Cinnamon 1.6.6

Cinnamon 1.6.6

  • Fixed localization of application items in main menu

Note: Apologies for the quick succession of minor releases. We’re getting really close to Mint 14 and stabilizing 1.6 incrementally and as quick as we can :)

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. No apologies are needed, we will appreciate your hard work in the finished release. Good Job

  2. Joseph says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    I’ve updated the Nightlife Themes for Cinnamon 1.6 (about 2 weeks ago). Just want to remind you in case you haven’t noticed it.


    • clem says: - reply

      Thanks Joseph,

      I updated it already for 1.6 (I needed it done for Mint 14) :) . Can you have a look and diff it with your version? I’ll rename ours as “mint version” and certify yours right now. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Joseph says: - reply

        Your’s a little buggy ;) E.g. look at the graphite’s cinnamon.css at line 1606: “box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 1px 1px rgba(255,255,255,0.06);” It has to be “box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 1px 1px rgba(120,120,120,1);”. This is the outline color of the selected app in the main-menu. As I’ve seen it’s also not defined the right way for the other themes.

        Kind regards ,

      • Joseph says: - reply

        Ah. I’ll fix the radios and checkbuttons in my theme this evening.

      • Joseph says: - reply

        Radio und checkbuttons have been added.

  3. Emil says: - reply

    Well, “Release early, release often”!

    I find it really good, that the development shows early results, and we all can see, the cinnamon is moving on!

  4. Gillis says: - reply

    How to install it on Maya?

  5. marten says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    I’m waiting to see what 14 will be like. I had two main problems with 13:
    1. I have Nvidia integrated graphics and cannot start Cinnmon out of the box. I had to install proprietary nVidia from the ppa using the Gnome fallback as detour. After that Mint runs OK. If only installing nVidia drivers could be an option on install! (Please keep some kind of fallback mode; don’t follow Ubuntu in this)
    2. I really miss the intuitive old Mint menu. Keyboard navigation in the reworked Gnome3-cinnamon menu is awkward. I’ve seen a classic menu in the applets, but I don’t know if it’s stable enough.

    The thing is: although I’m the Linux geek at home, my wife and children are not. They were quite happy with Mint until 12, but the gnome3 turmoil has sent me distro-hopping (Cinnamon has failed to convince me yet) much to their dismay ;) I hope Mint 14 will be the best distro that Mint once was.

    • xhsdf says: - reply

      You can also install the drivers from the repositories (apt-get install nvidia-current-updates) via console. No need to use fallback or PPA.

    • If you enjoyed pre-Mint 12 versions, why not use the Mate edition? It’s not perfect yet, but it’s pretty close to the original Gnome 2 Mint environment. Most of the time, I can’t tell the difference. I would really love to use Cinnamon, personally, but it’s a no go on my laptop’s ATI graphics. Mate works pretty well for me in the mean time, without having to have a fallback.

  6. Zoran says: - reply

    Hi, the system tray bug seem to be present still, where system tray icons of some applications like aMSN don’t show up in the system tray or then disappears after some time. Can this be fixed?

  7. bobby says: - reply

    Now that Mint 14 is near to release. One minor complaint is on hovering the mouse on panel appelets, the information regarding them is shown in black fonts, which is not readable if one is using dark/ black wallpaers. Hope this may be sorted out before Mint 14 release.

  8. marten says: - reply

    @xhsdf and Mike

    I like the Gnome3 technology, so I would prefer the Cinnamon edition. Regarding nVidia. Because of some change in xorg using the current version made my graphics unstable; Using the 30x versions gives no trouble. Scanning the web shows it’s a broader problem. The quantal repo has these by default now. I tried 12.10 last week, but because they removed the fallback Unity won’t show, so cannot install the drivers (or can I?). If Mint follows Ubuntu in this (no fallback/Gnome classic) I will be stuck after install.

    @ Clem: As said: the 30x drivers are in the quantal repo now, so why not offer the user to install these drivers in Ubiquity at install? Similar to the way Ubuntu offers to install restricted codecs at install time. This would offer the Mint user an even more out-of-the-box experience, which Mint is famous for :)

  9. Uwe Fechner says: - reply


    I am already very happy with Cinnamon, but there is one bug
    with some Java applications that is either new or not fixed
    yet. See:

    Just type:
    sudo apt-get install geogebra

    and run it. If you set it to fullscreen you cannot use the menu
    any longer. This is no problem with gnome, but it doesn’t work
    with cinnamon.

    I had a problem with other java applications like SmartGit and
    Matlab, but those are fixed. See:

    Shall I create a new entry in the bug tracker for the geogebra

    I really would like to teach my students using geogebra and
    cinnamon, but currently this combination is not working well.

    Best regards:

    Uwe Fechner, TU Delft

  10. ivan says: - reply

    But Mint 14 kernel will be optimized? because with new kernel on GPU dating show many problems with and the drivers do not work properly

  11. esplinter says: - reply

    many thanks for this great work! :)

    I have a doubt. will cinnamon updates still be available for mint13 in the romeo repository when mint14 is released?

    I am planning to migrate all my users (around 25) and a classroom with other 25 computers to mint13 with cinnamon. Having so many users my best option is to stay in ubuntu LTS (mint13).

    thanks again for this great desktop

  12. hernan says: - reply

    hi, icons on panel not showing well, blank sorrounding,, ej guake.
    kde lancelot applet (great menu)
    gnome shell axe menu port?
    file types or default aplications settings
    + factory alt tab style
    1. thumnails only (up, center, bottom)
    2. cover flow
    windows borders transparency
    full screen menu like gnome shell
    group folders, like win 7

    great desktop. just a few details left!

  13. jhonboy says: - reply

    I noticed an odd behavior since I use Cinnamon:
    I use default skin, default settings -> In the area where the clock is there are always some artifacts. If you hover over the time with the mouse pointer (time highlights) and go back the artifacts are gone.


  14. hernan says: - reply

    could you add thumbnail only in in alt tab styles?

  15. Rob Jones says: - reply

    Can this be installed on solaris 11 or OiUnix or opensolaris? are there any projects doing this?

  16. Zyzz says: - reply

    I like the amount of updates you post. Sure they are not very important to most users but it shows how active you really are working on it. (Better than the state before 1.6 where almost nothing happened here since 1.4. Even if that was not true internally)

    • clem says: - reply

      That was not true indeed. What happened before 1.6 was that we were committing a lot (much more than right now actually) and releasing rarely. Basically we were developing 1.6 and all its features. What’s happening now is very little development (the 1.8 development is going slow because many commits haven’t been merged yet) but when a commit fixes something in 1.6 it goes straight in for a release. We’re basically giving 1.6 as much attention to detail as we can, at the cost of actual development on 1.8 (which is planned for Mint 15 in 6 months time).

      • Zyzz says: - reply

        I think you got me wrong. I was not saying that you were not working as much (or more) before 1.6. I wanted to say that it looked like that to me because there were no updates on this site for months. :)
        Now I can see the progress even if it’s not big but I know it’s not done yet. (
        I mean this: 1.4 released here March 14th, 2012 and Preview 1.6 September 1st, 2012 (with 1.4 UP1 news in between).
        Now we/I can see the work you do and I like that. :D

  17. Guillermo P says: - reply

    WHATEVER!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having so much news and contact from the developers, it keeps me on the edge of my chair wanting more!

    Go Cinnamon! Go Mint!

    • clem says: - reply

      Well that’s great, but it won’t last. We’ll soon switch our focus to 1.8 and then this blog will go quiet again. It’s not a bad thing of course, this here is for users to know about new releases. If you’re interested in the development, is where it all happens :)

  18. andy o says: - reply

    Curious if disabling right-clicking on the desktop was intentional. Used to be pretty handy to change the wallpaper, create folders, and a sundry of other stuff….

  19. Tom says: - reply

    Tried this Cinnamon DE for a week. What impressed me to stick around for a week was the transparency-like menus with some of the additional themes I could install… I can’t install much in the way of themes on classic gnome at the moment, if they ever exist? Who knows? Very attractive indeed is your new DE….However when it came time to sit down and do some production work, the lag switching between windows was starting to really bother me. And then came the clincher that killed it and made me switch back to classic gnome desktop. And that was the fact that Screen Capture didn’t work anymore. All it gave me was a black screen with every snapshot I would take of my apps running. That was a seriously big bummer for me right there. There were other oddities that kinda bothered me as well, but what can you expect from such a new DE like this anyways, right? Right. Thanks! I will try again in a couple of years though for sure after you get all the bugs out. You might want to list any apps that don’t work with your DE at the top of your web site next to the welcome page.

  20. dd says: - reply

    Nvidia Drivers Collection for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric/Ubuntu 11.04 Natty/Ubuntu 10.04/Linux Mint 13/12/11/10/9

  21. skin27 says: - reply

    “If only installing nVidia drivers could be an option on install!”

    +1 for this one. Using the live cd it will not start on my laptop with Nvidia graphics, so I need first go to another laptop to install the prop drivers then it will work ok.

  22. Kristian says: - reply

    I found something out….an Applet for wieving,Installing,& interacting with and in Ubuntus “Lenses & Scopes” is needed…for mint to still rock.

  23. Erik says: - reply

    where do i tell cinnamon to let nemo draw the desktop

    • PB says: - reply

      I think you can add the command nemo %U to startup applications, and it should work, but that’s just a workaround I believe. I have the same problem, even in Cinnamon 1.6.6. My guess is Clem knows about it and is working on it.

      Also can anybody assist me with adding login screen themes? I like the sample that Clem included on the release notes that displays all users, so I we have to do is click on the appropriate one, and enter password. I know I’m missing something really obvious.

      Edit by Clem: Menu->Login Screen.

  24. Hi Clem

    Was Linux Mint 14 used MDM or LightDM??

    Desire of any heart that LigthDM

  25. Bons says: - reply

    Running Cinnamon for a while now on ubuntu 12.10, its running very stable on the machine. its my default desktop environment now.

    Keep up the good work, dev team.

  26. benhuan says: - reply

    I’m using Cinnamon 1.6.6 , The application’s window display will abnormal after return from tty1 or just run some high CPU usage application.

    Linux xubuntu1204 3.2.0-32-generic ,HP xw4400 workstation.

  27. marten says: - reply

    For a friend of mine, who is not a linux user yet, I’m installing Mint 13 as an alternative to Windows. I choose the LTS version for stability. Because she does not live close by I have to trust the Mint Update for maintenance. So I want to keep to the standard repository. Will Cinnamon 1.6 be in the standard (not Romeo) Maya repository? Or should I add the stable ppa? Please advise.

  28. Chandies says: - reply

    I’m running into an issue where Cinnamon is using a very high percentage of the CPU. I’ve got a quad-core Acer laptop running Fedora 17 & Kernel 3.6.5-1.fc17.x86_64 w/ Cinnamon 1.6.3 (later versions not yet available through the Fedora repositories), and Cinnamon constantly takes 60-180% of the CPU.

  29. Adrian says: - reply

    I’m running Ubuntu 12.04.1 x86 with Cinnamon 1.6.6 as main DE and after all these Cinnamon updates, the keyboard applet with flags doesn’t show. But, that’s not all, other extensions refuse to work. Am I missing a dependency which must be installed ?

  30. Hi Clem,
    I have a problem about GTK comboboxes: when i open a combobox (if it contains a lot of item), the combobox’ options stil below cinnamon panel. How can i fix it? it makes too much trouble!

  31. zacH says: - reply

    Hey Clem, I noticed this evening that Dropbox does not play with nemo as nicely as it does with nautilus. Is there anything that can be done on your end as a “quick fix” for something like that, or would it need to be looked at by the Dropbox devs? Specifically, nautilus shows helpful overlays on folders and files in my dropbox folder to show that they are either syncing or synced.

    Here’s what they look like when synced in nautilus:

    Edit by Clem: That works for me here with Mint 14, nemo and Mint-X.

    • zacH says: - reply

      Weird… I can’t imagine why it’s not happening over here, then. :( Mostly because I don’t know what causes the overlay icons in the first place. Is it something that nautilus can take full control of, so that other WMs can’t use them? In other words, would somehow removing nautilus solve the problem? Or maybe I’m missing some unknown nemo package?

      Or could it be a theme issue? None of my icon themes seem to have any bearing on overlay icons (I’m using Humanity-Dark at the moment)… and I’m just using the “default” cinnamon theme, provided with my install. I’m running cinnamon/nemo over Ubuntu Precise, and I have the latest of both cinn and nemo through my ppa. It sounds like this issue may go away when I upgrade to either Quantal or Nadia, but I’m mostly just curious as to the cause. Any thoughts? Thank you for the help!

      • zacH says: - reply

        HA! Well, it was a package issue. :) I installed the ubuntu .deb of dropbox from their website, but you have a nemo-dropbox package in the ppa! With this, everything is working splendidly. I’m curious though… does nautilus provide this integration by default? I had to uninstall the dropbox .deb in order to install the nemo extension, which doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects. Just unsure of the differences in the packages, and whether this one keeps itself updated as well.

        Sorry for not checking synaptic in the first place, Clem. :) Let me know about the extension, though, if you can?

        Edit by Clem: Afaik, nemo-dropbox is the only package you need. It’s basically an installer for Dropbox itself and it adds dropbox integration to nemo :)

  32. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    this is Mintkatze again. First let me say: thanks for this new version of LinuxMint. I installed it yesterday. But: I had some struggling with WLAN directly after install. But: I managed to get it run through some steps I had to take and I also found out, that the WLAN-key (which we use here at home) was outdated and I had to get me the new one.

    But now WLAN runs fine again and I am back with Cinnamon 1.66 and it tastes so fine as before!! I love it!! You did a wonderful work again. Also some of the new Wallpapers, which have been added are really pleasing. But what other users already state and where I can really understand them is the default-Wallpaper. That one is really boring after so much time. Is there no possibility to put a more fresher default- Wallpaper in LinuxMint? For example this thing here:

    or even this one here:

    or even these ones here:

    So I think, there is really time to set a more fresh default-Wallpaper, Clem. In this point, many users are really right.

    But this is only a bit of cosmetic thing. The rest of LinuxMint is really nice and I love LinuxMint. Did you know, that I am going along with LinuxMint since times of LinuxMint Isadora 9?? There you see, that I am a consequent fan of LinuxMint. I also hope, that Cinnamon-Desktop will live onwards in future. Cinnamon is by far nicer than Gnome-Shell, more userfriendly and better to handle.

    @ zacH,
    referring to the dropbox-package for nemo, it is really better to check Synaptic in the first place, before installing a foreign package, which is not suitable for nemo. And it is also not good to have too many ppa-repositories installed. This can make your system unstable and cause security-issues.


  33. zacH says: - reply

    Some other things I’ve noticed in cinnamon (sorry to bug you so much!):

    - when editing the main menu (with your version of alcarte), programs don’t seem to be very… movable? I’m unable to click and drag entries from (for example) the internet category to the accessories category, which was previously possible (and easier than creating new entries with custom launchers). Can this functionality be re-implemented?

    - also, could the ability to edit the preferences and administration categories be re-added?

    - finally, I’ve found that windows do not currently remember their position after being closed… I find that firefox always opens in the center of my screen, while nemo usually opens as close to the left of the screen as possible without overlapping another window. Is this something I can tweak on my end?

    • zacH says: - reply

      Also, apologies if any of these are due to my using cinnamon/nemo over stock ubuntu… I wouldn’t want to bug you with issues that aren’t your problem in the first place.

    • clem says: - reply

      I’ll have to check about window positioning, I think Metacity delegated this to GTK and other APIs using WM hints. I’m not sure Muffin has support for this yet.

      Regarding the menu editing, we’re aware of it, we didn’t want to do it in a hurry for 1.6 and we’ll be looking at it again for 1.8.

  34. roj says: - reply

    Great! But when I add the ppa and try and update it says a previous update did not complete successfully and asks whether I wish to dfo a partial update. Needless to say, my answer was a resounding NO. What gives? I’m running 12.04.2 LTS with Unity removed (purged / autoremoved / deborphaned and dpkg –purge). It installed flawlessly back when I did this from the stable release back a couple of months ago…

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