Nemo 1.0.9

Another minor release of nemo is out.

Nemo 1.0.9:

  • Don’t annoy the user with warnings that don’t matter when open as root is launched the first time
  • Remove unnecessary Help menu selections
  • Show other mail-to if Evolution or balsa are installed
  • Restore focus properly when location entry bar is toggled

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. twodogs says: - reply

    It is incredible the work you are doing with Nemo! Cinnamon, too. Much appreciated.

  2. Mich says: - reply

    I am so happy to see the improvements! Cinnamon/Nemo are so much improved over Gnome/Nautilus. Thank you.
    However, in the romeo repositories there is still Nemo 1.0.7:

    • Emmanuel says: - reply

      Romeo has the 1.0.7 version which is the last one released by the team. Due to the small time between all the releases (2/3 days max), they are not all reaching the repos.

      But you can compile them if you want ;)

    • Kirk M says: - reply

      Mich – You don’t have to compile if you don’t wish. Just add the “Cinnamon-stable” PPA to your sources and then add the following section to your “etc/apt/preferences” file as shown:

      Package: *
      Pin: origin
      Pin-Priority: 700

      Once both the PPA and the above modification are added then you can refresh the Mint Update Manager and then update Cinnamon, muffin and Nemo (as well as all dependencies) to the latest versions. You’ll need to log out and back in due to updating Nemo, by the way.

      And not to worry, it’s safe to do so since the PPA is owned by the same Mint developer who builds for Romeo and Stable Mint repositories.

  3. Emmanuel says: - reply

    Nice work. The send to menu with evolution will be nice !

    Thanks !

  4. DeRRudi says: - reply

    You guys are really going fast and doing a good job.

    There is A feature i’d like to see in Nemo: when opening an extra pane (F3) there is no visual difference to tell which pane is currently active. In Nautilus the inactive pane gets a darker background. Would really like to see that (i use that feature a lot)

  5. Erik says: - reply

    Question, I installed cinnamon on my arch computer. So far everything is working well except that when i right click and try to open a terminal it refuses to work. Any way to solve this issue?

  6. Uwe Fechner says: - reply


    on my computer I found the following bug of Nemo 1.0.9:

    1. open your home folder with nemo
    2. click “Bearbeiten” -> “Einstellungen” (Edit->Settings) in the menu
    3. close the settings menu
    4. close nemo
    5. open your home folder with nemo
    6. click “Bearbeiten” -> “Einstellungen” (Edit->Settings) in the menu

    Nemo crashes, all icons on the desktop disappear.

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04.1, 32 bit. Nautilus is not installed.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Uwe Fechner

  7. RyDroid says: - reply

    Nemo is a really good work.
    However, when I change the path (with the “previous” icon), the location bar (Ctrl + L) disappears. Is it a bug or something that I have not correctly configured ?
    (I am under Ubuntu 12.10 64bit.)

  8. z says: - reply

    Nemo is very nice, but can you make sure it is compatible with nautilus? Because the deja-dup/duplicity plugin, the ubuntuone plugin and the seahorse plugin are all still visible on nautilus when I right click, but not on nemo.
    Are there any plans to add a replacement send to feature?

  9. Lars says: - reply

    Great job, just switched to cinnamon 1.6 again on top of ubuntu 12.10 gnome shell edition that I installed to try it out instead of mint 13.

    What would be the last bit for me in Nemo is the Nautilus-image-converter plugin that i use on a daily basis. Please someone look in to the possibility to make that work with Nemo, then the sky has no limit :)

  10. mcutting says: - reply

    Nemo 1.09 still crashes randomly when selecting Edit/Preferences from the menu.

  11. Raybo says: - reply

    Don’t know if you ever got the image converter working. This page probably has what you need, an image converter for nemo:

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