Nemo 1.1.1

Nemo 1.1.1

  • Fixed location entry and entire toolbar disappearing (when enabling location entry and clicking a directory)


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Uwe Fechner says: - reply

    Thank’s for the quick fix.

    One or two additional suggestions:
    1. It would be nice the setting location bar/ path bar would be persistant. Some people might want to have the path bar as default. Currently you always get the location bar after opening a new nemo window.
    1. From my feeling I would expect that the path gets deselected when I click in the window that displays the files and folders. Currently this doesn’t happen. Is the current behaviour a design decision?

    Thank you for all the good work.


    Uwe Fechner

    • mtwebster says: - reply

      For the first item, look in Cinnamon Settings, under Window – there’s an option to always use location entry. See if that’s checked.

      I really should be in Nemo settings instead, but not a huge priority right now, I’ll look into switching it eventually.

  2. Vlad says: - reply

    Button “Back” on Nautilus 3.4.2 is placed more comfortable, than in Nemo.

    In Nautilus to move mouse pouter from field with files and folders (where you are working) to button “Back” and aim on it, you need much less time than on doing the same operation in Nemo.

    But i like Nemo much better, than Nautilus =)

    (Кнопка “Назад” в Nautilus 3.4.2 расположена более удобно, чем в Nemo.

    В Nautilus чтобы передвинуть указатель мыши от поля с иконками фаулов и папок (где вы и работаете) к кнопке “Назад” и прицелиться на нее, вам нужно меньше времени, чем на ту же операцию в Nemo

    Но мне нравится больше Nemo, чем Nautilus)

  3. hernan says: - reply

    how do i setup nemo as default file manager?

  4. hernan says: - reply

    control + i filter for Nemo, a very usefull dolphin feature

  5. Jim says: - reply

    Any word on when context menu scripts will be available? I have a few like “scan with clamscan” and “getMD5Sum” that I miss from Naut.

  6. Javier says: - reply

    Finally I got rid of Nautilus (uninstalled nautilus package in Synaptic) and Nemo is now “king of the files” in my Maya setup ;)
    Some requests/suggestions for developers:
    - Sushi was great in Nautilus, previewing any media file in its folder just hitting the space bar. Is there anything like that scheduled for Nemo?
    - When adding new panel in a window with F3 for grabbing files/folders from one place to another there’s no middle vertical line, as there is in Nautilus, to help you seeing each area.
    - Will we have specific multimedia parameters (mp3 album/artist, jpg capture date…) in the columns of the list view sometime?

  7. Mike says: - reply

    Will it be possible to add advanced features to Nemo for file copy /transfer? Maybe under an [Advanced] option.

    Features like Queing, with the abilities such as modify the order, pause, skip, cancel individual files.
    Improved reporting, Transfer Rates, errors etc.


  8. acocancer says: - reply

    Hi there, congrat for new window manager. I really like to see I am able to customize nemo to make it has transparent or glass like. I would like if it is something like windows 7 transparent, not only in the nemo’s border but also in the background. Since I cannot make any single code in linux, I am just dreaming I could “click” and apply the effect to the future nemo. I hope I could “feel” this features in the next release. Thanks.

  9. luki says: - reply

    Hello, thanks for the great job you are doing with Nemo. I have found another issue with the location bar: if you enter a directory with very long name the location bar disappears as the button with directory name is longer than the space reserved for the location bar. Thanks.

  10. Joe says: - reply

    Looking good so far, but for me its missing one essential feature. The audio tab in properties (I do alot of work with audio, and like to see tags/audio info).
    So, I need to go back to nautilus for now.

    Nautilus is installed, but not the default app, how do I change this?


  11. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem and Mint-team,

    also from me Congratulations to this new filemanager! Nemo is by far better than nautilus. Nemo has more functions, it uses obiously less CPU than nautilus does, the overview is better with all folders showing up and also the left column with the folders in it is better than in nautilus (where this has been dropped). And also dropbox and Wuala work so flawlessly and smooth with nemo, that is is a real pleisure to work with nemo instead of nautilus!! Keep that up, Clem and Mint-team!! Give it a go!! Keep this good work alive!! :-D

    LinuxMint really becomes the “real Ubuntu” and I think, that Ubuntu will die down one day.

    The next good thing on the Mint-team is, that you (Clem) and you Mint-team listen to the wishes of us Users, what Canonical does not do!! so I hope, that even more users will switch over to LinuxMint from Ubuntu and Debian!!

    LinuxMint with Cinnamon rocks and will be the future of Ubuntu!!

    • clem says: - reply

      Thanks Mintkatze, I appreciate the credit you’re giving us and the fact that you enjoy what we did. Canonical is doing a fantastic job too though. Their vision is different than ours but they’re implementing theirs certainly as well as we’re implementing ours if not better at time. Some people enjoy Ubuntu, others enjoy Mint, with each and every release they’re becoming more and more different, but one isn’t “better” than the other, they’re just going towards different directions, which depending on your tastes you might like more or less. I’m not trying to be a killjoy here or anything, but Mint certainly isn’t “Ubuntu done right”. Mint is Mint and Ubuntu is Ubuntu, they’re both great implementations of what they aim to be.

  12. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    What referrs to Ubuntu, I am not agreeing. Look at their Unity-Desktop. This looks horrible on Widescreens of Laptops or even on stationary PCs!! Uhhhggg…That’s why I first liked the Gnome-Shell (at that time, before Cinnamon had been born). And Ubuntu becomes more and more unusable with the ongoing development!! This is no way, how to deal with your users!! :-(

    And that’s what the Mint-Team and what you do refreshingly different!! You and your team listen to what the users want!! Mint is by far more stable and more carefully develloped than Ubuntu is! :-)

    With Cinnamon, the future of Mint is here and Mint will be here to stay. Mint is so userfriendly and so easy to handle, that it is such a pleisure to work with what you and your team do!! :-D

    I also have already written a report on my forum about the RC of LinuxMint and I am trying to do my best to serve my users and you do really your best to serve us Users with a well-done and pleasing System!!

    Thanks for that and please keep up your good work!! Mint has its best years still in front of it!! So keep letting it go, Clem and Team and don’t do it the way, Canonical does it!! :-)

    And I also hope, that one day in future, Mint will also be available for Smartphones. Why? Because Mint is my favorite system!! :-D

  13. i’ve installed cinnamon (1.6.4) and nemo-fm (1.0.6) from AUR.and i don’t have any desktop icon, can’t create desktop files or folders, no right click on desktop.All options in “Cinnamon Setting -> Desktop” are checked.P.S. earlier when i tried Cinnarch (good distro for newbie, btw) i had the same problem, but it was solved with uninstallation of patheon-files and installation of nemo-fm.

  14. Matt says: - reply

    First of all, great work on Cinnamon + Nemo.
    It’s very impressive how much has been achieved.

    Second, where is the appropriate place to report bugs for Cinnamon / Nemo?
    I’m hitting a minor bug with Nemo (I’m guessing). I have dual screens (Laptop + External display set as the Primary).
    When a Nemo window opens on the External screen it will jump to the Laptop display as soon as I perform any action within it (e.g. Mount a drive, or open a folder etc.)

  15. Brent says: - reply

    I’m moving from using a Mac every day to Linux Mint. One thing I greatly miss from using Finder on the Mac is the ability to show folder sizes (not just file count) inside Finder. This makes it very easy to locate and organize large files. I know there are roundabout ways of doing this (Disk Usage Analyzers, du command, etc) but none of these tools make it easy to visually locate and manage the files all in one location. I would love it if this could be added into Nemo on a future release , and after researching it online it seems there are a lot of others who would want this too. I know this can slow things down while the file sizes are being analyzed, but if you were to make this an option in (default to off) then the people who need this can easily turn it on. Please seriously consider this as it would be a great feature to have that – to my knowledge – no other file manager on Linux has.

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