Cinnamon 1.6 preview

It’s been more than 3 months since our last blog post. We heard some complaints about our lack of communication and we’re happy to confirm the Cinnamon project is still extremely active and very much alive. Not much happens on this blog and we’re not in a hurry to release 1.6 but the code is improved on a daily basis and Cinnamon just gets better EVERY DAY.

As you can see in the preview card above, Cinnamon 1.6 is going to be a massive step forward. The codebase is now much smaller and much cleaner, a huge number of bugs have been fixed, most of the things people asked after 1.4 was released were implemented and we added some really cool and innovative features.

As usual there’s no ETA (we release “when ready”) but we’re getting close to a feature-freeze. There are 20 or so pull requests currently waiting to be merged. Most of them will (with the exception of desklets support which is planned for 1.8). After this we’ll feature freeze Cinnamon and we’ll get ready for a 1.6 release.

The very first 1.6 release will be 1.6.0. It will be followed by a rapid succession of point releases (1.6.1, 1.6.2) as we receive feedback from users, applet developers and theme artists and as we identify eventual bugs and fix issues on the 1.6 branch.

If you’re interested in following the project and running the very latest builds of Cinnamon (we’re currently at version 1.5.3) don’t hesitate to follow us on and at #linuxmint-dev (

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Keegan says: - reply

    Awesome, a Cinnamon 2D. Now I can run it on any computer of mine. The desklets will be interesting to see. Would it be possible for download in the Software Manager?

    • clem says: - reply

      Note that “Cinnamon 2D” is a feature that was added to improve troubleshooting. It uses software-rendering, which means most of what the GPU normally does falls onto the CPU. Although shadows and effects are disabled in Cinnamon 2D, it’s much slower than Cinnamon on most hardware specs.

      • Bill says: - reply

        With “Cinnamon 2D” if I use “watch nvidia-smi” over time I see the GPU memory usage creep slowly upward. Even closing all windows, the GPU memory usage number stays high. Switching to a virtual terminal and back (Ctrl-Alt-F2/Ctrl-Alt-F7) reclaims a good chunk of that, so it seems like Cinnamon is holding on to GPU memory it doesn’t need.

        Over time this makes other GL apps unusable because NVIDIA drivers are not very good at handling the case when gpu memory is above 90%.

  2. Restigo says: - reply

    Sounds good :)

    How about the cpu usage in this 1.6 release? Is it lighter than in the Maya (1.4 ?) version?

    And, more window border options for Nadia, please :D

    • clem says: - reply

      Although there are many more features and settings in 1.6 than in 1.4, it actually runs less things. A lot of code inherited from Gnome Shell was removed. With that said, we didn’t notice any significant differences in resource usage, but we’ll tackle any issue that arise with rapid point releases after 1.6.0 is out.

      • Nick says: - reply

        Hi, firstly I greatly appreciate your efforts in unscrambling the mess made by gnome. The CPU usage of Cinnamon is an issue for those of use using Radeon drivers.
        At times I have noticed cores one and three maxed out with only chromium and system monitor open. Apparently this is fixed by using the non proprietary drivers – does this mean the issue lies with amd rather than cinnamon? This is a rather unsatisfactory fix as many features are lost.

        Once again thanks for all the hard work

  3. billynick says: - reply

    ive missed updates like this
    i presume there will be debs/repos ?
    and instructions for whats new for theme makers?

    • clem says: - reply

      Of course. Theme artists are doing a fantastic job. The least we can do is help them adapt their work to the new version. There are a lot of theme changes and new features which need theming. We’ll document all of that as precisely as possible and we’ll put a 1.6 emblem on themes which work fully with the new version.

  4. roj says: - reply

    Have the accessibility zoom issues prevalent in 1.4 been resolved? The zoom didn’t display the mouse cursor, nor did it zoom text in context menus. I reported it as a bug way back when…

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Roj, I don’t think so. There was a fix implemented in 1.4 UP3 for the bug you reported. It does work but it doesn’t look good. You’re already aware of it (I remember your feedback). I’ll have to test to be sure, a lot of code was refactored but as far as I know this did not change since.

  5. kyle says: - reply

    Will it be possible to switch between users without logging one out as in MATE or Gnome 2?

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes of course. That’s an MDM feature though, not a Cinnamon one. This is already feasible via the “New login” option in the menu. MDM 1.6 also adds this feature to gnome-screensaver and support for mate-screensaver.

  6. Adznau says: - reply

    I’ve tried Win8, Gnome Shell, and XFCE – Cinnamon is my favorite windows manager, and Mint 13 my favorite distribution ;)

    All the best!

  7. Bananabob says: - reply

    Will 1.6 be backported into Mint 12 and 13?

  8. Alexander says: - reply

    This is awesome!
    Thanks Clem

  9. Will this be backported to Maya, or will it require a ppa?

  10. Verix says: - reply

    Was there any change to the effects settings? Currently, there are way too many options and they’re not quite intuitive (“easeInQuart”, “easeInSine”). Also, while these effects look good, I get the feeling they’re not quite as efficient and smooth as compiz.

  11. fred says: - reply

    thanks for the good work, look forward to it.

    one thing, I’m experiencing cinnamon crashes every few days, and was wondering what is the best way to go about debugging and collecting logs to file a bug? thanks

  12. Hunkah says: - reply

    I know I’ve said this before…

    You’re awesome! It is like you’re the only one listening to “the crowd” when it comes to the GUI. Thanks for making Gnome what it should have been.


  13. muhsah says: - reply

    What about memory leaks whan various system monitor like applets are used? Memory usage grows to 150-200mb in 6 hours, from 60mb.

  14. Gabriel says: - reply

    Backporting to Mint 13 …awesome. :) Looks like Cinnamon is getting better all the time. Thanks Clem and the Cinnamon devs.

  15. Kirk M says: - reply

    I’ve been running the nightly builds of Cinnamon on Maya/Cinnamon (64 bit) via the Cinnamon nightly builds PPA and I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far and not only with the features that have been added but also the absolute stability of the nightly builds. Not a single glitch so far in any of the builds and that’s running the (current) Nvidia closed source video driver.

    Very well done.

    • Jordan S. says: - reply

      Hi Kirk – Are you still experiencing the disappearing MDM login screen issue? Thanks.

      • Kirk M says: - reply

        Hi Jordan – Yes. No change whatsoever as long as the Nvidia video driver is installed (currently 295.49). With Nouveau there’s no problem with MDM but I won’t run Nouveau. The nightly versions of Cinnamon and muffin packages have not affected the problem either. And still no error log entries and still no problems when using GDM or LightDM.

        On another note, I installed the Maya/MATE .iso in a separate test partition of my hard drive and have the same Nvidia driver installed and the disappearing MDM problem isn’t there. MDM is rock solid. I’ll have to enable compiz in MATE to see if that has any affect since MATE does not require 3D acceleration. I’ll comment here if that has any affect.

        • Kirk M says: - reply

          Heh, Never mind about enabling Compiz in MATE. It’s not compatible yet and makes all the window borders disappear.

          • Simon says: -

            I use compiz with MATÉ (on LMDE) — set the “Window Decorator” command in CCSM to “gtk-window-decorator –replace” and you should be good to go.

            @Clem: The main thing I need is to be able to switch workspaces with the rocker switch on my mouse — this is the #1 reason why I’m using MATÉ and not Cinnamon!

        • Jordan S. says: - reply

          Kirk – the Maya/MATE .iso that you installed that doesn’t have the MDM issue is Mint 13 final? Is there anything different at all about this installation that you are aware of?

          I just reinstalled Maya/MATE 13 and the MDM screen started disappearing after installing Nvidia. Had to install LightDM (which I’m getting pretty good at ;) ).

          Thanks for your input.

          • Kirk M says: -

            It’s the final version. Downloaded it just a couple days ago so no, there’s nothing different with it. I did add the MATE repo and adjusted my apt preferences file so I’m now running MATE 1.4 instead of 1.2. Still no change in MDM. Hasn’t disappeared yet. I’m actually thinking of re-downloading the Maya/Cinnamon .iso (yet again) and installing it into my second test partition and see what happens. Worth a try anyway.

  16. Ivan says: - reply

    I tried to install it on Maya entering PPP Nigtly but nothing tells me Cinnamon is updated to the latest version?

  17. Lynn Dixon says: - reply

    Will 1.6 add flashing taskbar icons for notification of when a window needs attention? This was my only complaint about Cinnamon. I have a few applications that used to flash their taskbar icon when they needed attention. The best example is when Lotus Sametime received a new message, it usually blinks the taskbar in Gnome 2, but I dont get that in Cinnamon.

  18. Great to hear about all the new stuff coming in 1.6, but I do have one question about something that nags me when using Cinnamon on my (multi-monitor) desktop. There’s no option to either move the panel or create additional ones, do you plan on adding better multi-monitor support anytime soon? I mostly use Cinnamon on my netbook specifically because of this issue.

    Anywho, thanks for all your hard work Clem and all the Cinnamon contributors/developers.

  19. c0rrupt0r says: - reply

    The problems I had is the ability to change the task bar and move things around where you wanted them. It was very difficult to place Icons and such where you wanted with out making an applet to make spaces for you. also changing the main distro icons such as Update icon and ect. was not a function.

  20. flugmin says: - reply

    Great news! Thanks to Clem and all the Mint/Cinnamon devs… :)

  21. elav says: - reply

    Great job Clem. I have only one doubt. Can now compile Cinnamon 1.5.3 on Debian Testing smoothly?


    Edit by Clem: Yes. In the latest git version of Cinnamon you don’t even need to run anymore, you can simply launch dpkg-buildpackage.

  22. Boza says: - reply

    I miss 2 things in Cinnamon. It’s a background preview and hide unused icons.
    Everything else is perfact.

    Maybe in some next realese you could add some widgets out-of-box. Like CPU, memory, network. That would be nice.

    Sry for bad english.

    Edit by Clem: There’s plenty of 3rd party cinnamon widgets like these available. For the background selection we just added it in last week, and we’re planning on adding a preview. That’s a feature that’s beeing coordinated across cinnamon and nemo.

  23. MattB says: - reply

    Have you solved these bugs?

    1. When the panel at the top left contains only the menu button and there aren’t other items on the right, the label “menu” becomes “me…” it’s troublesome.

    2. Often happens to me that when I open the menu with firefox opened the OS freezes and only the mouse works, so I have to force restart.


    Edit by Clem: Almost sure we did. Both. Afaik these were 1.4.0 bugs. One of the cause of 2) had to do with tooltips and that was fixed in Muffin 1.0.3-UP2. The “Me…” problem… I can’t remember when exactly, but it was fixed as well, I’m pretty sure. It’s definitely not there in 1.5.

  24. psychorat says: - reply

    Custom Panel height ->> Yeaaaaahh!!

  25. Srba says: - reply

    Present version work very nice on my computers.
    Nice option will be adding a extra panels on left or right side, like in Mate, but now I use Avant Desktop instead, so there is no problem :)

    You guys do very good job, and I am grateful to you because of that.
    Thank you very much!

  26. Shred says: - reply

    I saw “edge flipping” mentioned in the Github commits. Will we get edge flipping? This would be so awesome! :-) It’s the feature I miss most after Gnome 2 died.

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes, it’s there. I didn’t mention all the 1.6 features.. there’s many. Edge-flipping isn’t considered a major feature because we’re not entirely happy of the way it works. It’s functional but the way it works is a little bit confusing until you understand what it does and there’s no visual indication coming with it yet.

  27. Thank you for Mint Cinnamon, I will try soon MATE too.
    No complain globally on the desktop….
    But the stability is not perfect yet…with a standard implementation on a Thinkpad T60, I experience quite often “freeze” which need a reboot under Firefox or Chrome. I just noticed that some (not all) of these freezes might be corrected….sometimes with a ctrl+click on the “menu” item. In that case the freeze is characterized by “flickering” menus….But the freeze might be deeper with the pointer moving or nothing else or eventually a freeze on the pointer also. This might not be attributed to Cinnamon as I experienced same problems in XFCE

    And a Hurrah for Clem honesty

    • Interesting – I run Maya + Cinnamon (stock 1.4) on a T60 (with Intel graphics) and it has been absolutely 100% rock solid so far – not a single freeze, nor any other issue, and I use it 8+ hours every day for work.. You might have something else going on, given that you mention problems in XFCE too. Might be worth running a memtest?

      Anyway, to echo the sentiments of others, a big vote of thanks to Clem for the splendid work, and the tremendous pace of development too!

  28. Excellent, and keep up the good work! :-)

    Just two questions:

    1) What’s the status of dual-monitor with secondary on the left (#302)

    2) Anything done wrt. #645 (and/or #866)?
    2a) I am aware of an extension to provide scroll-wheel workspace navigation (at the edges) but it doesn’t seem to work for me…

    Best regards,


  29. Restigo says: - reply

    One thing I´d like to see in the next Mint:

    A new cool Mint logo to replace the “gear”.
    Mint is a quality distro, and it needs a better default desktop “branding” IMO.

    Something not too small. A cool bold logo :D

    • Restigo says: - reply

      Maybe a silvery/metallic logo with some green in it. And a darker new default background?

      Something more “flashy” than the current set up. (more appeal to newcomers)

      Maybe a logo contest on the forums?

      Just tossing some ideas around… :D

  30. vojacik says: - reply

    I tried some older version, excuse me if I wrongly remember it, but I missed three manners of maximization – left clik fullscreen, middle click vertical, right clik horizontal. I’d like to see this in Cinnamon.

  31. Jim Bennett says: - reply

    I love cinnamon desktop. I am now using 1.4 and only have two switchable work space. I only hope that isn’t where it is stopped. I need a minimum of 4 switchable workplaces. I am using Linux because I do not like program on top of programs like windows.

    Thank you
    Jim Bennett

  32. rowel says: - reply

    I don’t want to offend Linux Mint sir, but do you have a theme that looks like or better than Windows 7? I like the appeal of the desktop its cool to see crystal clear transparent glass. I tried to use the one I researched on the web before but i end up reinstalling Mint. Hope you could put some 3D transparent effect in the future or if there is could you please forward the instruction to me. I am using Linux Maya as of now. And one more thing, I am trying to install cinellera to my Maya but what I get was full of error. And lately I am having problem with apt-get update and it is showing like this “W: GPG error: precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key “, could you please tell me how to fix this problem? I have solve it before but here it is again. Thanks for your time.

    • dalcde says: - reply

      Your first question is a bit vague. Personally I consider many themes to look better than Windows 7. If you want to find one that looks similar to it, this can be a good option: I doubt if there will be a complete and full mimick. There might be copyright issues.

      We do have 3D transparent effects. It’s defined by the theme, but some (many?) themes don’t use them because they make words difficult to read.

      This is a bit off-topic, but the warning during apt-get update is okay, in the sense that you can still work normally. However, there might be security problems. Would you mind to ask in the forums.

      • rowel says: - reply

        Thanks for the reply Mr. Dalcde. On the third paragraph you are right there is a security issue. I believe I have use the same solution based on the forum but what amazed me is it keeps on coming back. Well I don’t remember using any softwares other than what is supplied in the synaptic manager, and from what I can recall is that the solution provided by the forum is delete the old list and create a new one in our user account. Now the problem returns and the old solution does not work anymore so I have to delete the old list to make way for the new one, that is another new old list. The question is how many times do I have to do this? If however this will not become an issue in Nadia then I guess I have to wait for its release. I have brought this issue because for several times I have encountered this problem and it comes to the point my Mint stop working because of that error so I have to use another distro, crawl and delete the problematic matter to make my Mint work again.

      • rowel says: - reply

        Hello sir, what I am trying to emphasize was Win7 but not exactly copying every aspect on its desktop. What I meant was crystal clear taskbar and toolbars. I tried it in Ubuntu before but the performance becomes sluggish, I like the response time of Mint that’s why I chose it to be my Linux distro.

  33. rowel says: - reply

    Sir, is it possible to upgrade from Maya to Nadia? Judging from the promotion on the top page, you drop and modify many things in gnome. Now is it still possible to upgrade? Or do we have to reinstall it new? If upgrade is possible will it inherit the same problem issue I have encountered from Maya?

  34. K3iTH says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    Love your work with Cinnamon, but I always encounter a menu delay under Maya when the menu is clicked on. Will we see a fix for that? Also, is the resource usage for Cinnamon 1.4 and 1.6 the same?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  35. roj says: - reply


    Will the zoom issues and proper zoom functionality a la Compiz enhanced zoom be there for Cinnamon 1.6?

  36. Baz says: - reply

    If they will add Desktop cube i’ll switch to cinnamon

  37. jay says: - reply

    hi, Clem
    there is another thing i noticed with cinnamon 1.4, i do not know if it is a bug or a setting i don’t know,
    the browser windows, when not maximized, open with a little bit of space on the left of the screen, as if there was a Unity bar there,
    if you resize it and try again it makes no difference, it opens up with the same space on the left,

  38. Antonio says: - reply

    Hello, I’m running Mint 13 with Cinnamon for 2 months so far, and I love it. Since I have two graphics card (Intel integrated, and AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M 2GB) and Cinnamon can’t run at all with my Radeon (if I install drivers, the system switches to Gnome fallback), I’d like to know whether the new Cinnamon 1.6 release will properly run with Radeon drivers… it would be great, since now I also have many power management issues with the card, which runs fans at full speed the whole time… :(
    Anyway, great job so far guys! :)

    • Yes, I’ve always had problems with my ATI card (Mobility Radeon HD 4200) and Cinnamon as well. It works ok if I use the Open Source driver, but graphics are way too slow on graphic-intensive programs. The proprietary driver (every version I’ve used, including the most recent on their site) has bad flickering and stuttering when using Cinnamon and some graphic-intensive programs. Both drivers overheat my laptop badly when using Cinnamon. This means I cannot use Cinnamon. Mate works fine (mostly like Gnome 2), but I still like the looks and features of Cinnamon. Just can’t use it.

      Oddly, while earlier versions of Gnome 3 also showed these same symptoms, the most recent version does not. Hopefully that means a fix is possible.

      Will this be fixed in 1.6?

      • Clem, I tried Cinnamon 1.6.0, and it still has this problem. Gnome 3, Gnome classic, KDE, Mate, XFCE all behave well on my graphics card. Cinnamon is the only one that becomes virtually unusable with some software on my ATI graphics card due to intense flickering, no matter what version of the proprietary driver I use (can’t use the open source driver because it’s too slow).

        Any idea where the problem could be? Is there anything I could do or test that would help you trace the source of this problem?

        Let me know! Thanks!

  39. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    I wanted to verify that what I was doing was okay. I don’t know how to compile anything; wouldn’t even know how to begin.

    GitHub, frankly, confuses me to no end. I admire all of you that have no problems with understanding it.

    What I have done, the only way I could have done it, is to add this PPA:

    to the repositories and am now successfully using Mint 13 Maya with Cinnamon 1.5.7.

    My question is, is this a safe source? I can’t remember where I got the PPA address from. Is this an official source?

    As I mentioned, it works great and is simple for someone like me to be able to use and I just wanted to hopefully verify it.

  40. Kirk M says: - reply

    @CtrlAltDel – Not to worry, it’s a safe source alright. Gwendal works closely with the Mint developers or actually may be one of the Mint developers now. I only know this from seeing his patches for Cinnamon at Github. You can’t tell from the “Teams” page at though. It’s way out of date. :-D

  41. Opetre says: - reply

    Hello, can someone tell me how to install the 1.5.3 version through Terminal? I’m on Linux Mint 13.

  42. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    Thanks, Kirk. I appreciate the response and have much better peace of mind now.

  43. Zyzz says: - reply

    I think there’s a bug with lookingglass and cinnamon. Sometimes when I have it opened it can’t be closed anymore. As there is not even a “quit” button or “X” (Esc doesn’t work) I have to restart my session with alt + ctrl + backspace.
    I think it has something to do with the little popups you get from hovering over a applet in the panel because I remember it happening when banshee changed a song and telling me the new song (annoying popup but as usual with the “new” linux you can’t deactivate it without removing it from the soundmenu…..)
    Lookingglass is a Gnome3 thing right? So I can’t ask you to make it possible to select and copy the text it gives me? :(

    Talking about gnome3. Can you implement an option to make the pc shutdown when I press the power button? (I don’t want any popup asking me if I’m sure.) It’s pretty stupid to have to use a workaround for such an easy thing. I even read that gnome3 devs decided that they don’t want users to shutdown via button because they might lose data even if the user changed the option via dconf editor (theres an option to change the power button behavior but it doesn’t work anymore because they changed it so there is still an popup). Even Windows has this as default….

  44. Kirk M says: - reply

    Zyzz – Yup, there’s a bug in Looking Glass in that you have to select another “Mode” (so to speak) before you can close it via the ESC key. What I mean is, Looking Glass comes up in “Evaluator” mode by default and you won’t be able to close it until you select another mode (Windows, Errors, Memory or Extensions). Once you select another mode then you can use the Esc key to close it.

    And yeah, Looking Glass is is developed by Gnome and I have yet to find a way to copy text directly from Looking Glass itself. However, in “Cinnamon Settings – General” there is a check box that will enable Looking Glass to log it’s output to “~/.cinnamon/glass.log” and you should be able to copy from there. It’s not enabled by default and once you check the check box you’ll need to restart Cinnamon before it will take effect. I haven’t tried it myself but it should work.

    • Zyzz says: - reply

      Weird I’m pretty sure I tried all modes when that happened (I only used it evalute why my applets aren’t running but I gave up) but I try it again when it happens again.
      Thx for the tip with the log. Weird that they don’t make it selectable. If it’s a tool for programming you’d expect the need to copy somethings from time to time. But it’s a gnome thing so …. (no I don’t ‘flame’ gnome here now *g*).

  45. Primoz says: - reply

    This is just getting better and better! Good work guys.

  46. Sari Galin says: - reply

    I compiled and installed Cinnamon 1.5.7 and still experinced instability.
    when I was working with firefox Cinnamon logged off and my session closed!!!!!

    Dear Clem,
    I know you and your team are working very hard. but stablity must be the key feature of Cinnamon

    Edit by Clem: I fully agree with that, it’s hard to achieve but trust me, stability is paramount to us as well.

  47. Rw says: - reply

    What is the way to get this new version of cinnamon? just wait and upgrade the system, or what?

  48. manu says: - reply

    It’s Good News for us Clem..
    Thank you and Linux Mint Team for making Linux Beautiful again…
    Good to see some of my requests being answered… :)

    One feature I would like Cinnamon to have is trackback on the Notifications displayed.. or longer staying and less distracting Notifications…

    I use Cinnamon 1.4… Dont know if it is already fixed in l8r versions.. Just mentioned if it isn’t…


    Edit by Clem: Yes, that’s in 1.6. There’s a new notification applet just for that.

  49. NormanF says: - reply

    It runs well on OpenSuse 12.2 – in 2D. When Clem gets finished working on the llvmpipe feature, it should be possible to run Cinnamon on all computers, eliminating the need to keep two separate versions – this has already been done with Unity.

    I would like to request in the next release the ability to add separators and to add separate windows for open applications to the panel.

  50. Sniper7 says: - reply

    Where can one seein’ some preview screenshots of Cinnamon 1.6.x desktop?

  51. Hi, can you make it so that if cinnamon crashes or restarts, that everything but the wallpaper doesn’t dissapear? Maybe seperating cinnamon from one proccess into several might work?

  52. Mitch says: - reply

    Seriously, I can’t thank you guys enough for making Cinnamon! It’s amazing how much you listen to the community while others just ignore the community. Though there is one thing i would like to see In a future release. An active state for the panel buttons(e.g. calendar, menu, sound applet). Keep up the great work guys!

  53. Tim Sanders says: - reply

    Clem for the next cinnamon release can you work on the Magnifier feature
    it’s OK but more of a GUI for it like for magnification levels
    or really what i am looking for is color settings
    such as Invert brightness and reverse video
    one more thing
    if i could get 1.25 – 1.50 and THEN 2X size because i don’t usually want 2x just maybe 1.5 and 1.25
    if you don’t have anyone with magnifier skills thats alright but if you could find a couple people to add these features that would be great
    also i think this is a Gnome 3 specific feature isn’t it — guess i have to talk to them somehow — what’s there email

  54. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    Take a look at the Cinnamon 1.5.8 right click panel menu and and extra items added to Cinnamon Settings. (Thumbnail) (Full Sized Image)

  55. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    Here are some Cinnamon 1.5.8 shots of the settings dialog boxes for the menu, panel, and the ‘other settings” tab for themes.

    Also included is the menu of Nemo. (Thumbnail) (Full Sized Image)

  56. melltuga says: - reply

    Hi :) ,

    as soon as 1.6 is out I want to set up my sisters Laptop with Ubuntu + Cinnamon (she insists on using Ubuntu, I don’t know why …). Will Software Management take care of the Nemo / Nautilus – thing itself?


    melltuga :)

  57. NeoSeven says: - reply

    Will Cinnamon 1.6 be installable on Maya?

  58. Tom says: - reply

    When and how the new Cinnamon 1.6 will be availabe in LMDE ?

    Edit by Clem:

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