Nemo 1.0.3

This is a quick post to let you know about Nemo 1.0.3.

This new version features the following changes:

  • Detachable tabs
  • Image properties improvements (merged from Nautilus 3.6)
  • Memory leaks fixes (merged from Nautilus 3.6)

Many thanks to ebbes for his contributions to this version.

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. “Boa noite a todos.

    Será que foi corrigido o Bug da navegação das pastas no Nemo através das teclas de navegação ALT + SETA UP ou ALT + SETA LEFT ou ALT + SETA RIGHT?”

    “For those who don’t understand Portuguese, this refers to the keyboard shortcuts ALT+Up-arrow, ALT+Down-arrow, ALT+Left-arrow and ALT+Right-arrow, to navigate in the directory structure, which went missing in the transition from Nautilus to Nemo.

    I’m sorry, but the bug has not been corrected yet.”

  2. Sam Burgos says: - reply

    Hi Clem, nice work you’re doing with Nemo and Mint in general. Is Nemo & Cinnamon 1.6.x will make it to Mint 13 without using the Romeo repositories? Or should I (we) wait for an official release in Mint 14?

    BTW I’m sorry i couldn’t answer you the last days but i’ve been busy with some homeworks, but once i’m done i can take care of how to help on this project

    Also, thanks for the invitation last time to the chat, it’ll be an honor to talk to you and learn how to to do a theme for Cinnamon and maybe try to port some of the Nautilus themes to Nemo (as a long-term personal project). I tried to go into the IRC page you gave me but it gives me an 404 error, I don’t know if you can send me the page again

    I hope you can contact me to my e-mail in case i can be helpful to you. Again thanks and i hope we can chat soon in order to exchange some ideas about Mint :) (Y)

    • clem says: - reply

      The policy is a little bit different between Mint and Cinnamon. Here on this blog we’re developing something for the Linux community as a whole, it can be bleeding edge and brand new and it can come out very often as soon as it’s ready.

      Linux Mint is different. At Mint we like to make sure things work well and have had time to mature. We’re much more conservative over there than we are here. So for instance, Cinnamon 1.6.0 is incomplete in regards to translations and it’s the very first 1.6 release (i.e. it didn’t get any community feedback). You can see already how 1.6.1 benefits from that feedback and addresses problems. At some stage Cinnamon 1.6.x will be as mature as Cinnamon 1.4 and as complete when it comes to translations, that’s when we’ll feel it’s ready to replace 1.4 in the main Mint 13 repositories.

      Because of the way we work also (we don’t multitrack) we focus on one thing at a time. So the plan for Cinnamon 1.6 is first to get into Mint 14 and then to be backported to Mint 13 and LMDE. In the meantime it’s there as an opt-in via the Romeo section of the repositories.

  3. Oswaldo says: - reply

    Estas actualizaciones como se instalan?.

  4. Gilberto says: - reply


    I write you just to say one thing that is still missing.

    – “extract here” option when right click on a compressed archive.
    – “compress” option when right click on any archive.

    If you need some help with translations into Portuguese or Italian just let me know.

    Many thanks.

  5. linuxMint says: - reply

    how to install?

  6. zacH says: - reply

    Clem, really loving Cinnamon! I’ve been using… I want to say ubuntu 11.04 or 11.10, for a long while now, due to it being the last version with a proper classic session. Cinnamon is finally giving me the courage to grab a newer distro (which is for the best, since I think my old version is soon to be unsupported), and I may make a full switch to Mint because of it. It’s really a great expereince, even in its early stages.

    I’m loving Nemo as well, as it is the closest I’ve gotten to a nautilus-elementary on a current distro. I’ve tried Marlin, but I have a strange bug where it always forgets my set window size? Anyway, I’ve found Nemo’s integration to be excellent already, so I’m a convert. :) I was wondering, any thoughts on having the option for a cog-button equivalent to replace the menu bar? Like in the other mentioned file browsers? I like keeping my windows pretty tiny, and the cog always seemed like a great way to assist that sort of thing.

    My other question regards the use of a dock… I’m a big fan of AWN, though development seems to have fallen by the wayside on it, and I’m attempting to keep using it. I keep the cinnamon bar at the top, with the dock at the bottom, but when I go to minimize windows with effects enabled, they minimize up instead of down! I do not have “cinnamon window list” checked in the applets menu. Is there a way to get cinnamon to recognize the use of a dock? Is this an issue on AWN’s part? I’d loove to have effects enabled, so any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Anyway, thanks for your time! Keep up the excellent work, sir.

    • zacH says: - reply

      Also, would it be possible to tweak the Places sidebar in Nemo so that categories (bookmarks, computer, devices, etc) can be minimized? The way folders can be minimized in the tree view. A tiny feature, but one I miss.

      (oh, and the ubuntu I mentioned previously that I enjoy most is 11.04. Had to boot back into it to check)

  7. Manu says: - reply


    Thanks for the nice work. Just 2 things :

    ** Can we have an option to have two address bars when we split screen ?
    Just one for 2 folders is a little confusing to know where you are exactly.

    ** Right clic to a file gives the opportunity to “move to” 1) Desktop 2) Home 3) Other tab

    The 3rd option is strange but it’s ok. It just oblige you to be in the right directory in the other tab.

    –> So can we have an other option : 4) other : that open a pop-up that allows you to navigate to the right directory without opening it ?

    Thanks for your very nice work. I like Nemo :)

  8. praveenp says: - reply

    Hi, When I translate Nemo and Cinnamon, I can access only Isadora series. I cannot find any pots for Maya or Nadia. Is that okay?

  9. mintuser says: - reply

    how to install?

  10. dd says: - reply

    mint user

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    then restart > start update manager and install> restart and now you have nemo 1.0.3


    now any open prog doesn’t have a symbol in the panel. keyboard applet doesn’t work. to change the language for the keyboard is a better solution in xfce.

  11. dd says: - reply

    keyboard applet is working again after dezable/enable.

  12. yusl says: - reply

    sorry,how to install?
    why I can’t get it?

  13. Geoff says: - reply

    Can we uninstall Nautilus now?

  14. Geoff says: - reply

    How can we install Nemo 1.0.3? I updated to the latest version on Romeo and it is 1.0.2. I run Maya.
    Another thing, once we have cinnamon 1.6.1 and nemo 1.0.2 installed, can we safely remove the nautilus package?

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes you can remove nautilus. As for nemo 1.0.3 we’ll probably skip it in Linux Mint. It’s a small release and nemo is under heavy development right now.

  15. Hi,

    I can not upgrade nemo from the linux mint debian repository.

  16. dd says: - reply

    clem – reply
    October 4, 2012 at 8:37 am
    Yes you can remove nautilus


    • CtrlAltDel says: - reply

      Find Synaptic Package Manager in your start menu and open it. Once opened, you will see a text input box labeled Quick Filter.

      In that box, type Nautilus and then click the search button to the right.

      Once Nautilus has been located, right click on the entry and check mark the option Mark for Removal.

      Click Apply in the menu bar.

  17. Maximilian says: - reply

    Hey to upgrade do we just enable romeo? n upgrade?

  18. dd says: - reply


    thank you!

  19. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    nice work, you are doeing with nemo! Nemo is cool, because it saves also CPU-power. I switched over today and wiped nautilus off my installation.

    But one question Clem: will the sharing-Options make it into nemo 1.6?? Because in the Right-klick menu (when you right-klick onto a file), these sharing-options are still missing. When will this be merged over??

    And one more thing I found is: when you install nemo, the package mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd will be removed completely, because it still depends on nautilus. This should also be fixed.

    And one more question: will the nautilus-scripts be also merged over to nemo?? This would be pretty good, because I muss some things, I had in nautilus via nautilus-scripts. For example the merging of avi-files into one complete avi-file or the secure-wipe (when you delete files) or such things.

    So I would be happy, if we would see these scripts also be ported ove rto nemo.

    • clem says: - reply

      - nemo-share is available in github but it’s not tested or guaranteed to work yet.

      - nemo is not part of stable Mint 13 so mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd still points to nautilus. When it makes it in, we’ll probably depend on it or on either of the two (nemo | nautilus).

      - for nautilus-scripts it’s a good question. Long term we want nemo to be able to read .actions files… so in other words you’ll be able to define context menu actions in /usr/share/nemo/actions/*.action, very much like it’s done for menu item files (/usr/share/applications/*.desktop). Short-term we might also port nautilus-actions/scripts to nemo since it’s nice to have both and the new feature might not be available in time for Mint 14.

  20. zombie says: - reply

    Good job with Nemo!
    Highest on my wish list is the possibility to collapse the categories in the places sidebar.
    I have lots of bookmarks and partitions showing up which makes the sidebar very cluttered.

  21. Baatezuu says: - reply

    I really look forward to checking this out. I have meant to install this in a virtual machine and turn on romeo so I can test it out.

    If Mint 14 comes out soon enough I may not have to install this. I always love to play with new Linux version though.

  22. Gillis says: - reply


    I saw the package “nemo-fileroller”. I’ve installed it and now I have the “extract here” option.

    After this I decided to uninstall Nautilus. However the Panel Lauchers stopped working since then.

    Any solution?

    Many thanks.

  23. Gillis says: - reply

    Also the selection between the windown on the panel stopped working after the Nautilus was uninstalled….

  24. Oyabunbaba says: - reply

    One thing, i didn’t test the new 1.6.1 cinnamon and nemo, but want to know if the bug was fixed. The bug i am pointing is when i have upper panel and eg. tray radio, when the new song appear, trayradio message pop up below trayradio, volume and calendar icons. Now, sometimes when the message dissapear, the area where the message was displayed is “unclickable” it’s very annoying when i have open browser, and or other windows in fullscreen i can’t click to close minimalise window and in chromium open eg. settings.

  25. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Gillis,

    for me, they still work!! You just need to remove the package nautilus. All others have to be left in, or otherwise, nemo won’t work correctly until all dependencies are fixed.

    Or otherwise, you remove them from your panel, open your menu and then right-click on the app you want to have in your panel and put it back in. That’s just it!!

    And for other panel-apps, just go to your cinnamon-settings and there go to mini-apps and select your preferred ones.


  26. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Oyabunbaba,

    I work with this new cinnamon already and I can’t confirm this. Maybe, this is a graphics-driver issue??

    What graphics do you have?? Could you enter your graphiccard here for information-reasons please??

    Thank you.


  27. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Gillis,

    one question: did you remove these packages. file, file-roller??
    If so, then re-install them, because they still are necessary because the depend on nautilus. This needs to be changed too.

    But: what can be remove is this one too:


    This package is no longer necessary. Emapthy also works with nemo already.

    But what is still also needed are these ones: nautilus-gksu, nautilus-data. If you try to remove nautilus-data, it will uninstall cinnamon-desktop. And this is, what we do not want. So leave these packages installed!!


  28. Gillis says: - reply

    Hello everyone.
    The lauchers are working already.

    They were not working because my panel was in the “edit mode”. So I was not able switch between windows. – Trivial mistake.
    This thing didn’t used to happen with the previous versions.
    Sorry guys.

    Cinnamon with nemo is now faster, cleaner, but still has to improve stability. Sometimes it stops, or craches. Speccialy when I’m using chrome, or Libre Office 3.6

    One thing that I would like to see in Nemo, is the ability to select several files (not in order via CTR+CLICK) when I’m trying to upload fotos or files into the web.

    Thank you all.

  29. Oyabunbaba says: - reply

    Hi, definitely not driver issue, it happen on Intel HD as same as nvidia and Radeon :)

  30. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Gillis,

    good, that this thing is cleared up. You can check in the panel-seetings or even in the Cinnamon-Settings, if your panel is set to “edit-mode” or not.

    For me, nemo works fine in LinuxMint 13 with Cinnamon 1.6.

    Let’s see, if Clem will look into your claim and bring this up for you.


  31. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Oyabunbaba,

    I also have nvidia-graphics and I cannot confirm this thing here. For me, this does not happen. Strange.
    Do you have Cinnamon 1.6 already??


  32. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Oyabunbaba,

    one more question to you: can it be possible, that you still use Cinnamon 1.4 and that with an outdated version of your favorite Cinnamon-theme??


  33. Oyabunbaba says: - reply

    Like i write :) “One thing, i didn’t test the new 1.6.1 cinnamon and nemo”
    Which mean, yes am still using 1.4 with odin theme, and thats why i am asking if this issue is fixed in 1.6 coz i can’t find it in the fix list.

  34. Francois says: - reply

    Hi, Does anybody know if cinnamon 1.6 is available for fedora 16?

  35. Vanderson says: - reply

    Does this version fix the “compact” view bug where long file names cause horizontal jumps in the scrolling?

    Here’s a bug report on this issue:

    (love nemo 1.0.2, btw, great work. :)

  36. legion1978 says: - reply

    two things i would like to see in Nemo:
    1. click on the black portion of the pane + drag selects items (list view)
    2. double click on the blank portion of the pane = go to parent directory

    =) nice work, gentlemen!

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