Cinnamon 1.6.3

This is another maintenance release for Cinnamon.

Cinnamon 1.6.3 brings the following fixes:

  • Accessibility: Magnifier now displays context menus correctly
  • Windows management: When a window requires attention (typically, when you open a file with an editor that is located on another workspace), Cinnamon moves to that workspace by default rather than bringing the window to you. This behaviour is also configurable in Cinnamon Settings -> Windows.
  • Menu: Items from sub-categories are now displayed
  • Menu: Searches now apply to menu item ids (i.e. the name of the .desktop file)
  • Settings: Made keybindings page compatible with non-Ubuntu based distributions
  • Updated translations


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Mark says: - reply

    Wow – thanks Clem !
    You certainly know how to spend a Saturday evening ! (much like myself ::))

  2. Dave says: - reply

    Thank you! It looks and works very good and my favorite DE! How do I upgrade to the 1.6.3 version? I have Romeo enabled and have 1.6.1 installed now.

    • clem says: - reply

      We fixed everything we needed for Mint 14, but I’m still testing and as nemo and cinnamon are getting in there I’m expecting to find more little things that need fixing. We might see a few more maintenance releases and Romeo in LMDE and Mint 13 will just go straight from 1.6.1 to whatever version ends up in Mint 14 (same thing for nemo, it’s at 1.0.5 right now but it can move quickly if we need fixes for it).

  3. roj says: - reply

    Thanks so much Clem – I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  4. Alexander says: - reply

    how to upgrade to 1.6 cinnamon to Linux Mint 13?

  5. Thank you :) just upgraded… I hope some day this can be merged with gnome and gnome shell dumped.

  6. Zoran says: - reply

    Thanks for the great update again. Cinnamon is getting better and better for sure.

    One question please, can this get some priority please ?

    It’s real pain to not be able to take screenshots of the desktop properly. The “lucky” config that this problem will likely get is radeon HD 5+++ series, latest catalyst 12.8 and mint 13/ ubuntu 12.04.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  7. Ian B says: - reply

    Great work on this people.

    One little problem I have encountered is that there is no notifications applet available.

    This is on a clean install of mint 13 with Cinnamon update to 1.6.3 via stable PPA

    AMD 64 system with AMD APU

    Any suggestions ?

  8. Ian B says: - reply

    Ooops, sorry folks. I’m a “plonker”. Please disregard my last post apart from the “Great Work” comment. Fixed it.

  9. bennsixx says: - reply

    here i one for clem.

    : GPG error: maya Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 3EE67F3D0FF405B2 Clement Lefebvre (Linux Mint Package Repository v1)

    so now I cant update my cinnamon so……. Not really sure what. Ive had all kinds of screwy things happening on many machines since ubuntu went 12.10. all kinds of errors, but this one had Clems name on it

  10. Herisson says: - reply

    “Windows management: When a window requires attention (typically, when you open a file with an editor that is located on another workspace), Cinnamon moves to that workspace by default rather than bringing the window to you. This behaviour is also configurable in Cinnamon Settings -> Windows”

    Is it possible to have another option : “Nothing move” as in Mint 12? For example, TB in WSpace 1 and FF in WS 2. I open a hyperlink in my mail, the website is open in FF and I’m still on TB to open others links. Once done, I could go to WS 2 and see all the open sites in one time.


  11. Unfortunately I can’t find version 1.6.3 in the repositories !
    How to download it from Linux Mint 13 ?

    Thank you.

  12. roj says: - reply

    Tested and it’s perfection itself. Combined with Tobias Quinn’s gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom, it’s Compiz Enhanced Desktop Zoom without Compiz. Thanks to Clem, his team and Tobias Quinn, Cinnamon is now fully usable by visually impaired users.

    • clem says: - reply

      Well Roj,

      Sorry it took so long. We did an RCA on it, compared our magnifier to Gnome Shell’s and other than a few minor differences we found out they were the same. Back in the days we fixed GTK context menus appearing behind the panel and that now means we don’t draw things on the screen the same way Shell does (they don’t really need to fix their panel since they’ve no systray and their panel is always at the top anyway)… we also later fixed tooltips depth and a few other layer related problems, and although everything works fine now, that broke the magnifier. It was difficult to find the problem and to fix it but with three devs involved on finding the cause and mtwebster coming with a fix we’re now delighted it works well again.

  13. xhsdf says: - reply

    does “Cinnamon moves to that workspace by default rather than bringing the window to you” mean there is no option to ignore the window if it is on another workspace? Because I find both options disrupting.

    I just bricked my system trying to install the packages necessary for Cinnamon 1.6.3, so I can’t see for myself. I tried upgrading to quantal and nadia repositories but that didn’t work at all (mostly because of nvidia-updates-current being broken). I’ll just wait for Mint 14 to come out.

    • Vanderson says: - reply

      I want to add my vote to this comment. I haven’t seen the settings for 1.6.3 yet, but I found the default behavior of cinnamon for the last 10 months or so preferable to the 1.6+ behavior of forcing focus on apps.

      I really see the value in having the option though. This may sound silly, but Ideally, this should be set “per” application.

      As I would like my file manager (nemo) to pop to my current workspace, but not my torrent client. I’d like (possibly) a browser window to trigger a workspace change when clicking a link in my email programming. But I don’t want my music player (on workspace 3) to affect workspace navigation when I open an mp3 file…

      But I am thrilled about being able to adjust this behaviour at all at this point.

  14. bennisixx says: - reply

    I just installed cinnamon 1.6.3 on my girlfriends Ubuntu 12.10 rig It will not let nemo control the dektop, nor does it have the option like my mint box. Any ideas would be awesome

  15. bennisixx says: - reply

    ^ never mind I fixed it with dconf-editor

  16. roj says: - reply

    Found a massive bug when the taskbar menu is zoomed and it applies to any menu (Mint Menu / Win 7 Menu / whatever). Access the Preferences or Administration menu when zoomed and watch what happens – the menu entires will be missing until you mouse over them and then a large square around the mouse will act as a window into the text – but the rest of the text outside the window will be missing. Also, the Window List with previews applet icons are slightly truncated along the side – it’s as if the icon in the Taskbar is rectangular vertically and not square.Bring on Cinnamon 1.6.4…

    • clem says: - reply

      Thanks, that’s easy to reproduce and it looks like a viewport problem. The fact that it only happens on some categories and not others should make it easier for us to find the cause and come with aa fix, fingers crossed.

      • roj says: - reply

        Thanks Clem! Much appreciated.

      • roj says: - reply

        One more detail:

        When zoomed, there is a small box around the mouse cursor when it’s busy (doing the circular “I’m doing something” shape) or when you move the cursor fast across the screen. Can this be cleaned up too?

      • roj says: - reply

        Last bit of info:

        The box around mouse curso when zoomed happens a lot more when cursor is in front of an application (eg. Firefox). It doesn’t seem to happen when you zoom across an empty desktop.

  17. Arnab says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    I’m not a geek in Linux world yet I must admit Cinnamon had been the best experience so far. Thanks for !! Keep it up

  18. dd says: - reply

    when will have a final edition for mint 13? november?!
    wiil be also a new iso for mint 13 with integrated updates and this new edition of cinnamon?
    great work! thank you!

  19. Andrew says: - reply

    Great work!

    I really enjoy cinnamon, the only tiny thing that bothers me a bit is that the drop shadow from the panel (either if it is a top panel or a bottom panel) is visible above the windows. Shouldn’t it be below so not to interfere with e.g. window decorations?

  20. Andrew says: - reply

    Na minha opinião, o Linux Mint é a melhor distribuição do Linux. Encontrei problemas em todas as distribuições Linux, mas os problemas do Linux Mint são mais fáceis de serem resolvidos. No entanto, um problema precisa ser corrigido: Os temas do Cinnamon não funcionaram e o menu é simples. Não tenho placa de vídeo, o que pode impedir que os temas funcionem. Estou precisando de ajuda para forçar a exibição dos temas e do menu do Cinnamon.

    In my opinion, Linux Mint is the best Linux distribution. Problems found in all Linux distributions, but the problems of Linux Mint are easier to resolve. However, a problem needs to be fixed: The themes of Cinnamon did not work and the menu is simple. I have no video card, which can prevent the themes work. I need help to force the display of the menu themes and Cinnamon.

  21. Surja says: - reply

    Thanks Clement :) waiting eagerly for the 1.6.3 version to be pushed into the Romeo repos.

  22. Moro1969 says: - reply

    If cinnamon had magic lamp effect and global menu applet would be perfect for me. Anyway I like.

  23. HANNY says: - reply


    i have installed cinnamon 1.6.3 in ubuntu 12.10 , but cinnamon 2D is too slow, any fix for that?

    • clem says: - reply

      No Hanny,

      Cinnamon 2D is there for troubleshooting, not to be used as a desktop, it’s slow because it doesn’t use your GPU and everything is done via CPU. If you can’t run Cinnamon we recommend MATE, Xfce or KDE.

  24. Tiago says: - reply

    It would be great a port of nautilus-compare to Nemo!

  25. Tim says: - reply

    can you give the magnifier / zoom program a simple gui
    just uh zoom in and out – and custom zoom
    then the crosshairs option
    i don’t think it should be too hard just link everything to Dconf
    maybe make the buttons big too

  26. tim says: - reply

    yeah really when you get done with Mint 14 TAKE A BREAK

    look at this wallpaper
    this is where you should go haha relax you know
    and i have the picture with the clear water and the boat as my wallpaper
    also PLEASE do this go check out F.lux
    i know you stay up late at night on the computer TAKE A LOOK

    • clem says: - reply

      Thanks Tim,

      There’s some amazing pictures there! I’ve been to one of them already (Zante, Greece, 3rd one from the bottom) :)

  27. Lael says: - reply


    I really appreciate Cinnamon, a lot more configurable and user-friendly than others, but there is still something important which is not working :

    some auto-move-window option to simply make some applications starts on specific workspaces. I’ve tried some extension, but it’s not working and this is maybe worth being directly included in cinnamon settings (like destop scroller btw).
    Thank you any way for this job.

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