Nemo 1.0.7

Nemo 1.0.7 introduces the following changes:

  • Added GTK bookmarks to the MoveTo/CopyTo context menus
  • Added “Set as Wallpaper” to the context menu
  • Added view buttons to switch the view (between Grid, List and Compact views) to the right hand side of the toolbar
  • Improved icons size and selection
  • Discontinued sendto extension
  • Discontinued wallpaper extension

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Christian says: - reply

    Just updated, can’t wait for Mint 14… thanks!!!

  2. Verix says: - reply

    Awesome, this is already better than Nautilus 3.4.

  3. Vanderson says: - reply

    Again, thanks Clem. This is a great update. I’ve completely updated, to Nemo 1.0.7 and cinnamon 1.6.4 and everything is running great.

    I agree, this is already better than Nautilus. The only real issue that I have is the compact view has the silly jump in scrolling when there are long file names…

  4. Christopher says: - reply

    I am continually impressed with the progress Cinnamon and Nemo have undergone in such a relatively short time span. The latest releases continue this excellence. Yours and team’s efforts are greatly appreciated, Clem.

  5. twodogs says: - reply

    Nemo 1.07 and Cinnamon 1.6.4 works great. I like the new features. Congrats!

  6. michael says: - reply

    Is Nemo going to be available from the openSUSE repo? I installed Cinnamon, but it didn’t install Nemo.

  7. I just wanted to say I love cinnamon, but I like openbox too. So I have openbox using cinnamon and mint apps. Nemo is awesome on openbox. Just launch with nemo –no-desktop and your golden. Thank you for doing this fork it’s perfect!!!!

  8. Surja says: - reply

    Thank you Clem, installing it now. Can’t wait for Mint 14.

  9. ivan says: - reply

    where can I create a folder that contains the scripts that are seen from the right click menu??

    • clem says: - reply

      You can’t “yet”… that feature is planned (it’s called Action API in our own jargon) but not yet implemented.

  10. Zyzz says: - reply

    I really like the speed you’re developing lately. I can’t think of anything that I miss atm. :D (Just to be sure I need to reboot to have 1.07 right? Atm it says 1.02 but I’m to laty to reboot. :D )

  11. iveand says: - reply

    Thanks for the updates.

    I notice that the “email with Thunderbird” (presumably the email editor of choice) option is included by default without the nemo-sendto add-on (as noted). However, there is no longer an option to compress before attaching to an email (as with nemo-sendto).

    Not huge, but I will occasionally miss that feature.

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes, nemo-sendto is gone… one of the reason was that it was an extension (we’re moving towards features and an Action API), another was the fact that it relied on Evolution, Empathy and Brasero which already broke compatibility (Evolution) or are likely to do so in the near future.

  12. irving says: - reply

    Nemo and Cinnamon are great! Thanks

    How can I use Nemo insteed Nautilus by default? Is there an option for that?

  13. Emmanuel says: - reply

    Thanks ! Impressive work !

    Just one question : the new menu send to is for Thunderbird. But I’m using Evolution. How can I change this ?

    With nemo-sendto extension that was working fine…

    Thanks Clem !

    • clem says: - reply

      We’ll add support for Evolution, but not as an extension, as a nemo feature (the same way we did for Thunderbird).

    • mtwebster says: - reply

      Right now, it prefers Thunderbird if you have that installed. If you were to uninstall Thunderbird, it would allow you to send from Evolution, or whatever default email client you have set.

      Probably we should enable the ‘generic’ email option always by default, and only show Thunderbird if it’s installed. TB is not well behaved when it comes to this stuff, which is why we’re handling it separately.

  14. Zyzz says: - reply

    Will you add an option to have the Caja sidebar as an alternative? I like the simple strukture the most. (Or customable via drag and drop.)

  15. roj says: - reply

    This is not related to Nemo but it is related to Cinnamon:

    There is a huge bug with panel menu display where the only menu that displays correctly in zoom mode is the stock Cinnamon menu. Any of the add-in panel applet menus (Classic Menu, Win7 Menu, etc.) will not display their items correctly in zoom mode. The problem bears a striking resemblance to the one you corrected for the Cinnamon Menu in 1.6.4.

    • mtwebster says: - reply


      This is a (known) bug with clutter, one of the underlying libraries that Cinnamon is based on. What we did to the stock applet was a temporary workaround until that bug gets fixed. All you can do for now really is to pester those applet developers to apply the same workaround.

      • roj says: - reply

        Wow! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll contact physics but how do I refer to the workaround? He’s likely to look at me as if I’ve sprouted horns and feathers (which is viable because I actually DO have horns and feathers) but seriously, what do I tell him?

    • clem says: - reply

      That needs fixing from the applet devs then… we can help with that if they join us on the chat. Basically, they need to detect the fact that magnifier is on and disable vshades in their scrollviews.

  16. mtwebster says: - reply

    Send him this link:

    That explains it for the most part, and how he can work around it.

    • roj says: - reply

      Thanks! Any leverage I can exercise to the Clutter devs to get them to do something about this?

    • roj says: - reply

      What does it take to leave a comment in the Applets section of the site? I have a username and password but it 1) doesn’t let me log in and 2) doesn’t give me any options to leave comments in the applets despite the fact that many others have. In short, I can’t contact the authors of the menu applets. How do I do this?

  17. Amit says: - reply


    How can I update nemo to 1.0.7? I currently have 1.0.2 and cinnamon 1.6.4.

    When I check for software updates it doesn’t show me 1.0.7. I have romeo checked.


  18. Marco says: - reply

    Hi! Thank you for all of your great work Clem. I’d like to use Nemo instead of Nautilus 3.4, but maybe it’s my impression, but it seems like Nemo isn’t already as complete as Nautilus. For example, when I do a right click on a MP3 file to see its properties, there aren’t the audio properties. It’s one of the reasons why I still prefer to use Nautilus instead of Nemo.

  19. alien says: - reply

    My company will adopt linux as main desktop and we would like to use cinnamon as enterprise desktop. Also yo contribute with donation in future, just need convince the IT. Release nemo for fedora17

    I think that enterprise features would be also very good for cinnamon maket

    Good work

  20. Javier says: - reply

    Nemo is getting better everyday, many thanks for your great job Clem.
    There are a couple of things that would be a really big improvement in my opinion:
    - One is the complete override of Nautilus in an easy way for Cinnamon users. When I browse folders from the main Menu/Places or from the Places&Bookmarks applet in the panel, it’s still the old Nautilus taking control.
    - The other one would be a better implementation of files details when browsing media folders, I mean the possibility of view and sort upon capture date (photos), album or artist (music), etc.

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