Cinnamon 1.6.4

Cinnamon 1.6.4 fixes the following bug:

  • When the magnifier is enabled some categories of the menu do not appear correctly

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Roj says: - reply

    Awesomeness and Thank You! How soon before I can download this?

  2. roj says: - reply

    Looks like Nemo Dropbox failed to build in the Ubuntu PPA…

  3. roj says: - reply

    Just installed 1.6.4 and it’s a go – sort of. The Cinnamon menu as shipped works fine. However, If I go into the Win7 menu applet, the whole thing does the “I only display in a window” thing I described before. Not sure what’s causing that…

  4. John says: - reply

    Going through Synaptic, attempting to install Cinnamon 1.6.3 wants to uninstall 1.6.1 but without offering to install 1.6.3. Same with Νemo. What’s happening?

  5. masterid says: - reply

    When could Cinnamon add the feature which allows the panel to be vertical at the left or right or the screen?

    I am still using KDE just because of this feature. If Cinnamon has it, I am going to switch Cinnamon and get rid of the buggy KDE.

    In a wide screen, if you put panel or top or bottom, your screen will be further compressed.

    • clem says: - reply

      There’s no plan to have vertical panels in Cinnamon at the moment. KDE is not buggy though and MATE also allows you to do that. Another alternative is to use a dock.

      • You should think about it. It’s the only thing I miss.

      • masterid says: - reply

        Please consider doing it.

        I have big troubles with wireless and sound card in KDE. Their Network Manager is never under maintenance.

        MATE is too old to implement new features.

      • masterid says: - reply

        Please consider doing it.

        I have big troubles with wireless and sound card in KDE. Their Network Manager is never under maintenance.

        MATE is too old to implement new features.

        Docks can not replace the panel since they do not have all features which the panel has.

      • bleh says: - reply

        Please consider doing it.

      • Phil says: - reply

        i would appreciate that too!!
        i times of wide screen monitors it just makes sense to have panels on the left side, e.g.

      • everfreedom says: - reply

        C’moin, put in the Vertical Panels !

        Can anyone give me one good reason why not ?

        This IS Linux after all…. supposed to be about FREEDOM to customize , yes ?

      • riprop says: - reply

        please reconsider implementing vertical panel in Cinnamon,
        I’m also waiting some time for this option in order to go to mint (from lubuntu). For me vertical panel uses wide screen displays more efficient than horizontal does.

        Thank you for making Mint an Cinnamon exists !

  6. Thibault says: - reply

    Hello, i’ve searched on internet but I can’t find a clear answer…
    Did somebody know how to have 2×2 workspace like the old gnome interface or Unity (and not 4×1)

    Thank you verry much :)

    • Andrew says: - reply

      Go to Cinnamon settings -> Workspaces and enable “Display Expo view as a grid”. That should do it!

      • thibault says: - reply

        Thanks, but it’s only “virtual”, I would like to go in the workspace 3 when i’m on the workspace 1 when I press CTRL+ALT+down. But it sending me to the workspace 2. All workspace are disposed like a grid, but in fact the workspaces are still linear.

        On Gnome 3 they are some applets you need to install to have this feature. But I don’t find the same on cinnamon…

  7. Just installed 1.6.4 and it’s a go. Everything works fine except for skype, I don’t have tray icon and notifications. It was perfectly working on 1.6.1

  8. Dave says: - reply

    Where do I download it from?

  9. clem says: - reply

    Just a quick note to Mint users: Cinnamon 1.6.4 and Muffin 1.1.2 are now in the Romeo repositories. We didn’t update Nemo yet because we’re planning to add a feature to it and releasing another version of it in the coming days.

  10. xhsdf says: - reply

    There seems to be a dependency problem. After updating to 1.6.4 it crashed with the error message “Meta.keybindings_set_custom_handler is not a function” in /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js:268
    I had to manually update gir1.2-muffin-3.0 and muffin

  11. Ajc says: - reply

    just updated my cinnamon 13 with Romeo enabled … however two icons aren’t showing on the desktop, although they are selected in cinnamon settings … the icons are: network servers & rubbish bin.

    is there something I can adjust to get them back ?


    • Ajc says: - reply

      interestingly, I have cinnamon 13 on a few desktops and a few laptops, and it’s only happening on the one machine …
      … the others are fine.

      is there a way to run a command that will enable Cinnamon to be set back to original settings?, then I can taylor icons etc. again.


      • clem says: - reply

        Yes, from the setting applet, Troubleshoot->Restore All Settings to Default.

        Also remove Nautilus and install Nemo (the desktop options in Cinnamon relate to Nemo not Nautilus). Alternatively, you can configure nautilus using gsettings in the command line.

  12. bobby says: - reply

    Upgraded to Cinnamon 1.6.4, working fine. Just playing with it in VB. Sometime in VB it does not show any wallpaper and at the same time no right clicking. Wallpapers I am able to change through Cinnamon setting or system setting. But still no right clicking. I have to reboot it. Sometimes problems get solved in one reboot and sometime not. Can’nt say whether it is because of using it in VB.

    Although I don’nt switch to different workspace, but in workspace appellate, which show applications running on different workspace, there needs to be a close button also for closing the applications, so that one can close different applications from appallete itself.

  13. Vanderson says: - reply

    Thanks Clem (and mint team)
    This is a good release, I appreciate all the work, especially the window setting “Go to workspace/bring window to workspace” for windows that require attention.

    Another person commented on a previous post about a 3rd option, which is do neither… (I would add to this fire a notification)

    1. Switch to workspace for window that needs attention
    2. Bring window to current workspace that needs attention
    3. Display notification that window needs attention. (no switching or moving)

  14. Limon says: - reply

    Please add touchpad, Screenshot & weather applets as default.
    Replace Cinnamon settings with better settings applet.
    Remove screenshot option from Better settings applet.
    Add “Add to X media player playlist” in Nem so that it works with any media player which is made default

  15. Greg says: - reply

    Upgraded to 1.6.4 without any problems, but of course they came a t me right after. Since this last update my desktop icons (home folder, trash etc…) do not show themselves at all, no matter what option(s) I tick in Cinnamon Settings/Desktop.

    Installing Gnome-Tweak-Tools (and enabling desktop icons from within this app – they were disabled even though CinSet said otherwise) helped somewhat, as now those stubborn icons come into life after I open Nemo window. On system start they are still missing though. Any ideas?

  16. Gordo says: - reply

    Clem, how many default GTK themes will there be in nadia cinnamon ?

    The default mint x (or z ?) theme has oddly narrow side slidebars.
    I for one would like them to be a bit more chunky, and in the fullscreen mode (browser), when I toss the cursor to the side, it would be great to have the cursor snap the slidebar instead of it being out of range for the slidebar…

    The useability of the slidebar would be good if it was like which the gtk2 Aurora theme has IMO. (less targeting with cursor on the desktop).

    And more modern window border options by default pretty please :D

  17. Twisty says: - reply

    Installing Cinnamon for the first time on Ubuntu Server 12.04 running on a Linode VPS. Connecting to the server over NX Session and currently using the console connection so I can launch Cinnamon from the command line into my session. I am pretty sure the VPS cannot handle 3D. I get the same error when running ‘cinnamon’ or ‘cinnamon2d’:

    (cinnamon:23462): Gdk-WARNING **: The program ‘cinnamon’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length erro’.
    (Details: serial 138 error_code 16 request_code 147 minor_code 1)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the GDK_SYNCHRONIZE environment
    variable to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

    I get a similar error when running ‘gnome-shell’ and can’t figure out how to debug either one. Googled around, yet all the posts or threads I can find discuss screen adapters. Since I am routing the display to the NX Stream, I don’t know how to identify the issue.

  18. Michcael says: - reply

    Are the download links not working for Arch? Not working for me…

  19. gilnord says: - reply

    Peut-on avoir un livret d’instruction en ”Français” pour comprendre Cinnamon.Pourquoi est-ce si difficile d’avoir un service français avec linux????

  20. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi people, I have Cinnamon 1.6.4 installed via romeo and I do not face problems. One does not need a ppa-repository for that. Just activate romeo and that’s it.

    So: why ppa-repositories for that??


    • bobby says: - reply

      PPA-repositories are not for LM users. They are for the users of different distros e.g. Ubuntu (and its derivatives etc.), Arch, Opensuse etc. etc. that is as simple as that. Hope you understand now.

  21. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I love Cinnamon 1.6.4 here on my Notebook. Everything except the wheather-applet works for me. The wheater-applet is the only thing, which is not working up to now.

    But nemo is a great file-manager!! I love it and I prefer it opposite to nautilus. So please get nemo as default into LinuxMint 14 please!! No one needs nautilus anymore! Nemo is by far better than nautilus!!

    And one question: what about my wish referring to porting over existing nautilus-scripts from here:
    ?? This would be really cool, if you could port them over to nemo!! This would really be a big help!!

    Thanks in advance Clem!!

    And to be honest: it’s hard to wait 4 weeks more for LinuxMint 14! my fingers are already cribbling. They want to start on LinuxMint 14!!! Please hurry with the release of LinuxMint 14!! :-D

    Greetings from

  22. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Cleam:

    I read about Problems here in KDE-Desktop. I can also confirm, that KDI isn’t propper. KDE often doesn’t find the WLAN-drivers and so Wifi is not working in KDE for me and others.

    KDE is really not the desktop of choice. I had tested it but I don’t lik it. Cinnamon is really by far more stable than KDE. So I really say: who the devil really needs KDE when there is Cinnamon or Gnome-shell? And who needs MATE?? The MATE-project is no longer necessary with Cinnamon as an alternative to Gnome-Shell. And also Unity is no longer necessary. This can also be pushed out of the repositories. No one needs that really.


    • bobby says: - reply

      The devils like me need the KDE desktop.

      Now I also read users having different problems in Cinnamon (perhaps you also said something is not working), so shall we stop cinnamonm or MATE etc. etc? No desktop/ distro is perfect as far as linux is concerned. If you like cinnamon just enjoy it.

      With all the above said, we KDE users don’nt depend on only Linux Mint for KDE experience (KDE users may understand why I said that). Their are other distros based on KDE and they work better than LM.

      In the end, if you want that Clem may stop supporting KDE on your advise, you are most welcome. It hardly matters to KDE users.

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Mintkatze,

      MATE and KDE are the two most mature Linux desktops out there and they’re running on proven and stable technology (GTK2 and QT). GTK3 broke compatibility with existing themes three times now and GNOME is currently discussing removing Fallback and depending on systemd, so tomorrow you might find yourself only able to run Unity/Shell/Cinnamon on non-Debian distributions, only on 3D accelerated specs and using Adwaita.

      As much as you like Cinnamon (and we love it too or we wouldn’t be here), I’d like to remind you that it doesn’t work on non-accelerated hardware, and that it currently only works on top of GNOME, unlike MATE and KDE which are complete and independent desktops.

  23. Mintkatze says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    Cinnamon will be removed tomorrow?? That would be not nice. But: I am running 3D-accelerated hardware (complete Nvidia-base)! So I hope, this will not be a problem.

    And what about Gnome-Shell in LinuxMint tomorrow? Will this work?? Let’s see, if this will really happen. Do you really plan to move away from upstart?? But: upstart was so good in the meantime….


  24. Mintkatze says: - reply

    Until now, I do not discover any glitches in Cinnamon 1.6.4 besides the wheather-extension. I will look forward to tomorrow, Clem. And I already got nemo 1.7 via romeo-repositroies into my LinuxMint 13.

    And if things should break tomorrow, then I know a way out: upgrade to LinuxMint 14!! The Terminal will help me, Clem.

    But as I told you: Cinnamon is one of the best desktops in LinuxMint. And until up to now, I did not discover any instabilitiy in it. Let’s see, how things are tomorrow.


  25. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Clem,

    I just read, that Ubuntu 12.10 will stay with Upstart and will not follow to systemd. So: what will LinuxMint do?

    For more information, read here:


    Ubuntu wird nicht wie andere Linux-Distributionen auf Systemd umstellen, sondern auf absehbare Zeit bei Upstart bleiben.

    So the question would be: what will the Mint-developers do??


    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Mintkatze,

      We’re talking about Mint 15 here.. so there’s no need to make any decision in a hurry, but we’re quite happy with upstart, we’re very happy with being fully compatible with Ubuntu and we’d welcome a freeze on GNOME 3.6 (which comes with Fallback and without a dependency on systemd).

  26. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Cleam,

    in your post ot 5:39pm your write:

    We’re talking about Mint 15 here

    LinuxMint 15?? You mean: LinuxMint 14 or?? Can it be, that you have the wrong number in your posting :-D

    But: I hope, that LinuxMint will stay with upstart. Upstart is pretty good and stable. And you told me, that I would face a switch-off of Cinnamon tomorrow. I cannot confirm this at the moment. I just took the current Update a minute ago and unitl up to now, I do not notice something like that in LinuxMint 13.

    So I would be rather happy, if we saw nemo in the current version and Cinnamon 1.6.4 in LinuxMint 14. This saves so much CPU-power, that this is wonderful for saving up electricity. Nemo also has really better functions than nautilus has.

    And do we see some new features in LinuxMint 14?? And do we see new artwork in LinuxMint 14?? And what else will be different to LinuxMint 13 in comparison to LinuxMint 14??

    Greetings and please keep up your wonderful work and nemo


    • clem says: - reply

      Well, Mint itself is a bit off-topic here on this Cinnamon blog. But Mint 14 will be more of the same. If you liked Mint 13 you’ll enjoy the next one. It will feature the same editions, numerous improvements to MDM, mintInstall and the system itself and of course the latest versions of Cinnamon and Nemo.

  27. Mintkatze says: - reply

    I am also asking, because I need some information, which I can put into my forum, to attract more users for LinuxMint 14. So it woould be good, if you could give us some more view on LinuxMint 14.


  28. roj says: - reply

    The more I read, the more I think the Gnome team have lost their minds and are now resorting to strong arm tactics to prop up their failing desktop. As nice as Cinnamon is, it’s still slower on accellerated hardware than MATE and while it nears prime time, it’s not yet at the point where I’d trust my everyday desktop to it. It needs to get lewss choppy, especially in zoomed mode and glitches like the third party applets Win7 Menu losing all menu items unless you mouse over them need to disappear before I’ll be able to use and recommend it unreservedly.

    The work being done on it is excellent but from where I’m sitting, it’s at least a year away from reaching the stable and mature offering that Gnome2 achieved.

    The loss of Gnome Classic is a huge one because I used that platform to build an extremely stable environment with AWN, DockbarX, Gnomenu and Cairo Dock that, since it uses Compiz is significantly faster and more stable than Cinnamon is at present. I look forward to a future where I can deploy a version of Cinnamon on 12.04 LTS (yes, I’m not at all interested in non-LTS versions because I think the six month upgrade game is at best a ridiculous farce) and have the level of confidence in it that I have in my hybrid Gnome Classic environment.

    I’m also dead certain that I’m not alone.

    • clem says: - reply

      You’re definitely not alone. Although we do our best to develop Cinnamon, we also support and we will continue to support mature desktops such as MATE and KDE. It’s not just a matter of taste and we’re very well aware of the pros and cons of each DE.

      • roj says: - reply

        Sadly, the Linux community has been fractured and I think deeply hurt by two vailglorious groups who are more interested in their own agendas than users needs. I speak of course of the Unity and Gnome teams. In the pissing contest that both are participating in, we have one team (Gnome) taking more and more configurability out of the hands of users under the guise of making it simpler when in fact it’s pretty obvious that they simply don’t want to support that configurability. Shuttleworth and company are more interested in upstaging a group that ignored their suggestions for a future vision than actually helping users.

        It’s left to the MATE, Cinnamon and XFCE teams to attempt to bring some order to the chaos that has resulted (KDE has evolved into a hopelessly disorganized mess with a lot of configurability potential and no clear vision).

        At the end of the day I hope theCinnamon, MATE and XFCE DEs become the default standards for distros, thus teach8ng the much needed humbling lesson to the current “majors” that the only reason they exist is to SERVE and HELP the client community.

  29. iveand says: - reply

    Thanks again for the great work.

    For anyone else still struggling with “white borders on the right and bottom of system tray icons”, I have sorted out a “stop gap solution”:

    As background, I am on Cinnamon 1.6.4 from the stable ppa and the issue still persists. I am using the default “Cinnamon” theme, and while I am using “ubuntu-mono-dark” icons, it is the same problem with the default “Mint-X” icon set. Panel height is the default of 25 px, and it is set to allow a custom size and to have the icons/text scale.

    Anyway, to clarify, it is possible that with a “reload” of Cinnamon that the white bands MAY disappear (but will likely show again on reboot). This is only with “certain icons” (ibus icon, Tomboy icon, and Synapse icon are three examples). Anyway, even after reloading Cinnamon, the white bands are gone but if it is an icon that “toggles”, after a few toggles the white bands will reappear (ibus again is the example: it toggles each time you select a different icon).

    So, as a “stopgap”, I have found there are some “sweet spots” for panel height that make it so there is no white space on the right and bottom, regardless of how many times I “toggle” the ibus icon. These panel heights are 28 px and 21 px. So, as a stopgap, for now I am using a 28 px height panel and ALL IS GOOD. On reboot there is NO WHITE SPACE!!! After many icon toggles, there is still no white space and the icon is properly centered.

    (For ubuntu-mono-dark, I did need to tweak the /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/22/input-keyboard.svg icon to be a “square” 22 x 22 px instead of the default of 23 x 22 px. Without this tweak, since not square there would ALWAYS be a white space around the icon. For Mint-X icons, it is already “square” so no icon tweak needed there.)

    Still hoping for a proper fix, but this panel height is helpful in the meantime.

    (the above is largely posted to the bug report on github about the issue:

  30. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ iveand,

    why did you install Cinnamon via ppa-repository and not via the romeo-repos?? Cinnamon in romeo is by far more stable than in all ppa-repositories.

    @ Clem,

    I wanted to let you know, that I cannot confirm, that Cinnamon would not work today. For me, Cinnamon 1.6.4 works so smooth in LinuxMint 13, so I hope, I will also enjoy the next relese!! It’s hard to wait a four weeks more :-D Of course, I will get me the next release as soon as possible, when there is a new release!!

    And I think about staying with LinuxMint in future! LinuxMint is and will remain the real Ubuntu.

    And since this relese, one does not need so much ppa-repositories. I only have it for bitdefender, thunderbird and Firefox. But currently I do not have more than that. But I am thinking about re-enabling the feanza-ppa and the faience-ppa.

    Because I experience, that ppa-repositories make the system way too unstable. So: it is better, not to install to many ppa-repositories.

  31. Gary says: - reply

    Is there a way to move the notification to the bottom

  32. Al Petersen says: - reply

    I give up. Why can I NOT install “Crossover” with gdebi? This is so un-Linux….

  33. bobby says: - reply

    While using Cinnamon with themes like white and mictlan and dockey at the bottom only thing I am missing is “global menu” and how to disable taskbar showing running applications. Ha ha ha just my view. Just for having more option can someone make global menu extn. for Cinnamon.

  34. ivan says: - reply

    I have a Geforce GT 430, so a little dated … will she turn with Mint 14??? best 32 or 64 given the lousy support for nvidia gpu this???

  35. Timpsster says: - reply

    Hey i haven’t tried it yet but i use Zoom to have the cursor the same color temperature as everything else on the screen when i use F.lux < Windows version
    anyway i have to thank you for fixing the menu when zoomed
    very much appriciated
    the one thing i would ask for now haha when you get – what you want hey do you want more haha yeah sorry

    but could you make a simple GUI for the zoom — i REALLY don't think people with vision issues would appreciate having to install Dconf
    going to Org – gnome – desktop – a11y and magnifier to change the zoom level — i keep mine on 1x because of F.lux like i said ealier
    and uh is it ok if i have uh
    uh a whole bunch of desktops
    like uh you know not too many but just
    maybe some where just a ball park figure of

    420 desktops LOL
    yeah it takes about 2 seconds to show the screen actual seconds
    yeah it's gonna be hard to delete all those
    have you ever tried to delete workspaces in Cinnamon yeah
    idk if it's the theme but i think there should be a stationary X on each desktop instead of a X on hover

    these changes probably don't need to be immediate but the sooner the better
    and thanks Clem you're doing a great job

    • clem says: - reply

      We should be able to give the a11y applet options in the context menu. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  36. z says: - reply

    What has changed about cinnamon 1.6.4 since 1.4 that means that many extensions now don’t work? How can we modify them so they work again?

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Z,

      The concept of Extensions is archaic because it’s tightly linked to the code of Cinnamon itself. It’s like an ADD-ON without any API in between. As much as possible we recommend people develop applets (and hopefully in 1.8 desklets as well). With that said, there are valid use cases for extensions when it comes to changing the behaviour of Cinnamon or adding to it other than in the panel itself. It’s hard to explain the changes since 1.4 because there’s thousands of them. What we can do though is chat with the extension dev on IRC and help him update to 1.6. Depending on the extension and the pieces of code it uses, it might be easy or a little bit more difficult, it’s a case by case thing here.

      • z says: - reply

        Hi Clem,
        I guess the two extensions that I used and I really miss are functionality that i think should be included in cinnamon by default.
        “Middle Click to Close Thumbnail Windows” should be included because it is in keeping with the metaphors and design philosophy of the rest of cinnamon (and more generally), and so is only doing what you expect it to do. When you middle click on a tab in firefox it closes; in cinnamon, when middle you click on a window in the window list on the panel, it closes (if there is no dialogue). When you middle click on a workspace in expo, the workspace closes. When you middle click on a window in scale, the window closes, so when i middle click on a window in expo, the window should close, not the workspace it is in (there is always places on the workspace with no windows I could middle click on if I wanted that). The other one, which is much less important, is “Drag onto new workspace”, because if I drag a window onto the plus sign in expo, I am doing it for a reason, and the obvious reason is because I want a new workspace and the dragged window in it.

  37. redalien says: - reply

    My Cinnamon Menu is Transparent. This is on a fresh Install (Ubuntu12.4.1) on a Dell Latitude D600. have Removed cinnamon & reinstalled also. i know its not Gnome cause i Removed gnome & had to wipe my HD Reinstall Ubuntu 11.10 +updates & upgraded to 12.4.1 (no pae support). Thanks for any help


  38. Brahim says: - reply

    No desktop icons at startup in Cinnamon 1.6.4 on Linux Mint 14!

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