Nemo 1.0.8

Nemo 1.0.8 features the following improvements:

  • When navigating with the location entry bar, don’t flip back to the pathbar upon hitting the enter key to change locations.
  • Fix crash when opening preferences after you’ve changed from the initial (Home) directory.
  • New option to show the full path in the window title bar and tab bars.
  • Show an “elevated privileges” banner when running as root

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Emmanuel says: - reply

    Congratulation… Nemo is moving so fast ! Much appreciated !

    Will we have an option for a second path bar when we split the screen ? One per folder would be nice. That could be a good help ;)

  2. Geoff says: - reply

    Nice, but to me the most critical improvement needed is to bring back the “compact mode” for the icon view. Having a 200% spacing makes the icon view unusable…

  3. Shred says: - reply

    I noticed that updates for Cinnamon and Nemo are released very frequently now. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Thanks for all the work, and thanks for sharing even small updates with your users!

    • clem says: - reply

      Thanks, but this is exceptional. We’re working hard to integrate nemo and cinnamon into Mint 14. That’s why you see all these commits and quick iterative releases. That’s also why there are so many pull requests on cinnamon not being merged.

  4. Aaron R says: - reply

    Big kudos to all the Cinnamon team. This is such a fine product and your commitment to improve it quickly is amazing.

    Thanks a lot to all of you.

  5. roj says: - reply

    The new Nemo is infinitely more useful than what Nautilus has become – many thanks.

    I have a question on Cinnamon and Nemo in general though:

    Will new versions of Cinnamon and Nemo be backported to 12.04 LTS for the entire length of 12.04′s lifespan (the full five years)? I would hate to think that after two or three years while I’m still using 12.04 that I won’t get any more updates of the desktop environment and file manager.

  6. Is it possible to make Nemo the default desktop in MATE instead of Caja? I want as much of the “up-to-date” features and feel of Cinnamon in MATE, since my laptop won’t run Cinnamon usably. I’ve replaced most of the MATE tools (text editor, etc.) with the Gnome 3/Cinnamon versions, but can’t seem to get the Nemo or Nautilus desktop to integrate in. Caja won’t budge.

  7. Amit says: - reply

    Can someone please explain how can I get the latest updates?
    I have nemo 1.0.2, quite new to LM, and can’t see new builds via Synaptic nor Update Manager.


    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Amit,

      They’re in Romeo (aka, Mint’s “unstable” repository). You can either enable Romeo from Menu->Software Sources or you can wait for them to get in Mint 14 and then get backported to the stable Mint 13 repositories.

  8. Thanks! Could we mabey see a “tree” view option on the left?

  9. mcutting says: - reply

    Nemo 1.08 crashes on my 64bit system when I attempt to select preferences – is this a known issue ?

  10. arcDaniel says: - reply

    also, I also got no Update, but if I watch the list on

    Nemo 1.0.8 is not in.

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