Cinnamon 1.6 released

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.6!

Cinnamon 1.6 represents 4 months of development and 626 commits. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements.

Read below for a brief overview of the new features and major improvements (for a complete list of changes, head over to the following github page)

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy ;)

Workspace OSD

Workspaces are “persistent” in Cinnamon. This means you can create a workspace whenever you want by clicking the “+” button and it will remain there until you decide to delete it. You can log off or even reboot, your workspaces will remain the way you defined them.

In Cinnamon 1.6 you can give them a name.

You can name your workspaces

This allows you to define distinct and memorable environments and to separate and gather your windows according to your activities.

The name appears when you switch workspace

When you switch workspaces, the workspace name appears on the screen. So you always know where you are.

The Workspace OSD (On-Screen-Display) is also configurable. You can set its duration, its position on the screen and whether you want it to show up or not.

Window Quick-List

The Window Quick-List is a new applet which lists all your windows across all workspaces.

The Window Quick-List is great to access windows across multiple workspaces

Scale also received improved keyboard navigation, so whether you prefer to find your windows by name or by looking at them, you can do so quickly and easily in Cinnamon 1.6.

Finally, both Scale and Expo are now also available as applets (as opposed to hot corners). This means they can be added wherever you want in the panels, in complement or replacement of the window quick-list.

Notifications Applet

When you add the notifications applet to your panel it keeps track of any notification you didn’t dismiss.

The notification applet keeps track of what happened when you weren't looking

Cinnamon notifications are ephemeral; Either you click them and they disappear immediately or they disappear by themselves after a few seconds.

The notifications applet acts like a tray which collects the notifications you didn’t click on. This is particularly handy when you’re busy doing something else and you just happened to see a notification in the corner of your screen but didn’t have time to read it, or when you’re away and you want to catch up with what happened during your absence.

Alt-Tab Thumbnails and Window Previews

The Alt-Tab window switcher is now configurable. Cinnamon 1.6 features the following switchers:

  • Icons (default, similar to Cinnamon 1.4)
  • Icons + Thumbnails
  • Icons + Window Previews
  • Window Previews

Alt-Tab with Icons and Thumbnails

“Window Previews” shows a preview of the selected window while switching with an effect similar to the Compiz Fusion switcher. The window in question comes to the front of the screen and is displayed prominently. If the theme defines it, the window can also be highlighted with an outline border/color.

Improved Sound Applet

Music lovers will enjoy some of the improvements in the Sound Applet.

More prominent cover art and improved layout in the sound applet

The layout was reworked to give the cover artwork more space. The volume slider now features a visible percentage and no longer controls amplification past 100% (although this was handy in Cinnamon 1.4, it was confusing and led to people experiencing sound saturation). The applet now also comes with tooltips and mute buttons for the sound and the microphone (accessible via the right-click menu).

Backgrounds Selection & Nemo Integration

Although it can be used with Nautilus or other file browsers, Cinnamon’s default file browser is now Nemo.

The Cinnamon backgrounds selection screen

Cinnamon will eventually handle all visible layers of the Gnome desktop and provide an integrated experience, not only in terms of window and workspace management, but also in terms of file browsing, configuration and desktop presentation. Cinnamon 1.6 comes with tight integration for Nemo and a brand new backgrounds selection screen.

And that’s not all…

Cinnamon 1.6 is huge. There’s more than 800 changes in it and its commit changelog is 2.3 times the size of the 1.4 release! It would be hard to describe all the new features and to list all the bug fixes… and if we did, you probably wouldn’t have the patience to read through it all :)

So here’s a quick overview of the most notable new features and bug fixes which come with this new release.

For an exhaustive list of changes, please visit the following page:

Other new features:

  • Edge Flip
  • Grid View in Expo
  • Configurable panel heights
  • Panel auto-hide delay options
  • Expo and Scale applets
  • Brightness applet
  • Mouse scroll to switch windows in window list applet
  • “Close all” and “Close other” in window list applet
  • Cinnamon 2D (A new session which uses software rendering, to help people troubleshoot compatibility problems with Cinnamon)
  • Workspaces and Menu pages in Cinnamon Settings
  • Faster menu filtering
  • Menu activation on hover
  • Settings applet is now part of the panel context menu
  • New widgets (for Applet developers): radio buttons and checkboxes

Most notable bug fixes:

  • Improved keyboard navigation in Scale and Expo
  • Fixed panel labels getting shrunk
  • Panel zones alignment
  • Improved stability (fixed many bugs which made Cinnamon 1.4 crash)
  • Fixed many memory leaks present in Cinnamon 1.4
  • Improved dual-monitor handling
  • Fixed context menus appearing behind the panel, flickering or appearing behind other windows.
  • Faster workspace switching (and no more reordering of the windows)
  • Fixed skype chat window stealing the focus
  • Fixed attached dialogs leaving window borders on the screen when closing too fast
  • Fixed panel autohiding when lookingGlass is open
  • Fixed showDesktop applet not always showing the desktop
  • Fixed showDesktop applet missing Gimp utility windows
  • Fixed places not appearing in menu
  • Applets are now aligned in the center when placed in the central zone of the panel

Notes to applet developers

Now that panel heights are configurable, your applet can use the _panelHeight property to know the current height of the panel it’s on.

Applets which use the Applet.Applet prototype will need to handle changes to this property by using the on_panel_height_changed() function.

Applets using IconApplet, TextApplet, or TextIconApplet will have resizes handled automatically.

Note that this property is only utilized when the user checks the “Allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons…” option in the Cinnamon panel settings.

There is also a new on_applet_removed_from_panel()  function available, which you can use as a callback for when your applet is removed from the panel.

Notes to extension developers

For all extensions, you need to change the version of Cinnamon in the metadata.json file to “1.6.0″.

If your extension is tightly dependent on the code, expect it to break… most workspace management features (Scale, Expo..etc) were refactored in Cinnamon 1.6.

If you encounter any problems, please log in the IRC and ask us for help at #linuxmint-dev on

Notes to themes artists

It’s not going to be trivial to upgrade your theme to Cinnamon 1.6… but we’ll help you as much as we can.

For your theme to fully work with Cinnamon 1.6 you need to do the following:

  • Remove the following files:
    • corner-ripple-ltr.png
    • corner-ripple-rtl.png
    • gdm.css
  • Add the following files from the default Cinnamon theme (or create your own):
    • add-workspace-hover.png
    • checkbox-focused.svg
    • checkbox-off-focused.svg
    • checkbox-off.svg
    • checkbox.svg
    • corner-ripple.png
    • radiobutton-off.svg
    • radiobutton.svg
    • trash-icon.png
  • Review the modifications made to the following files (re-import them in your theme or improve your own versions):
    • cinnamon.css
    • add-workspace.png
    • menu.png

For “cinnamon.css”, the changes are quite complex. A visual diff was made available at

Go through each change (deletions appear in red, additions in green) and port them to your theme’s cinnamon.css file.

Feel free to come and chat with us on #linuxmint-dev ( if you face any problem.

Once your theme is fully compatible with Cinnamon 1.6, we’ll give it a quality label and certify its compatibility on the themes page. It will also be listed above the other themes.

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Deepak says: - reply


    When can we see the cinnamon 1.6 rolling out?

    • Sethu says: - reply

      I am using Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop with loaded Cinnamon, perfectly working without any issues. But I have small issue “When I am Minizing any applications” these applications are not able to see in the task bar but after clicking ALT+Tab applications weill apprea.

      How to get these in Task bar when I minimized any application.
      Please help in this reagrd.

      Sethu Ram- Mumbai

  2. Kirk M says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    Congratulations on getting 1.6 out. Appreciate all your hard work. A couple of questions though.

    Cinnamon 1.6 does not seem to be available through any of the Mint repositories including Romeo–yet. Latest version is still “1.4 UP3″. Is 1.6 still only available through Git or the nightly PPA? (I may have missed something in your post.)

    And since Nemo is now integrated in Cinnamon 1.6, will we be able to remove Nautilus if we choose to do so once we update? I’ve noticed that Nautilus occasionally “takes control” over Nemo after a boot/reboot and I have to have to “re-enable” Nemo by unchecking and rechecking the “Let the file manager (Nemo) control the desktop” in “Desktop Settings” (this is in Cinnamon 1.6 via the “nightly” ppa).

    • sethu says: - reply

      I am using Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop with loaded Cinnamon, perfectly working without any issues. But I have small issue “When I am Minizing any applications” these applications are not able to see in the task bar but after clicking ALT+Tab applications weill apprea.

      How to get these in Task bar when I minimized any application.
      Please help in this reagrd.

      Sethu Ram- Mumbai

  3. Spero says: - reply

    So does it update via update manager to version 1.6 ? or do i have to compile it from github Also do i have to install nemo ? …Can you please post a tutorial …

    Great changes ! I realy like cinnamon.One thing i would like to see in the next version is the menu to be closer to the right part of the screen .. like in the mate version. Also there sould be more functionality for the menu( like mintmenu from mate).

  4. ben says: - reply


  5. melltuga says: - reply

    Thank you for your hard work :)

  6. I’m a die-hard Ubuntu fan, but I must say Cinnamon is quite impressive and it’s developing pretty fast. Cheers on using github as well!

    The only thing that bugs me overall is the ugly grey panel, really non-appealing imho.

  7. Hi Clem, thanks for al the work made to Cinnamon, i hope it can becomes a great DE to use. Just a question. I want to made a theme for Cinnamon in a future, but as i remember we need to make a theme for the GTK too to integrate. Where can i find an example theme to try to adapt it to Nemo and Cinnamon including the window manager?

    Also i want to try to help you out in the MDM, and maybe it’s not the best place to introduce you this, but i was wondering if you can help me to test this little code i made for changing the MDM user list or if you can give a feddback of how can i port it to a GUI, try to make even simpler or a feedback to realize if this works or any encountered bugs ->


    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Santiago,

      MDM 1.0.6 has userlist and face support. Don’t hesitate to come and chat with us though on #linuxmint-dev (, there’s plenty of other things we want to improve in MDM and it might be interesting to compare our respective work and improvements on this.

      For the theme itself, it’s very simple. I can guide you through it when we meet on the chat.

      • Hi Clem, sorry to take it long to answer but i’ve been kind of busy with some projects in my university and these days it’s gonna be a kind of a hard (I’m a student yet, by the way), and I don’t have a laptop/PC with Mint installed on it (my laptop used to have it but now it returns back to my dad hands and i have no PC except a virtual one on my desktop with Win7 that i shared with my brother)

        Thanks for the invitation to the chat, it’ll be an honor to talk to you and learn how to to do a theme for Cinnamon and maybe try to port some of the Nautilus themes to Nemo (as a long-term personal project). I tried to go into the IRC page you gave me but it gives me an 404 error, I don’t know if you can send me the page again

        Also I didn’t know that about the MDM, so i guess now i can try to do themes instead of changing what we already have, but of course I can spend time helping you in the MDM, i won’t promess a 100% of my time but you can contact me to my e-mail in case i can be helpful to you. Again thanks and i hope we can chat soon in order to exchange some ideas about Mint :) (Y)

  8. jesse5567 says: - reply

    I read all the Cinnamon and Mint blogs and comments, and, from the list of features you describe here, you are addressing (adding/fixing) nearly all the issues that people have been discussing. Great work, Clem & Team! You are going to make a *lot* of people *very* happy.

    And it’s great to see that you are making bug fixing, code clean-up, and efficiency priorities.

  9. iamajd says: - reply

    I would love you forever if there were a Debian repository or PPA.

  10. Timothy says: - reply

    Dear Clem,
    Congratulations on this release! One concern though, is it possible to enlarge the size of the applets? It seems that when you increase the size of the panel the applets size stay constant. Is there a way around this? Thank You!

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes, there’s an option for that in the Cinnamon settings (Settings->Panel->”Allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons according to the panel heights”)

  11. Istenes says: - reply

    Just downloaded the sources from git hub, works like a charm! VERY GOOD WORK!

  12. X says: - reply

    Thank you for your hardwork!

    Now its one of the best Desktop envoiroment.

  13. Emmanuel says: - reply

    Congratulation to the team ! UP5 and Cinnamon 1.6 in two days ! Impressive ! Best distro ever !

  14. Zon Saja says: - reply

    Congrats on Cinnamon 1.6!

    Hi Clem, I’ve been using Nemo more than Nautilus (even Nautilus 3.4 in Ubuntu 12.04). But one thing I really miss in Nemo is the compress/extract utility. I think it’s a standard feature that should be there in any file manager app.


  15. Mark says: - reply

    Awesome job you guys, can we expect to see a matching dark/cinnamon metacity theme to give the Cinnamon its own style differing it from the Mate version?

  16. Clem,

    I tried 1.6.0, and it still doesn’t work with my ATI graphics card (even Cinnamon 2D). I get constant flickering with some graphics-heavy applications, especially games, and it overheats my laptop to harmful levels. This is happening with every version of the proprietary ATI driver I’ve tried. This is not a problem with any other DE, including the current Gnome 3 (which used to also give me the same problems, but seems fixed now). Is there any possibility of this problem being addressed in the near future? I really want to use Cinnamon. I just can’t at the moment.


    • I should have typed Gnome Shell, not Gnome 3. The Gnome 3 Classic mode has always worked fine. I’m assuming the problem probably lies in Muffin and older Mutter versions, maybe?

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Mike, give us the versions of mutter where this problem is visible and the version of mutter where it’s fixed and we’ll try to identify the fix and port it to muffin.

      • DM says: - reply

        Hi Clem,
        I also have this problem. I have an ATI graphics card too.
        If this gets fixed then I will be really happy but this is such a severe bug that it might force me away from Mint.
        I simple google search shows that isn’t just us with this problem.


        • Beyondcr says: - reply

          Good work everyone! +1 on this issue. Just dose not play nice with ATI :(

        • Hello, I had the same issues with my ATI Card.
          I have a Dell laptop with an AMD Radeon HD7730M and the integrated Intel graphics.
          I can only use Cinnamon with the integrated intel graphics, if I install the proprietary ATI drivers the session switches to Gnome fallback. If I uninstall them, Cinnamon comes back.

          I reported this issue on the forum, and in the IRC chat, ad everyone said that Cinnamon isn’t compatible with ATI drivers. Luckily I have the integrated card as well, but I’d like to see this issue fixed :)

          Follows my inxi -G output, which now works since I unistalled the radeon drivers.

          Graphics: Card-1: Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics Controller
          Card-2: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Device 682f
          X.Org: 1.11.3 drivers: intel (unloaded: vesa,fbdev) Resolution: 1920×1080@60.0hz
          GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Ivybridge Mobile GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 8.0.2

      • Clem,

        I can tell you that the current version of Mutter works (3.4.1-0ubuntu1), but I wasn’t using it continuously between the time I saw that the problem existed and now. I also was not watching out for the version numbers. Since the older versions are no longer in Ubuntu’s repositories, I’m not sure how to check these. Do you have any suggestions?

        If I can find a repository where older versions are stored, I’ll gladly install and test the older versions until I find the point when it changed. I’m pretty sure I remember that it didn’t work around the time Cinnamon was released last December. That was the last time I tried it until this summer, and it worked fine then.

        • clem says: - reply

          Mike and DM,

          Please give me the following info so I can troubleshoot this:

          1) Your GPU chipset
          2) Your driver (and version)
          3) Which apps are showing these symptoms (give me as many as possible so I can reproduce)
          4) Whether or not they ALWAYS show them, or whether it’s intermittent (it’s much easier to fix a problem that ALWAYS happens)

          Basically, give me all the info you can so I can reproduce the problem here. We’ve got a few ATI boxes so with some luck we can do that too.

          Once we’re able to reproduce, chances are we’re not far from a fix.

          Send us screenshots, versions, descriptions on the steps you’re taking to always reproduce the fault, description of the fault etc.. .

          Thanks in advance for your time and your detailed feedback.

          • clem says: -

            btw, in Mint, for point 1) and 2), you can give us the output of the following command:

            inxi -G

          • Mike Freeman says: -


            (from inxi -G)
            Graphics: Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]
            X.Org: 1.11.3 driver: fglrx Resolution: 1366×768@60.0hz
            GLX Renderer: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series GLX Version: 3.3.11627 – CPC

            Right now, I’m using the proprietary driver version, which comes from the package fglrx-updates. I also tried the most recent version (as of last week) from the AMD web site. It gave me identical results.

            One program that always gives me the most dramatic example of this problem is the game Osmos. If you don’t have access to it, there is a demo version at

            Throughout the game, including the intro, there is almost constant flickering and jittering, and the graphics are noticably slower than normal (low fps). The laptop, while always hotter than normal when running Cinnamon, jumps up greatly in heat levels with this game when using Cinnamon. This happens every time I try it when using Cinnamon, and never happens with any other DE.

          • Mike Freeman says: -

            I suppose it would also help that I mentioned that I’m running 64-bit Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon.

          • clem says: -

            Ok, we’re able to reproduce the issue.

          • clem says: -

            Mike I’ve got some bad news. We looked into this all day today and we can’t find what the problem is. The demo works fine with the nVidia drivers, but when using an ATI chipset with fglrx it only works fine with Gnome Shell, and not with Cinnamon.

            We looked upstream at the differences between Shell and Cinnamon and didn’t find anything conclusive that could explain this behaviour.

            We’re starting to think there’s a hardcoded reference to Gnome Shell in fglrx itself (we noticed the demo didn’t work well with Mutter itself for instance) and since it’s an AMD proprietary blob we can’t check its source code to see what it’s doing.

          • Mike Freeman says: -

            Well, that’s not good. I guess I’ll have to be on Mate or Gnome Classic for now.

  17. Zyzz says: - reply

    Can’t wait to have it updated in LMDE. :D Great work!

    Am I able to deactivate all Notifications with the new applet? (+ The sound menu when a track is changed.) At the moment I have the Sound Menu applet (nice thing) and an icon from Banshee to have no notifications. (If I remove the Banshee icon from the panel I get the the notification in the sound applet again. :( )

  18. Alex says: - reply


    Why dont not found Super+Tab to change workspace?
    In cinnamon 1.4 its possible with menu keyboard shortcuts.


  19. Gisli says: - reply

    First of all GREAT WORK and congratulations on the release.
    Still there is one function that I miss in Cinnamon which is, at this moment, the only thing that keeps me with xfce and that is the workspaces.
    I would switch to Cinnamon in a heartbeat if 2×2 workspaces were available.
    By having that functionality (like Gnome 2.*, MATE and xfce have) it allows the user to switch much faster between workspaces.

    I really hope you can implement that functionality so I can stop fighting the urge to try Cinnamon on my main machine.

    Edit by Clem: In Expo, you can use the number keys to switch to a particular workspace in a heartbeat. We’ll introduce CTRL-ALT-Number as well going forward.

    • Peter says: - reply

      Unfortunately, this is a make-or-break feature for me as well. I use OSX spaces at work, Ubuntu at home, and have the same 2×2 setup on both. The muscle memory for me is not changing anytime soon. I love everything else about Cinnamon though. Sigh.

  20. xhsdf says: - reply

    Looks great so far, but for some reason I can’t move my modified version of the “Window List with App Grouping” applet on the panel and had to edit the setting in dconf-editor. I also miss the extract/compress functions in Nemo, but you said you are already working on that.

    I really like the grid in expo mode, configurable panel heights and path bar toggle.
    Keep up the good work, you are awesome!

  21. DM says: - reply

    Thank you so much! This is going to be a great release.

  22. mikn says: - reply

    @Gisli – This was my main gripe with Cinnamon too, but I found under the keyboard shortcut settings you could map individual workspaces to a specific key, so I bound Ctrl+alt+numpad1-6 to switching workspaces and ctrl+alt+shift+numpad1-6 to move windows to the workspaces. Here is the issue discussing it:

  23. billynick says: - reply

    so hmm, is it adviceable to change over to the default cinnamon theme before installing this? also, can i uninstall nautilus after installing nemo?
    and another thing, how bout an rss feed for new/updated themes/extensions/apples on the spices page? the only rss feed i can find there is comments

  24. tobik says: - reply

    Thank you guys!

    I am wondering if the messenger window bug is now fixed?
    (Skype / Pidgin Chatwindows always pops up if they are only minimized which is really annoying..)

  25. MM says: - reply

    This looks great, but I can’t seem to install it from the Cinnamon stable nor the nightly PPA – it keeps saying I already have the latest version intalled. Is it available in the package managers yet? I don’t know if it’s just me…

  26. Dave Brown says: - reply

    Lovin’ Cinnamon 1.6!

    In Nemo I see two things missing from the right click menu.. Create Document from Template and Extract. Other than that it looks great!

  27. Ivan says: - reply

    you should really integrate with gnome 3 – two modes switched on fly!

  28. Beamer145 says: - reply

    “Configurable panel heights” -> I was hoping this would mean support for multiple rows but apparently it just scales everything :(

    Will multiple rows (as in the windows taskbar) be possible in some future release or is there some underlying technical reason why that is hard ?

    Thanks for the work in any case

  29. MM says: - reply

    Okay, I followed the directions on the blog and got Cinnamon installed. It works, but my workspace navigation shortcuts do not work any longer and have been replaced with some other feature. For example Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 6 should take me to the workspace on the right, but instead it moves the window to the right of the screen. Ctrl+Super+Numpad 6 should move the current window to the workspace on the right, but it does nothing. All shortcuts are mapped correctly in the keyboard settings; I do not see what is causing this.

  30. Peter says: - reply

    Would Cinnamon 1.6 also work well with Ubuntu 12.04?

  31. With Cinnamon 1.4 I was able to bind (Ctrl+) my numeric pad keys to switch to specific desktops, as well as to go left and right through them with the numpad + and – keys or the ‘forward and ‘backward’ keys on my laptop. But these navigation keybindings do not appear to work with 1.6. How do I accomplish the same thing in 1.6?

  32. A suggestion: Couple the idea of Window Previews with the concept of Desktop Icon: Rather than minimize and then mouse-over or alt-tab, I want to turn some windows into a sticky, user-placed preview.

    Going forward, some apps might want to know when they are in this state so they can render a more useful preview. C.f. you had your video rendering software at 3200×1900 with a 320×120 progress bar dialog in the middle. Kinda hard to tell what it’s doing when you preview that.

    Usually this is a “dock” concept, but chances are your dock is already full of launcher stuff etc. To maintain a scaling UI flow for this, perhaps the mechanism is that you use the stock procedure for producing a live preview (minimize, mouse-over) but then “tear” the preview away from the dock and pin it onto the desktop.

    Take the render example.

    1. Minimize the render software window,
    2. Mouse over and click a “pin” button above the preview to make that preview stick always-top.
    3. Open browser and continue browsing,
    4. Position of the sticky preview is hovering over your preferred browser position and you want to relocate it. “Tear” and drag it to another location. It’s already flagged as pinned, so it will stay where you drop it.
    5a. Double click the tile to restore the window,
    5b. Unclick the pin to restore to normal minimized mode,
    5c. “Snap” to the dock area to reattach it to the task icon.

  33. dashesy says: - reply

    Thanks for all the great work

  34. James says: - reply

    But with all of this work, font rendering still sucks. Look at the fonts in the screenshots, they look terrible.

  35. Gnutian says: - reply

    What a refreshingly new look for cinnamon. Thank you as always!

  36. Simon says: - reply

    To the discussion about key bindings for switching workspaces, I’d just like to add that I remain wedded to compiz because I am able to switch workspaces left or right with mouse buttons (buttons 6 and 7, specifically). I would really like to see this as an option in Cinnamon — it’s so useful, I’d be really loathe to live without it.


  37. taki says: - reply

    This looks reeeeeeealy nice! I am especially looking forward to dual display improvements :)
    Cinnamon in combination with linux Mint gets more and more usable.
    There is still one big linux fail to address yet in local and local network file management (drag and drop files over ethernet without mounting remote share via fstab, permissions via gui that would really apply once applied, inheritance of permissions and consequently “there is no full featured and actually working total commander for linux???” bug :) )
    Anyway. This really made my day and all i can say is great work guys, very nice, thank you :)

  38. Bogdan says: - reply

    I have Cinnamon 1.4.0 and it works great, than I add a cinnamon nightly ppa to Synaptic and upgrade it to 1.6.0 – all is fine. Reboot and nothing appear =( Only background… From GNOME Classic it sad . Than I replace 1.4.0 version back and nothing! =( Stil using GNOME.. Please, help =(
    If it’s important I use only Intel HD grafics 2000 without ATI or NVIDIA grafic card. i3 and 8GB RAM.
    Can’t use GNOME any more… What shoud I do?

    P.S: Why do not rebuild downloadable isos with all new updates and cinnamon 1.6 working. I’m thinking about this becouse I have dial-up connection =\ and all new installation is for hours…

  39. Luis says: - reply

    THANKS CLEM AND THE CINNAMON TEAM!!!!! I’ve been using 1.6 for a couple of hours now and it works and feels awesome.

  40. Mark says: - reply

    Excellent work Cinnamon Team! Cinnamon is far more stable than when I used it before, and I expect it shall only become more stable with each point release.

    I’m not sure if this is the exact place to post this sort of thing, but here are some ideas that I think may be excellent additions to future versions of Cinnamon:

    1) Ability to pre-set the number of rows/columns for workspace grid view: Right now, it seems that Cinnamon automatically forms grids based on the number of workspaces in any given time. It would be really cool if you could specify a maximum number of columns or rows for workspaces to force grids into certain constraints (like being able to expand downwards or forcing the grid to have only two columns or 4 rows, no matter how many workspaces there actually are). Ultimately I’d like the persistant workspaces to be navigatable with the keyboard both left/right AND up/down.

    2) Ability to move whole workspaces in a drag-drop fashion: Being able to move whole workspaces between other workspaces could be very useful. So, for instance, you could have six workspaces in the following order: 1-2-3-4-5-6. If you wanted to move the workspace 6 in between workspaces 2 and 3 but otherwise keep the order of the workspaces, instead of having to move windows individually and rename workspaces you could just drag workspace 6 between workspaces 2 and 3, with everything shifting accordingly: 1-2-6-3-4-5.

    3) Grouping windows: In Gnome 2 with Compiz, it was possible to group windows together and move them together to other workspaces. I found this feature helpful in organizing my things together and moving large amounts of windows in a timely fashion.

    4) Accessing some system settings through Cinnamon settings: For some options, I go to cinnamon settings, and for others I go to system settings; at times it can be unclear where a certain setting is to be found, so having some of the system settings accessible through cinnamon settings would make it easier for people like me to find settings (for instance.

    5) Adding multiple rows to panels: Something others have expressed interest for.

    6) Semi-dynamic workspaces: As much as some people may not like Gnome shell’s dynamic workspaces, I have found them to be somewhat useful for me. I was thinking it would be cool if there could be an option where you could set a minimum number of nameable workspaces, with new workspaces being automatically generated if every initial workspace is full. So, for example, you could have three initial workspaces “home”, “school”, and “work”, but if all were filled up, new workspaces could be automatically generated. It would be a sort of hybrid between the persistant and dynamic, and this could be configured on or off as desired.

    These are just the things that come immediately to mind; I’m sure that if I thought about it, I can think of other things I think would help to make cinnamon even better.

    Once again, great job guys! 1.6 feels fantastic!!!

  41. HELLZ` says: - reply

    THanks a lot team ! this is more stable then 1.4 !

  42. Andre says: - reply

    Great, how can I update the desktop in Linux Mint 13 Maya?

  43. adam says: - reply

    thank you for all…
    is there gonna be music preview in nemo? i miss that from gnome 2 nautilus :(

  44. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    I have no suggestions; I have no ideas; I have nothing that I want to say isn’t right or needs to be done.

    I just want to say thank you to everyone involved with Mint 13 Cinnamon and tell you that you make it possible for many people to enjoy their computing environment.

    We appreciate the time you put into it and admire your talents and skills and are grateful.

  45. You’re doing it all right after all the bullshit that has been done to the Linux desktop recently. I won’t ever be able to thank you enough.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, but please be respectful to everyone. We mentioned a “disaster” when talking about Nautilus 3.6, that even was a bit too harsh and it didn’t mean the end of product was of bad quality, but simply that it wasn’t useful to us. The new desktops bring more variety and more choice to users so they deserve credit. In the end of the day with projects like Cinnamon, MATE and older ones such as Xfce, KDE..etc.. people can still use computers the way they liked, and cherry on the cake they can now also try new experiences.. so even though it was a really painful transition, the Linux desktop might end up in a better position.

  46. Kevin says: - reply

    Can you add gnome-mplayer to the list of supported music players by the sound applet. I added “gnome-mplayer” to the list of players and it just started working. Please note that gnome-mplayer 1.0.7 (to be released next week) or higher is required for this to work.

  47. xhsdf says: - reply

    I have a request: Please fix that windows from other workspaces gaining focus pop up at the current workspace. This is really annoying.
    Or is there a setting I have overlooked?

    This is my only problem with 1.6 I can think of at the moment.

  48. jeremi360 says: - reply

    How about applet to search in apps menubars like in unity?

  49. adam says: - reply

    can i uninstall nautilus now when there is nemo? is there gonna be some problems?

  50. Francois says: - reply

    When will it be released for Fedora 16?, I could get the update for fedora 17, but not for fedora 16…please tell me.


  51. Jamie says: - reply

    I am not finding the install for 1.6 anywhere. Is it not in the stable PPA yet? Do I have to use the cinnamon-nightly PPA? Running Mint 13 and no matter what it tells me I’m running the latest version.

  52. esplinter says: - reply

    many thanks to the devs!! I really love cinnamon :)

    does nemo/dropbox integration work?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, via nemo-dropbox (

    • esplinter says: - reply

      you all are really great :) many many thanks

      Is there any reason why nemo-dropbox and nemo-fileroller is not in the stable cinnamon ppa?

      I have no problem to compile it, just curiosity, because I suppose having those packages could make the life easier for user who don´t know about compiling from source.

      many thanks again for your hard work with cinnamon!!

  53. linuxuser says: - reply


    Will Cinnamon get a widget/gadgets system like KDE plasmoids, Mac dahboard and Windows gadgets?

    Edit: Yes, we’re calling them desklets and they’ll have an API just like applets do (in fact there might be some code in Cinnamon 1.6 and partial desklets support already… I can’t remember if that was merged in or if it’s still experimental… it’s not being used yet anyway).

  54. Primoz says: - reply

    WOW! Can’t believe it’s out already. Thanks for all the work devs has put into it!

  55. ekimjs says: - reply

    Thank you.. been using it and so far there is no problem. Happy user here. from the Philippines

  56. Ben says: - reply

    Thank you for all your hard work, I cant wait till this hits Wheezy!

  57. sethbkz says: - reply

    I don’t see any links on this site for bugs.

    I tried the bleeding edge romeo/cinnamon 1.6 and got my wallpaper but nothing else. It was an upgrade via synaptic from the latest linux mint. Not usable in the least.

    wrk@dream ~ $ cinnamon –version
    Cinnamon 1.6.0
    wrk@dream ~ $ cat /etc/issue
    Linux Mint 13 Maya \n \l

  58. YukoAsho says: - reply

    Gorgeous little update! One problem, however. I don’t seem to know how to stop the monitor from going to sleep, which is kind of necessary when I’m watching a long video. I’ve disabled screensavers and adjusted the power settings not to set the comp to sleep, but I don’t know what I’m missing.

  59. George Law says: - reply

    loving the new features of 1.6 but something still is missing – with all of the integration to allow for the separation of the work spaces into the OSD as well as the new window manager option, why no option to set a different background per workspace?

  60. blablah says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.6 is really great! I’ve just tried it on openSUSE 12.2.
    There’s only one really BIG problem: the menu is still SLOW!
    It take something like 1.5 seconds to open the first time and about 1 second afterwards.
    How is it possible? KDE4 menu is just instantaneous, so was the old good Gnome 2.

  61. Quin says: - reply

    Clem, thanks for continued, well-thought-out releases.

    Right now I’m using Mint 13 xfce instead of cinnamon. Xfce uses the “old” printer configuration utility. The new one with Cinnamon insists on using a default ppd file and won’t let me specify one. (I wonder if this is a Gnome3 improvement.) Otherwise, I’d probably be using Cinnamon now.

    Anyhow, there are several nice features in Mint xfce I’ve really liked. Perhaps you could consider them as you continue improving the desktop:

    (1) Any key(s) can be configured to bring up the xfce equivalent of mint menu (application finder) . I’m using the menu key. With Cinnamon, you’ve got to use the ‘windows’ key.

    (2) With Cinnamon, the windows key cannot be used as the only “modifier” key in a hot-key definition. You can use windows+alt+O, but not windows+O, for example. Xfce allows windows+O.

    (3) When you hover the mouse over an entry in the xfce application finder, it displays tool-tip-style information, including the file and command information for the item. I like this because it speeds up definition of hot keys.

    (4) This isn’t in xfce (thunar), but it would be nice: A way to get a printed listing of information that is displayed by the file manager. Not just a screen-shot, but text that could be imported or pasted into a spreadsheet.

    Thanks again for a long line of user-friendly systems.

  62. bluedxca93 says: - reply

    the placement of the application menu window is not really good. Is it possible to have the menu with 0px space to the left or right side of the screen?. Actually the Menu start over the Menu button text and not over the icon. If i use a large panel size ( 33-42 px) cinnamon looks reaaly ugly.

  63. Uwe Fechner says: - reply


    I am using cinnamon 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 with Intel HD3000 graphics. I have the following major problems, that I did not have with cinnamon 1.4:
    a) The main menu is not working correctly. I can start applications, but I cannot open any category with the mouse.
    b) Some of the text beneath the icons on the desktop is unreadable. Before it was white, now it is grey. Also the text color changes when I click on the desktop: If a (small) window has the focos I can read the text, if I click on the background I cannot. I tried different themes already but could not find any where this is fixed.

    Best regards:

    Uwe Fechner

    • Uwe Fechner says: - reply

      With the newest upgrades (apt-get update; apt-get upgrade) both problems are solved.

      I use the following settings:
      Theme: Nightlife – Mint
      Window-theme: Ambiance
      Symbol-theme: Gnome
      GTK+theme: Adwaita

      It is a little bit confusing that you need to make four different settings correctly to get a nice desktop view.

      Thank’s a lot for the good work!

  64. Fjodor42 says: - reply

    I am so very happy to have my multi-monitor setup finally working, so thank you all so very much!

    It would, however, be very nice to see some response to at some point in time, though. Especially since the workspace scroller extension doesn’t work with newer versions, and isn’t the best solution even if it did…

    Best regards,


  65. Emil says: - reply

    INNA should just not be here, as it is an artist that promotes Microsoft and IE9. :(

    • kneekoo says: - reply

      Oh, please… can’t you see the irony in this? She got paid to do a stupid advertisment for IE9 and she gets nothing for being advertised by open source software.

      At least she looks good in the screenshot. Job done.

  66. adam says: - reply

    now finaly everything make sense. Thank you LM team :)

  67. Zoran says: - reply

    Congratulations for the impressive product guys! And thanks for your hard work.

    Clem, I really have to ask you something. I’m experiencing troubles with screenshot functions since version 1.4 and it seems this is not addressed at all. And that’s the last obstacle that is stopping me to switch over to cinnamon 100% (gnome shell right now). Also Teamviewer etc apps are not working.

    It seems that the issue goes together with the proprietary amd drivers and radeon hd cards. You use whatever screenshot utility you have and it will not get the current state of the desktop but something that it was there before, or will just take a screenshot of the wallpaper or it will produce a black empty image. The thread on the forum:

    Is there anything that could be done to investigate this? One thing to mention is that there is no such an issue with gnome shell 3.4.

    Please don’t suggest to switch to the open source drivers cos with them my radeon hd 5770 turns into some boeing 747 with its fan noise :(


  68. hui says: - reply

    when cinnamon for debian ?

  69. I really like new Cinnamon, so much i switched from Lubuntu .
    One thing that is driving me nuts is , how to unminimize windows once i minimize them . Other then that , smooth sailing ! Great work and big thank you !

  70. torp says: - reply

    Hello and congratulations for all your job.

    Just two questions:
    1- Who had the strange idea of this totally unreadable color for the icons text, and how to change this horror ?
    2- How can i know whiche version of cinnamon i’m running ?


    • greed92 says: - reply

      I quote the first question.. how to change the label color for the desktop’s icons ?

    • torp says: - reply

      I Answer my own question cause i found the solution, the original is in french here, so for english speaking people i tray a translation right under the link:

      1. No graphical solution, since ubuntu 11.10 and Gnome 3, Gnome color chooser does not work.

      2. not-graphical method: (does not work under ubuntu 9.04):

      GTK theme manages the font (typeface) of the desk, so:

      - Create a text file in your personnal directory.
      - Save it as “.gtkrc-2.0
      - Ad this lines in it:

      style “desktop-icon” {
      NautilusIconContainer::frame_text = 1
      text[NORMAL] = “#0099CC”
      base[NORMAL] = “#000033″
      NautilusIconContainer::normal_alpha = 150
      widget_class “*DesktopIcon*” style “desktop-icon”

      - 1st variable:
      0: Nothing happens
      1: Modification is active
      - 2nd variable
      Variable #0099CC correspond to color in the foreground of text, you can change it by what you want in hexadécimal code.
      - 3rd variable
      variable: 150 : put any number you wish between 0 and 255.
      0 is transparency, 255 is max opaque, which means you will have a contour line around icons letters
      - 4th variable: #000033 : put what you want in hexadecimal code, it’s the background of letters

      You can test the result by writing nautilus -q in a terminal.
      If it does not work and you don’t want to restart you computer, type alt-printscreen-k, which will restart you graphical interface.

  71. Kahlil says: - reply

    I like the look of the new background properties. Will there be an option to cycle through a folder or selection of images like KDE and Mac OS X (and even Windows Vista/7) have done forever?

  72. bennisixx says: - reply

    Just wanted to say thank you so so much for cinnamon. However for the first time I am so content with my computer setup running cinnamon, ….I am at a loss…. lol… It works perfect and nothing is broken…..

    actually in a perfect world the menu could open as fast as mate, but its not a big deal if you have a decent pc

    Thanks again

  73. Stéphane says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    This is a great work, and a good improvement over the past release.
    I see we have the grid desktop preview back, however we still rely on the horizontal navigation.
    That would be great if we could navigate a grid preview like in a grid (horizontal and vertical directions), as it was possible in Gnome2.
    I would also love to have more hot corners available (thus I could configure one for “scale” and another for “expo”).

    Keep up the good work!

  74. amon says: - reply

    i was wondering if could be possible add in the notifications, the emails received with thunderbird and maybe also something for gmail

    thanks for the good work

    • Kirk M says: - reply

      Amon – If you’re using Cinnamon 1.6, right-click on the panel and select “Add applets to panel”. Then, from the list of applets that pops up, check “Notifications Applet” which will then show up in your panel “tray”. This applet will alert you to new incoming mail in Thunderbird among other things. I don’t believe it works with Gmail notifications though (then again, I run all my Gmail accounts through Thunderbird).

      • amon says: - reply

        yes i’m using it, but i can’t see the thunderbird notifications! all the others yes. I will check if i’m doing someting wrong!


        • Kirk M says: - reply

          Strange it not showing Thunderbird notifications for you. It does for me as long as I have Thunderbird up and running. All my email accounts in TB are imap accounts rather than the old POP3 type but I can’t see where that would make any difference. And all accounts are set to automatically check for new email every 10 minutes.

          Just letting you know how I set things up in Thunderbird. Don’t know if it will be any help at all. Hope you can make it work.

  75. Vanderson says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.6 Feedback:
    The Good:
    1. General response and feedback from interface is faster
    2. Nemo opens files and directories quicker than Nautilus (yah!)
    3. Stability appears to be better so far
    4. New features are nice (naming workspaces, etc…)

    1. Keyboard shortcuts no longer switch workspaces (others have mentioned this) And other random keyboard shortcuts seem flaky…

    2. Opening main menu still very slow… (always a few second delay the first time it opens in a session, and then after that a second delay from click or Super is pressed)

    3. Sometimes clicking on windows listed in task bar/panel starts a drag operation when I just wanted to switch to that window… (this since 1.4 but less frequently now)

    3b. Maybe a feature to turn on/off drag/drop of windows listed in panel? I never use this feature anyways, (maybe others dont either so much) because I put windows in workspaces, so few windows listed at a time…

    (Please fix issue #1, it is making navigating my system more clumsy and irritating. :P )

    Overall I am very pleased with this upgrade, and looking forward to better things in the future.

    • Vanderson says: - reply

      Been using 1.6 for a few days now. And have had a couple significant hangups and crashses. Window performance is certainly better (ie, alt+tab very responsive compared to 1.4) Looking forward to 1.6.1

      Anywhere we can submit detailed bug reports?

  76. Geo says: - reply

    I am using Mint 13. Currently it says my cinnamon version is 1.4-UP3. I dont want to upgrade just yet via the romeo repo because I cant afford to have an unstable desktop since it seems its not ready. Will there be an safe upgrade path soon from where I’m at?

  77. kneekoo says: - reply

    Great! :D New toys to play with!

  78. Jay says: - reply

    Clem! you are terrific!!!
    and i mean it.

  79. Manuel says: - reply

    Hello, Clem.

    How I can compress files from Nemo?


  80. Migiollo says: - reply

    I installed this version on Ubuntu 12.04 and it’s great but when I switch on Unity, Gnome Shell or Cairo Dock session Nemo becomes the default file manager and Nautilus doesn’t appear anymore… Only on Unity i have to login/logout about 3-4 times to restore Nautilus… Is it possible to have Nemo only on Cinnamon session? Thank you very much and great job! ;)

  81. john says: - reply

    Nemo-dropbox won’t install if Nautilus remains on the system. So I guess for the present a person either uninstalls Nautilus or doesn’t use Nemo. Is there another option?

    • clem says: - reply

      Is it a package conflict? Can you tell us more?

      • John says: - reply

        Sure. I have Nautilus on my system and nautilus-dropbox installed. With neither Nautilus, Nemo nor Dropbox running I try to install nemo-dropbox via synaptic. Below is the installation error I get:

        E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nemo-dropbox_1.0.0-0-20120926042005-precise_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/usr/bin/dropbox’, which is also in package nautilus-dropbox 0.7.1-2

        • clem says: - reply

          Ok, it’s nemo-dropbox which conflicts with nautilus-dropbox, that was to be expected. We’ll add a conflict clause in the packaging.

  82. Brian says: - reply

    Thanks for all the effort and hard work Cinnamon Team!

    I had only one issue and it could very well be just my laptop. With Jupiter 0.1.6 installed, the applet icon would not draw correctly. The way that I fixed it was to change the startup from ‘/usr/bin/jupiter’ to sh -c “sleep 5; exec /usr/bin/jupiter”. I also did the same for the Jupiter Restore service too – from ‘/usr/lib/jupiter/scripts/jupiter’ to sh -c “sleep 5; exec /usr/lib/jupiter/scripts/jupiter”.

    No more applet drawing issues.

  83. roj says: - reply

    And now for the ever-present question from me:

    Is the zooming bug fixed for visually impaired users?

    • clem says: - reply

      hi Roj,

      Not that I know of. With that said, I spotted a couple of commits on the magnifier in Gnome Shell. Try Gnome Shell and let us know if it works better for you there, that will give us tangible leads on how to fix it in Cinnamon if that’s the case.

      • John says: - reply

        Sure. I have Nautilus on my system and nautilus-dropbox installed. With neither Nautilus, Nemo nor Dropbox running I try to install nemo-dropbox via synaptic. Below is the installation error I get:

        E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nemo-dropbox_1.0.0-0-20120926042005-precise_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/usr/bin/dropbox’, which is also in package nautilus-dropbox 0.7.1-2

      • roj says: - reply

        Hi Clem,

        Took a while to get back to this but just tested. It works fine with Gnome3.

        Fresh install of 12.04, installed Cinnamon 1.6.1. Context menus messed up. Installed Gnome3. Context menus and mouse pointer all fine. Hope this helps.

  84. Acabei de observar que na navegação entre as pastas no NEMO, as teclas de navegação junto com a tecla ALT não funciona.
    Por exemplo, ALT + SETA PARA CIMA (um nível acima) ou ALT + SETA ESQUERDA / DIREITA (voltar ou avançar uma pasta).

  85. bennisixx says: - reply

    One more thing, Im using cinnamon nightly and was curious as nemo is becoming so perfec, how could I change the open filemanager in firefox downloads to nemo? I guess I could try removing nautilus…Which I plan to do anyway as for some reason nemo acceses samba shares through smbnetfs faster than nautilus (thank goodness ;) )

  86. dd says: - reply

    cinnamon 1.6 looks and works very well. i hope that will be always this quality. i found a single minor problem with radio tray. when i start the prog the symbol appears on the wright side of the panel in a higher position. i have to close this first and than to start it again to take the normal place.
    thank you for your very good work and good luck!

  87. Daniel says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.6 and nemo are absolutly great! Nemo has nice new features like: open in terminal or open as root! Brilant idea!

    You think the way i do clem and i think cinnamon will be the best desktop ever!

  88. matricx says: - reply

    I was a MS Windows user but when I found Linux Mint, I fall in love to it. The best Ubuntu fork ever! and I love Cinnamon as the desktop. I hope that in the full version, you will include Windows 7 search like feature in the Menu. Thank you for a wonderful innovation. Linux rock!

  89. Vanderson says: - reply

    BUG or feature change ??:
    Application windows automatically switch workspace!

    I have my PHP IDE application open in workspace #1. I go to work space #2 to check my email. I open a PHP file (ie, double click from nemo) from workspace #2.

    Expected result:
    Switch to workspace #1 to view the file. (or, Cinnamon 1.4 action, PHP IDE in workspace #1 open file in background)

    Actual result:
    PHP IDE is _MOVED_ to workspace #2! (why???)

    This almost entirely defeats the purpose of putting applications in workspaces, if they don’t stay there.

    I don’t know really, (maybe a notification of file opening?) but if you have a setting work around, I am all ears.

    (cinnamon, rocks. I will keep using it because I like the direction it’s going, despite bugs like this. Let me know what I can do to help resolve this issue)

    • clem says: - reply

      It’s arguable. The rationale was that windows should come to you when needed and the desktop shouldn’t move “you” around on your behalf. Arguably, if workspace 1 is where you like to code, then why are you opening a PHP file in workspace 2?

      To be pragmatic though, I’m not really sure which way is the right way here… but it’s easy to make this behaviour configurable, so that’s probably what we’ll do.

      • Vanderson says: - reply

        @clem:”Arguably, if workspace 1 is where you like to code, then why are you opening a PHP file in workspace 2?”

        I am pleased you engaged in this question. Perhaps a more common example is “clicking a link in my email” in workspace #2 and having my browser jump from workspace #1 into workspace #2.

        I realize this is not a simple issue, but is there precidence for any of these choices?
        1) Navigate to workspace where app is activated
        2) Move activated app to current workspace
        3) No navigation at all. (activate app works in own workspace)

        The reason I would open something in workspace #2 is because I got an email attachement, when I go to save it, guess where nemo shows up? On workspace #2… So I go to open the file, and any app elsewhere (Libre office, deluge, etc…) now moves to workspace #2.

        Again, this is simply a concern that now I no longer have the ability to _solidly_ place an app in a workspace and expect it to stay there. Some kind of random action, or specific action can pop it to another workspace.

        I know getting endless requests for features can be draining on a dev team. (I am a developer as well) But this functionality is new from the last 9 months or so of using Cinnamon … ( thanks for your prompt reply)

  90. Chapman says: - reply

    WOwwww . Good job Friends.
    I really cant wait to Try it :)

  91. With cinnamon 1.4 i had 4 workspaces. If i wanted to go from workspace 4 to 1 i could just push ctrl+alt+right. In cinnamon 1.6 it stays on the fourth workspace. Is this behaviour configurable?

  92. Christophe says: - reply

    Hi and thanks for this great release!

    I enjoyed it for a few hours yesterday, but suddenly I got a big bug and I haven’t managed to find the solution yet.

    Here is what happened:

    I’m on Linux Mint 13. Yesterday I upgraded from Cinnamon 1.4 to Cinnamon 1.6.1, along with Nemo and Muffin. After testing it (all worked great), I uninstalled Nautilus. I tried all the new applets, the workspaces, nemo, … all worked great and I was HAPPY!

    Then after a few hours I decided I wanted some categories not to appear anymore in the menu because I found my menu too big. I right-clicked on menu, and unchecked a category (I forgot which one, Places ? Raccourcis ? – a category I created before). Instantly everything froze, the pannel disappeared, no keyboard shortcut was working anymore, and I could just force a shutdown by a long pressing on the power button.

    I restarted, but when I logged in I only had my background image, no panel, nothing on the desktop, no keyboard shortcut, no right-click, nothing. The only change is that Ctrl-Alt-Del worked so I could log out without shutting down. Now the only thing I can do is to start a Gnome 2 session, which works fine but is not very convenient.

    I tried several things (I’m a total newbie on Linux, so these might be stupid things!) :

    1) In a Gnome 2 session, from a Terminal, tried “cinnamon –replace” to change the windows manager. My desktop then becomes like if I open a Cinnamon session: there is nothing visible anymore and the only thing I can do is ctrl-alt-del to log out.

    2) In a Cinnamon session, ctrl-alt-F1 works, so I tried from the console to write “cinnamon”. It says in a mix of french and english:
    “Erreur de gestionnaire de Fenêtres: Unable to open X displays”

    3) In a Gnome 2 session, I uninstalled Cinnamon, and redownloaded and reinstalled it (along with nemo), then changed session to Cinnamon: same as before, nothing works, there is nothing on my desktop but the background image.

    Thanks for helping me and telling what went wrong and how to fix it.

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Christophe,

      In the Gnome session, open a terminal and type “cinnamon –replace”. This will fail, as you mentioned, but please copy the output of the terminal and paste it here (it probably contains information which we can use to understand why it crashes, and with a bit of luck we can get that fixed in 1.6.2).

      Note: If you can’t copy/paste, redirect the output to a file “cinnamon –replace 2>myfile.txt”.

      • Christophe says: - reply

        Hi Clem and thanks for your quick reply,

        When I type “cinnamon –replace” everything disappears, the same way as if I started a cinnamon session. So as you suggested, I have to redirect the output to a file. Here is what I get:

        JS ERROR: !!! Exception was: Error: Requiring GjsDBus, version none: Typelib file for namespace ‘GjsDBus’ (any version) not found
        JS ERROR: !!! lineNumber = ’0′
        JS ERROR: !!! fileName = ‘”gjs_throw”‘
        JS ERROR: !!! stack = ‘”(“Requiring GjsDBus, version none: Typelib file for namespace ‘GjsDBus’ (any version) not found”)@gjs_throw:0
        JS ERROR: !!! message = ‘”Requiring GjsDBus, version none: Typelib file for namespace ‘GjsDBus’ (any version) not found”‘

        Strangely, when I’m in a cinnamon session after typing “cinnamon –replace”, sometimes ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-alt-backspace works, sometimes not (and then I have to force a shutdown).

        Thanks for any advice.


        • clem says: - reply


          Make sure you have gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0 installed.

          • Christophe says: -


            You’re right I didn’t have gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0, but I’ve just installed it and it doesn’t change anything.

            Is there any other little file like this that I should make sure I have installed?

            As I said, even Cinnamon 1.4 doesn’t work anymore now.


      • Christophe says: - reply

        Just a precision:

        I have just uninstalled cinnamon 1.6.1 and re-installed cinnamon 1.4 and it still doesn’t work.

  93. chambead says: - reply

    Do the keybindings now recognise SUPER+E and SUPER+T assigned to nautilus and terminal respectively?

  94. Tomaz Edson says: - reply

    Cleam, congratulations!
    You are amazing as well as Cinnamon 1.6!
    Master, excuse-me for a question: I”m not able minimiza windows by shortcut set.
    Excuse-me my poor english.

  95. Christophe says: - reply


    Any advice to have Cinnamon work again on my laptop (see my messages just above)?
    No version of Cinnamon is working anymore right now. I had to install Mate desktop environment.


  96. Ron says: - reply

    Congratulations! I installed cinnamon 1.6.1 today and I am impressed. The only thing (still) missing in the Nemo file browser is window selection in list view. Looking forward to the release of Mint Nadia!

  97. mid-kid says: - reply

    Wow, i am impressed in how much you care about the community! I will probably be installing linux mint when 14 comes out!

  98. PS says: - reply

    This is great job, than you !

  99. Mike says: - reply

    Will we ever be able to add additional panels? I have dual monitor and it is tough managing windows.

    • James says: - reply

      Windows XP and Gnome 2 had this. Vista and 7 don’t and neither does Mint 13/14. But Windows 8 does. >_<

      This is probably the only feature (other then Nemo) that I was looking for.

  100. Kiwi says: - reply

    Nice work Clem,

    I picked Mint from the distros when I decided that Windows 8 marked the end of my time with Bill. After a bit of experimentation that was confirmed and 16 just seals the deal.

    Thanks guys.

  101. Marshall N says: - reply

    I have to tell you, Cinnamon is great, fantastic, etc. I had used it in a previous incarnation and wasn’t quite pleased. I install Mate. That was great, then, for some unknown reason, I decided to try Cinnamon again. WOW. Wonderful work. Kudos to the staff and all developers. Mint has got to be one of the best, if not the best, Desktop Environment. Elegant to say the least.
    THANK YOU. Great job.

  102. Alexander says: - reply

    Hello. Does Cinnamon support color management?

  103. kochin says: - reply

    I’d like to disable [Alt] + grave(~) keyboard shortcut but there is no “Navigation” category in the Settings -> Keyboard. Where can I setting this?

  104. James says: - reply

    Hoping for REAL multi-monitor panels… is this something in the works? Please?

  105. How to install it for Mint 13?
    This instructions do NOT work. I do NOT see in Update Manager.

    Has it been removed from Romeo?

    Edit by Clem: It’s in Backport.

  106. Malcolm says: - reply

    Are you aware of the disappearing font problem in the Cinammon panel? Fonts are replaced with squares or fuzzy patches of dots, and this goes on during the day, sometimes going away then coming back.

    I see references to this dating back many months, and some suggestions that it is a Gnome problem.

    Some users write that changing the default font to a bitmap makes the problem go away.

  107. H says: - reply

    Two of the things I hated about Win 7 was that unlike XP, it instantly reordered a list of files when adding them to a folder, or renaming them, rather than leaving them unsorted until I chose to sort them1 and (again unlike XP) the stupidity of full row select, so you can’t just drop files into an open folder, for fear of them dropping into a highlighted line.
    Imagine then, my dismay in finding that Nemo does both of those things…

    Is there a setting I can use to change this behaviour at all?

  108. Lawrence says: - reply

    Yes! Finally something about online marketing.

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