Cinnamon 1.6.1 released

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.6.1 (as well as Muffin 1.1.1 and Nemo 1.0.2)!

Cinnamon 1.6.1 is a point release which addresses bugs and refines features present in Cinnamon 1.6.0.

Changes in Cinnamon 1.6.1:

  • Updated translations
  • Added country flags in keyboard applet
  • Added Songbird support in sound applet
  • Fixed: Administration category missing from the application menu
  • Fixed: Blurry pixels in Alt-Tab preview
  • Fixed: Removing workspace while editing its name results in crash
  • Fixed: Scrolling in window list applet brings all windows to the active workspace
  • Fixed: Panels visible in Firefox fullscreen mode x-shockwave-flash video
  • Fixed: Two issues with dnd and themes using different background for hovering
  • Performance improvement: Cinnamon no longer fetches the pointer actor if track_hover is not set
  • Performance improvement: Network Manager applet consumes less CPU usage
  • Performance improvement: Calendar applet consumes less CPU usage

The keyboard applet now uses country flags (note: you can also turn off this feature in the applet context menu)

Changes in Muffin 1.1.1:

  • Fixed: Menubar issues with all Java programs

Changes in Nemo 1.0.2:

  • Dropbox extension is now stable
  • Fileroller extension is now stable
  • Configurable units (decimal by default as well as decimal-long, binary and binary-long)
  • Fixed: Use Nautilus style to render the desktop when the theme doesn’t support Nemo

Nemo now support both decimal (MB, GB...etc) and binary (MiB, GiB...etc) units to display file sizes


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. gracias! en lmde cuando?

  2. clem says: - reply

    Regarding packages, please check with your distribution or compile them directly from

    Packages for Linux Mint 13 and LMDE will be available before the week-end in the Romeo repository (including the new nemo-dropbox and nemo-fileroller packages).

    Thank you for your patience.

  3. 박정규 says: - reply

    WOW, Thank for your kindness to offer having a chance to use and glimps a cinnamon, and I’m still waiting for release of mate also ,and Thank you for all mint and linux developers ,thank you

    • 박정규 says: - reply

      WOW, Thank for your kindness to offer having a chance to use and glimps a cinnamon, and I’m still waiting for release of mate also ,and Thank you for all mint and linux developers ,thank you

  4. Cep Temalar says: - reply

    Thank you.

    We love Linux.

  5. LMUCS says: - reply

    Fast and good work!
    Thanks! :-)

  6. Robert says: - reply

    Amazing!!! When will be able to install in Mint 13? I suppose it Will be available in the Romeo repository, won’t it be?

  7. xhsdf says: - reply

    “Fileroller extension is now stable”

    Awesome! Now I can finally get rid of Nautilus.

    But what about the windows from other workspaces popping up at the current workspace (which I mentioned in my comment on the 1.6 blog post)? It makes Cinnamon really hard to use sometimes, which is sad because otherwise it’s totally awesome.

    Or is that related to “Fixed: Scrolling in window list applet brings all windows to the active workspace”? Because I don’t use that applet.

    • clem says: - reply

      We’ll make this configurable in 1.6.2

      • xhsdf says: - reply

        Thank you so much!

      • mmosier says: - reply

        This release is great. Loving cinnamon amid all the horrors of Windows 8 Gnome 3 and Unity. Just a thought, have you guys seen the new Windows 8 start menu replacement in Pokki? I took one look at it and thought… this has Linux Mint written all over it…

        It has many of the elements of the original “Mint Menu” plus live notifications and app store integration. Something similar would be a great improvement (in my opinion) over the current cinnamon menu.

        check it out at

  8. Superb! Keep up the work, Clem and Co. :-D

  9. Markus B. says: - reply

    Nice Work and super fast bugfix release

    Thumbs up for Clem and all developers :)

  10. Gab says: - reply

    I’m really happy for this new Cinnamon version. Clem and the others seem really the most professional developers by far; as a common user, I will use Nadia rather than Ubuntu.

  11. InkKnife says: - reply

    Everything sounds great! I am really looking forward to installing this.

  12. zyzz12 says: - reply

    “Fixed: Panels visible in Firefox fullscreen mode x-shockwave-flash video”
    Ah nice. I thought I’m the only one with this problem. :D
    Maybe it also fixed the problem when tabbing out of a fullscreen program (game). When I tab in again I see the panels on top and bottom and need to reset it.
    Really nice to see Cinnamon being updated more frequently again. :)

  13. Ale Qwerty says: - reply

    Thanks Clem, very good work is beautiful. Please consider correcting the translation into Spanish menu. Thanks;-)

  14. K.K Patel says: - reply

    Finally Bug fixed with menubar. Now No problem with menu bar
    Thanks a lot to Cinnamon team.

  15. Alex says: - reply

    Where can I download Cinnamon 1.6 (or 1.6.1) for Mint 12? It’s not in the repos, it’s not in Romeo, I added the Ubuntu PPA, some other PPAs I found on the internet and still it says I have the latest version – 1.4. On github I found only 1.4 debs. Any ideas?

    • Albert says: - reply

      Cinnamon 1.4 was the last version that could run on Mint 12: because of incompatibilities between Gnome 3.2 and 3.4, it’s not so easy to have the same Cinnamon running on both of them. With 1.4, we fixed this by providing different Muffin versions for Mint 12 and Mint 13 that could both run Cinnamon 1.4. Because it requires significant work to keep it compatible, we decided to support Mint 13 only.
      On Mint 12, Cinnamon was rather an experimental desktop, instead of the default environment.

  16. manliodp says: - reply

    Thank you very much for this great release!
    I would like to report a bug where the Menu applet seems to have problems with spacing when an image for the menu is selected and you open and close applications, the Word “Menu” and the gear seems to move by 1 or 2 pixels. I find it difficult to explain, I hope it’s clear enough.

    Thank you again for your great work!

  17. billynick says: - reply

    just installed 1.6.1 via romeo, unfortunetely the bug with conky showing up in alt-tab is still there. maybe theres something in my conky configs but this did not happen in 1.4. see

  18. Vanderson says: - reply

    Bug: “Visible on all workspaces” resets

    1. Open video in VLC
    2. Right click on window entry in panel and select “Visible on all workspaces”
    3. Right click again to confirm it’s been selected.
    4. Play video, then stop video.
    5. Right click on window entry for VLC in panel note, it is no longer set to be “Visible on all workspaces”.

    Repeatability: Every time.

  19. Verix says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    Congrats again on the progress. There are two issues bothering me the most currently, along with one other suggestion.

    1- Flash videos on a number of websites fail to stay fullscreen in Firefox. This issue is new and wasn’t in 1.4. Here’s an example, it goes fullscreen successfully the first time, but if you return to normal and then try to go fullscreen again, it fails:
    I’ve already filed a bug for this in GitHub.

    2- As the Spotify tray icon is suppressed now, if you open another music player that replaces Spotify in the sound applet, you have no way to access spotify anymore:

    1- Is there a way to integrate the nautilus-image-manipulator and nautilus-image-converter plugins in Nemo?

    Sorry if this was too much, I just think these two issues are things that users will be facing very often in daily tasks and may be a source of frustration for them.

  20. chamfay says: - reply

    Great work!
    Thanks Clem.

  21. Name*marcus says: - reply

    hello. I had a couple of problems with 1.6 . in grid option, the desktops were overlaping in expo. so was unable to see the names of desktops in the upper row. I havnt tried 1.6.1 so i dont know wether this was corrected. Thought ill drop a note. running mint 13 with cinnamon 1.6 on vostro 1500 with 8600m gt nvidia card.

    • autarkper says: - reply

      This might be a theme issue. Please make sure that you have a theme that is fully compatible with 1.6, or switch to the default theme and check whether you are still seeing this issue.

  22. Oswaldo says: - reply

    Hola buenas, como se actualiza de 1.4 a 1.6.1 en LM13 Cinnamon?.

  23. cc says: - reply

    One problem I noticed in 1.6.1 is the impossibility of changing the desktop background (no options available anymore). Otherwise everything looks great.

  24. Kristian says: - reply

    Thank you for bringing Cinnamon to the world,i love it and i use it!.I saw you included Songbird into the sound applet,there is a fork of songbird named Nightingale that could be included too,see link here: and here for ppa:

    It would also be nice to have check boxes for players you want to have visible inside sound applet intergrated into Cinnamon settings,and also for services you want visible in Messaging menu applet,it saves a LOT of panel space to get programs to intergrate with applets and it makes good sense too.I like the way Ubuntu have done with their message indicator where they have brought the possibilities to chat on social clients directly from inside the indicator,i wouldnt mind if someone could make a Cinnamon applet that behaves in the same way =)

  25. tmarkee says: - reply

    Please help me! Unfortunately, the cinnamon has not started.

  26. StratosJL says: - reply

    Congratulations and thanks for your brilliant work!

  27. Emmanuel says: - reply

    Nice work ! Thank you !

    The menu now has a section administration but all the entries in administration are still present in preference.

    How can I remove these double entries ? Right clic on menu –> menu edition don’t offer me this opportunity.

    I would like to remove the entry : recent documents ?

    How can I achieve this ?

  28. Mark says: - reply

    Wow – amazing response from the developers for the community. Cinnamon is by far the best DM out there at the moment. Keep up the good work – fantastic.

  29. Auz says: - reply

    Did something happen to alt-tab? I preferred the “Switch system controls” version, but I can’t seem to either change what alt-tab does, nor trigger the system controls switch on a different keypress. (1.6.1 on Gentoo).

  30. kelebek333 says: - reply

    Thanks for Cinnamon Team
    If you have a localization problem with some application’s locale name on Cinnmon menu, you can solve it as following.

    Copy file from /usr/share/cinnamon/locale to /usr/share/locale

  31. Rw says: - reply

    Thanks Mint, :D

  32. mahen says: - reply

    Hi Clem & the whole team. Thanks for the work ! May I report a bug on this thread ? When using Cinnamon / Nemo / Muffin in Ubuntu 12.04, stable PPA, with the current (& previous) version :

    - there is a big lag when opening somes files from the Desktop / closing windows (for instance, a couple of PDFs which are on my desktop). This issues doesn’t occur in GS 3.4.

    - the menu takes several seconds to open. (more than in GS 3.4) It would be nice if its content could be cached and/or if the menu could be threaded.

    Cheers !

  33. dd says: - reply

    thank you clem and mint team for this release! the future looks good.
    the problem is that now i have nemo and nautilus for the same job. how to get rid of nautilus?
    will be solved through updates with the stable edition?
    will we have a new iso with stable cinnamon and all the updates included?
    preferences > details must contain also informations about the system like linux mint 13 lts cinnamon edition 1.6.1

  34. Ibrahim says: - reply

    I love Cinnamon but it takes almost 100 % of CPU (even in 2D). When I’m opening Menu, it takes about 4-6 seconds, and when menu is open, icons and lists are mixed with no ability to select something.
    When logging in, it takes about 20 seconds…

  35. bennisixx says: - reply

    So here is one, I’m not sure where to put it, but I have a startup script for mate
    Marco — replace
    That runs at startup on my mate session, to enable compositing. That script apparently auto runs on my cinnamon session and won’t let cinnamon start. Any ideas? If I take it out of autostart cinnamon is fine, but I have to manually start compositing in mate every time

  36. bennisixx says: - reply

    ok figured it out

    in case anyone is curious
    I did —- gedit ~/.config/autostart/”my-autostart-script-name”.desktop

    and added — OnlyShowIn=MATE;

    that did it so cinnamon opens ;)

  37. Ibrahim says: - reply

    I Googled and maaany people have problem with high CPU usage.
    Why you (team) would not give higher priority to this issue in upcoming release(s)?
    btw. Cinnamon is awesome!! Much eyecandy but still keeping traditional layout – almost perfect DE.

  38. Boa noite a todos.

    Será que foi corrigido o Bug da navegação das pastas no Nemo através das teclas de navegação ALT + SETA UP ou ALT + SETA LEFT ou ALT + SETA RIGHT?

    • autarkper says: - reply

      For those who don’t understand Portuguese, this refers to the keyboard shortcuts ALT+Up-arrow, ALT+Down-arrow, ALT+Left-arrow and ALT+Right-arrow, to navigate in the directory structure, which went missing in the transition from Nautilus to Nemo.

      I’m sorry, but the bug has not been corrected yet.

  39. Julian says: - reply

    Configurable units! Awesome, I love you guys…

    Keep up the impressive work, and thanks so much!

  40. Pietro says: - reply

    hey why not showing italy flag?hey clem im italian and you know we have MR. Monti and MR Silvio Berlusconi?Italy is best country and famous!

  41. hey, this new relese will be available on Linux Mint 13 Maya repository?

  42. marcel says: - reply

    Using this for the first time and it’s nice. Can’t figure out how to move menu itmes between different menu’s. And would like to see an “about” screen somewhere showing at least the version number.

  43. Serguei says: - reply

    Special thanks for little country flags indicating languages!!!
    Great feature!!!
    They were in Gnome 2 too, but disappeared since many years, starting from version 2.16 or 2.18, I don’t remember. It was a loss.
    Anybody using more than one alphabet will appreciate the little flags.
    If you could only know how glad I was to see them back!!!
    Sincere thanks!
    Good job!
    Keep moving!
    And please, never ditch the little country flags!

  44. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    I feel horrible for mentioning this because I would love to just sing the praises of Cinnamon and not have any issues to discuss.

    But, although Administration does now appear in the menu, it doesn’t appear in Edit Menu. Preferences also appears in the menu but not in Edit Menu.

    Also, as several people have mentioned, there is no longer a way to drag and drop menu items to rearrange them in Edit Menu. The up and down buttons no longer work either. There is no way to rearrange any items on the start menu.

  45. Zyzz says: - reply

    The fix with the flash plugin works. However I can’t use Youtube anymore. When I watch a video in 720p (no idea if it crashed in lower res too) the video stops, the audio continues. Previously I was able to hit ESC + ALT and then close the flash plugin on the panel. But with the fix I don’t get to see the panel anymore. I couldn’t even hit CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE to logout leaving me forced to reboot.
    I can’t imagine I’m the only one with this problem (I had that problem on my old PC too). I know it’s a Adobe + Youtube bug but do you have any solution for me?

  46. massimo says: - reply

    Hello, I love Cinnamon, but I am still using the 1.4.
    Maybe I am wrong but I do not feel comfortable using unstable repositories… It’s a pity because I look forward to upgrading to the new 1.6.1…

    When will it enter in the stable repository for a “normal” update from 1.4?

    Thanks for the great job that makes Mint the best distribution!!!!!

  47. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    To anyone that may be able to help, maybe even Clem if you aren’t too busy,

    The main menu “edit menu” option doesn’t allow me to rearrange items within it, neither by dragging and dropping or using the up and down buttons.

    Is that just me having that same exact problem like I have messed something up or is it something that is maybe known about?

    • bennisixx says: - reply

      The up and down buttons work here, using the nightly ppa though, might have been fixed there. Are you selecting edit menu by right clicking the menu or are you selecting it in preferences?

      • CtrlAltDel says: - reply

        Thanks for responding, bennisixx. I have been using the right click option but have also tried installing Alacarte and it doesn’t work either.

        I’m not certain that I had a Preferences option before installing Alacarte. I do know that the right click option for the Edit Menu was working in 1.60 Cinnamon.

        I’m also using the nightly PPA. Can really figure this one out. Everything was working until the 1.61 update.

      • CtrlAltDel says: - reply

        bennisixx, check this out:

        With this photo, I believe I can explain what is happening a bit better.

        In the photo, the Main Menu dialog box on top is the one that comes from right clicking the start menu.

        The one on the bottom is Alacarte that I installed from Synaptic when I started having this issue, just hoping it would work.

        Well, it does work and it doesn’t work. For the purpose of trying to show what is happening, I moved Free Cell Solitaire from Games to Accessories.

        As you can see, in Alacarte in the bottom box in the image, Free Cell actually does move to Acessories like I wanted. But, it also places a duplicate of itself in Other.

        Every item I move places a duplicate of itself in Other. Also, as you can see in the top box in the photo, Free Cell never shows up at all.

        On the actual pop up start menu, on the left in the photo, you can see that Free Cell is not in Accessories, but, it is in the category Other.

        Why these items are placing themselves in Other, I have no idea.

  48. CtrlAltDel says: - reply

    Sorry for the long winded reply. I also wanted to add that only in Alacarte can I even attempt to move anything and even though it acts like it is working, it really doesn’t. Everything I move goes to Other in the pop up start menu.

    Again, sorry for the long and probably confusing post.

  49. Baatezuu says: - reply

    Great news. I love hearing news about Cinnamon. It has quickly become my favorite UI.

  50. cosatar says: - reply

    Nice, thanks for this great dekstop… Running 1.6.1 from Ubuntu 12.10… flawlesly!

  51. I have to say that Cinnamon has easily become my favorite UI. I have tired and tried to get used to Unity and I just can’t do it. Cinnamon just feels like home!! The ONLY thing missing for me in Cinnamon is a truly robust messaging menu similar to the one coming in Ubuntu 12.10. Is there ANY way this will be coming in the future? If we could have something similar to the Ubuntu one with the ability to interact with it for tweets, G+, chat, etc. then I think we would have the perfect UI!!

  52. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Jamie Dahlum,

    There is a possibility to install the messaging-applet. Look here:

    On this page, select and install it. That’s just all.

    Greetings from

    • MintKatze,

      Thanks for the reply. I do use that applet but it lacks the features I wish it had. I truly wish I had the development skills to build what I want but I don’t currently. It appears the development on that applet has stopped as well. Anyone interested in picking it up and improving upon it? Thanks!


  53. Tyler says: - reply

    I recently replaced Unity/Nautilus with CInnamon/Nemo on my Ubuntu 12.04 install. It’s awesome. I get the newness of Gnome 3 while also getting the 2 panel setup that I liked so well in pre Unity Ubuntu. Thanks so much Clem. All of your hard work is much appreciated.

  54. greywalk says: - reply

    Just like on XFCE, on Cinnamon after the last window on the task panel is closed, the panel makes a shift to the left – little bug, but very annoying.

  55. bobby says: - reply

    Bug: If I open suppose 10 applications, the appellets on the right hand side just start overlapping one another. Specially it irritates more if I have moved the time and date in the middle of the panel. So there has to be a reserved space beyond which the task bar may not expand or some vertical type of thing.

  56. R.w says: - reply

    GREAT! thanks… Stay Mint + Cinnamon + Nemo

    Saludos desde Brasil! :)

    Valeu pelo excelente trabalho.


  57. Probably not the right place for a feature request, but can someone please create and included a unity greeter session badge for Cinnamon for the Ubuntu packages?

  58. pepperminty says: - reply

    Dear Cinnamon developers and fellow Cinnamon users,

    I switched from MATE 13 to Cinnamon 13 recently to try to bypass some problems.
    But I now have a new problem. In MATE, I was able to add a “Typing Break” through the Keyboard settings (

    But in Cinnamon, Typing Break is not available in the Keyboard Settings or anywhere at all.

    What can I do? What’s the best alternative?

    Thank you.

  59. Anil says: - reply

    Great and Neat Desktop Environment.

    A feature request:
    Can you please add confirmation for drag and drop folder, like in KDE(dolphin file manager) where it gives the option to copy/move/link.

  60. I love mint 13. First i used the mate version, now i installed the cinnamon version.

    I would like to install and try the 1.6.1 version. How do i do that ?
    Can anyone tell me ?


  61. CKS says: - reply

    Hi clem,
    at first: nice work – is the best, useable Desktop you can get at this time.

    If you use the fglrx driver, (at Version 1.4 and 1.6.1, which I test) you have the problem that the desktop is twitching if you open a program or close one.
    An example: the musik-player Clementine have this problem and second thing, sometimes the symbol in the menu and in the taskbar is not correctly displayed.


  62. CKS says: - reply

    Me again.

    The screenshot tool doesn’t work. It shoot only an old screen, but now the actualy screen I need.
    “Print Screen” (PrtSc) button have the same result.

  63. drg says: - reply

    Great work! I really enjoy cinnamon and linux mint at all. I would like to ask is there a way to change the color of the panel and make it transparent? In Cinnamon 1.4 I have this done by editing the #panel section in cinnamon.css file, changing the line that says:
    “background-color: #555555;”
    “background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6)”.

    This worked for me in version 1.4 of cinnamon, but in 1.6.1 this change make cinnamon not to start.

    Is there other way the make this kind of panel customization?

    Sorry for my “perfect” English :)

    • drg says: - reply

      My fault! The “#” symbol is not a comment in .css file…
      Obviously I should be a bit more careful before asking questions.

      Great work anyway!

  64. I am trying to download Cinnamon. It is easy to get on a site but how do u d/l from there. I am fed up with claims that Linux is easy sure if u know how. I want more I want still to get away from windows & use Linux. I have early Mint but i feel life would be better with the more recent versions. That surely is common sense if ONLY I could d/l Please help

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