New stable branch and Cinnamon “1.4 UP1″

Not a proper release, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless..

Cinnamon 1.4 is making its way into Linux Mint 13 and getting a few minor fixes along the way. A new git branch called “stable” was created to prepare for intermediary releases (such as 1.4-UP1):

If built against muffin 1.0.3, this branch provides a stable version of Cinnamon 1.4 with compatibility for Clutter 1.9 and Gnome 3.4. Distributions should use this branch to build and package Cinnamon.

The “master” branch itself is now used for integration.

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Does this mean a Mint 13 RC is near? :)

    Edit by Clem: It entered testing this morning.

    • Can’t find it in the mirrors yet, but I’ll keep my eye out for it! I suppose I should just exercise some patience, but… Thanks!

    • Ok, I’ve installed the 64-bit Mint 13 Cinnamon RC, and so far I love Cinnamon and want to use it. However, I’ve got the following problems I’m seeing so far:

      1. Cinnamon is still VERY unstable with the ATI proprietary drivers (which I really need). I keep getting segmentation fault crashes every few minutes, mostly when I click on something (doesn’t seem to matter what).

      2. Not sure if this is a problem with Cinnamon, or with some other part of the system, but my laptop is running MUCH hotter than it did with Mint 10. The fan is running at full speed constantly, and it’s still getting quite hot to the touch.

      3. This could be an issue with the applets themselves, but while I’m moving applets around in panel edit mode, some applets seem to grow wider with every move I make. I have to restart Cinnamon to get it compact again.

      4. The Menu is VERY slow, both in opening as well as in responding while it’s open. I can have one item highlighted, and when I move my mouse, it takes a second or two for the highlighting to move to the new location. I’ve noticed this with other menu applets as well.

      5. When something is changed on the screen (such as a right-click pop-up menu opening, or when entering or exiting Panel Edit mode), a graphic garbled mess flashes on the screen for a split second before the item is displayed. Sometimes it happens in just the area that the item is opening over, sometimes it’s across the whole screen. But, it’s very annoying and ugly.

      6. Are there any e-mail notification services anywhere that work well with Cinnamon. I used to use CloudSN, but that requires Ubuntu’s Indicator applet, which doesn’t run on Cinnamon (I would LOVE it if someone would make an applet that did that!). I can find nothing like it that works nicely in Cinnamon.

      7. While I love the look of Cinnamon, I’m still finding myself really badly missing my Compiz effects (it just feels wrong if windows don’t wobble!).

      8. No Skype icon on the panel.

      9. No screensavers. I miss Electric Sheep.

      I’d really appreciate some advice on these, because aside from these details, I love the overall concept of Cinnamon!

    • Ack!!! Now I really wish I hadn’t installed Mint 13. Is there any way to get Mint 10 back, including all its most recent updates before they stopped its support? 10 was absolutely perfect. I don’t want to go all the way back to 9. 11 was too unstable on my computer, 12 was awful, and 13 is just giving me way too many problems. HELP!!! I need my good OS back!

  2. Rehdon says: - reply

    Clem, do you have a roadmap document for Cinnamon 1.5 onwards? I would like to know what new features and UI changes you’re thinking for next and future releases, and contribute to the discussion if possible. It would also be nice what’s the general philosophy behind it (as in described in a written text) because I feel that describing it as a “more usable fork of Gnome 3.x”, as people sometimes do, is quite reductive.

    One improvement I’d venture say is urgent for next release is stability and performance: stability because sometimes Cinnamon auto-restarts (I’ve also had some bad freezes, but those are rare) and performance because memory leaks surely can cause problems after a while (fortunately I turn off and restart my box every day).

    Keep up the good work, and looking forward to installing new versions of Cinnamon!


    Edit by Clem: I don’t. I agree with you on these though, I’d like Cinnamon to log information more handily and eventually to fallback on some sort of 2D desktop that works for everybody when it does crash. It’s important we’re able to identify where and why these crashes happen and that we tackle memory leaks. In terms of features we’ve got most of the ones we wanted when we started this project. Personally I’d like to be able to name workspaces, to install themes and applets in an easier way etc etc.. there’s a long list of small incremental improvements we can make.

  3. Roj says: - reply

    My perfect Cinnamon:

    - Integrates perfectly with Ubuntu 12.04 LST (no freeze-ups, no crashes).
    - GUI tools to change the width of the bar / install applets / install themes / install icon packs (absolutely no more command line “apt get” rubbish for those functions)
    - installation process for applets is much more bulletproofed
    - Zoom reintegrated into the Accessibility options instead of only being enabled via the Accessibility applet on the bar (why was it removed in the first place – MAJOR gaffe for visually impaired users!)
    - Tobias Quinn’s gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom applet is integrated seamlessly into the build or at the very least works flawlessly with it for visually impaired users
    - Nautilus toolbar behaves exactly like Gnome2
    - font sizes / mouse cursor sizes easily customizable to regular / medium / large a la Gnome3 but still have individual sizing options.

    These are all existing issues with 12.04 LTS and Cinnamon. Some are fit and finish but some are also more serious issues.

    Here’s hoping these can be addressed before Mint 13…

  4. Peter says: - reply

    I also have problems with Cinnamon freezing on Ubuntu 12.04. Need to ALT-CTRL-F1 to restart lightdm to get back to life.

    And problems with my theme getting trashed every now and then. Need to switch to another theme and back again for it to become normal again. Just a reboot won’t help.

    Would also like to know about a more convenient way to report bugs.

    Last but not least, I love this project. It saves my computer form becoming destroyed by KDE, Unity, Gnome3 or other evils. Thank you very much for this!!!

    • lukys says: - reply

      You can simply use alt+F2 and type in ‘r’ to restart Cinnamon. Very quick, very easy.
      Unless this function also freezes.

      • Peter says: - reply

        Interesting… Nothing at all happens when I press ALT+F2. Tried this in non-frozen state… Also tried pressing r afterwards, nothing happens… I finally tried pressing all three at the same time, still nothing…

        • Alex_PK says: - reply

          Alt-F2 is the default Gnome keybinding for “execute command”. If you changed that, you should find what you set in the “keyboard” preferences.
          I mapped it to “Menu”: it is much faster to press and start writing the command name. :)

          • Peter says: -

            That would for sure not work after it has frozen, it becomes completely unresponsive.

            I know the ALT-F2 (Run) binding in old Gnome, but that doesn’t seem to work on my computer. I am sure I didn’t remap it.

            Checked now, and it was indeed Disabled. Enabled now. I can see that ALT-F2 r works, but still sure that it wouldn’t work when Cinnamon has frozen.

            This doesn’t help for the theme related issues.

    • I agree, especially on the theme getting trashed every now and then. The direction of Gnome 3, KDE 4, and Ubiquity have left me with Gnome 2 and Cinnamon as options for things I need to have working on student laptops.

      I coach high school debate and we use a re-spun version of Linux Mint 11.04, at the moment. Hoping Cinnamon progresses quickly enough for me to use it next academic school year.

  5. Will any updates to Cinnamon’s stable branch make it to LMDE before a future update pack or will we have to wait until the next update pack?

    Edit by Clem: You might be able to compile 1.4-UP1 with muffin 1.0.2 (as LMDE uses Clutter 1.8). LMDE will get updates a month or two after Mint 13 is released anyway as it will need to catch up with its latest improvements, that will hopefully come as a new UP or on its own depending on the state of Debian Testing.

  6. Rehdon says: - reply

    Thanks for your fast reply, Clem. IMHO you should develop a “vision” for Cinnamon because right now, while working well enough for my needs (and those of many others, no doubt about that), it has a half-finished, ‘some assembly required’ feel in several areas, especially when compared with Gnome Shell / Unity. I find it highly ironic that most of the other DEs developers have a over-designed, UI-theory-gone-wrong approach, while Cinnamon managed to be useful thanks to your pragmatic development style. The latter served you well in the first phase, though, when rapid development was needed, but might prove detrimental to long-term evolution of the project (the comment about “most features being there” worries me a little, for instance) since basically Cinnamon replicates a traditional DE layout and style (Gnome 2) while using new technologies (Gnome 3).

    Don’t get me wrong: I’ll choose a “just works, some assembly required” product over a very refined, aesthetically appealing one any day. But I’m convinced that with a little UI design injection it could get even better, not just saving the baby (Gnome 3 libraries) while throwing away the dirty water.

    My 0,02€ as always :)


    Edit by Clem: Thanks, I appreciate this. I think we have a record and Linux Mint is testament of how we do thing. It might seem amateurish (and it certainly is.. you only see the surface of it :) ), it might miss roadmaps and it might even miss grandeur in its design, but that allows us to be pragmatic and flexible, to learn not only from our mistakes but also to slightly change the direction of our development as often as needed. People often ask where will something be in 5 years time.. the truth is, we had no idea we’d be here doing what we’re doing 5 years ago and if we had planned it we probably wouldn’t have achieved as much. There’s plenty of ideas, not just our own but out there in the community and it’ll take efforts to implement some and consideration to reject others. We have what we needed, now starts the fun of improving it incrementally. The phase we’re at with cinnamon is the phase we were at with Linux Mint 4 a few years ago, there will be a lot of exciting things coming up, but we’re starting a new phase, one where we have a user base to respect and regressions to avoid. MATE is also going through roughly the same thing, it almost achieved the level of stability and functionality it set for itself (like for us, some important parts are still problematic of course) and it’s now starting to look at incremental improvements and new features.

    • FBachofner says: - reply

      Hi Clem:

      Thanks or your comments re: roadmap.

      You mention “we’re starting a new phase, one where we have a user base to respect.” I think this is the dominant reason Cinnamon and Mint need a roadmap.

      As memory serves, Mint is now the 4th most used OS in the world. This means millions of people are likely reliant on Mint for their everyday computing.

      A roadmap would address a lot of important issues, not the least of which is how to (initially) handle primary developer succession. What happens if (god forbid) you are incapacitated for any reason?

      With a roadmap, (at least) the next few iterations are previsualized and it makes it much easier for your successors to keep Mint going — and you likely end up with ongoing influence over the development without actually writing code.

      I recognize that such a roadmap may be very difficult to write given how reliant Mint is on Ubuntu and Debian, but it is definitely worth spending some effort on in my opinion.

      By the way, in no way do Mint or Cinnamon “miss grandeur in its design” !! I tried umpteen distros as I was coming to Linux and when I found Mint it was evident in about 1 minute (after install) that the implementation was near perfect for the needs of myself and my clients. Mint’s simplicity and elegance I am quite certain is evidence of a grandiose vision. [Grandiose in the sense of "Characterized by greatness of scope or intent."]

      Continued good luck!

      Edit by Clem: No, no, by “design” I meant “functional design, specification, pre-implementation, planning phase”. If you compare Mint with Ubuntu, or Cinnamon with Gnome Shell, you can see how these projects know what they want to do this year, next year and how much time and efforts they spend in planning things and designing them. That’s the “grandeur” I was referring to. I don’t miss it at all, I’m proud of our flexibility and if you start planning ahead too much, it becomes harder for you to change your mind and adapt to new situations. If God forbid I become incapacitated… well I don’t know, I guess there’ll be plenty of people to fork Linux Mint and reuse what they liked in it. MATE is a tribute to the Gnome 2 project which people just didn’t want to see disappear. Whatever it’s called, if Mint stops tomorrow or if we lose touch with our user base, someone else will take the lead and take over. That’s the beauty of open source. About the roadmap itself, I do have an idea of what I want to happen and we talk about it within the dev. team, but I’m also careful when it comes to communicate with the public, because I don’t want to promise things or lose the ability to change things if the need arise. The same way we don’t communicate ETAs or release dates, we’re very vague on our roadmaps. If you don’t promise much and you keep performing you can’t really disappoint. Another reason is because we’re not 100% in charge of our future… let me explain this.. if tomorrow, the technology we rely on stops or changes in a way that doesn’t suit us, then all of a sudden we need to abandon our plans and focus on tackling regressions and keeping what’s already there. Building a package base like Debian/Ubuntu, or replacing Gnome altogether could take an entire 6 months, that’d be an entire release cycle where absolutely all our resources would go into making sure we can preserve Linux Mint in a decent state… we’re only just after recovering from the loss of Gnome 2, I’m pretty proud of Mint 13, but you can see how any roadmap made after Mint 11 would have had to be thrown in the bin… all our efforts in Mint 12 and Mint 13 were spent in making sure we could get a desktop environment as good as Gnome 2… today we’ve got MATE and Cinnamon, and hopefully with Mint 13 most people will think we reached that goal. In the meantime, our big projects such as network-discovery (thank God we didn’t talk about this much) were put on a shelf.

  7. cwwgateway says: - reply

    Is there any word yet on the default DE for Mint 13? I don’t mean to rush you and I think that you should wait as long as need to, but I’m really curious. Also, I’m interested in the cinnamon-themes package in the Maya repos. Is this package basically an easier way to install lots of themes? And, if so, will there be applet and extension equivalents? Anyway, regardless, I’m really looking forward to Mint 1 :)

    Edit by Clem: Both MATE and Cinnamon editions were given the same treatment, they both point to the same release notes page, they both get released the same time and neither of them are simply called “Linux Mint”. It is very likely we’ll only provide magazines and manufacturers with customized non-codecs and OEM ISOs for either MATE or Cinnamon, although this decision wasn’t made yet and doesn’t need to be made until we get close to a stable release. By then we’ll also have gathered community feedback from the RC release. My personal intuition is that Cinnamon might become very popular but that MATE might surprise by its stability. If you consider Compiz (which works with MATE, not Cinnamon) and the fact that Cinnamon still suffers from memory leaks and poor compatibility with some graphics cards, it’s hard to say which of the two will be the most popular. One is cool, the other is solid… they both got approved for an RC today. Let’s wait and see. As Terrell Owens used to say, “get your popcorn ready”! :) Even before we get qualitative feedback, the torrent statistics will be interesting. I’m really excited about both desktops and really happy with the quality of Mint 13 so far… I can’t wait for these two DE to go primetime :)

  8. cwwgateway says: - reply

    Oops, I forgot the 3 in thirteen in my last post.

  9. xucchini says: - reply

    I am running dual screen Cinnamon 1.4 under Ubuntu 12.04 and love it. Only problem that keeps bugging me is that half the time it freezes up when attempting to unlock the screens after they have been locked.

    I then do the CTRL-ALT-F1 to get text console and restart lightdm or lately I have just been doing pkill -HUP -u xucchini which seems to make most of my X apps shut down nicely, but having to log in again and restart all my apps is a pain. And losing work-state is a productivity killer for me as well.

    Any ideas for solutions or better work arounds?

    Edit by Clem: No, I’d need debugging info, traces or at least a way to always reproduce the problem so that we can identify the cause of the issue.

    • Alex_PK says: - reply

      Happens to me too. It is not frozen. It “just” takes 5-10 minutes to come out of the screensaver.

      I can’t say why it does it. It seems that the longer the screensaver runs, the longer it takes to come out of it. I can say that I go home from office at about 19:00, the morning after I see the screensaver and the clock in the title bar says (about) “20:00″, even if it is 9 in the morning.

    • xucchini says: - reply

      Oh, cool!

      What commands should I use to collect debugging info?

      Edit by Clem: It’s tricky.. you need to use a debugger such as gdb, or launch cinnamon from the command line and gather its output. Alternatively if you can identify when and how you can make it crash and if we can reproduce these crashes here, then we can debug it ourselves.

    • xucchini says: - reply

      I tried to go to to file this but wasn’t able to, so posting here. Not sure if this will be useful but I ran –replace &> /var/log/cinnamon and then locked my session for the day and when I came back it was not able to resume. Contents of the log are:

      (cinnamon:4075): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported

      (cinnamon:4075): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported

      (cinnamon:4075): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported

      (cinnamon:4075): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported
      Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed.
      Window manager warning: Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x2a00003 (Update Man)
      Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed.

      Again, not sure if this is helpful at all. I can do something else next time.

  10. cwwgateway says: - reply

    In response to Clem’s edit, thanks for the info :) . I agree – Mint 13′s going to be very exciting. To be honest, I guess it doesn’t really matter which one’s default (if any) because both are very stable and very good. I can download the one I prefer regardless, so I’m happy. I’m going to have to buy some popcorn soon :)

  11. Danko8321 says: - reply

    Clem, fantastic work on the Cinnamon 1.4 release that Maya is rocking, very solid and extremely beautiful. Also, good idea at including themes with it, and I like what you have chosen. Android Theme is amazing and Baldr and Loki are one of the best out there. Thank you really much for another solid release of Mint and expect feedback from a happy Mint user. Cheers. Danko.

  12. tata says: - reply

    Sorry for my english
    Clem cinnamon is great.
    LibreOffice freezes the system. It helps only a hard reboot (turn off the computer)
    Adding applets spoils the appearance of the windows decorator (upper beam, it turns black). Restoring default settings eliminates the problem.
    Adding a panel configuration options (transparency, height)
    Configuring the panel should be accessible under the right mouse button at each in his place.

    • Hallo Clem,

      Confirming problem with LibreOffice and Cinnamon – but NOT everywhere(!). I have the problem only with Acer Aspire One netbook with 32bit version – both with Ubuntu 12.04 or LinuxMint 13 Maya. My desktop has absolutely no problem with the same configuration (Both Ubuntu/Mint Maya) – only difference is in the architecture (64bit) – maybe a way to the solution?

    • I am having problems with Libreoffice Crashing, and having to do a hard reboot.

      It seems to only happen with the writer. I have not had a problem with spreadsheets or impress. . . But it really does screw me over with the .doc or ODF files that I open.

      Edit by Clem: Upgrade Muffin to 1.0.3-UP2, it fixes a problem with tooltips in OpenOffice which made the desktop crash.

  13. Peter says: - reply

    How can I update my cinnamon 1.4.0 version to the newest 1.4 UP version?


  14. hardc0de says: - reply

    I would really like to see a wiki/more documentation.

    Cinnamon really looks nice, bt i still have no idea of how tinker with shortcuts in the menu.

  15. Justin says: - reply

    I’ve been using cinnamon on ubuntu 12.04 and love it. I like unity & gnome 3 as well, but cinnamon seems like a better fit. So far I haven’t come across any bugs or freezes. Excellent work on this. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


  16. Bownz says: - reply

    1st Question, do you plan on expanding the Testers, and adding more?

    2nd, Is there a ppa available with 1.4UP1?

  17. Bobby says: - reply

    Does this update address compatibility issues between Cinnamon and Ubuntu 12.04?

    I love Cinnamon. I installed it on 12.04 and had issues with it so I reverted to 11.10. I’m waiting for the issues to be worked out before going back to Cinnamon on 12.04 LTS.

  18. Is it too late for Cinnamon project to simply hack on gnome-panel official?

    gnome-panel isn’t getting alot of attention – it has been crippled a bit in functionality but it is fully ported to run on top of the latest gtk and gnome.

    Maybe the official Gnome people would be happy for gnome-panel to be developed in this way?

    It would be ideal to be hacking on gnome-panel, with the traditional style desktop, running in parallel with the gnome base libraries… wouldn’t it?

  19. Lardo says: - reply

    Good work with Cinnamon!

    Some things I would like to see in the next version/versions of Cinnamon:

    An easy way to resize the panel, choose your panel font, font color and fontsize. (maybe a menu in the cinnamon settings)

    And keep the fonts/text centered in the panel when it is resized. (important)

    - now if I change the css file (size,font), the panel goes below the screen for some reason.

    And maybe a preview of the window borders and icons like in LXDE, which is very nice for the user.

    And maybe a “superbutton” on the panel, under which a user could place the panel applets (to appear in a popup) if desired (I personally like the panel quite clean with only the clock visible). just an idea. :)

  20. Calin says: - reply

    What happened to the alt+mouse drag window behavior? Muffin seems to have lost it lately. Is there a gconf/dconf settings entry or anything like that to reenable this functionality?

  21. pTom says: - reply

    I has been using Ubuntu for a very long time. Currently, I had tried many GUIs for my wife – a novice Ubuntu . This is the first time I feel relaxed with Cinnamon . It’s quick, clean, easy and a bit classic like Win XP (which most computer users are familiar with – not Win 7) .

    IMO, this is the best GUI for Linux, at least, for novice linux users .

    But unfortunately, LibreOffice always crashes and Auto Suspend doesn’t work. I have to do hard shutdown by pressing power button.

    Hope to see a bug-free Cinnamon so that I can encourage many friends to use Ubuntu-Cinnamon.

  22. Beautiful. I switched a few minutes ago and absolutely love it. Thank you for this.

  23. hanny says: - reply

    hello Clem! :)

    there is a bug in this version, that when you choose 2 panels mode in cinnamon you can add/remove applets in only 1 and the second one will be empty! any fix for that? :)


  24. Bobby says: - reply

    I loaded Mint 13 (Cinnamon) x64 into vbox and, when I installed indicator-multiload, it displayed it -really- small. I added Memory and Network and it shrunk smaller (cramming it into one “box” or “space” on the panel).

    Is there a way to adjust this somehow? I’ve not had that issue with Cinnamon on Ubuntu 11.10 (I’ve not tested it on 12.04).

  25. Max JRB says: - reply

    I recently installed cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04 and shows the menu like this:
    And installed Linux Mint on other partition and shows the menu correctly:

    I tried with several themes and all looks out of the screen on Ubuntu 12.04

  26. Hello, Clem. I am getting continuous crashes and my PC logs itself out whenever I run a Cinnamon session in 12.04 LTS. Also, the Mate Desktop gets in conflict with something and loses its configuration no matter what I do to attempt and fix it.

    I think the Cinnamon botches are due to video sites (YT) and the FLVs, but I am not entirely sure.

    I thought you should know.

  27. George says: - reply

    is it an easy feat to make the menu pop out on hover?

  28. gv says: - reply

    I’d just updated to long waited UP1 and turned from excitement to disappointment.

    Same old problem while many windows open in same workspace – Menu button gets narrow (but bit wider) and without icon. Launchers get narrow/invisible.

    Date and time, with seconds visible, changes width each second, etc.

    Please fix applets width, PLEASE!!!


    • Guest says: - reply

      Hi.. i can open many windows without problem, just don’t place launcher in middle area. My applet area like this :

      left area : menu, show desktop, workspace switcher, panel launchers.
      middle area : window list
      right area : sys tray, cpu monitor, sound, calendar, etc….

      sorry for my bad english.

      • gv says: - reply

        It can be that my panel somehow is corrupted. In my left area I have only Menu and launchers, I moved show desktop applet to the right area (right corner). Right area is ok, it doesn’t suffer of expanded middle area. But left area doesn’t work properly. While adding programs one by one, launchers and menu button became narrow, then launchers disappear, Menu somehow gets shifted to the left by the width of icon, in UP1 version it remains visible, in my case “Men” part of it, also it is visible, that button remains full width, bet “u” part is somehow beneath middle panel (my theme is semitransparent, so I can see it through first program button).

        I’m using fedora 16, updated to cinnamon-1.4.0-4.UP1.fc16.x86_64 package, then to cinnamon-1.4.0-5.UP1.fc16.x86_64. But still I have same width effects . I’m using Minty theme. Tried Cinnamon original theme – doesn’t help.

        • Guest says: - reply

          Hi again.. im sorry, i think i just make a mistake. Today i play with dconf-editor and realize if my window-list is in left area. So my middle area is empty.

          This is what i get when play with dconf-editor :
          > my windows-list in left area, i open 10+ windows, no problem here.
          > (still with 10+ windows open), i change my windows-list from left to middle or right area, now the menu get shifted.
          > i change windows-list to left again, and menu back to normal.

          btw, it seems only left and right area available, because when i change menu and launcher to middle, they stay in left.

  29. Andy says: - reply

    Hi, very great. I use it as desktop enviroment with the new linux mint version. Bye

  30. Feature request or bug report?

    The hot corner/expo effect only takes into account, and displays on, one (the primary) monitor.

    So any open windows that are located on the secondary monitor do not show up, and the expo effect is drawn only on the primary (one) monitor as opposed to being stretched across both as it is with the old compiz effect.

    Cheers, loving M13.

  31. Clem, I tested out Gnome 3 again, and it seems some of the graphics issues I’ve been having with Cinnamon don’t exist there. Does that mean that perhaps something was fixed in Mutter, and in a near future version of Cinnamon/Muffin, there will be stability with Cinnamon on my graphics card?

  32. Hi Clem,

    Cinnamon is in my opinion a great effort to provide Gnome 3 with a workable interface. I prefer it to Unity, for flexibility, and to Meta for esthetics and because I find no way to get compiz working on Meta. The clik-in-the-corner-and-see-your-windows is a must for my working style with many windows open.
    Still my main down point for cinamon is the unability to add iconts to favorits without getting the menu to grow greater than the screen.
    I need 7 to 9 icons of my favorits. This is imposible in my Assus Eee netboot or in any machine if it is connected to an 800×600 pixels monitor or digital beam. In Meta it is trivial to get 2 or 3 favorits columns and/or control icon size.
    I have a comment for Mint 13 Maya, the login screen is terrible, the need to always write my user name is anoying. Why not keeping the Gnome 3 login screen “a la” Ubuntu 12.04? which is also a LOT nicer, the trick of keeping my background in my login screen ” la” Ubuntu is great too. Can you pass my comment to the Mint developers? I cant log into any of their comment forums even though I am a registered user.

    Regards and thanks


  33. John says: - reply

    Hey, I would like to modify the mouse focus in cinnamon/muffin a little bit. Which source files should I look in?


    (Is there any way to have more advanced control than just sloppy/mouse/click without editing source code?)

  34. spider623 says: - reply

    when are we going to see a 3.4 based cinnamon the currect version breaks if you upgrade gnome and it’s a liitle bit anoying since i like cinnamon but i also prefer gnome 3.4 over 3.2

  35. tertian says: - reply

    hey. Cinnamon is great, even though it’s still really new and i imagine needs ironing out and more applets/extensions. I’m using it because it’s sleek, fast and simple.

    I’d like to suggest a few aesthetic changes though: please remove the huge and horrid pixelated image that appears in the middle of the screen whenever i use keyboard shortcut to change the sound volume. Just make a nice little image in notifications area, a la unity.

    Also is there a way for the language indicator to show a little image instead of just letters? I changed it in unity (as shown here: but now in cinnamon the language indicator is just invisible…

    • tertian says: - reply

      hrm, cinnamon crashes really too often, and when i’m not doing anything memory-intensive. Too bad. It has just disappeared (i mean no window borders, no panel) once or twice, it has closed and then reloaded itself 4-5 times and it has totally crashed (like can’t do anything at all and had to reboot) 2-3 times. In just 2-3 days that i use it. More ironing out is surely needed.

      I have ubuntu 12.04. I think i’ll return to unity, at least for the time being.

      Some impressions and suggestions:
      1) i like the way cinnamon handles workspaces/expo/scale mode more than unity or gnome. Why? Because unity is simple and all, but the workspace switcher doesn’t show all apps (i mean it doesn’t show you the apps/windows that you have minimized) like cinnamon does. And gnome just gets too much in your way (i mean for anything you do you have to go through the same grayed out thing – like searching, showing favorite apps, expo/scale mode, workspaces). I prefer each to be it’s own entity (that’s why i used an autohiding dock/panel app instead of clicking the menu or hitting superkey to bring up the apps in the menu – but more on that one point #2)

      Suggestion? Bring an additional feature to show ALL windows/apps from ALL workspaces at once. Like unity 11.x had. So that you can either do the shortcut (or hot corner i guess) just for your current workspace or do a different shortcut for all workspaces, depending on what you need each time.

      2) I missed the auto-hiding panel/launcher from unity. But i guess that users who want one can still get docky or cairo-dock (like i did)

      Suggestion? Bring one here!

      3) I missed the way unity handled menus (ie no menu in the window, all in the panel) and maximized windows (integrated in the top panel). Made things look more elegant and less clunky. Also i’d like an option to disable window borders (since i use mouse gestures and the window borders are useless to me but don’t know how to remove them)

      4) At first i didn’t like the open apps being shown in the panel. I even changed the style to two panels, edited the panel, dragged the open apps to the bottom panel and then changed back the style to only top pannel so that they could disappear. But later i brought them back.

      This feature seemed pretty useless to me (because i use a dock which is superior, since it always shows the open apps, even if you are on a different workspace), but then, combined with the dock i found the beauty: the dock/panel shows everything; when you need to see, you just go to the place it is hidden and it emerges. This feature on the other hand is something like the tabs in your browser: it doesn’t show all tabs (apps) only those on your current window (workspace). But that is good, because you wanna focus on the tabs you’re working on, not all tabs at the same time. So, autohiding dock/panel for a nice overview and a handy launcher, tabs for a quick glance and focused navigation.

      Suggestion? If that’s the spirit, then it should go one step further! Remember that you can always see the tabs and click whichever you want in google chrome for example, but you can also go to the top and use the mouse wheel to switch through the tabs in a faster and less clicky-pointy way? That’s what i think you should be able to do with the panel and the apps too! So you would simply go to the panel with the mouse and turn the mouse wheel to switch through windows ( i imagine it to look like the coverflow alt-tab extension) and with such a simple move one would navigate through his apps even easier!

      TO SUM UP:
      I think seems need to be kept simple and intuitive. One feature for each purpose:
      -an autohiding panel/launcher/dock for quick app opening and overview of all open apps on all workspaces.
      -So that the menu could be less cluttered and left with the basics: search, settings, log out etc.
      -The two expo/scale features should be kept as is,
      -but a third one should be introduced to show ALL open apps from ALL workspaces at once to maximize efficiency.
      -Menu from each app integrated in the panel (like unity)
      -the feature to switch between tabs a la coverflow alt-tab extension when you use the mouse wheel on the panel, like you do in google chrome with the tabs

      That’s all. Will check Cinnamon to see if things get better. Hope this is the correct place to post feedback (you should make a forum or something) :)

      • Vanderson says: - reply

        @Clem: Please be careful in taking some of these suggestions seriously, it seems this posters focus is to just make Cinnamon like Unity… no thanks. Please keep up the good work!

        Edit by Clem: Thanks. Feedback and ideas are always welcome. If they fit with our project we’ll consider them, no matter where the inspiration comes from.

        • tertian says: - reply

          The only unity feature i suggested was the dock/panel/launcher (whatever it’s called) – which isn’t even necessary to be implemented, since there are already some apps that do the job.

          The real suggestions were 1) the ability to use mouse wheel on the top panel to change apps quickly, as seen on google chrome, and 2) the “spread windows from all workspaces”, which is an old unity feature that got discontinued for some reason.

          So stop being silly and just think what’s best for you, rather than what’s simply “different” than all the others.

  36. I have linux mint 32- bit cinnamon.
    I have laptop compaq 610.
    Iinstalled cinnamon in my lapy, but after some time internet not work in my system, i am using wired brodband internet connection, Please give me solution for that.

  37. elav says: - reply

    Hi Clem:

    I have problems trying to compile Cinnamon on Debian Wheezy. When you run the script, it needs dependencies that are not in the Debian repositories, such as libcogl5 (>=1.7.4). In Debian this package does not exist in Debian package is available libcogl9.

    Because of this package, you can not install correctly girl1.2-muffin-3.0 y libmuffin0.

    These dependences could be corrected?


    Edit by Clem: Well that’s a Debian problem I think. If they only ever provide the latest libcogl and keep changing its name, you should expect Cinnamon and Shell to break continuously. Eventually we’ll move towards this version, but in the long run Debian will need to address that problem.

  38. Adam says: - reply

    Thanx for Cinnamon and Mint 13 all fantastic, but how to fix Libreoffice freeze problem! I using this program very often but during one hour I need restart my notebook 10-15 times because is completely freeze! When I logging to gnome classic session everything working fine! I think that cinnamon is not completely coompatible with libre office.
    Thanx for all your hard work and help!!!!
    Kind regards

  39. Brian Read says: - reply

    I also have a roblem with Cinnamon, Ubuntu 12.04 and Libre Office (and the latest Nvidia driver). Clicking on doc or spreadsheet (especially .doc or .xls?) results in a coupe of black screens, follwed sometimes by the document being displayed, but with “strange” menu characters (seom blacked out), and selecting any menu entry gives another black screen, OR the tak crashes out entirely and I have to login again. Rebooting sometimes allows the document to be opened ok, sometimes not.

    If someone gives me some instructions I’ll attempt to do some diagnostics.

    • Brian Read says: - reply

      Libre Office Problems on Ubuntu 12.04

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable

      got me the ppa with the latest cinnamon and muffin.

      sudo apt-get install muffin cinnamon

      Installed them – problems seem to have gone!

      • brian read says: - reply

        Actually, I am still tracking the nightly, which I find very stable (thanks), but still have the problem with Libre office. Is it a problem with LO or Cinnamon/muffin does the team think?

        It seems to be dependant upon how much other stuff I have in memory. The least problem is that the menu labels are scrambled/underlined or whatever, and sometimes the problem brings the whole system down.

        I have occasionally seen the scrambled menu on other dialogs as well. Can;t actually think of which one now.

  40. Kirk M says: - reply

    Seems like this Cinnamon blog needs to be updated once in awhile considering that the latest version of Cinnamon is now 1.4 UP3. This new version must have come through normal updates since i haven’t compiled anything from Git nor have I added the latest stable Cinnamon PPA (which is also at version 1.4 UP3.

    Has this blog been abandoned then?

    • Simon says: - reply

      That sounds very unlikely, Clem is probably just busy

      • clem says: - reply

        @Kirk: When there’s nothing to be said there’s no need to talk :) UP1, 2 and 3 were minor revisions, they didn’t need any particular announcements. They’re basically 1.4 with a few minor bug fixes. There’s a lot going on and the current git version is packed with improvements and new features, but we probably won’t talk about it here on the blog until we’re ready for a release.

        • Kirk M says: - reply

          Hello Clem,

          My apologies. I should remember not to comment when I’m not feeling well. I’m one of those ornery disabled veterans and when I’m not feeling well it tends to put off my attitude.

          By the way, the builds of Cinnamon and muffin from Git (installed via the “gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly PPA) seems to have solved the Maya/Cinnamon freezing problems some of us users have been experiencing. I’ve been running the nightlies for 4 days now on my older Thinkpad R61 (all Intel hardware) and not a single freeze since.

  41. Danny says: - reply

    Has the setting for disabling “edge-tiling” moved? I’ve noticed for awhile that when I move windows around, Cinnamon/Muffin erroneously decides I want the window maximized.

    Awhile back you could disable this by unchecking ‘edge-tiling’ in dconf-editor under org.cinnamon.muffin

    … But this setting no longer seems to disable it. Any thoughts?

    Edit by Clem: We’re introducing the ability to switch workspace when moving windows to the edges, which conflicts with edge-tiling. In the end we should have both features working and the user able to decide which one he wants to activated. It’s possible there might be a few rough edges (no pun intended :) ) out there.

    • Danny says: - reply

      Thanks Clem, it is a breath of fresh air having the option of disabling a feature; some of which could save ram or improve user efficiency. (Maybe you could add notes next to off switches to indicate the average ram saved by disabling? Maybe not visible by default.)

      Is it possible to have the panel on the left? (With none on top/bottom) and allow applets to be an arbitrary height? (maybe they can already)

      All the best from Australia, and nice work so far considering Javascript/Coffeescript.

  42. How modular are Cinnamon’s components?

  43. I really wish i coul resize my bottom panel more easy. almost stoped me from taking mint 13 as mu new OS.

    Edit by Clem: Switch to the latest git version, it has resizable panels now.

  44. Shred says: - reply

    Is there a roadmap for 1.5? Can’t wait for the next release! :-)

  45. cITs says: - reply

    Hello Clement,

    i was wondering what the hardware specifications for Cinnamon 2D are, since i can’t seem to run it on my ThinkPad T42 with a ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 without huge performance issues, that is 100% CPU usage when idle. I have a virtual machine setup of Fedora 17 with the current Cinnamon build from the fedorapeople repo and i have no performance issues. If i cut down the 2d options and set the graphics memory to 8 MB it still runs rather smooth and without constant high CPU usage than my ThinkPad. The laptop also runs with F17 and uses the built in radeon kernel driver. I can only assume Cinnamon can not address it correctly. Any suggestions from your side?

    I really appreciate your work and enjoy the use of Cinnamon on other machines. IMO this project has the potential to get Linux on desktops. Thanks for your hard work

    Edit by Clem: That’s something we’re eager to know as well… Cinnamon 2D is part of the git latest Cinnamon and wasn’t in 1.4 so it isn’t released yet.. whether it’s fast and responsive depends on your specs. In software rendering the GPU isn’t used and so the computing is done entirely with the RAM and the CPU… so theorically it should run slower than Cinnamon itself, unless software renderers such as llvmpipe get better and better at this kind of things. Our primary goal isn’t performance though but troubleshooting and to provide a mode which works for everybody. With that said, we do turn off shadows and animations in Cinnamon 2D to use less CPU resources.

  46. dd says: - reply

    maya 13 cinnamon : system freezes after system freezes. i hope that in the next 2-3 months will be better. i’ve send the report about this failure report.

  47. Hi Clem,

    Cinnamon is great! Thanks to Cinnamon I have the ideal Linux for me, Ubuntu+Cinnamon. Since you may not like I say Ubuntu, I will tell you why (sometime ago I would have said Mint with Cinnamon) so that I could say Mint + Cinnamon in the future:

    1- I don’t like Mint 13 login page. It seems dull to me and the need of typing my user name each time is an unecessary nuisance to me.

    2- The quarrell between Linux Mint and Google wich results in a version of Firefox which makes installing Mint-unpleasant search engines difficult, is an unnecessary nuisance to me which stems from a querry between MInt and Google with which I have nothing to do.

    Congratulations for your good work. Cinnamon is great in its current version and I am sure it will keep improving.



  48. Gil says: - reply

    I would like to know how is it possible to change the transparency of the task bar on cinnamon…. Thanks!

  49. adznau says: - reply

    I have Thinkpad X200 (intel GPU) and Mint 13.
    Quite often (once a day) cinnamon dissapears and I have windows without any frames. I found 2 tips to fix it:
    - icon on my desktop with “cinnamon –replace” command
    but to use it I usually have to close all my opened applications…
    - gnome shortcut with the same command, but when cinnamon crashes then shortcuts doesn’t work…
    Cinnamon is excellent and now I use it instead my old Debian + Gnome2, but this issue is veeery annoying :/

  50. pagan says: - reply

    Clem, any way to get the window roll up function back?

    I googled around and saw for Ubuntu’s Unity and Gnome Shell the tweak tools have this option, no such luv for Cinnamon

    Anyway I’m very impressed so far with Cinnamon, you’re doing an outstanding job with it.

  51. SallyK says: - reply

    I know there’s a lot of work going into Cinnamon development, but I was wondering when the next stable release will be – it’s tantalising to hear of all these wonderful new features that we don’t have access to.

  52. akulikov says: - reply

    Good time of day. My question is likely to developers. Are there any plans to release new versions, such as the Gnome project (their roadmap). Just would be interested in the development of pouchavstvovat. Maybe we would have to bring some design ideas, and maybe wishes. Have you ever thought about it?

    (sorry for bad english)

    Edit by Clem: The big release will be version 1.6, we already added a ton of features to 1.4 but we’re not in a hurry to get it out. It will mature slowly but surely via frequent unstable 1.5.x releases. We already labeled 1.5.0 and we should label 1.5.1 in the coming days.

  53. dd says: - reply

    where i can activate one click in cinnamon?

    home folder encryption doesn’t work in cinnamon. after install nothing has happened. any window appears to solve this. what to do now?

    after some updates it works better now and i’m ok. anyway this a very good desktop environment. i hope will stay always like this!

    for linux there is only cinnamon and xfce. all the others have problems or big minuses.

    • Kirk M says: - reply

      dd – One click…if you mean single clicking a folder or file instead of double clicking then open Nautilus and under “Edit/Preferences” select the “Behavior” tab and you can select either single or double click in the upper section.

      Encrypting your Home folder during installation should have worked but success can be affected by your partition setup (you have to have a minimum of two partitions–root and swap), whether you multi-boot, where you put your GRUB, all sorts of things. Best place to go for advice on this is the Mint forums.

  54. dd says: - reply

    thank you for the information about single click. i couldn’t find it till now! about the other problem i have time to see. this the second instalation and the first one was ok from this point of view. i don’t now what happened.

  55. Tim says: - reply

    Can I suggest putting a modest summary underneath the rather terse ‘Traditional layout, blah, blah’ banner on your front page, outlining what the focus of the project is beyond that brevity, for folks who aren’t already familiar with Cinnamon? It would be more welcoming and enticing to see something like ‘Cinnamon is a traditional desktop (icon bar, etc) with an emphasis on making it easy to customise with applets, but with plenty of keyboard shortcuts for power users’ which goes on for a paragraph about as long as this one: Currently, I’m feeling like it’s a party for those already in it, and that I shouldn’t be gatecrashing.

    Sorry if this posts twice – my ISP’s proxy seem seems to be flaky today.

  56. shan says: - reply

    hey guys leave swap area equal to that of your RAM while booting cinnamon linux mint 13.e.g:if you have got 512 mb ram then leave swap area of 512 mb and also ensure to have some free space in your hard disk,then linux mint cinnamon works great…

  57. j says: - reply

    How do I know if I’m running the latest version of Cinnamon? I mean, I think I am, but I haven’t seen any updates in a while, so I’d just like to confirm that I know what I’m doing.

    Edit by Clem: You can run “cinnamon –version” in a terminal.

  58. pek007 says: - reply

    i like a lot what you do there. love at first sight :D
    btw, i just notice something today… if i have opened window and i minimize it that i have just desktop it looks like the window is still on top. its not shown, but i cant click on desktop. if i do right click on mouse, than gives me option from last opened window. after i maximize it and minimize it it works well. than i have desktop again…

  59. Pagan says: - reply

    Well been using it for a couple of weeks now both at home and at work. Clem this is looking very good and I’m so looking forward to the future versions. I’ve had a couple of lock up’s, I’m looking those being caused by FF and flash, not Cinnamon. You’re turning Gnome into a workable Desktop. Things I’m looking forward to in future versions are more customization of the panel, like for example transpancy and being able to put a panel on the left side.

    Yes Clem you’re bringing sanity and common sense back to the “unholy mess” that is Gnome 3 ;)

  60. Anz says: - reply

    feature request for: Hot Corners > Window Selection (ala Compiz Scale)

    when in window selection mode invoked by taking the pointer to the hot corner, clicking on the faded desktop i.e anywhere outside the shown windows shall show the desktop as in ‘minimize all windows’

    disclaimer: I’ve got that hang from using Maemo for long :)

  61. m0n9oose says: - reply

    how i can see changelog of new builds, e.g. 1.5.1, for example?

  62. nacho says: - reply

    Hi, I have a problem with Cinnamon. I can’t open the options panel or any Cinnamon config window. Nothing.
    I tried to purge and reinstall Cinnamon but keeps the same. What can I do?


  63. nacho says: - reply

    My version: cinnamon –version
    Cinnamon 1.4.0

  64. pirast says: - reply

    I love cinnamon and hate the fact that it’s a GNOME shell fork.
    It would be nice if cinnamon would just exist of GNOME shell extensions.
    Then it would not break compatibility.

    • Shred says: - reply

      Cinnamon started as a set of Gnome 3 exensions, but AFAIK the extension API was eventually getting too limited for all the Cinnamon features.

      And I guess you’d rather make Steve Ballmer use Linux than the Gnome developers add useful features to Gnome.

  65. dd says: - reply


    in mint kde 13 is possible to hide the hard drives and this is a very important feature.
    is possible to have this in cinnamon?

    Thank you!

  66. It would not hurt to stick an “About page” on the upper menu for uninitiated users like me.

    To understand that Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome shell I had to resort to Wikipedia.



  67. Guillermo P says: - reply

    3 MONTHS without news on the site.

    Not the way to generate fuzz or excitement about a project.

    Just an honest opinion, pay more attention to your PR department.

    Edit by Clem: There’s no “PR Department” and there’s no need to create buzz. Cinnamon exists because we need it, it doesn’t need to be sold or promoted.

    • Shred says: - reply

      Well, I think Guillermo is right. For us non-developers, Cinnamon seems to be sort of dead. At least a blog posting about “hey, we’re still alive” and some sneak previews of the upcoming features would be fine. :-)

    • Guillermo P says: - reply

      I’m not even saying “give me a release” or give me “this” feature. I’m saying at least a single piece of news.
      Is it dead? Is it going anywhere, where is that? Is there any new update, what are the fixes? There could be a bugfix or small feature that many could have been waiting.

      I don’t know how you see it, for me Cinnamon is like Mint’s little brother, the other half of the project, and i guess you know how much attention Mint has attracted so us users, fans, enthusiasts, distrohoppers, developers, supporters, possible contributors, and the general media want to know a little more at least on just status updates… where is it at or going to… Nothing too demanding really.

      Please don’t be so “cold hearted” about PR and giving some exciting news to the users.

  68. dd says: - reply

    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘sudo dpkg –configure -a’ to correct the problem.
    E: _cache->open() failed, please report.

    run ‘sudo dpkg –configure -a’ to correct the problem.

    correcy nothing

  69. Roj says: - reply

    Guillermo is perfectly correct. I even reported a bug vis a vis the zoom feature and it vanished into the void. I went to Zorin 6 but was hampered by the pathetic display driver support (OSS / ATO proprietary / nVidia proprietary – it didn’t matter). Now that 12.04.1 is here in less than a week, I’ve built a workable interface based on Zorin’s lead (Gnome Classic + Compiz + AWN + DockbarX + Gnomenu) and will be testing that against the new video drivers in the maintenance release. MATE is pretty much an also-ran as far as futures are concerned (although it appears to be seeing more obvious dev progress than Cinnamon) and Cinnamon as was pointed out appears stagnant to users – who at the end of the day are the only ones who really matter. In its present form it’s just not ready for prime time. I’m disappointed but not surprised. Everything since Ubuntu 10.10 across the board has pretty much been a confused mess. Onward and upward – I’m tired of waiting.

  70. Graylion says: - reply

    My wishes for the roadmap is regaining a lot of the functionality of Compiz like wobbly windows, the cube, etc.

    I’d also like a function that windows has: splitting a screen into two virtual screens, so that you can maximise a window and it takes up half thr screen – useful on 1920×1200 or bigger.

  71. Primoz says: - reply

    Just wanted to say how much I love Cinnamon! It’s really great.
    What I suggest to developers in the future – make it less resource hungry.

  72. kaddy says: - reply

    hey Clem… when is the next cinnamon release due? been a while…. looking forward to it ;)

  73. tonomon says: - reply

    hey buddy.., ^_^ (-aTi 5470-)
    i hv trouble when i am using cinnamon and i am setting the taskbar with auto hide ON…,(my desktop has blurr iF i am moving mouse) if auto hide OFF that’s work right’s.
    any one can help? LoL ^_^

  74. sudhir says: - reply

    where do i find the code for installation screens of mint 13 maya ?

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