Cinnamon 1.6.7, Nemo 1.1.2

More incremental updates :)

Cinnamon 1.6.7

  • Resize existing icons in window list applet when panel icon scaling mode is changed
  • Fixed icon pixelation in Alt-tab (for most toolkits including pyGTK)
  • Fixed menu application buttons being cropped
  • Fixed advanced options box in cinnamon-settings->backgrounds not being shown properly in Mint 14 (GTK3.6?)
  • Updated translations

Nemo 1.1.2

  • Cleaned up code from move-to/copy-to entries so that views can be finalized (ensures all listener signals get disconnected, stops random crashes in the preferences screen).


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    thanks for this new version of Cinnamon and nemo. I just received it via update in Terminal!! Keep that good work up and keep it going!!

    I never experienced crashes of nemo until up to now…nemo is so what of stable…it’s a pleasure to work with it and my Notie keeps so nice cool…So my Notebook also says thank you to you and your team and I do it too!! :-D


  2. Mintkatze says: - reply

    I just discovered a bug in the existing panel Icons when you choose the theme Glass Mint and reload Cinnamon via ALT + F2.

    Then the panel-Icons become pretty big and look unnormal. If you reload it again, then this comes back to live… So my question is: why is this??

    How to reproduce this bug:
    open Cinnamon-Settings, choose the theme Glass Mint and close Cinnamon-Settings. Then press ALT + F2 and type r to relaod Cinnamon.

    There needs something to be fixed.


    • Kevin says: - reply

      I have the same problem… Otherwise, great release so far!

      • jatwood says: - reply

        I have the same problem, glad to know it’s not just me. Thought it was a change that I was making to the system.

      • clem says: - reply

        I can reproduce it as well. Are there other themes where this is a problem? Also, did anyone notice this problem prior to 1.6.7?

        • Freek says: - reply

          I’ve had this problem in all 1.5 versions. But I am not sure if it’s the same issue, as I haven’t had this since 1.6.

        • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

          I noticed layout glitches and ginormous ico on [bimsebasse] Gnome theme, but that was the 1.2 version. I updated Gnome theme to the 1.6 version and glitches went away. I did notice it with multiple other pre-1.6 themes (though not all).

          P.S. Switching back to old theme version brought back glitches, so reproducible. I still have all the old 1.2 versions of themes on disk (the ones in repo, anyway); if you REALLY want a list, I can flip through them and report back (or someone else can).

        • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

          @Clem – I’m back on 1.6.4 and panel/ico glitches exist for old themes (so not just new in 1.6.7). Haven’t noticed glitches with any of the newer 1.6-era themes (but I’ve only tried a few).

        • Daktyl198 says: - reply

          I had this problem as well when working with cinnamon 1.6 on ubuntu.

          I fix it by going to:
          Panel Settings > Use Customized Panel Size > Allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons…

          ^Doing that reverts them to normal. It’s a temp fix until the next time you restart cinnamon. (Restarting your computer doesn’t break it)

        • Christopher says: - reply

          still having this issue with LInux Mint 14 64bit Cinnamon as of January 22, 2013. I have tried ALT-F2 and type in restart, but the panel comes back the same with extra large icons. Have rebooted and shut down numerous times to no avail.

    • Danny says: - reply

      I had the same problem and discovered this fix. Right click on the panel and select ‘Panel settings’. Select ‘Use customized panel size’ and ‘Allow Cinnamon to scale’ and then close

  3. Kirk M says: - reply

    Clem – Glad the random crashes in Nemo was fixed. I did experience that occasionally in both 13 and 14 RC and reported same. Very happy you noticed the problem. Never would have thought it was the “Move to/Copy to” that was the root of the problem though. I also noticed the “Advanced” section in Cinnamon Settings>backgrounds wasn’t rendering correctly but I didn’t bother reporting that one since I’m sure you noticed already. :-)

    Mintkatze – I got the update to Nemo this morning but not to Cinnamon (still at 1.6.6), at least not yet. You sure Cinnamon was updated?

  4. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Kirk M:
    yes, I am sure!! I have checked Synaptics!! :-D Perhaps you should open your Terminal and enter these commands:

    sudo apt-get update (let it run through completely)


    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run through completely!!)

    The Update came this evening!! So: take this update and check the version of cinnamon in Synaptics. :-D


  5. Roj says: - reply

    Out of curiosity, if I’m running Gnome3 Classic, can I download and install Nemo only and if so, what would I do? Is it as simple as” sudo apt get install nemo” from the Cinnamon repository?

    • Xebeche says: - reply

      @Roj, basically yes. You probably want to add the ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable repository, then do apt-get install cinnamon. Please, find more instructions when you click on “Download”, here on the top of the page. HTH.

  6. Sam Burgos says: - reply

    Hi Clem, nice work with both. BTW i saw the IRC channel days ago and i saw a bug that has to do with moving the nemo manager (don’t remember the bug page right now) as if it were an app, destroying the other desktops except the one you moved into. I don’t know if you can work on that since i replicated it and wasn’t so pleasant

    For the rest, both things works great, and hope the new Mint release soon :)

  7. Mahen says: - reply

    Hi ! Can you guys please tell me where the bug tracker is ? :-)

    Here’s one bug in Nemo :

    - When the change the view to “compact mode”, it doesn’t take into account the default zoom value set in the preferences windows. (I also managed to crash nemo when changing this default value and then switching to the compact mode). The former is 100% reproducible, not sure about the latter.

    (this “zoom value in compact mode”bug is here since Nautilus 3.0)

    Thanks for your work ! Regards,

  8. Verix says: - reply

    Awesome work guys. Even though Cinnamon crashes on me 2 times a day on average now and I have to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and restart it, it’s still worth it since there are no better alternatives.

  9. xhsdf says: - reply

    I implore you, implement a “do nothing” option when a window from another workspace requires attention before Mint 14! Please!

  10. edi-Brazil says: - reply

    How I can update my nemo to 1.1.2? I use mint 13 cinnamon 64bits

    • xhsdf says: - reply

      You could use
      or wait until the package is put into Romeo

      • edi-Brazil says: - reply

        xhsdf, thank for response
        but, I put into Romeo and I put PPA.
        and my nemo continue 1.07

        • PeterC says: - reply

          In answer to edi-Brazil
          Mint does not always pick or even display the latest version as it always gives priority to versions in its own Repositories over those in Ubuntu Repositories and both over those in PPAs. This is arguably very sensible as it ensures that normal users get the most stable core system regardless of what PPAs they add. The mechanism used is called apt-pinning and configuration file for apt which Mint uses in Maya is /etc/apt/preferences . There are many caveats about making changes to this file but I have added the following to mine so – at your own risk – you could try adding

          Package: *
          Pin: origin
          Pin-Priority: 700

          Make sure you do not have too many repositories using enabled and select the updates you want using synaptic for safety

  11. CajaGooGoo says: - reply

    Nemo’s looking good, but IMHO still not as polished as Caja. Hate having to keep MATE app around in Cinnamon. Getting close though (and Caja after few months is still FAR better than Nauti, which has degenerated to an unusable joke).

    1. Tab “X” doesn’t seem to do anything; have to close with menu. Tab width “stutters” (widens, then narrows) when target is changed due to “loading” icon appearing/disappearing.

    2. Sidebar not as good as Caja (too Nauti, not “tight”). Need Place/Tree flipper IN SIDEBAR (ala Caja). Bookmarks (which can grow quite long) should be below others sections like Caja (or, better yet, order configurable). Would be nice to disable/hide useless (to user) sections.

    3. Buttons “tacked on” after Location should be before it (with other buttons), and/or order/display of ALL buttons customizable (not just some).

    4. May be some other/broader issue as Nemo/Caja/Nauti all exhibit, but WHY is pane/sidebar separator only 1px wide? By the time you click button to drag, you’ve jiggled mouse off that 1px tightrope and missed it! Other Cinnamon/MATE apps have more reasonable/usable separator widths (Pluma, mintUpdate, etc.). Seems like something that should be consistent throught apps (at least Cinnamon/MATE ones), and possibly configurable (e.g. cinnamon.css).

    • mtwebster says: - reply

      Hmm the tab X seems to work fine for me for closing the tab, not sure why it’s not for you.

      We’ve already discussed rearranging bookmarks/places a bit in the sidebar, and the tree/place selector is a nice idea, will see what can be done towards that. Will take your other suggestions under consideration as well – thanks.

      • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

        Another minor cosmetic glitch: Put window list applet in left/blue panel (next to menu/desktop buttons). Open one or more apps in one workspace, and leave other(s) blank. Switch between workspace with open windows/apps and one without. Menu/desktop buttons “jump” slightly. Seems non-empty winlist forces resize “crowding” buttons, causing them to shift slightly. Doesn’t happen when winlist is in middle/magenta panel (but that’s centered, not left-justified).

  12. Xebeche says: - reply

    My cinnamon 1.6.7 running on Ubuntu 12.04.x is using very high values of CPU power. I had no such problems up to 1.6.6. Now, with 1.6.7 cinnamon is using 10-20% CPU with no open windows. If I open e.g. a gnome-terminal cinnamon is already up to 100%, more with more windows :(
    Can someone give me advice how to debug this?

    • Xebeche says: - reply

      I just realized (sorry! ;) that, apparently, I was always running 2D. cinnamon seems to fall back to cinnamon2d on my PC. Which is OK for me, just wanted to add this here. The process heating up the CPU is “cinnamon”, though.

      • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

        My Cinnamon proc is sleeping at 0% most of the time (LMDE though, but that shouldn’t matter for proc itself). Maybe applets/extensions? I’ve noticed some (very few) themes are noticaeably slower than others…don’t know if that results in more CPU drag. Maybe try switching to default/safe theme and/or disabling applets/extensions to [hopefully] find culprit.

    • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

      Is it the Cinnamon process itself, or UI “in total”?

    • Xebeche says: - reply

      I tried killing processes as much as possible, stopped all applets, switched themes. Even as a new user the CPU usage was high.

      Surprisingly, after I had logged into the Unity GUI (just to see if it works), the CPU usage was back to normal when I logged in with Cinnamon (2D).

      • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

        Might try ruling in/out GPU driver (switch to Xorg stock/VESA), and anything else custom in your Xorg chain.

        Failing that, you might try to rule in/out Ubuntu-specific issue. Try booting with live LMDE (e.g. USB) and see if you have same problem. I think it defaults to MATE session, in which case logout to MDM and flip to Cinnamon session (I think username is “mint” with blank pwd). If LMDE works, try same thing with live Nadia (which is Ubuntu-based). Idea is to find delineator between good and bad, then compare/contrast.

      • CajaGooGoo says: - reply

        Sounds like switching to Unity may have altered some underlying config (e.g. Gnome, Xorg/driver, or possibly something lower/system level), which apparently “sticks” even when switching back to Cinnamon. That would suggest problematic config might not have been done by Cinnamon…at least not at session/run time. Perhaps it was config done at Cinnamon/dependencies install, or by installing/running some other app — especially if you were playing with other DEs or Gfx/Xorg-tweaking pkgs.

        If it happens again (and your REALLY curious), capture as much state as possible under bad config (logs etc., especially Gfx/Xorg/Gnome), then get good config back (via Unity flip), capture good state, and compare. …And hopefully you’ll recognize what app/pkg caused the reversion.

        • Xebeche says: - reply

          @CajaGooGoo Thanks a lot for your inputs! I fully agree with you, and I’d like to research the issue further but the PC is a LTSP server in production, so I don’t want to play around with it now that it works.
          Anyway, if it was a serious issue it will come up again. Then, I’ll make snapshots of relevant files and compare them, and file a bug report.

          For the record, the PC has no xorg.conf, it’s running the intel driver, and I did not change the config at system level. Everything happened within user space. The only things special about this PC are: 1) It’s been upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 to 12.04; 2) It has 2 monitors attached.

          • CajaGooGoo says: -

            Just FYI: I too am running Xorg with Intel driver and auto/default settings (though on 64-bit LMDE), and have never had a CPU issue like you described. Since flipping to Unity and back “fixed” issue, sounds more like settings than software/versions.

            I hear you on not wanting to “mess with success”. Like a tree falling in the forest, if a problem doesn’t repeat, is it truly a problem?

    • Ben says: - reply

      I too am having this issue. I’m running Ubuntu 12.10 with the 13.1 fglrx drivers. Cinnamon is giving me ridiculously high CPU usage (40+% consistently). I haven’t tried with open source drivers, because I don’t really have the time to mess with it, but there’s definitely something going wrong with cinnamon since it’s the only DE that does this.

  13. Femlinde says: - reply

    Dear Clem, I thank you and your team for this release. I’m using Cinnamon in Mint 14RC and it is quite stable and and all apps are flowing without any problems on my HP-Laptop. During last years until now I was an Ubuntu-user without any exception. But the Development of Unity and Gnome-Shell are not my taste, even with GS-extensions it’s only a compromise. So I was looking for a Desktop with lots of options as Gnome2 was. I think I will keep Mint as my favourite Distri.
    I would be amazed, if there would be some more Mintthemes as options, in future editions.
    I am still looking for an iconset with more elegant filefolders (I
    don’t like these dark green filefolders).
    Will there be a program for speechrecognition in future Minteditions?
    I tried to install Simon listens, but installation with deb-file wasn’t possible.
    Whatsoever, Congraulations and many many thanks for LinuxMint 14.

  14. Mike says: - reply

    I like the work so far, but I ran into some trouble with cinnamon 1.6 /nemo 1.1.1
    After installing and switching to nemo I had problems with folders going to owner Root/Root. I would change the ownership via command line but it would not change. If I opened the folder properties as root I would be unable to modify ownership.

    Also when switching to nemo it really messed up my networking. I ran through the networking troubleshooting guide and was unable to resolve the issue. I was getting errors indicating that the network server was unreachable when trying to browse. I could see my shared drives from other systems normally.
    I also could not get the desktop icons for my mounted drives to stay gone. Even with it unchecked, they remained

    I experienced this on a clean install of mint 13 after updating, then switching to joliet, and updating cinnamon and nemo.

  15. RyDroid says: - reply

    It seems that the trash does not work anymore with NTFS partition (but on ext4, I have checked, it works).
    Continue your great work.

  16. edi-Brazil says: - reply

    Clem, I need help.
    I have a Lenovo G470 and my microfone dosen’t work.

  17. azuharu says: - reply

    Continue your great work!
    Cinnamon was really awesome
    thank you

  18. cbs says: - reply

    I need your help, please. A few days ago I installed cinnamon 1.6.4 and after that no more upgrades. In Synaptic I get 1.6.4+maya in both Installed Version and Latest Version. Romeo package is marked. I also tried Mintkatze suggestion with no luck. What else shell I try?

  19. bluedxca93 says: - reply

    At the moment my desktop look like this:

    But is it possible to change the appearence to this?

    changing boxpointer values doesn’t solve the problem.

  20. Importante!

    Tenho o Cinnamon 1.6.7, Nemo 1.1.2 instalado em computador (desktop) e em meu notebook (Acer) e observei que o sistema trava completamente sempre que tento ativar / desativar a Rede sem Fio através do ícone na bandeja (perto do relógio), sendo que é necessário desligar o pc / notebook através do botão ou reset.

    Alguém já testou isso? Deu o mesmo problema?

  21. Nod says: - reply

    Can the cinnamon support lock screen to Logon? Now the lock-screen is very ugly.

  22. dd says: - reply

    when can we expect to have this new edition of cinnmon for mint 13?

  23. rafaeli says: - reply

    The Ubuntu software center will not work with mint 14 because it is dependent on nautilus. Is there a way around this?

    • Mintulix says: - reply

      There are some applets that use nautilus and take nemo with the following workaround:
      In /usr/bin create a symbolic link
      sudo ln -s -T nemo nautilus
      Perhaps this works with software center, too.

  24. Dmitry says: - reply

    Thanks for the nice work!
    But I wonder why do the developers ignore the highly requested feature of having possibility to add bottom or top panel on the second monitor in case of dual-monitor environments?!
    It was the main reason for me to switch to MATE. With Cinnamon 1.6 I switched back but was quite disappointed that I’m still not able to have panel on my second screen.
    Any plans to add this in future releases? Thanks!

  25. Jun-01 says: - reply

    Installed Mint 14 Nadia this week. You guys did a great improvement since Cinnamon 1.4. However, I’m having some trouble with Cinnamon 1.6.7.

    Anyone having problems with the Cinnamon Menu? It’s not working properly for me:

    - Keyboard shortcut to open the menu doesn’t work, no matter to what key I map it in Cinnamon Settings
    - Can’t filter apps by pointing categories with the mouse cursor, although I can still filter them typing in the menu’s search box.
    - Menu itens are unresponsive to the mouse cursor (e.g item don’t get hilighted when hovering the cursor over them).

    After restarting Cinnamon a couple of times after the login, the problem goes away, but it comes back after a reboot.

    I’m no Linux expert, but I suspect some python based apps (GPodder, Turpial) could have installed dependencies that “broke” the Cinnamon Menu, because the weird behavior started after I had installed them and rebooted the machine. I wasn’s having these problems before installing the apps.

  26. jskz says: - reply

    Just wanted to thank you guys for your hard work. Cinnamon has made the switch to desktop Linux possible for me.

  27. vrizzt says: - reply

    Nice work !! However I have a suggestion, when using the network manager, the window disappears each time an action is done (connection, selection of wifi, etc …) would be a good idea if the window still displayed regardless of the action done.
    I find it more comfortable.
    No ?

  28. Wojtek says: - reply


    Cinnamon is great, but I have a question…

    How to develop widgets without any tutorial/API documentation.
    I’m writing a quite easy clock widget but I need to change font, setup clipping etc. I found Cairo library documentation but it differs.
    Widgets created by other developer generally don’t use function I need.
    I’m not very familiar with Cairo and Linux programming but I want to create something useful (or not ;) ) for Cinnamon

  29. O bug ainda persiste!!!

    Fiz o download da versão final do Linux Mint 14 com Cinnamon e observei que o erro ao Ativar e Desativar a rede sem fio permanece, travando todo o sistema após tentarmos reativar tanto pelo ícone da bandeja do sistema como na área de configuração de rede.

    Em um post anterior eu havia citado sobre esse erro no RC e observo que não foi corrigido na versão final.

  30. OMG!
    I just found the background slidshow setting in dconf. Awesome! thank you so much!

    Edit by Clem: If I remember well, this was disabled in the graphical tool because it wasn’t fully ready (we’ll see it in 1.8, in the meantime enjoy it with caution) :)

    • I see. In that case, the only problem I have had with it is that Nemo seems to close when the background switches; all open folders close, and all icons on the desktop disapear. But, I’m sure you already know this. Although it seems to only do this about 20% of the time.
      For now I just increased the the delay to 20m, and put nemo in the panel launchers applet. One click and everything is back to normal.

  31. Fedor says: - reply

    Hi! Does anybody know how to set Nemo as default file manager in Fedora 17 (with Cinnamon 1.6.7)? And why there is no “Have file manager handle the desktop” option in Cinnamon Settings?

    Edit by Clem: You can decide which desktop icons are visible in Nemo, but it “always” handles the desktop. To make it default, check your mime associations for inode/dir or alternatively simply remove Nautilus and/or other file managers.

    • Fedor says: - reply

      Thanks Clem. Removing Nautilus didn’t resolve the problem. I had to edit defaults.list in /usr/share/applications/ and enable “show-desktop-icons” option in dconf-editor. Anyway, it’s working now :)

  32. hernan says: - reply

    applets settings like gnome shell extensions settings?

  33. Arno says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    I’ve been using Mint since version 7 and am a very happy user.
    Today I managed to install Cinnamon 1.6.7 and Nemo 1.1.2 in Mint 13, by activating the back ported repositories instead of the unstable (Romeo) repositories. But all the instructions on this site tell you to activate the unstable repositories.

    Is it possible to correct these instructions? Or to write a News item which tells users that Cinnamon is back ported to Mint 13?

    Greetz, Arno

  34. praveenp says: - reply

    Hi, just updated Maya and got Cinnamon 1.6.7 and Nemo 1.1.2. Happy to receive updates from official channels. :-)
    These are the some problems I am facing while using these two softwares.
    1) Nautilus is opening occasionally while clicking, folders from Desktop or from Menu. Does nautilus need to remove manually?
    2) There is a “Change desktop Background” menu item in desktop right click dialog. But clicking on it opens “System settings” (gnome-control-center). BTW I know there is “backgrounds” settings in cinnamon settings, It is working fine.
    3) Malayalam Translations are complete for Nemo and Cinnamon. Both not available. :-(
    4) Some applications in system tray (eg: parcellite) show a weired border.

    • praveenp says: - reply

      Hi, I removed nautilus hoping it would fix some problems. Simple apt-get remove nautilus also removed furiusisomount, gnome-sushi, mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd. Problem with that removal is that links in Menu, such as home folder link, mounted drives in places etc opening in VLC!

  35. Jarek says: - reply


    whole sound menu is not translated into polish language, its in english, same with weather (99% in weather is translated)..

    when can we expect for translation to come?
    i am usin cinnamon 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.10

  36. Bao says: - reply

    I want to use Cinnamon but I can’t because Alt key doesn’t works in programs like blender (Alt+leftmouse buttton to select a loop of edges is interpreted by Cinnamon as the user is doing Alt+grab the window).
    So I am using Mate in linuxmint14 (Preferences / Windows and I can choose for “movement key” Super instead Alt). I would like this option be also in Cinnamon because Mate has annoying problems with resizing the windows (the 1 pixel width detection area in the borders annoys anyone trying to resize the windows).
    So: Please solve the Alt issue as it is solved in Mate so I can go back to the wonderful Cinnamon!

  37. roj says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    This threade os so old now that I don’t know if it will still be read but here goes:

    I’m running Cinnamon on top of Ubuntu 12.04.1 as my main box now and am very pleased with it. It’s fast, stable and has a degree of fit and finish that is quite superb. You and your team have done a fantastic job and Tobias Quinn’s gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom gives me Compiz Enhanced Desktop Zoom functionality. It’s all brilliant.

    However, I do have a few nits:

    Taking a screenshot does not work. Yes, I know it places an image in the Pictures directory. No that picture isn’t accurate; it’s either black or has a partial window in it. Yes, I’m zoomed out when I hit PrntScrn.

    Nemo isbroken and lacks key features. sudo functionality is completely missing; if I sudo it, I don’t get admin proveleges and copying files to the /usr/share folders completely fails, as one example. Network share functionality is completely missing., both in the context menu for folders and in the Properties. I have to use Nautilus to create SAMBA shares. Finally USB copies using Nemo are broken. Thay take forever and often won’t complete. The same operation using Nautilus works fine and is blazingly fast.

    I’m happily on the LTS I wanted to be on (Mint 14 would have been great but suffers from the inescapable malady of having an effective sixteen month lifespan) and I won’t play the Ubuntu upgrade game. 13 hda GIMP 2.6 and I wanted 2.8 – I saw a couple of methods for removing 2.6 but given how reliable similar posts were for escavating OpenOffice and replacing it with LibreOffice on earlier version of Ubuntu, I diced to err on the side of caution.

    Keep up the excellent work – I can finally wholeheartedly recommend a high-end environment to anyone upgrading Ubuntu.


  38. CKS says: - reply

    Can it be possible, that the keybinding setting doesn’t work any more?
    If I define a new keybinding, my Systen realize the Key, but it doesn’t work.
    I installed the new Mint 14 – 64bit.
    Anybody the same problem?

  39. lars says: - reply

    Hi Clem

    Im using the the fantastic release mint 14. I am looking for ways to bulk resize images like the nautilus-image-converter plugin. I found caja-image-converter but it does not work in cinnamon??

  40. I am thinking could we get new screenshots of the latest version showing scale and expo views and add them to the slideshow(of currently 1 picture) at

  41. Jarek says: - reply

    Will there be a calendar integration with evolution or gmail ?
    its in gnome-shell and its very useful, and its a big lack of Cinnamon ATM.

  42. simon says: - reply

    +1 for Jarek’s suggestion — calendar integration with evolution is something that I’m really missing (along with “locations”, but that’s not available in Gnome Shell yet either). it would be great if these Gnome 2 functionalities could find their way onto the roadmap for Cinnamon 1.8 :)

  43. oscarr says: - reply

    Cinnamone is real good but there is problem with accessing desktop icons by doubleclick (when i make first doubleclisk on desktop nothing happends).
    Second problem is with nemo long first start. It should be preloaded.

  44. legion1978 says: - reply

    where can i post bugs?
    1. nemo keeps crashing randomly on me (i have the terminal output) and
    2. for some reason i can NOT change cinnamon localization to spanish. After installation it was ok but some apps where not localized. Language support wouldnt download updates needed cause “untrusted sources had to be used” error. After some attempts it did update, but then i got chinese language (dunno where it came from) and cinnamon went back to english. I tried changing language at session start up, deleting chinese support (which btw wasnt even checked in the installed languages column), deleting *english* support.. now i got deutsch installed and cinnamon is an english/spanish salad.. im on Maya with backports n romeo active.. thought of clean re-install in a few days (it gave me major trouble with video this time around.. muffin completely missing and signal out of range startup error.. hardware maybe?).

  45. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Jarek,

    what referrs to your calendar: go to the applets-page here and there take the calendar enhanced applet. There you find, what you are looking for.

    But: if you have a look at the right corner of your panel, there you should see the calendar and the clock. It works fine for me.

  46. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi roj,

    you told, that the screenshot-app would not work?? This is not right. I just tested the one in the menue of LinuxMint and it works fine for me. Then you have changed some setting in the screenshot-tool, what prevents you from taking screenshots.

    Then this sudo-extension for nemo you can find in Synaptics. You need to install the package nemo-seahorse and the other extensions (nemo-sendto, nemo-data).Then nemo has this also.

    Also what referrs to usb-copies, you are not right. I do not have any problem with this. For me, copies from usb-sticks onto my machine are so rapidly done, that it is a pleasure to work with nemo here…

    So I can not confirm your bugs in any way.


    • roj says: - reply

      hi Mintkatze,

      I’m leaning towards the proprietary ATI drivers as the cause of the screenshot problem.

      Thanks for the info on Nemo and the sharing – however in Synaptic I don’t see a sendto extension (the rest of the packages are there).

      I have no idea what’s up with the USB stuff.

    • roj says: - reply

      More info on the screenshot issue. Using the PrntScrn feature I do get an image but it’s of the bland Ubuntu default wallpaper, not my desktop. It’s the correct resolution but the standard default blank wallpaper. I’m using the ATI proprietary drivers that can be activated uner 12.04.

      • worriedsome says: - reply

        @roj the printscreen actually works fine. Its the ATI catalyst driver or flgrx seems to be the source of problem why the screenshot. Just remove that drive and the screenshot will works fine.

        • Fig says: - reply

          I have had the printscreen failure for several months. I’m also using the ATI catalyst driver, so it could well be the problem. However, I’m certainly not changing the driver to fix this – I need the driver for its performance!

  47. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi legion1978,

    where did you download your LinuxMint iso-image?? Because I found out, that some of the images on the server are corrupted. Better you do not use the Torrent-Downloads but the standard-downloads from GWDG Cinnamon 64bit. This one is clean.

    Then I can confirm a bug in netowork-manager, so that WLAN will not work directly after installation (this bug is valid for people with rt3090 or even with rt2860-WLAN-cards).

    Therefore, some hints might help out:

    Open your Terminal and type in this:

    gksu gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

    There you see this content:



    There is an error in this document, that can prevent WLAN from working. The error is the very last line in this document. This line needs to be changed, so that it looks like this in the end:


    save these changes and close this document. Then go back to your panel and try to re-connect.

    If this again fails, there is another hint, that can also be the cause of this. Therefore, you again need your Terminal. Open it and type in this:

    gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    put in your user-password and open the document.

    There, check if the document contains the following line:

    blacklist rt2800pci

    If this is the case, then this line needs to be deleted from this document, so that this document is empty. Save these changes and close this document. Now the connection should work.

    But if not, I have another hint for you.


    • legion19787 says: - reply

      Hi- well the iso i had installed before on another computer and worked just fine. This time around gave me some problems.
      Tho i dont have network issues.. that i know of. Just localization and nemo crashes :) next week ill try clean install and see how it goes. I might in fact download the Maya iso again— although i wanna stay with the LTS im very tempted to try Nadia.. or go back to my maverick setup :)


  48. Ryan says: - reply

    I’m hugley impressed by cinnamon 1.6.7 and nemo.
    A very productive, low resource usage environment perfect for laptop/ desktop use.

    It’s quite an acheivement for the mint team to produce something so much better than the chief alternatives out there. Nice to be back to gnome 2 productivity and linux.

  49. legion1978 says: - reply

    Ok installed Nadia.
    Localization: ok.
    Signal out of range startup message: still there. nbd.

    Cinnamon will not start. Terminal output:

    JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
    Advertencia del gestor de ventanas: Log level 16: Unable to register authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject
    Advertencia del gestor de ventanas: Log level 16: Error registering polkit authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject (polkit-error-quark 0)
    JS LOG: Cinnamon started at Fri Nov 30 2012 15:07:53 GMT-0500 (COT)
    JS LOG: network applet: Cannot find connection for active (or connection cannot be read)

    (cinnamon:2119): Gvc-WARNING **: Failed to connect context: Conexión negada

    (cinnamon:2119): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema ‘org.cinnamon.applets.windowButtons@lippy’ is not installed

    • legion1978 says: - reply

      Ok. deleted all applets and extensions in home folder… cinnamon started ok.

      • legion1978 says: - reply

        ugh. its a mess. if I check all upgrades available in synaptic, cinnamon just go crazy. Window manager dissapears, cinnamon flikers and hangs into tty with “unable to idle” something messages. Clean installed [again] and no upgrades, it runs fine.. i think it might be hardware related or some conflinting app(s). ill keep an eye on it n report back..

        • legion1978 says: - reply

          Well, so far so good. The error was “Noveau – unable to iddle channel 1.. channel 2 ..and so on”. Then screen froze and it was obviously a video driver/hardware issue. So I installed some noveau-firmware package (there was no other) and its been working fine. Placebo effect? dun think so, cause the cinnamon panel stopped blinking away.
          Tho i havent come any close to the system upgrades. Dont wanna mess it up again.
          Hopefully ill have a new pc soon with a video card (not integrated)
          ok folks, thanks for watching. See you soon :)

  50. t says: - reply

    I like cinnamon. I have been converted

  51. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi people,

    here I am back again with LinuxMint 14.1. It works great so far. But one question is remaining: the indicator-ubuntuone does no longer work for the Cinnamon-Desktop.

    So I have no controle about the sync-status of my ubuntuone-cloud.

    So my question is: is there a possibility to get this back to working in Cinnamon?? I already installed this necessary ppa-repository. But this did not do the trick. @ Clem: So my question: is there any chance to get a Cinnamon-applet for this too??


    Edit by Clem: The best thing for U1 would be to do like Dropbox and implement systray support.. that would make it work in all DEs.

  52. Mintkatze says: - reply

    Ans one more thing I found out is: WLAN is still not working for people with rt3090 and rt2860-WLAN-cards. I found out, that this last line in the NetworkManager.conf has to be changed from:




    This does the trick. Then go back to the panel and connect.

  53. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I found it working since this morning after turning on my machine. Thanks for your work!! The applet works now!! Thanks so much!!

    I also have Dropbox and Wuala working here and love these apps.

    I hope, that also google-earth and other things will come back to work. I will try that out today and give you feedback. One more question: is there anything to prepare before installing google-earth??

    Thanks for informaiont.


  54. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    here is a first feedback for you:

    I managed to successfully install googleearth from Synaptic. Google-Earth also works as expected.

    But there is still one point, what is still a problem: vertris is still not installable. There I get the following error:

    andrea@andrea-CR500 ~ $ sudo apt-get install vertris
    [sudo] password for andrea:
    read package-lists…finished
    dependencytree is set up
    read statusinformation…finished
    some packages could not be installed. This can mean, that you created an impossible situation or – if you use an unstable distribution – that some of the necessary packages have not yet been set up or did not yet leave Incoming.

    The following informations could perhaps help you, to solve this situation:

    the following packages have unsatisfying dependencies:
    vertris depends on: liballegro4.2 (>= 2:4.2.2) but is not installable
    E: problems can not be resolved, you have held broken packages
    andrea@andrea-CR500 ~ $

    That’s why I already checked Synaptics through the defects-filter. But it does not show up any broken package.

    But: if I want to install it via Synaptic, and mark this package for installation, then this package gets marked as broken.

    So please could the mint-developers have a look at this and fix this up please?? Thanks to you,

  55. Jarek says: - reply

    Cinnamon is often crashin – when turnin on Clementine, maybe its sound extension bug or something ???

    btw, what about brinin us integrate calendar with evolution? to see my events next to date in calendar ??


    Edit by Clem: Not with Evolution (well not necessarily and/or by me anyway) but I’ve seen how this works in KDE and I’m hugely impressed. I’ll be adding this to Cinnamon before 1.8.

  56. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Jarek,

    such crashes I only see, when I try out this Mint-Glasstheme. I found out, that this crash only happens then. So this is a bug inside of this special theme and not in Cinnamon itself.

    For your calendar: why not trying the calendar-enhanced applet form the page here?? Does this bring you anything??


  57. simon says: - reply

    @Mintkatze, i guess you haven’t tried the calendar-enhanced applet? the _only_ thing that is different from the normal calendar applet is that the link to the date/time settings is moved from the main applet window to a right-click popup menu. that is _all_. I too would welcome a truly enhanced applet, with world-clock and events from google or evolution, but no such thing exists right now. i’ve actually started working on one, which mostly works, but I don’t have time to polish it up for distribution any time soon.

    as for crashes, just in the last couple of days I’ve started to experience lockups — had three yesterday — which is slightly alarming.

  58. Jarek says: - reply

    - thx 4 the answer – no i am usin default theme and it crashes all the time with Clementine as i said.

    Like Simon said – read it pls:)


  59. Tsu Jan says: - reply

    I’m a Gnome-Shell refugee from Debian. If it weren’t for Cinnamon, I’d go to KDE. I installed this version of Cinnamon and found it superb :) Some bugs from v1.6.2 are fixed now. Thank you very much for this excellent desktop environment!

  60. Adam says: - reply

    Hi Clem and everyone,

    Any idea when there will be support for two monitors? It seems like a pretty obvious idea to enable panels on each monitor (each with their own mint menu, etc.). Is this even on the roadmap? As so many people who use Linux Mint are developers, power users, etc., who undoubtedly use multiple monitors, I feel this feature is a must-have.

    - Adam

  61. Gianfranco says: - reply

    Hi Clem and thanks A LOT for Cinnamon!!!

    One feedback.
    Having 1 monitor beside my laptop, if I have the traditional panel (panel at the bottom) I can drag the windows from the laptop display to the monitor (imagine a laptop on the desk and a monitor on a higher position).
    If I have the Flipped panel (panel at the top) then I’m not able to drag any window to the higher monitor because I can’t move it over the panel to reach the higher monitor.

    Hope I was clear.

    Again thank you and ciao!


  62. Not sure if I’m just missing something… is there a way to see and edit the path in the file-chooser dialog (i.e. when clicking “open file” in some application).

    Ctrl-L doesn’t seem to do anything. Does Nemo even handle this dialog?

    Using a fresh Cinnamon, 64-bit, Mint 14.


  63. Serged says: - reply

    Just using Cinnamon with Mint-Nadia (64 bits)

    Sometimes Nemo stop displaying files on desktop. I suppose it crashes, and I read in dmesg :

    [ 7665.574197] nemo[2947] trap int3 ip:7f5df3563c7f sp:7fffb5983490 error:0

    If I start an instance of Nemo (open my home directory by example), it displays desktop again.

    Other (big) bug:
    Changes in keyboard shortcuts are not taken into account.

  64. oscarr says: - reply

    In cause of nemo crashes, and strange resorting on file list, long time reaction to doubleclick on file, I`m using PCmanFM.

  65. Andy says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    One thing that I’m really missing in Nemo is a Filter bar, like in KDE’s Dolphin. Is there any chance that this can be added to Nemo?

    The closest that I can get Nemo to find the files I’m looking for in the folder that I’m currently in, is to use the Ctrl-S option (Search Items Matching).

    An alternative method to adding a new Filter option would be to update the Search bar with a tickbox which denotes that the search should perform a recursive search in child folders (the current default). Unticking the box prior to the search would result in only the current folder being searched.

    Any thoughts?

  66. legion1978 says: - reply

    hey there..
    nemo crashing often. mostly when i double click on folders quickly, sometimes just while idle.

    heres some output

    (nemo:25259): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_loader_close: assertion `GDK_IS_PIXBUF_LOADER (loader)’ failed

    (nemo:25259): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_loader_get_pixbuf: assertion `GDK_IS_PIXBUF_LOADER (loader)’ failed

    (nemo:25259): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed

    (eog:25285): EOG-CRITICAL **: eog_list_store_length: assertion `EOG_IS_LIST_STORE (store)’ failed

    (nemo:25259): Gdk-ERROR **: The program ‘nemo’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)’.
    (Details: serial 57702 error_code 9 request_code 53 minor_code 0)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the GDK_SYNCHRONIZE environment
    variable to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)
    «trap» para punto de parada/seguimiento
    (nemo:15092): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.
    Initializing nemo-dropbox 0.7.1

    (process:15148): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Read/writable property ‘object’ on class ‘ZeitgeistDpPlugin’ has type ‘TotemObject’ which is not exactly equal to the type ‘GObject’ of the property on the interface ‘PeasActivatable’

    ** Message: Error: Failed to parse stream
    gstbaseparse.c(2217): gst_base_parse_check_sync (): /GstPlayBin2:play/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin2:decodebin20/GstMpegAudioParse:mpegaudioparse0

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15148): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15148): Totem-CRITICAL **: totem_object_get_ui_manager: assertion `TOTEM_IS_OBJECT (totem)’ failed

    (totem:15148): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_ui: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (totem:15148): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_action_group: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (process:15175): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Read/writable property ‘object’ on class ‘ZeitgeistDpPlugin’ has type ‘TotemObject’ which is not exactly equal to the type ‘GObject’ of the property on the interface ‘PeasActivatable’

    ** Message: Error: Failed to parse stream
    gstbaseparse.c(2217): gst_base_parse_check_sync (): /GstPlayBin2:play/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin2:decodebin20/GstMpegAudioParse:mpegaudioparse0

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15175): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15175): Totem-CRITICAL **: totem_object_get_ui_manager: assertion `TOTEM_IS_OBJECT (totem)’ failed

    (totem:15175): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_ui: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (totem:15175): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_action_group: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (process:15240): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Read/writable property ‘object’ on class ‘ZeitgeistDpPlugin’ has type ‘TotemObject’ which is not exactly equal to the type ‘GObject’ of the property on the interface ‘PeasActivatable’

    ** Message: Error: Failed to parse stream
    gstbaseparse.c(2217): gst_base_parse_check_sync (): /GstPlayBin2:play/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin2:decodebin20/GstMpegAudioParse:mpegaudioparse0

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15240): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15240): Totem-CRITICAL **: totem_object_get_ui_manager: assertion `TOTEM_IS_OBJECT (totem)’ failed

    (totem:15240): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_ui: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (totem:15240): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_action_group: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (process:15261): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Read/writable property ‘object’ on class ‘ZeitgeistDpPlugin’ has type ‘TotemObject’ which is not exactly equal to the type ‘GObject’ of the property on the interface ‘PeasActivatable’

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (totem:15261): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    (totem:15261): Totem-CRITICAL **: totem_object_get_ui_manager: assertion `TOTEM_IS_OBJECT (totem)’ failed

    (totem:15261): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_ui: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (totem:15261): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_remove_action_group: assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (manager)’ failed

    (process:17253): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    (nemo:15092): Gdk-WARNING **: The program ‘nemo’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)’.
    (Details: serial 945823 error_code 9 request_code 53 minor_code 0)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the GDK_SYNCHRONIZE environment
    variable to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

  67. legion1978 says: - reply

    again and again… randomly

    (nemo:14733): Gdk-ERROR **: The program ‘nemo’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)’.
    (Details: serial 4251 error_code 9 request_code 62 minor_code 0)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the GDK_SYNCHRONIZE environment
    variable to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)
    «trap» para punto de parada/seguimiento

    • legion1978 says: - reply

      mmm crashes has reduced dramatically. it turns out i had set Variety wallpaper changer to 30secs and apparently nemo doesnt like this constant tweaking to the desktop.. now i recall i had Wallch also set to 1min aprox and this wouldve been the cause of crash/slugginess across the desktop. but this shouldnt have to be the case, right?

  68. Dude says: - reply

    Congratulations for the new release! I currently have Cinnamon 1.6.4 on LMDE 201204, and I want to suggest a fix to do in a next update before the long-term stable final, if it isn’t already been solved in this last ones: in the version I have, if I put an item in the green mid section of the panel, it is automatically put in the center of the green part, so it results not centered in the whole panel and it keeps moving as soon as the other sections change their size, frequent condition as some applets like weather, netspeed etc. haven’t got a fixed size. Can you fix this by making the green section center its elements in an absolute and not relative way or, even better, letting us choose behavior of all three sections, for all panels? Thanks much!

  69. Dude says: - reply

    I forgot, another fancy customization option I would like to have (same kind as before): I want to be able to put my window title in the exact middle of the whole bar, and not only in the middle of the portion of the bar not occupied by buttons. With those features, I think Cinnamon would be just perfect!

  70. Thanks for all of your work, Cinnamon is amazing with Nemo, the desktop now look clean, professonal and usable!!!
    I’ve seen that Cinnamon team’s will add calendar event in the calendar applet, AWESOME, eveything will be accesible with this function
    thank u

  71. zen_monkey says: - reply

    Well, after reading this yesterday and checked updates i made the jump from cinnamon 1.4 to 1.6.7 with joy. Just some comments…

    Loaded window theme well (or reseted it, not sure)

    The flag to my country (region settings?) on the taskbar won’t show, switching to text mode i can see “es” without problem, “us” flag shows fine.

    nice work!

  72. Adam says: - reply

    After updating to Maya with the newest Cinnamon I noticed a lot of text – in browsers and menus – missing lines, it is very distracting.

  73. Chris says: - reply

    Cinnamon is feeling really functional and smooth. Just what a working PC needs in order to help its owner be effective.

    Small bug report: I have notice that after putting the panel into edit mode (and then returning to normal), the notifications applet is unresponsive. It shows that there have been n notifications, but when you click on it, nothing happens.
    Other ‘applets’ are not affected by this problem.

    Context: Linux Mint Nadia, fully up to date. The only custom panel addition is World Clock.

  74. Orbmiser says: - reply

    Wonderful Distro and Loving it. Even got my 2 neurons left to start multiplying & dividing again. A few expected bumps but nothing ground shacking or show stoppers.

    Would like if can start a fresh post tho as been over a month. And use to get them a couple times a month.

    Something? That peeks out interest and makes us smile in anticipation :-)

    Thanks again for all your hard work in producing a superior Distro!

  75. pokemon says: - reply

    I cannot change the notification position in vertical way anymore in Cinnamon 1.6. Why?? Any solution? :(

  76. Sarigalin says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    Mint 14 is Very Excellent and I am proud of it. Mint 13 dissapointed me but 14 works like a hourse :D

    I have problem with icons. I extracted eclipse 4.2 in a folder in my home folder. the right clicked on eclipse app and selected properties. then I choose icon.xpm as it’s icon. nemo seems that doesnot scale large icons.
    the eclipse app get a very huge icon.
    I use a fresh installation of Mint14.1 Cinnamon 64bit on a dual core 2500 Ghz XPS M1330 Dell laptop.

  77. Judest says: - reply

    On full screen view youtube video, cinnamon panels not disappear.

    Ubuntu 12.04 amd 64
    Firefox 17.0.1
    Flash Player

  78. sdfanq says: - reply

    Just switched from KDE and I love it, Cinnamon is superb. Great job !

  79. HealingTek says: - reply

    I recently installed Mint 14 with Cinnamon and all my applications are starting maximized. It’s driving me nuts! Why don’t they start with the geometry with which they were last closed? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

  80. CajaGooGoo says: - reply

    Nemo Location toggle doesn’t persist (resets to Path every instance). Real PITA having to hit it every time you open/reopen. Sort-of precedent in Caja (in that when you select Location bar in Caja, it persists unless/until you change it again).

    BTW: Agree with Path being default (arguably less confusing/problematic for non-power users), but those who prefer editable Location bar should have it persist if desired.

  81. CajaGooGoo says: - reply

    Nemo uses “Unmount”, while Caja uses “Safely remove drive”. Should probably decide which terminology is better and standardize. Also, I’d argue “device”" should be used instead of “drive” (as device may not always be a drive). Might also advocate adding “device” to plain Eject /Unmount as it’s more explicit (and possibly less confusing for newbies).

  82. Dude says: - reply

    By the way, another feature I would love in Cinnamon is a changing background. Maybe it would be useless, stupid and resource-consuming, but I think it would be really nice choosing a bunch of different images and having them randomly alternating, with a frequency you decide.

  83. CajaGooGoo says: - reply

    Nemo still has one major drawback keeping me from switching to it (from Caja). Nemo still makes it needlessly cumbersome to switch between “Places” sidebar (where I can have all my speedy Bookmarks) and “Tree” mode (where I can see multiple FS levels/destinations simultaneously for quick/efficient exploration/management). Caja makes this fairly easy by having a dropdown RIGHT THERE IN THE SIDEBAR to quickly switch between them; conversely, Nemo has it “in a submenu far, far away” (time-and-motion-wise). Worse, there’s no hotkey to avoid navigating menu. Nemo slows down my file management too much, so I’m forced to stick with Caja.

    IMHO the whole schizo-dichotomy of Places vs Tree is needlessly cumbersome in the first place. Why not unify the two? Places is fine EXCEPT it doesn’t provide treeviews on the things you really want/need treeviews on frequently (like FIle System, Home, maybe Network, etc.). So, why not just provide treeviews in Places? Better yet, have config options for each top-level item (the ones that are trees, anyway) to let user specify whether they want tree detail or not. That way user can choose (maybe they want FS/Home as tree, but Bookmarks as just “flat” links/buttons. Or at least a global all/none for treeviews. Then there’d be just one Sidebar [Places], with or without treeviews as user prefers.

    Essentially, the UI is saying: “In this view, you can have buttons for File System, Home, etc., but they won’t explode into treeviews; HOWEVER, as a trade-off I’ll let you have your precious time-saving bookmarks. If you MUST have treeviews, FINE — simply switch to THIS OTHER view and you can have them…HOWEVER, you must give up your precious bookmarks in tribute! MWA-HA-HA-HA!”

    (Yes, User Interfaces actually speak to me.)

  84. Orbmiser says: - reply

    :You can use Wallch app. it’s doing the job perfectly

    sudo apt-get install wallch”

    Cool works great run it from menu add pics time. Go to preferences click on Startup,. Even has other options to check out for me like Live Earth,etc.

  85. rpr says: - reply

    Please, add the following line to /usr/share/applications/nemo.desktop:


    (for Croatian language).

  86. nosferatuxx says: - reply

    I installed a program called variety wallpaper changer on Linux Mint 14 and works great.

    Cinnamon seems a good face wash for gnome3 and I think gradually aims to be a good intermediate option between gnome3 and kde4.

    I hope that in future versions include a control panel as wide as openSUSE Yast or better

  87. Jarek says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    is there a possibility for alternative menu? (like in gnome shell – full screen search ?)

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jarek. Yes, but it has to come from the community, as an applet. It’s not something the dev team is interested in developing.

  88. Afshin says: - reply

    Please support Iranian Calendar into Cinnamon desktop (Date and Time Settings)

    Thank you so much.

  89. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi people,

    I just have one question: why does the repository for no longer work?? It is down since weeks now. I always get an error in updates for these packages.

    Also a check at shows the same result, that is still down. When will this come back up again??


    Edit by Clem:

  90. Appleseed says: - reply

    I’m running LMDE and have nothing but praise for it…except for the themes. I installed a batch via Synaptic and they look great, but as soon as you reboot or restart the theme vanishes and only the wallpaper is left. No menu or panel. You have to move the mouse over the invisible menu until you touch ‘Cinnamon settings,’ choose the default and reboot. Then it works.

    Any idea how to fix this would be welcome – the default is pretty dull :(

  91. Hello @ Clem,

    I’m already using the latest versions of Connamon Nemo and very happy, because they are on my hardware – an almost 4 year old desktop PC with “NVIDIA GT 220″ are going very well and stable.

    Please do keep up with Cinnamon!

  92. JJ says: - reply

    Love Cinnamon and Nemo. While playing Gnome Games Mahjongg, Cinnamon is crashing and restarting. Imagine problem is with Mahjongg but needed to comment somewhere so will comment at both places.

  93. Corrected and updated Bulgarian language for Cinnamon 1.6.7

  94. Mintkatze says: - reply

    @ Appleseed,

    this can also happen, if you do not have the correct graphics-driver installed. Which graphics-card do you have?? And which driver do you have installed??

    You can look up that in the last button of software-sources. Open this and to to the very right button, you see in the menu-line. There it says “additional drivers”. There look up, which graphics-driver you have installed.

    If you haven’t installed one for your card, then you just need to install your graphics-driver and this issue is gone.


  95. Mintkatze says: - reply

    And as next point, I wanted to wish a happy New Year to all Mint-Users out there! Have a good new Year!!

  96. Herisson says: - reply


    Working on Libre office calc, I noticed a weird problem. When I “CTRL C-V” a formula, just the text is copied. A drag and drop works.
    I use Cinnamon (Mint 14) and if I do the same under the Gnome session, no more problem. I already faced this problem last year and removing “lo-menurbar” solved it (On mint 14, it’s not active !).
    I tried to find on the mint forum w/o success, an idea ?

  97. Agustín says: - reply

    Hello Clem

    I have this problem I’ve posted in the forums.
    As I use Linux Mint in Spanish localization, I don’t know if this problem happens in base installation.
    Any idea or workaround?
    greetings from Argentina

    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      hi Augustin,

      I cannot confirm this behaviour in my german installation. Perhaps something is wrong with the spanish one. Or what could also be the case: it could be the Cinnamon-theme you use.

      I found terrible bugs in the Glass-Minty Cinnamon-theme. There sometimes Cinnamon crashes completely. This does no longer happen, when I switch back to another theme or the standard theme. Also with my own build theme, this does not happen.

    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      So my first Question would be: which Cinnamon-Theme do you use?? Because also your Cinnamon-Theme could be the cause of the problem. So can you tell me, which Cinnamon-Theme you use??

      • Agustín says: - reply

        Hi Mintkaze,

        Thanks for replying. Yes, I think it could be a theme related theme.
        I use Cinnamon default theme but I’ve reproduced the error with these themes:
        - Cinnamon default
        - Ambiance Mint
        - Android
        - Bluebird
        - Cinnamint (the worst behaviour!)
        - Glass Mint
        - Nightlife Graphite (and other variants as Honey, Mint, Rubine)
        - Sunset
        - Tout
        - Void
        - Zukitwo

        This problem doesn’t happen with these themes:
        - Baldr
        - Blanka Teal
        - Minty

        • Mintkatze says: - reply

          hi Augustin,

          I can confirm this with the Glass Mint-theme. There Cinnamon really crashes. But with the default-theme, this does not happen to me.

          I just checked the new versions of Glass Mint, Baldr and Faience+ and I can no longer confirm your behaviours. Perhaps you should download the new current versions of these themes here:

          The versions of your themes seem to be outdated. So my next question to you would be: can you still see these behaviours with the fresh versions of these themes?? If so, then there’s another real problem with your system.

          Then we would have to check this onwards.


  98. Red says: - reply

    My Cinnamon Menu is Transparent. This is on a fresh Install (Ubuntu12.4.1) on a Dell Latitude D600. have Removed cinnamon & reinstalled also. i know its not Gnome cause i Removed gnome & had to wipe my HD Reinstall Ubuntu 11.10 +updates & upgraded to 12.4.1 (no pae support). Thanks for any help

  99. Jeremi says: - reply

    cinnamon integration plugin use to install gnome-shell extensions don’t work :(

  100. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Jeremi,

    This problem seems logical to me. Cinnamon is not Gnome-Shell and Gnome-Shell is not Cinnamon.These are two completely different desktops. So if you want to use this extension, then you need to install Gnome-Shell.


  101. Brahim says: - reply

    No desktop icons at startup on Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon!!

  102. MarkDS says: - reply

    Don’t know why, but the launch applications applet doesn’t seem to work – when I click on the icons, nothing happens. Right clicking brings up the “Remove app” dialog. Same with the task bar tabs for all the apps. I click on them to go to the app but nothing happens. I tried on 2 machines, same thing. Installed from PPA for ubuntu 12.10.

    Despite all the above, it is GREAT!

  103. Anonymous says: - reply

    Hi, i need to edit the sound indicator applet to add a many players on it. I try with dconf-editor but no find the path, any ideas?

  104. karin zach says: - reply

    Hello all,

    I have been using cinnamon for quite some time already, I think it is the best desktop environment out there. There is only one thing that would make it perfect for me and that is thumbnail previews in the taskbar.

    Does somebody know if cinnamon provides an option for activating these thumbnail previews in the taskbar?

    Thanks in advance :)

  105. chris says: - reply

    Cinnamon is great, but notifications in Pidgin being broken is a real problem. The pidgin icon used to blink in the taskbar. now that icon disappears after a there’s no blinking. Fix me!

  106. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Cleam and others,

    today I just wanted to bring in a little suggestion: what if we would bring up more light-colored Cinnamon-themes in future to take the Cinnamon-Desktop a bit away from these black colores in the Cinnamon-themes?? What do you and the other users think of this (for example, if you look at my Cinnamon-theme)?? It is just a little suggestion…. :-)

    Greetings from

    • clem says: - reply

      Yes, more light themes, definitely :)

      • Mintkatze says: - reply

        hi Clem,

        OK, I have already some ideas for more color-varieties of my theme. One question: could you make a nice aprico-colored gtk3-theme for us?? This would be a help for me, because I am planning a Cinnamon-theme in this color.

        And as a further project, I am planning a light-blue an white combinated Cinnamon-theme for summer. But there I already know a nice fitting gtk3-theme.

        Greetings from

  107. Valene says: - reply

    I am still not getting nemo nor nautilus to theme properly using the MATE desktop. Using the default ‘clearlooks’ in the appearance menu. Tried some work arounds on the internet killing processes for both file managers, still no luck.

    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      hi Valene,

      MATE is until now not really stable in my eyes. Better you use Cinnamon-Desktop. There is works. And as far asI know: MATE will get its own filemanager. And I hope, that more nautilus-packages will be ported over to nemo, so that one can drop nautilus completely off the installation.

      Nautilus is no real future. Nemo is by far better.

  108. dd says: - reply

    i have mint 13 kde and cinnamon but i want to have one system installed with this two desktops environments. is that possible?
    is this the way from kde?

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cinnamon

  109. John says: - reply

    My first try with Cinnamon (Ubuntu 12.10.)

    First thing I wanted was system monitor. Downloaded and unziped. When activating, I get a popup that talks about dependecies, I’d like to copy the message but I can’t.

    Seems like messages like that should be copy-able.


  110. MO says: - reply

    Dear Clem,

    first of all, thank you very much for the effort of creating and
    maintaining Cinnamon. After some frustration with vanilla Gnome 3, I
    have tried Cinnamon now for a few weeks and I am so happy with it
    (both feature-wise and aesthetically) that I am now using it as my
    desktop for real work using mostly its default settings. I think it
    is a great feat.

    While working on Cinnamon, I noticed a few spots where I have some
    questions and comments. I did not find a bug database or mailing list
    on this site, so please excuse me for using this forum in the hope
    that it will be read.

    1. Menu: When moving the mouse cursor from the top-level column to the
    wanted entry on the second-level column shortest path, one
    typically crosses the box of the neighboring top level menu entry,
    and the entire second level column is switched. Coming to cinnamon
    from Gnome 2, I find this irritating as this never seemed to happen
    with the Gnome 2 menus. Maybe it’s psychological as one treats
    menus hanging from he top of the screen different from those that
    come up from the bottom. In any case, would it be possible not to
    move to the next top level entry when the direction of movement of
    the mouse cursor lies in a cone which includes all shortest paths
    from the selected top level entry to any second-level menu entry?

    2. Menu: I find it mildly irritating that the menu is slightly
    transparent (looks cool, but really impairs readability). Also, I
    find the delay with which the menu comes up (on admittedly not a
    supercomputer, but a decent machine from a few years back)
    unnecessarily long. Maybe there is potential for optimization as
    bringing up a menu does not seem to involve major computational

    3. Sometimes, windows of freshly started applications come up in full
    screen mode for no apparent reason. It happens with firefox quite
    frequently, but I have not been able to find a pattern when and why
    this happens. Is there some magic depending on mouse movement or
    saved window state that I am not aware of? Can cinnamon be
    configured to strictly respect the saved window geometry (this
    always worked consistently with firefox on Gnome 2)?

    4. Some configuration options appear to only exist in
    gnome-tweak-tool, they should be moved to the cinnamon settings.
    I needed to configure “Laptop lid, when closed, will suspend even
    if there is an external monitor” and it took me a while to find
    that it is actually in gnome-tweak tool. I suspect there are
    others, but I did not investigate systematically.

    5. Gnome 2 had a panel applet for printing which was always becoming
    visible when there was still a document in the print queue. Does
    anything equivalent exist for cinnamon? It would be nice as a

    6. Is there a way of recovering old notifications? With strange
    notifications, often my intuitive reaction is to click on them to
    get some further information or action, but that will simply clear
    them forever… this behavior might be improved.

    7. I was a little bit surprised to find that the windows key is
    hard-bound to the menu rather than to the overview mode as in Gnome
    3. When I tried Gnome 3 for a while, this was about the only
    “innovation” which I liked… At least in my mode of working, I use
    overview mode much more frequently than the menu, so it would seem
    more natural to have the former bound to the windows key. It’s in
    any case not a big deal as I found that taking the the bottom left
    corner as the hot corner works rather well for me also in
    dual-screen configuration where the default is a bit awkward.

    8. Would it be possible to fix spatial mode in nemo? I understand
    that this was borked by the Gnome 3 developers who first pushed
    spatial mode a few years back on everybody, then changed their mind
    and instead of just changing the default, decided to break it
    altogether. The problem is that the crippled spatial mode does not
    remember the location of the window for a particular directory and
    opens a new window each time one returns to a previous directory.
    I have to admit that I really came to like spatial mode, but then I
    am a heavy user of the command line and bringing up a nemo window
    is just equivalent to a visual ls in a terminal. Knowing other
    users with more of a Windows background, I can see why “spatial”
    does not work as a default, but it would be nice to have it fixed
    for those of us who came to like it.

    In any case, these are mostly minor issues. Generally, I find
    cinnamon a pleasure to work with and look forward to the next update.

    Thanks for your work,


  111. dd says: - reply


    i’ve asked something but my post is hanging in moderation.
    so i repet my question:
    is possible to have a single system mint 13 maya but with kde and cinnamon? now i have also bouth but in two systems.
    i prefer to install first kde and then cinnamon. how to do that? with the commands i wrote in the previos post? is this ok?

    thank you for answer.

    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      hi dd,

      This is just easy. Just install LinuxMint 14 with KDE-Desktop. Ths iso-file you can geht here:

      Then after bayis installation run these commands in Terminal:

      sudo apt-get update (let it run through completely)

      then this command:

      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run through completely)

      Then install your favorite kde-apps and then afterwards just open your Synaptic and install these packages:


















      Install these packages and close Synaptic. Then restart your machine and in the mdm-manager you can click on the icon that looks like a window. There you can select Cinnamon as session and enter your name and password and login.

      That’s just it.


  112. telcnas says: - reply

    Linux mint 14 with Cinnamon 1.6.7 & Nemo 1.1.2 looks to me far more stable than previous stable LTS release i.e. Maya Cinnamon(which comes with Cinnamon 1.4 & Nautilus as the default file manager)

    No crashes so far…….. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    I’m loving it……never going to leave this one……….

    Enhanced and a very Sensible, Promising Desktop Environment
    And I almost forget to mention the “Void” theme……best one and for me its the default one………..

    Thanks to Clem and every single member of the development team for bringing such an awesome DE.

  113. telcnas says: - reply

    Ok I didn’t checked this before….
    Actually there is something wrong with bluetooth applet. I don’t know may be somebody else is facing this issue or not…..I checked all the comments & even the forums and I find no body discussed about this issue before.
    Since form cinnamon 1.4 onwards I’m facing the very same issue (in 1.6.7 as well)
    Say my bluetooth & bluetooth visibility both is in on state……

    Now whenever I close the bluetooth via bluetooth applet in the panel……then the next time after reboot I find myself unable to switch it’s visibility ON…even though the bluetooth itself comes in ON state…..

    To get back the bluetooth visibility back in ON state all I’ve to do is
    to click bluetooth visibility enable(or ON) button once & then apply the reboot….
    Next time again I get the the bluetooth visibility back in enabled state .

    But every time I disable my blutooth via applet, in next reboot I find my visibility OFF or disabled & to enable it back I need to perform a reboot after clicking visibility button enable button once…….. :(

  114. dd says: - reply

    eine liebe katze soll man immer haben! :)


    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      hi dd,

      why are you first writing in english and then a german answer to my posting? For me this is OK, but it is only a little wondering… :-D

      “Und danke für deine “eine liebe Katze sollte man immer haben”

      Ich habe gerne geholfen. ich versuche immer zu helfen, wo ich kann.

      Aber: eigentlich reicht es, wenn du die Standard-Version von LinuxMint 14 installierst. Denn es geht auch die andere Reihenfolge. Damit meine ich: zuerst die Cinnamon-Version installieren und KDE-Desktop nachinstallieren. Natürlich gilt auch da das gleiche mit den ganzen Terminal-Befehlen und Paketinstallation.

      Grüße (Greetings)
      Mintkatze :-D

  115. auxilium says: - reply

    Hi, I had used cinnamon before I think that was 1.4 on my ubuntu 12.04. Then just this current update after reboot I cant get my Cinnamon back.

    I had Cinnamon 1.6.7, Ubuntu 12.04.1 32bit

    What I am experiencing is that on my Cinnamon desktop I get nothing, just a wallpaper. No icons, no task bar, its an emply desktop and nothing to click.

    Please let me know what do I need to fix this. Thank you in advance

    • auxilim says: - reply


      I am using my Ubuntu Desktop. I think my Gnome desktop had problems too.

      I had tried to uninstall and reinstall cinnamon but nothing changes..I still have the wall paper on Cinnamon Desktop

  116. auxilium says: - reply

    My first post had gone..sorry I am new here to post but I already visited this site many times.

    I had updated my Ubuntu 12.04.1. After the reboot, I lost my Cinnamon Desktop. All I had was empty desktop. I had no icons, no taskbar, nothing to click

    Ubuntu 12.04.1 32bit was my system. I had a previous Cinnamon, I think its 1.4. But now I can see from the terminal its updated to Cinnamon 1.6.7

    Please advice what to do. Let me know what do I need or tell me how to provide the info that may help solve out.

    Thank you in advance

    • Mintkatze says: - reply

      hi auxilium,

      when you now have a broken Cinnamon, then do this trick:

      at boot, you see yor login-manager. There you see a gear-icon at the right upper corner. Press this icon and select the unity-session or even – if you have it instslled – the Gnome-Shell-session, enter yor password and log into this session.

      There you open yor Terminal and type in this:

      sudo apt-get update
      (le that run through completely)

      then afterwards type in this:

      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
      (also let this run through completely.

      Then close your Terminal and go into your Synaptic (if you have it installed. If you do not have it installed, reopen your Terminal and type in this: sud apt-get install synaptic). Then after installing Synaptic, close yor Terminal and look for Synaptic in yor menue or even in the Overview (Gnome-Shell). Then you are adsked to type in yor password. Do so and open Synaptic.

      There select the following packages:


















      install these packages and close Synaptic. Now for switching back into Cinnamon-session, log out of your other session, again press this gear-icon at the right upper corner of your login-manager and there select Cinnamon-session (make it your preferred session,when you are asked to do so) and log in.

      That’s just it.


      • auxilium says: - reply

        Thank you mintkatze, I will try your advice. I will get back and report the result.

      • auxilium says: - reply


        This was the update list from the list you given to be installed. Some of them were already installed.

        cinnamon – already installed






        nemo-fileroller – already installed

        nemo-dropbox – installed

        libnemo-extension1 – already installed

        nemo – already installed

        nemo-data – already installed

        nemo-seahorse – installed

        nemo-share – already installed

        gir1.2-muffin-3.0 – already installed

        libmuffin0 – already installed

        muffin – installed

        muffin-common – already installed

        There were also items that can’t be found on synaptics, instead it was giving me cinnamon-theme-minty for cinnamon-themes.

      • auxilium says: - reply


        After the installation of your advices packages(except to those I didn’t found in the synaptics), I reboot. I go to the Cinnamon Session before I log in. Then wait for desktop to load but again its still wallpaper and nothing to click. So I again press Ctrl Atl Del and log out. Then use the Ubuntu session.

        Inside the Cinnamon Session I can also open the terminal and do:
        sudo reboot
        But when I goes back to Cinnamon Session, its still the same problem.

        • Mintkatze says: - reply

          hi auxilium,

          I just looked up, how you need to enable Cinnamon in Ubuntu. Your problem seems to be a dependency-problem. But you can install Cinnamon by doeing these steps:

          First go back into your Unity-session. There open a Terminal and type in this:

          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable

          Then if you are asked, press the Enter-key twice to import and enable this repository.

          Afterwards again do system-update and upgrade by typing in these commands:

          sudo apt-get update

          sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

          Let both commands run through completely.

          Then for installing Cinnamon, type in this:

          sudo apt-get install cinnamon

          Wait until installation has completed and then log out of Unity and change session to Cinnamon and log in.

          You can read more about that here:

          I hope, this time it will work. Please reply back, if it worked this time. I will be waiting for your reply.


          • auxilium says: -

            Hello Mintkatze

            Although I had tried before what you had suggest, yet I gave another try

            I did these things to terminal on Ubuntu Session

            sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable

            sudo apt-get update

            sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

            sudo apt-get install cinnamon

            and reboot the computer and log in to Cinnamon Session but no good.

            I also tried to

            sudo apt-get remove cinnamon

            reboot to Ubuntu Session and reinstall cinnamon using the same command to install it. But no help. I wonder what I am missing. I had checked my video card using


            I got this:

            display: :0 screen: 0
            OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
            OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 6530D
            OpenGL version string: 1.4 (2.1 (4.2.11931 Compatibility Profile Context))

            Hope that helps. Let me know how to get info in order to solve this. I am glad to provide. Thanks a lot for helping me out. I know we are getting close.

            I dont want to reformat. I got headache installing AR8161 gigabit ethernet on Ubuntu 12.04. It seems its not yet supported. So I rather prefer we make this out. When it happens again later (hope not) I still have this site to help me out :)


          • auxilium says: -

            Hi Mintkatze,

            This site was in German. But its ok, I check it out and some Translator Plug-in sorted things out..


        • Mintkatze says: - reply

          And in LinuxMint, I found one more thing, that empathy-accounts is not in system-setttings. But there is a trick, how to import or set up online-accounts in LinuxMint:

          just open a Terminal and type int this:


          Then this window pops open and you can activate accounts.

          @ Clem:

          Why is this no more in Cinnamon-settings or even in System-settings?? Can you please out this in into Cinnamon-settings or even into System-settings please?? This is a potential drawback for beginners. And also for me, this would make work a bit easier.

          Thank you.


  117. csevcik says: - reply


    I am running Cinnamon (1.6.7) on top of Ubuntu 12.10 and it works great excep for the impossibility of locking my screen when I need to get away of my computer. This is more or less OK in my laptop or home comcomputer but is a security risk in my office where my account has administrator status (with a sudo password, but still) and often confidential data is on my screen.

    Could this be fixed to my Cinnamon even greater?

    Many thanks

  118. I experienced 2 grand crashes of cinnamon. Yesterday in “Maya” after installing from backport “nemo”. Today after fresh instalation of “nadia”
    After the crash cinnamon doesn’t work at all. There is nothing, No desktop icons, no panell, no menu.
    Both crashes happend after trying to edit the “menu” with internal editor (click on the “menu” with right boton of the mouse) after the command “delete item” from menu.
    Right now I’m using LXDE, because in the cinnamon I have merely wallpaper.
    “Cinnamon” is 1.6.7+nadia, “nemo” is 1.1.2+nadia, “nemo-fileroller” is 1.0.0+nadia, gir1.2.nemo isn’t installed
    My system is Nadia amd64, previous was Maya amd64

    I did reinstalation of the “mdm” and “menu” and nothing happens

    Thanks in advance for any help

  119. It’s me again. When I try to start cinnamon in the terminal I receive this message:
    piotr@computer ~ $ cinnamon
    JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
    Naruszenie ochrony pamięci (core dumped) ({thus mean: memory leaks, I guess}
    When I give command “nemo” or “nautilus” in the terminal there apear icons on the wallpaper, but the windows have no controll bottoms (close, minimize, resize)
    When I give command “openbox” there apear all controls of the window. Similary happens with command “lxpanel” – there apear normal panel from lxde, I can star gnome panel as well. But there is no way to star cinnamon panel

  120. heyjoe says: - reply

    Cinnamon is maturing nicely!

    I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. The mouse options lack a control for scrolling speed (how many rows per notch). That would be nice to have.

    2. Maybe a new default window border for cinnamon? Would be nice (more professional looking) if the colour matched with the default cinnamon panel color. Maybe tweak the Adwaita windowborder?

    Thanks for your good work.

  121. shahid says: - reply

    Great work on developing the Cinnamon desktop. I just started to use Cinnamon 1.6.7 with Fedora 18 to replace the (imo) awful updates they have made to GNOME. I am loving it so far, especially all the customization that is possible and the Nemo application that provides much more features than Nautilus.

    I just wanted to ask if it is possible to change which terminal application is used when “Open in Terminal” is run either from Nemo or from the desktop. I mostly use Konsole for the variety of features it has, and would rather use that instead of gnome-terminal.

    I tried to change the terminal setting (org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal) in dconf-editor but it didn’t do any good (instead it didn’t open any terminal at all when I used the “Open in Terminal” command). So is this possible through any other setting?

  122. dd says: - reply

    hi mintkatze!
    tante merkel hat gesagt dass man mehrere sprachen sprechen muss. :)
    ist e.u. konform und das kann ich nicht widerstehen. :)
    alls shon gemach und es geht. danke!


    Ubuntu to switch to rolling releases with version 14.04

    how this plans will affect mint releases?

  123. guest says: - reply

    Does Cinnamon exist only as a 3D variant or is there also a 2D version?
    (3D uses up much more ressources and the desktop lags on older hardware, so I cannot switch to a 3D version, as it would be slow and the fan would be loud, same as it is with Unity. That’s why the Gnome 3 fallback mode is really good.)

  124. Jim B says: - reply

    Very nice version. Moved to Arch Linux from an old Mint install and was surprised that Cinnamon was a desktop option for Arch. Cinnamon keeps looking better than gnome all the time.

  125. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I have a question to you:
    yesterday I found out, that one administrator of my new emailprovider sxmail is a great Wallpaper-artworker. He also has an own page, where he puts up his artwork:

    I got allowence from him, that we can use his pictures as Wallpapers for LinuxMint. So the question would be: what about a partnership of this Cinnamon-page with his Photo-page?? We could put it in here in a new section called “Wallpapers”.

    What about this idea??


  126. P. Mohan says: - reply

    hi clem! first i congrates you for cinnamon project. i am using mint 13. just one week back got update cinnamon 1.6.7 from backported packages. everything working fine. but i have some problem. 1. private setting disappear from setting menu. 2. Terminal launcher shortcut ctrl+alt+T not working. 3. desktop icons and desktop file management not working. 4. no formate optin for removable device right click menu.

  127. Hypfvieh says: - reply


    nice new version. But I ran into an ugly bug (I think this might be happen in any version of cinnamon, but I just tested version 1.4 and 1.6).

    I was trying to open the menu-editor while my harddrive was full. This caused the whole desktop (cinnamon) to crash. After cleaning up my harddrive (now 14 GB free space) I was unable to start a new cinnamon session. It always crashed instantly.

    I re-installed cinnamon -> doesnt help.
    Starting cinnamon on a running X session via commandline -> Segmenation fault.
    After some time I just tried to start cinnamon menu-editor from the commandline and it crashed with this message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/cinnamon-menu-editor”, line 19, in
    File “/usr/bin/cinnamon-menu-editor”, line 15, in main
    app = MainWindow.MainWindow(datadir, version)
    File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-menu-editor/Alacarte/”, line 42, in __init__
    self.editor = MenuEditor()
    File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-menu-editor/Alacarte/”, line 31, in __init__
    File “/usr/lib/cinnamon-menu-editor/Alacarte/”, line 45, in load
    raise ValueError(“can not load menu tree %r” % (,))
    ValueError: can not load menu tree ‘’

    After that, I decided to delete the file in ~/.config/menus
    I ran cinnamons menu-editor again, and it was working.
    So I restarted my X Session, and see cinnamon is working again.

    This is a nice workaround for people who knows linux well.

    But I guess it would be better to check the menu-file for consistency instead of loading and crashing. If it is corrupted, dont load it, give an error message and just use the “default” menu (everything is better than crashing the desktop).


  128. Baeloan says: - reply


    Thanks from a satisfied Mint user.

    I would like to make a suggestion, please:

    It would be important and helpful an About section in this site of Cinnamon, like the one in the site of MATE, so anyone can know what deals all this with.


  129. mazapura says: - reply


    What enable Ctrl+Shift for keybord switch?

  130. Orbmiser says: - reply

    Outstanding works just backed up my Mint 14 Cinnamon partitions to usb external. And tried your KDE 14 also.

    So many top notch distro’s right out of the box.
    And can’t wait for Cinnamon 15 Olivia

    Such a great Team and Distro’s I had to donate a few bucks to the Clem MInt Team.

    So show your appreciation with some of that currency that makes the world go around! :-)

  131. Garp1997 says: - reply

    I’ve a little question but on the never ending world of linux I don’t find answer, where I can set the size of text for desktop icons. I changed the icon size from Nemo, but the text is too large. Can someone help me?

    Thanks a lot.


  132. legion1978 says: - reply

    I was just trying to use Nemo as ftp manager to edit some files on server. It turns out Nemo inherited the gvfs timeout bug from Nautilus: it times out and wont reconnect. This would not be such a big deal (often F5 Nemo/Nautilus would reconnect) if it didnt cause the uploading of 0bytes files to server without warning, meaning the lose of the work done (yep, it happens).
    Maybe u guys can finally put an end to an everlasting gnome/nautilus bug.
    Unbelievable such a potentially serious bug (for programmers) from 2008 its still marked “importance: Unknown → Low” ffs..

    thanx :)

  133. Avaloncio says: - reply

    The latest update of virtualbox 4.2 install NVIDIA drivers and for some reason stopped working cinnamon. The OS I use is Ubuntu 12.10 32b

  134. Geof says: - reply

    Just a simple Thank You. I appreciate your effort.

  135. Hallo,

    I’d like to use Cinnamon with Debian Wheezy based LTSP terminal server. However, it dosen’t work. I have installed the Cinnamon 1.6.7 from Your repositories. Directly on server, it works nice. However the LTSP thin client, when Cinnamon session is selected, starts GNOME 3 fallback mode instead. Selecting Cinnamon 2D does open Cinnamod session, however the graphics is severely corrupt.

    I’m not sure, whether this is a problem with Cinnamon, or video driver. GNOME 3 dosen’t start either, always runs in fallback mode only, with some minor graphic artifacts, especially when MC is used in terminal window.

    Please, is there something I should try to resolve this?

  136. I’m beginning to see these worrying signs that non-Mint distros are dropping Cinnamon because of it’s incompatibility with Groan 3.8. What’s the future of Cinnamon really? Is it here to stay? I’m busy promoting it, but now getting cold feet…..

      • clem says: - reply

        It’s ok. The announcement from Cinnarch sounds quite dramatic and even people with good development skills (albeit poor knowledge of the Cinnamon project) are tempted to think there’s something wrong with Cinnamon after they read that. In a World where GNOME isn’t backwards compatible, where Arch promises its users to bring the latest GNOME and Mint promises its users to make the upcoming Cinnamon 1.8 work not only with GNOME 3.6 but also with GNOME 3.4 (used in our LTS release) you need to make a choice. Cinnamon isn’t lagging behind, anyone can appreciate the pace of its development, but our main target is GNOME 3.6 and compatibility with GNOME 3.4 is a key requirement for Cinnamon 1.8. We can make it work with GNOME 3.8 (a couple of merges went that way this week), as a bonus, if current 3.8 users feel involved enough, and if and only if that doesn’t break compatibility with 3.6/3.4. If a fix is needed for 3.8 and it breaks 3.6/3.4, we’ll reject it. If that happens it will be the responsability of the distribution to patch the software for its target version of GNOME. There’s nothing new here.. we knew that was happening for quite a while, and it already happened between 3.4 and 3.6. The only difference is… at the time, Mint was targeting the same GNOME versions as other distros and so they benefited from our full focus and us being paid to solve what they needed right now. So what you’ll see happening is that only distributions which are serious about Cinnamon will continue to package it, now that Mint isn’t there for them working the regressions GNOME caused with 3.8.

        As a sidenote, and whether you like Unity or not, I’d like to show my appreciation to Ubuntu here. They’re serious about what they do and they took the necessary measures for raring. I was delighted also on a personal level to get a full iteration with no GNOME upgrade because it meant we could really focus on building a better DE and not look at regressions for an entire 6 months. Sometimes it’s great to offer people cutting edge technology, but you can’t fault us for not being interested in this. When you roll continuously and are dedicated to using the most bleeding edge from upstream, you put yourself ahead of others and in a position where your users act as guinea pigs because some of the things you give them aren’t yet compatible with all that they’re currently using. We’ve seen that with systemd, I’m sure we’ll see that with wayland/mir at some stage and we’re seeing it with GNOME here. If you’re serious about what you aim to provide though, you work through it. I’ve no doubt Ubuntu or Fedora put the resources needed in achieving their goals. If the goal Cinnarch set for itself was unreasonable and they don’t have the resources for it, then it’s bad news for their users but probably the right decision for them to change their name and revise their ambitions. What’s happening here is a direct consequence of Ubuntu sticking to 3.6 (which itself is motivated by lack of backward compatibility and new designs), it’s something we’re happy with and something every non-Ubuntu distribution shipping Cinnamon probably thought about on the day of their announcement. There’s a fantastic 1.8 release coming up and yes, it’s built for GNOME 3.6 and compatible with 3.4. If by any chance it works with 3.8 out of the box and distributions don’t need to patch it… all the better. That would be a nice bonus, not a requirement.

  137. Krypt says: - reply

    For lars (27 november 2012)
    Probably it’s too late, but i wrote an action for Nemo, using photon. It’s an actions to mass resize images. It’s like the Nautilus-Image-Converter. You can find it on my site:, under the section Download. I hope it helps you.

    P.S. sorry for bad english.

  138. Krypt says: - reply

    For lars (27 november 2012)
    Probably it’s too late, but i wrote an action for Nemo, using photon. It’s an actions to mass resize images. It’s like the Nautilus-Image-Converter. You can find it on my site:, under the section Download. I hope it helps you.
    I tested on Ubuntu Gnome 3.8

    P.S. sorry for bad english.

  139. Will says: - reply

    First, thanks for your effort.
    I want only communicate that Nemo crashes too much in my Ubuntu 13.04. I don’t know the reason(s), I have not enought experience with Linux and Ubuntu.

  140. projectphp says: - reply

    What the main different beetwen linux mint and ubuntu?

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