Muffin 1.1.2 and Nemo 1.0.6

Two new minor releases today:

Muffin 1.1.2:

  • Fixed: Muffin crashes when meta_window_move_frame is called on Conky or borderless windows

Nemo 1.0.6:

  • Added drag & drop support to bookmarks in the sidebar
  • Added support for sending files via Thunderbird and xdg-email


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. fth says: - reply

    great job! thanx @clem how can update my system?

  2. billynick says: - reply

    why arent these updates in romeo? i keep reading these announcements and there are always little improvements that i want on my machine, but i dont know how to get them…

  3. Geoff says: - reply

    It’s been a few minor “releases” of nemo, cinnamon and muffin that aren’t available to Linux Mint users. What I understand is that these releases are available to users who compile the programs themselves or who use bleeding-edge distros like Arch linux, and that these releases won’t be available to LM users until the next major releases, which will come with LM 14. Did I get it right? Le cas échéant, is it possible to please clarify?

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Geoff, Yes, that’s correct, but they will also be backported to LMDE and Mint 13. What we’re doing now is quickly increasing the quality of Cinnamon and reaching a mature and fully stable 1.6.x release for integration in Mint 14. As soon as we’re happy with it, we’ll port it to LMDE and Mint 13. Right now we’re not interested in serving you something that is likely to improve again very soon. It’s the same thing with MDM and other technologies. Let Mint 14 build itself and raise the bar for all of them out them, and when Mint 14 is done we’ll have plenty of improvements to backport to LMDE and Mint 13.

  4. AdamJ says: - reply

    If you want the nightly builds you have to add the nightly PPA

  5. twodogs says: - reply

    The nightly build seems very stable to me.

  6. Ed says: - reply

    Thank you very much, I’ve been using cinnamon in archlinux and is by far my favorite desktop environment.

    Where is the best place to give some feedback?

    I’ve realized that nemo does not have the “Compress…” option in the context menu as nautilus have, I’ve really missed this feature, is it possible to enable it?

  7. sebweber says: - reply

    Nemo and Cinnamon are really great. Great work guys! Go on like that!

    But I have just one wish:
    In Nautilus I was used to copy DVDs or CDs with right-clicking on the DVD on my Desktop and clicking on “Copy CD/DVD”. But now in Nemo this entry is gone …
    Is there an optional package or something so that I can re-install this feature?

  8. edi says: - reply

    Thanks Clem,
    cinnamon’m using 64bit and when I activate the effect to close, and maximinixar miniminar window freezes (and other skype, how to extract here)
    I just deactivate the animation does not have this problem
    thank you

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