tall for a 600px-high netbook screen.

  228. Diego Cruz says: - reply

    [HELP] Cinnamon-menu is not translated

    Hello, guys… I had a problem with translations of the Cinnamon. How do I change the language of the Cinnamon-menu? All texts of the cinnamon are in Portuguese except cinnamon-menu, that is in English…

  229. Carsten B. says: - reply

    Sad to read about the incompatibility with Clutter in the comments above. I was already looking forward to Cinnamon as a way to escape the Unity vs. Gnome Shell madness, so I was eager to try it out after I updated my Ubuntu from 10.10 to 12.04 earlier this week. It looked pretty good and useable, but probably due to that Clutter issue it crashed randomly all the time, usually to the point where only pressing the power button helped—very annoying if you have school work to do. It’s XFCE for me now until Cinnamon will be up to Precise’s version of Clutter and Gnome Shell.

  230. cinnamint says: - reply

    long time Mac user, switch to linux as quickly as i found and tested Cinnamon on Mint12.(got really bored with mac’s lack of customization)

    the only thing i wish for is TWO HOT CORNERS.
    i cant decide between Scale and Expo.
    cant we just have both?

    great job Clem
    anxiously awaiting Mint 13

  231. SNEQ says: - reply

    whe is cinnamon 1.5 coming out ?

  232. With all the work Clem has done with Cinnamon itself, and what other people have done on Cinnamon applets and themes, I’m really excited and looking forward to Cinnamon’s future! There are only a few things left that would make Cinnamon absolutely perfect (in my opinion):

    1. Compiz support (I know Clem isn’t going to work on this, but still, that would make me a VERY happy Cinnamon user, should it ever happen).

    2. Submenus that pop out to the side on mouse-over, rather than add their contents to the current menu when clicked. This behavior has always annoyed me. It was tried many years ago in XaAES on the Atari platform, and I NEVER got used to it then, and still can’t now. Popping out to the side is a better use of space, is more visually appealing, and just plain makes better sense.

    3. Indicator applet support. Even though there are some great applets available for Cinnamon now, there are still some things that just need the Ubuntu indicator applet support. I’m on Mint 10 right now (with Mint 9 repos for software I must keep up-to-date, now that Mint 10 support is gone), and I use Cloud Service Notifications indicator, which fits nicely into the Messaging menu, to bring me constant e-mail and RSS feed notifications. And I love having notifications for Empathy held in that same menu as well. It just all makes sense and is very organized that way.

    Sadly, I know #1 will probably never happen. #2 depends on Clem and how difficult it would be to change that Gnome 3 behavior. #3 might just need someone to write an applet for it (any takers?). But, until at least #2 and 3 are in place, I’m still hesitant to move to Cinnamon. I may have to stick with MATE when the time comes that I just have to ditch my beautiful Mint 9/10 hybrid. Beyond those few things, Cinnamon is absolutely gorgeous, and great to use!

  233. B Magnusen says: - reply

    It works fine in 12.04 when you’re running a 32-bit OS. With a 64-bit OS (again, 12.04), it reverts to Gnome Classic.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there and wonder if anyone has a clever fix.

  234. boci says: - reply

    Cinnamon is one of the best things in linux mint :)
    I started to modify the theme and I found an interesting issue regarding the panel when placed on the bottom. If I increase the size of the panel for ex. to 48 pixels, it increases downwards and half of it is not visible as it is out of the screen.
    I found that this is mentioned by others too here:

    Is there a solution for this or we have to wait for an update? :)

  235. B Magnusen says: - reply

    Disregard my post, mods. I was able to get it going on a 64-bit VM as well.

  236. kevin says: - reply

    I will switch cinnamon right away if there’s full search functionality in the search bar in the menu AS WELL AS in expo

    • I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but there is a more complete search function in the “Classic Menu” applet in the “Applets” section of this web site.

  237. Clem,

    Já tem alguma previsão do lançamento da próxima versão Cinnamon compatível com Ubuntu 12.04?

  238. Lasher says: - reply

    I am loving 1.4 in Ubuntu 12.04 – But is it possible to have more than one hot corner? I find it more productive to have an ‘expo edge’ bottom right and an ‘all windows’ top left. Just a corner equivelent to ctrl+alt+up or down. Could this option be implemented easily?

  239. Diego says: - reply

    great improvements we’re having here! the only thing I’m really missing is the possibility to change window using keyboard

  240. Fig says: - reply

    Those experiencing cinnamon crashes, try this:- Into a terminal type:
    gconftool-2 –set /desktop/cinnamon/windows/attach_modal_dialogs false –type bool

    and restart Cinnamon-Shell (Alt+F2, type r, hit Return)

    (from )

    • Dave says: - reply

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m still having constant crashes w/ 12.04. Everything works fine for 15-20min and then everything hangs and the UI completely reloads closing all of the open applications. =/

      On 11.10 & Mint12 I have no issues, so i’m not sure whats causing the hangup.

      HP Envy 13 w/ Intel GPU active

  241. Mac Alvarez says: - reply

    Well, hello buddies, starting my english is bad so, here i go.

    i installed ubuntu server 12.04 lts and i was very interested to use cinnamon, i had a fedora xfce 16 but no one give me support for cinnamon so i delete fedora and reinstall ubuntu, this time as a server, this last saturday i entered in a blog called ubuntu-guia in spanish or ubuntu-guide and i follow this steps.


    specificly this:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable

    Update with:

    sudo apt-get update

    and install cinnamon with:

    sudo apt-get install cinnamon

    all this is for ubuntu desktop or server 12.04 LTS, try it if u want it and reply me this comment.

    i just wanna help, regards.

  242. Jorge says: - reply

    Cinnamon working great on ubuntu 12.04…Awesome work!!!!!!

  243. How can I tell which version of Cinnamon I am running?

  244. Lukas says: - reply

    I am using cinnamon on ubuntu and I’m loving cinnamon!

    My suggestions for future development:

    1. Make the size of the panel adjustable. For me it is a bit too small and I would love to be able to increase its size.
    2. Allow the programs to launch under the icon in the quick launch bar like in win7. It saves space + it’s more convenient. I know there’s an app for it called “Windows list with app grouping” but it would be nice to see it implemented in cinnamon as a default.

    Cheers :)

  245. wonky says: - reply

    I’ve just loaded LMDE 201204 edition and have been looking at cinnamon 1.4 – really enjoying it …
    => my query relates to the panels.
    in LM10 I was able to right-click on the desktop, create a launcher(s) to various documents that I regularly accessed, and then drag the launchers up onto the top panel.

    … I don’t seem to have that option, only from programs – am I missing something (more than likely) ?


  246. Aavo says: - reply

    Are scale and expo by any change bindable to mouse buttons?

  247. Steve says: - reply

    The Cinnamon edition is the reason I will be switching to LM 13 when it is available. I’ve been playing around with Unity since I upgraded to 12.04 LTS and as much as it’s improved from 11.10, it still seems to get in the way.

    Cinnamon is definitely my favorite DE I’ve tried. Unity gets in the way, GNOME 3 even more so, KDE seems too cluttered and it tried to take over my system until I completely purged it and I don’t have much interest in the lightweight DEs. Cinnamon shows that a classic look and feel doesn’t have to feel classic. That’s why I like it.

    Keep up the good work, Clem. Can’t wait for 1.4.x or 1.5!

  248. Bryan says: - reply

    I am having an issue with Cinnamon 1.4 on Linux Mint 12. Whenever I come out of hibernation, the menu and taskbar is all messed up. The text and icons look scrambled or sometimes they aren’t visible at all. The only way to get it to work is to kill from terminal, but sometimes that freezes my system. Is this a known issue?

  249. MKD says: - reply

    Simply the best. Makes me glad that I upgraded from Mint 10 to 12. Cinnamon should be the default desktop for ages to come!

  250. DBCooper says: - reply

    I installed Linux Mint 12 with the standard desktop . . . and hated it. Then, I installed Cinnamon.

    All is now well.

    Thank you.

  251. thartist says: - reply

    No updates for a month? Keep the news on development or roadmap flowing much more steadily than that please!
    Everyone knows how important a practice that is these days!

  252. Roj says: - reply

    My perfect Cinnamon:

    - Integrates perfectly with Ubuntu 12.04 LST (no freeze-ups, no crashes).
    - GUI tools to change the width of the bar / install applets / install themes / install icon packs (absolutely no command line “apt get” rubbish)
    - installation process for applets as well as applets subsystems are rock-solid stable
    - Tobias Quinn’s gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom applet is integrated seamlessly or at the very least works flawlessly with it for visually impaired users
    - Nautilus toolbar behaves exactly like Gnome2
    - font sizes / mouse cursor sizes easily customizable to regular / medium / large.

    These are all existing issues with 12.04 LTS and Cinnamon. Some are fit and finish but some are also major stability issues.

    Here’s hoping…

  253. roj says: - reply

    Oh, and I almost forgot:

    - Zoom reintegrated into the Accessibility options instead of only being enabled via the Accessibility applet on the bar (why the HECK was it removed in the first place – MAJOR gaffe!!)

  254. Leland says: - reply

    I would like two things.

    A shortcut for the hot corner (like in Gnome 3) and a way to search for documents by hitting the menu button and then typing the name of it (also available in Gnome 3. Though it only shows recent documents in its results, and the tiling for documents results vs. application results is tricky.)

  255. John Bokma says: - reply

    Thanks, looks very good. Might switch to Mint soon; really tired of Ubuntu and how things keeps getting messed up.

  256. Thanks Clem for bringing this forward. Great work mate !

  257. philip-iii says: - reply

    I posted this on the Linux Mint 13 announcement page, but maybe it is also (or even more) relevant here so there it is (and I realise it may have been discussed at some point already, however my search-fu failed me on this one):

    First of all, congrats on the good work! I’d like to raise a few points about upstream and compatibility.

    I have a bit of a question regarding upstream compatibility in Cinnamon. As it is based on gnome shell, I wonder how fast improvements in gnome shell propagate through cinnamon – e.g. I couldn’t find out on which version of gnome shell cinnamon 1.4 is based (presumably 3.4?). So that’s one thing.

    Another thing that makes me wonder is extension compatibility. Gnome shell has its extensions, and cinnamon has its own on the side (available through the website). However, as it stands one has to port extensions manually if they are not available for cinnamon already (and you have to agree that currently at least in terms of quantity gnome shell has the upper hand). I also find the way to install extensions via simple slide switch on the gnome shell extensions website very convenient (albeit potentially risky). I’d wish something similar for cinnamon, but more than that, I’d wish compatibility with the gnome shell extensions website – e.g. tricking it into thinking you are running gnome shell and then adapting the extensions as necessary while they are installed.

    It sure seems like quite a bit of work, but I view desktop environments as platforms, especially the new generation ones such as gnome shell and cinnamon, and as such they should provide the appropriate integration and transparency to enable easier extension development, porting, and installation.

    Downloading an extension, seeking out installation instructions, moving a bit here, and another over there, copying things about, compiling some others – it all shows you know what your are doing and all (or not), but this is all yesterdays news and is not exactly the point of moving forward, now is it?

  258. Dear Cinnamon-Team,

    our greatful thanks to you and the Mint-Project. Cinnamon is amazing, just like Gnome3 How-It-Should-Be. Thank you for keeping linux usable and making our work that much easyer.

    Keep on rockin’!

  259. Alex Ozer says: - reply

    Hey Linux Mint Team!

    Just wanted to thank you guys for a truly awesome release, I’ve been recruiting Linux users left and right because of it!

    I’d like to point out a couple things though, one being that if the panel is set to be on top and a desktop is changed (Control – Alt – Up etc), when a desktop is clicked, the windows appear as if the panel is on the bottom (with a space), and then they shift downward to fill in the space as the top panel reappears; this looks pretty ugly.

    Also, when no windows are open on a particular desktop the Menu button reads “…”

    Keep up the great work!

  260. Francisco says: - reply

    I’m sorry but I keep having this error when restarting cinnamon! I restart it, and it somehow disables itself, it even ends with those desktop effects. Can someone help me please??

  261. Hans says: - reply

    How can I have windowlist show apps from all workspaces?

  262. Jaume says: - reply

    Hi there.

    I can’t found the “close” button on the Expo workspace switcher. Anyone knows where is located?

    Thanks in advance!


  263. petri says: - reply

    I read about the cinnaman 1.4 in linux-magazine-feed today. Shortly ;-) i install it to my EeePc with Ubuntu12.04 and :-( Unity on it.
    I have to say: Congratulations! Thats a fine Interface, easy to use. Thanks.

    I only miss a point where i can report errors. On my screen (Eeepc) 1024x600px – 16:9 format the menue runs out on top of screen. So i can’t use the search-function in menu.

    regards from germany

  264. emty says: - reply

    I like cinnamon very much, but I find the scale mode just useless when you don’t have a mouse.
    What’s the point in doing CTRL+ALT+DOWN if you can’t pick a windows after, without using you mouse.

    Same thing about adding new desktops. I like the idea of having rotative desktops, but the need to grab the mouse have a new desktop make it very uncomfortable.

    IMHO, cinnamon is perfect for mouse users, but there is still some improvements to make to make it handy for only keyboard users

  265. Hi;

    Thanks for this release, cinnamon is great.

    Any chance to change the log out dialogue when pressing CTRl + Alt + Sup… does not let you shutdonw or reboot any longer.


  266. notaname says: - reply


    Gnome 3 goes from useless to useful in one step.

  267. Vanderson says: - reply

    I’ve had to get a new machine with new hardware to keep using Cinnamon. It was just too slow on even just a few year old hardware. I did see a report that a 2d version of Cinnamon may be in the works, will this make it possible to run Linux Mint on older hardware?

    So far, Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon (32bit) is great, looking forward to better things in the future. Thanks!

    Edit by Clem: Yes, Cinnamon 2D is available in the git version. Let us know if it works for you on the specs where Cinnamon itself failed to run.

    • Vanderson says: - reply

      I’d love to try out the git version, but honestly, I don’t have the time to dig into raw file download and figure out how to install it and get it working. If it was a deb package or there was a PPA, then I’d give it whirl right now. But anything beyond that has just been headaches for me. (new convert from windows this past winter)

      Looking forward to the 2d version when it’s ready for wider release. :)

  268. dar3cki says: - reply

    After installing MATE I have a problem with NEC LCD 19WV – it’s not recognized and I have only 800×600 resolution available, can’t get it to work with 1440×900 which is the proper resolution. Can anybody suggest a solution?
    Previously I was on 9 and 10 Gnome and there was no problem.
    regards from PL

  269. Adam says: - reply

    Hi – great work on Cinnamon. We’ve just used it to power some locked-down web kiosks at a public library, and they’re a big hit thanks mainly to Cinnamon’s simplicity and stability!

    I do have one question though – I use Ubuntu 12.04 + Cinnamon 1.4, and I’ve set the screen to never blank and yet for some reason it does. I’ve described the problem in full here:

    I’d really appreciate any hints. And again, thanks for and congratulations on a great piece of software!

    Edit by Clem: This is usually managed by the screensaver or by the power manager. Check which ones are installed, try to configure them and if they don’t behave and do what you tell them, replace them with alternatives.

  270. Chtiland says: - reply

    how to add a new panel as we can do in xfce ?

    Edit by Clem: in the Settings you can change the desktop layout and therefore use a layout with one panel (either at the top or bottom) or two panels (one on each side).

  271. Peter says: - reply

    Great Work! I’m using cinnamon and I love it. I’d like to cast another request for allowing multiple rows of desktops. I have a 2×2 wall setup I’ve been using for years across all my computers, and I’d REALLY love to be able to do the same in cinnamon.


  272. Pieter says: - reply


    i would like to be able to have the unity-2d-launcher alongside cinnamon desktop, this should be possible however i can’t find out how…
    tried to run command “unity-2d-shell” when in cinnamon desktop which gave me nothing but trouble.


    p.s. it’s me choosing your wonderful desktop environment, it’s the missus who’d like to keep the left-hand launcher of unity…so yeah :)

  273. Nestor says: - reply

    I see Cinnamon as the only alternative to the obnoxious GNOME 3. I use it under Open Suse 12.1 and I love it. Great job!

    Nonetheless I have a couple of problems with it:
    1. Sometimes it feels flaky: leaving bits of windows, windows are not re-drawn properly
    2. Quite often it crashes (logs me out) – especially when using Firefox (13.0)
    3. The notorious persistent modal popup window bug bugs me big time.

    File these niggles out and you are on the road to be most-used desktop manager for Linux!

    Good luck!

  274. Rick says: - reply

    I have just updated from Mint 11 to Mint13-cinnemon. Still a newby on linux.
    Why can’t I access some apps (handbrake for instance) on the “software manager” to install. I have enabled all sources listed in “software manager” but handrbake is not available to install ?

    Is this because some apps are not yet compatable with mint-13 or Cinnemon. Our should I be embaressed that I have missed something obvious to those in the know.

    Apprecaite any advise.
    thanks Rick.

  275. Rick says: - reply

    I used “Ubuntu software Center” and handbrake was listed there.
    As to why it is not listed in “software manager” under Cinnamon ?

  276. JohnB says: - reply

    I love Cinnamon but have reluctantly decided it’s not ready for prime time and I changed to Mate. FYI here are the problems I encountered and what I tried to fix it.

    >. Default drivers do not enable sound
    >. With FGLRX driver I got sound but also got unwanted screen effects:
    a- with AutoHide on, brief screen break up when mouse crosses
    boundary between desktop and panel – fix by disable AutoHide
    b- occasional screen break up when mouse crosses desktop
    icons without click – no fix found but tolerable
    c- New windows briefly fill with some recent desktop view
    then clear – no fix found but tolerable
    d- Cinnamon crashes randomly when moving back and forth
    between a Win app in WINE (Treepad Business Edition) and
    a native app (Zim or gedit). Also randomly crashes when
    moving a WINE window to a different workspace. Resulting
    status required a restart – no fix found and not tolerable.
    e- To the horror of my 5 y.o. daughter, some graphic apps do not
    work properly (ubuntu-edu-primary) – no fix and not tolerable
    due to family pressure .
    g- Movie Player loses video but not audio if the window is
    resized manually or moved more than a few pixels or when
    moving the window to another workspace. This is repeatable.
    Restart Cinnamon (Alt-F2+r) does not correct the problem but
    log out and back in does. I thought this was a gstreamer
    problem but the problem does not exist with MATE.

    I first installed the “FGLRX post-release” version. Although the ADDITIONAL DRIVERS app reported installation failure, the CATALYST CONTROL CENTER was present and worked. I deactivated this version and appeared to revert back to FOSS drivers including loss of audio. The issues reported above disappeared. I then tried the earlier FGLRX (i.e. not “post-release”) which reported correctly installed and restored audio but the issues reported above returned.

    Replaced Cinnamon 1.4 with MATE and FGLRX drivers and all problems disappeared.

    I suggest this is definately a Cinnamon problem because this computer worked fine for a year with Ubuntu 11.04 Classic and continues to work fine with MATE.

    I eagerly await Cinnamon fixes.

    Respectfully submitted

    Hardware: ASUS M4A88TD MB w/880G/SB850 chipset
    ATI Radeon HD4250 (on board) w/ 256mb shared RAM
    AMD Athlon II X2 CPU @ 2.8ghz
    2 GB DDR3/1333 RAM
    Software : Linux Mint 13 AMD64 (all current updates)
    Cinnamon 1.4 (all current updates)

  277. Ingmar says: - reply

    Please fix the position of the “scale-overview”-activator for multimonitor-setup. When you put it in the upper right corner with the left one as primary monitor, the “right corner” is inbetween the two monitors :-/ I think, the right behaviour should be the upper right corner of the right monitor, right?
    Thx, keep on the good work, especially on your nautilus-fork! :-)

  278. AnthraxBass says: - reply

    Fedora 17 latest cinnamon installed:

    1. the log in screen looks like compatibility turned on, why ?

    2. shutdown doesn’t work


    Edit by Clem: Is that GDM? Afaik, that’s not part of Cinnamon.

  279. Looks good, i’m gonna try to install it on my Debian Unstable because since Gnome 3 (bullshit) release my Debian is unusable…

  280. ledufff says: - reply

    it will be amazing to have expose and scale in one section.

  281. bob says: - reply

    Stuck w/Ubuntu 10.10 for as long as possible and finally decided to spend a day going to 12.04+Unity. Spent many hours using it but hated:
    1) no configurable taskbar/toolbar locations.
    2) No application tree view
    3) Alt button kept bringing up the app search feature, especially when using rdesktop to Windows system
    4) Mac-like menus at the top of the screen far from the application
    So I began the search for old gnome desktop. Tried Mate: ho hum. Tried Cinnamon: glorious! The menu, the expo workspace switcher, the beautiful, configurable taskbar!!! I wanted to cry for joy. It is a peasure to use, it doesn’t get in the way, it surprises me with intuitive, elegant features. I am a fan.

    Thanks for the great work.

  282. esplinter says: - reply

    In case it is useful for anyone, to connect to a cinnamon desktop using NX just try this in your NX server:

    $> sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gnome-session-fallback /usr/bin/cdwm

    then in your nx client select create new session >> create a new CDE virtual desktop

    I suppose you can also try to link gnome-session-cinnamon but I haven´t tried. I prefer the fallback one without 3D effects

  283. WolfRage says: - reply

    This is simply brilliant I love it. CTRL+ALT+ UP/Down/Right/Left so intutive.

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