Cinnamon 1.8 released

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.8!

Cinnamon 1.8 represents 7 months of development and 1,075 commits. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 1.8.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy ;)

File Manager

Nemo received a lot of attention. Its user interface was heavily modified and its behavior was adapted to integrate better with Cinnamon.

You can now easily hide the sidebar and switch back and forth between places and treeview. Under each place, if applicable, a small bar indicates how much space is used.


Cinnamon now features its own screensaver. One of its particularities is that you can define an away message before locking up your screen.

People who are looking for you can see that message while you’re away.

Control Center

All configuration modules are now present in Cinnamon Settings. You no longer need to use Gnome Control Center.


KDE calls them Plasmoids, Android calls them Widgets, in Cinnamon they’re called “Desklets”. The same way you can add applets to your panel, you can add desklets to your desktop.

Cinnamon 1.8 ships with 3 desklets installed by default (a launcher, a clock and a photoframe) and many more will come from the community (yes, before people ask, there is an xkcd desklet out there).

Spices Management

In Cinnamon 1.8 you can install “spices” (i.e. applets, desklets, themes, extensions) straight from your desktop. You don’t need to browse anymore.

You can apply updates as well and if the Spice supports it you can use multiple instances of it.

New features for developers

Settings API for Applets/Desklets

If you’re an Applet/Desklet developer, don’t use gsettings anymore. Cinnamon 1.8 features a settings API which will do all the work for you.

  • It will set up your settings and default values for you, automatically.
  • It will allow you to access your settings just as easily as you access values in an array.
  • It will generate a configuration screen for you, automatically.

In other words, you just define your settings and use them in your applet/desklet, and Cinnamon does everything else for you. A configuration screen is automatically generated for you and the user can configure the settings you defined from the System Settings :)

For more details check the Sample Settings Example applet at:

Nemo actions

By placing an action file in /usr/share/nemo/actions you can add items to Nemo’s right-click context menu.

For more details check the sample action provided with Nemo at

Standalone Looking Glass

If you’re using Looking Glass a lot, you’d probably want a standalone version of it… well, there is one now :)

To launch it, run the following command: “cinnamon-looking-glass”.

System improvements

Renderer detection

Muffin now checks which renderer is being used. If the session is using a Software Renderer (that’s the case when there is a problem with the drivers or if the card doesn’t feature any acceleration) a notification pops up to let the user know about the problem.

Fallback mode

Cinnamon no longer uses gnome-session for fallback. In some cases gnome-session didn’t allow Cinnamon to run even though the hardware was capable of running Cinnamon. Another limitation of gnome-session was its inability to restart Cinnamon after a crash. In Cinnamon 1.8, the Cinnamon session always launches Cinnamon, so your computer will try to run Cinnamon no matter what.

Cinnamon also uses a wrapper to restart itself and recover from potential crashes. If Cinnamon crashes it now falls back on Metacity and asks the user if he/she wants to restart Cinnamon.

And that’s not all…

Cinnamon 1.8 is huge. Its commit changelog is twice the size of the 1.6 release!

Other notable features:

  • Better hot-corner configuration
  • Coverflow Alt-Tab
  • Timeline Alt-Tab
  • Horizontal/Vertical maximizing of windows

For an exhaustive list of changes, please visit the following page:

If you have questions about changes which are not covered in this announcement please contact the development team on IRC at #linuxmint-dev.

Notes to themes artists

Details will be posted shortly on how to update your theme for Cinnamon 1.8.

Note: With the exception of desklets, Cinnamon 1.8 should look fine in most 1.6 themes already.

Feel free to come and chat with us on #linuxmint-dev ( if you face any problem.

About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Emmanuel says: - reply


    Thank you very much ! This sounds amazing !
    Any ideas when I will be ready for LMDE ?

  2. Marco says: - reply

    How to update in Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon 64bit?

  3. nacho says: - reply

    Great news! How do I install from PPA?

  4. Rehdon says: - reply

    Very nice work Clem, can’t wait to upgrade my Cinnamon install.


  5. It just keeps getting better and better!

    Great work guys, Cinnamon has recently become the only DE I’ll use unless forced otherwise :)

  6. When will the update become available in Linux Mint Nadia

  7. Zyzz says: - reply

    Very nice. I’m looking forward to test it as soon as it hits the autoupdater. :D

  8. Great work …
    But after installing Ubuntu 13.04 , I’ve tried to install cinnamon
    but I am facing this error message:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    cinnamon : Depends: libgjs0-libmozjs185-1.0

    Any help about this ?
    thank’s again

  9. dogbert176 says: - reply

    ….. and the un-avoidable question:
    will cinnamon 1.8 be backported to mint 13 Maya?

  10. ubuntu user says: - reply

    Crashes consistently on login under ubuntu 12.4.2

  11. dRaiser says: - reply

    Excellent work! Testing now on my main machine. It’s available on Gwendal PPA already –

  12. Rafael says: - reply

    Wow, impressive update :) Thanks, guys!!

  13. alex says: - reply

    hey, just upgrade cinnamon to 1.8 on ubuntu 12.04 and it crashes all the time going in fall back mode, any idea, thanks

  14. Yorrd says: - reply

    It gives me this when I try to install gTile from the extension manager in Cinnamon 1.8 (freshly updated):
    [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/tmp/tmpzI4X55/metadata.json’
    Anyone know what’s wrong?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • mtwebster says: - reply

      The maintainer of that extension will have to repackage it before it becomes installable from Cinnamon Settings. Guidelines for this will be published tomorrow.

  15. RyDroid says: - reply

    Good news.

    I have installed it through PPA on Ubuntu 13.04. But, there are some part of the update that I don’t like :
    * I don’t know if this a problem due to the fact that I am under Ubuntu and not Mint, but cinnamon became a brocken package. I re-install it and there is no problem anymore, but it is still strange.
    * I really love Nemo 1.1 that is really superior than Nautilus tweaked by Ubuntu. But, it is now hard to see text in button location bar, with Ambiance and Adwaita themes. The “heatbox” for home folder is small. Partitions are now underlined with spaceUsed / totalSpace, I think that it is ugly, is there a way to remove it ? There a lot of lack in translation, at least in french. Moreover the po file is strange with underscores that are some times in a word like “Open Wit_h”.

    Oh, you have forgotten the label for “Confirm you are NOT a spammer”.

  16. KaddY says: - reply

    Wow… just… WOW
    Can’t wait to take 1.8 for a spin :D

  17. roj says: - reply



    Trying to add the PPA and update on 12.04.2 produces a message that only a partial update is possible. Needless to say, I didn’t roll the dice and update. I’m running 12.04.2 with GDM for login and Unity excavated (uninstall / purge / autoremove / deborphan / dpkg –purge).

    What gives?

  18. Dieselkopf says: - reply

    Great Work!

    But i still miss the flexibility of gnome 2 to manage my panels completely indipendent. i don’t want to use it the 3 ways which are given. i want to create panels, manage panels, put them to the left or right screen-side. i want to configure and choose how much panels i have, etc.

    but still the best DE i know at this time.

  19. Christian says: - reply

    Great work! I try Cinnamon 1.8 (nightly builds) in Mint 14 – I just noticed is that drag & drop not working on Windows Desktop from the menu bar. It would be great if this feature is enabled. Thank you

  20. Christian says: - reply

    Oops – I meant: I have found that drag and drop does not work from the Desktop to the Windows list in the menu bar. Sorry for the misleading wording.

  21. rom85 says: - reply

    It’s great! Will it be possible to install 1.8 on Lisa (oneiric)? There’s still 1.4 in PPA

  22. Niki says: - reply

    All that is needed to be put in Windows 8 will be given a final touch here.
    Microsoft is ending all official support to Windows XP SP3 in June 2014.

    Like getting picked to be the oil man on the Hawaiian Tropics tour bus, I’m stoked.

  23. Divius says: - reply

    Good job!

    Works well on Ubuntu 12.04, the only issue was with user switching: I had to do
    sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gdmflexiserver /usr/bin/mdmflexiserver
    to enable user switching on lock screen. I also had to create custom icon for gdmflexiserver.

  24. Andy says: - reply

    Not working for me, too (Ubuntu raring). Would be very happy, if it’s getting fixed quickly.

    • Andy says: - reply

      It’s working now because of resetting cinnamon completely. Just one problem: I cant’t install applets or themes. When I try, it crashes.

  25. Jacopo says: - reply

    Hi Clem,

    Good job! There’s a way to restore the option to open a file with drag and drop in window list?

    Thank you :-)

  26. Erithrym says: - reply

    When will Cinnamon 1.8 be released in LMDE incoming?

  27. mia says: - reply

    It has new animations like in Gala?

  28. kah says: - reply

    Are there any news at the topic of integrating other window managers like openbox? I saw this on some roadmap but it doesn’t seem like there happened much so far..

  29. roj says: - reply

    Additional infor firther to my message above:

    The item that doesn’t want to install is “Cinnamon desktop”.

    Is it possible that the rest of Cinnamon needs to be installed as a prerequisite before Cinnamon desktop can be installed?

  30. vlad1777d says: - reply

    It will be great if you add cinnamon 1.8 to LMDE repository (^ ^)

  31. roj says: - reply

    OK, my curiosity got the better of me and I upgraded one of my production systems.

    I went past the message about a partial upgrade and upgraded anyway. It went smooth as oiled glass.

    Cinnamon is faster, I like the new login manager and all thus far is sweetness and light.

    A guarded “This Is A Triumph” (I’ve only been using it for half an hour) but I’m salivating heavily.

  32. kryptos says: - reply

    Hey, maybe i’m forgetting something i’ve:

    1 – added the ppa
    2 – sudo apt-get update
    3 – sudo apt-get upgrade

    and nothing happens, i’m missing something?


  33. heiko says: - reply

    I just installed the latest cinnamon.
    BUT spice management doesn’t work at all for me!
    When I try to upgrade it keeps saying “Aktualisiere applet cache” but nothing happens then. The progressbar doesn’t continue.
    This happens to all spices.
    I’m running LM 13 64 Bit cinnamon edition with kernel 3.2.0-41.

    • Sam says: - reply

      I have exactly the same problem as heiko with LM 13, 64 Bit, Cinnamon Edition, kernel 3.2.0-23-generic.

      Moreover, I cannot install new applets and some applets don’t appear anymore, for example CPU Temperature Indicator 1.0 (temperature@fevimu).

      Anyway (beside these personal issues), great work! Cinnamon is getting better and better. Thank you, Clem and all developers!

      • Sam says: - reply

        It’s getting worse. After installing the latest update (Cinnamon 1.8.2) I don’t event see anything in spices mangment. The window is just grey.

        Does anybody else have these problems?

      • mmolina says: - reply

        I have ubuntu 12.04.2 with kernel 3.5.0-28-generic and cinnamon 1.8. The applet CPU Temperature Indicator 1.0 (temperature@fevimu) not showed info of the CPU.
        I solved the problem with this patch in temperature@fevimu/applet.js:

        — applet.js~ 2013-05-10 23:34:17.000000000 -0500
        +++ applet.js 2013-05-11 10:53:20.000000000 -0500
        @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
        const St =;
        const Lang = imports.lang;
        -const PanelMenu = imports.ui.panelMenu;
        +//const PanelMenu = imports.ui.panelMenu;
        const PopupMenu = imports.ui.popupMenu;
        const Main = imports.ui.main;
        const GLib =;

        Sorry for my english! Bye!

      • mmolina says: - reply

        I have ubuntu 12.04.2 with kernel 3.5.0-28-generic and cinnamon 1.8.2. The applet CPU Temperature Indicator 1.0 (temperature@fevimu) not showed info of the CPU.
        I solved the problen with this patch in temperature@fevimu/applet.js:

        — applet.js~ 2013-05-10 23:34:17.000000000 -0500
        +++ applet.js 2013-05-11 10:53:20.000000000 -0500
        @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
        const St =;
        const Lang = imports.lang;
        -const PanelMenu = imports.ui.panelMenu;
        +//const PanelMenu = imports.ui.panelMenu;
        const PopupMenu = imports.ui.popupMenu;
        const Main = imports.ui.main;
        const GLib =;

        Sorry for my english!

  34. SallyK says: - reply

    Excellent news. :-) How soon will it be in the backports for LM 13?

  35. Ivan says: - reply

    The scripts will be active now???? already defaulth the turn feature that so greatly simplifies users … perhaps even a link to directly copy the folder!!!!

  36. billynick says: - reply

    i guess theres still no window rules/windows remembering their position/ fixed window position in cinnamon like there is in kde and compiz? cant live without that so ill stay with kde for the time being

  37. dogbert176 says: - reply

    Sounds good ..
    Will cinnamon 1.8 be backported to mint 13 maya?

  38. Rehdon says: - reply

    Don’t know why my comment didn’t appear before (yes, I did click on “Confirm you are NOT a spammer”!!! ;) but here we go again: kudos to all the team, can’t wait to upgrade my LM 14 install!


  39. fcole90 says: - reply

    I just updated to Cinnamon 1.8 in Maya (precise) from cinnamon stable ppa. Everithing seems to be working fine and it’s grat, but my desktop is now empty and nothing works. Do I need to create an issue on github? Is it related to muffin? How can I solve?

    P.S. I was already using nemo instead of nautilus and the desktop was always working.

    Thank you in advance.

  40. John says: - reply

    Installed but wouldn’t run. Error is: “Xsession: unable to launch ‘gnome-session-cinnamon’ Xsession….’gnome-session-cinnamon not found: falling back to default session.”

    Click OK on error message, get black screen because Cinnamon 1.6.7 was the default session but was uninstalled in order to install 1.8 so have to reboot into gnome classic in order to re-install cinnamon 1.6.7.

    It may be a good experience for some but it’s not working at all for me at this point. Perhaps there’s a step I’m missing.

    • John says: - reply

      Same issue with 1.8.1. Mint 14 x64 (a completely stable system) gives black screen. So not usuable until Mint 15 appears.

  41. Ibrahim says: - reply

    Whooooow !! I’m reading this and … it’s just awesome news! It’s incredible how it advanced…

    In previous versions I had problem with Cinnamon using 99-100% of CPU, I wonder could this be fixed in the “Renderer detection” and “Fallback mode” improvements? (I do use latest proprietary drivers for my GPU)

    Thanks for an awesome DE! :)

  42. clem says: - reply

    Hey there everybody,

    I just found more than 20 valid comments in the spam box… I’m sorry about this. It looks like our anti-spam isn’t working as well as we’d like.

    The problem is.. there’s so much real spam coming in… there’s no way we can disable it.

  43. fcole90 says: - reply

    Fantastic release! I was really waiting for it! Just a little issue, most of the extensions don’t work anymore, maybe a version control is needed before Cinnamon tries to download and install some 1.6x extensions.

  44. otoman says: - reply

    I used to use Cinnamon 1.4, from then I’ve used KDE4. I think I’ll give Cinnamon 1.8 a try – it looks very good :)

  45. loving 1.8, but how do you move the Desklets around? I have yet to figure that out.

    • ian says: - reply

      it seems you can no longer move them round the screen, they are where they are and ur stuck with it.. unless there is a way someone could share?

  46. Fsy says: - reply

    Looks like a good fit for Fedora 19 :)

  47. I am offered a partial upgrade for this on Ubuntu 12.04.2. The list of packages offered in the partial upgrade does not appear to include cinnamon (it is unchecked)

  48. Cherep says: - reply

    Awesome news! Thank you! I updated Cinnamon from 1.6.7 to 1.8 on my ubuntu 12.04.2 from ppa. It works fine although I had to reinstall some applets and extensions. Only one problem with font color in nemo: I cannot read names of folders in the location line when the nemo window is active (Background is grey, font is also grey). I use the standard theme. just let me know, if there is any workaround :) Thanks!

  49. Janvier says: - reply

    Really nice! Except that the button bar in nemo is unreadable when you have the ambiance/adwaita theme at ubuntu. :( Any options how to fix this?

  50. Timur says: - reply

    I have Lenovo Y560 with Intel/ATI HD 5730 switchable graphics. So far, I couldn’t use Cinnamon on Ubuntu at all (couldn’t log in at all). From today, I can log in and I can see the menu, but when I click on it, I can see just shadows on my display. It’s similar with Cinnamon Software rendering mode.
    I don’t know whether this change is due to new kernel on Ubuntu 13.04 or Cinnamon 1.8.1. (I use nightly). It’s beter now, but I’d really like to have it all correct.

  51. Teg says: - reply

    I would really like to use Nemo with Ubuntu 13.04 as the most recent Nautilus is horrible. Is there a way in a future release of Nemo that I can install it from a PPA without bringing in the whole Cinnamon desktop?

  52. Rob says: - reply

    Look forward to the test on openindiana OiOS

  53. jediafr says: - reply

    On Mint Xfce 12.04 from PPA Stable : Crash + fallback mode at startup…

  54. sujit nag says: - reply

    I use linux mint 13.
    how can I updated to Cinnamon 1.8 in Maya (LM 13).

  55. limaunion says: - reply

    Great news! I hope that this new release fixes the high CPU usage (20%) I’m having with Xorg+NVIDIA driver+Cinnamon 1.7.4 (from Debian).

  56. Just updated Ubuntu and I’m happy cinnamon also got an update :)

    There are 2 things that annoy me though:

    - When click the menu with the mouse and then start typing, it doesn’t work :( I have to mouse-over the search input box and sometimes only after clicking it.

    - The menu doesn’t “highlight” the selected app. The categories on the left column (Accessories, Administration, Games, etc) get a lighter grey on mouse over (key up/down), but the apps within don’t :( It’s expecially worse when using keyboard to search for an app, as I write 2 or 3 letters to have just a few possiblities and when pressing down arrow I can’t see what is the highlighted app.

    Both worked always fine with 1.6… Any suggestions?

  57. Jamie says: - reply

    Great! Love all the new changes! Only gripe is the changes in Nemo don’t look very nice with my window theme. Any chance the breadcrumb bar can use the window theme?

  58. Jeff says: - reply

    I am so happy with the work you guys are doing! Cinnamon is amazing and going in the right direction (understatement).

    I truly believe that it will eventually be the #1 desktop. In fact, I’m sure of it.

    The work you guys are doing needed to be done for so long… especially after the wonky directions that Gnome and KDE seem to be headed. Beautiful!

  59. JRiver says: - reply

    help me please. i can’t update cinnamon 1.6 in linux mint 14. how i can do it? or i need to wait mint 15?

  60. Ilya says: - reply

    Great job! The only actually usable DE, except XFCE of course )

  61. Bob2007 says: - reply

    Have LUbuntu 13.04 with the PPA pointing to Cinnamon 1.8

    I can’t get the time to update in the panel. Will only update if I go into the “Date and Time Settings” and tab through the fields.

    Any ideas or is this a new bug?

  62. aten says: - reply

    so we finally can configure and use the keyboard shortcuts right from cinnamon? And gnome3 settings no longer take the priority?

  63. Anon says: - reply

    Fedora 18 still lists 1.6.7 as last Cinnamon. Please provide RPM

  64. Hi. Congrats for this result. But, I already install the last version proposed and notice very high the consumption of ram memory and CPU when I use this enviroment.This is normal? I have Toshiba Satellite Intel Dual Core Processor with 2 gb of RAM. Best regards.

  65. roj says: - reply

    OK, it’s been a couple of days now and my verdict is in:

    Fan – Freaking – Tatic!

    It’s fast, stable and wondrfully configurable.

    I do have a couple of minor nits but they’re more “fit and finish” than anything else:

    1) Bundle MDM wiht the Cinnamon install. That way the Login Screen configuration tool in System Settings will actually do something useful.

    2) Further to the comment above on MDM, make it configurable to allow a default user on boot so that only the entry of a password is necessary. That’s a rather obvious oversight.

    3) Include a sexy screensaver. ANY sexy screensaver.

    Clem and team:

    You’ve not only done yourselves proud, you’ve done the entire Linux community proud. In an era where the ill-conceived Unity and GNOME3 are being foisted on us, this is a well-designed breath of fresh air.

  66. seatex says: - reply

    Why is it taking so long to get this in the Romeo repository?

    • clem says: - reply


      Two reasons. We’re in the middle of the Linux Mint 15 release (it went to QA today). Before it gets into Romeo we need to make sure it works :) Romeo is the unstable branch.. still at the very least we want to make sure the DE runs fine. So there’s a bit of testing involved.

  67. cherep says: - reply

    Hi Clem, drag and drop files from one folder to another via the hot corner is not working in 1.8.1. This nice feature was working in 1.6.7.

    • clem says: - reply

      Muffin 1.8.1 fixes some DND bugs with the panel, it probably fixes this as well.

      • cherep says: - reply

        as a short note: Muffin 1.8.1 does not fix the problem with DND via the hot corner. Moreover, when I now drag and drop a file via the hot corner, it is stuck in the scale mode (only restart cinnamon helps).

  68. Anonymous says: - reply

    Make the menu start faster.
    The “start” menu opens too slow, there is a noticable delay of several hundred milliseconds. Very annoying.

    • cherep says: - reply

      as a workaround, right click on menu -> menu settings -> set menu hover delay to 50. Then the menu appears faster, at least for me :)

  69. Sagar R. says: - reply

    Hey guys, I had cinnamon 1.7 installed on ubuntu 12.10 via the gwendal-lebihan repository. It worked perfectly.
    But now that I updated it to 1.8, i see no window borders, desktop icons are not clickable, no shortcuts work. Basically, it’s unusable.
    When I logout via terminal and change the DE to Unity, It works.
    What could be the problem?

    • clem says: - reply

      Make sure you upgraded all muffin packages to 1.8.x.

    • Brian Read says: - reply

      I also had this on upgrade from 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.04. I uninstalled all the cinnamon stuff – “sudo apt-get remove cinnamon” and then re-installed “sudo apt-get install cinnamon” and now it all works!

  70. Hello Mr. Clem.

    Some years ago, when Dolphin was still doesn’t have sort and group feature, I sent an e-mail to developer. And now, my feature request is real. Thank’s for KDE team. I hope Caja will have this feature. I need it seriously and it increase my productivity significantly.

    Before, I find this feaure only in Windows Explorer. Now I get it in Dolphin (until now, Nautilus didn’t). And now I want Caja to have this feature. Thank you.

    • clem says: - reply

      That’s neat.. you can sort by type, but I agree that’s pretty neat :)

      • Thank you, Mr. Clem. It is rarely thing when a leader answer directly his consumer. A newbie consumer like me.

        I hope someday this feature will come into Nemo. Because it is the one thing makes me leave Nautilus into Dolphin.

      • CtrlAltDel says: - reply

        Hello Clem,

        This looked like the request area of the comments section so I thought I’d throw one out there. :-)

        A file manager I used to use in Windows, XYplorer, had a cool feature that would allow you to backspace simply by double clicking in a blank area of a window.

        It was really nice, to me anyway. Instead of having to hit the backspace button on the keyboard or the backspace arrow in the file manager itself, you just double clicked a blank area and it took you back one click.

        Anyway, just an idea. I sure wish I had the ability to do what you do. Great job.

  71. ulysses says: - reply

    want get it in LM 13 Maya ..

    (spam test)

    Edit by Clem: This fell as a false positive and was indeed marked as spam. We’re using akismet.. no spam goes through (well, very little) but we’ve got a problem with valid comments falling in the spam bin. The weird thing is that we’re using akismet on other blogs and everything is fine there…

  72. dvdred says: - reply

    Vi amo gente!

    1.8 is great and your work is really appreciated by me, a real Gnu/Linux lover (the agnostic front!).

    Cinnamon is a much more modern desktop, with the speed and usefulness of the old one we were used (gnome2), and now… it is much more stable! Thank you a lot!

    OT: ( yes i am italian, but like 70% of us, we didn’t vote for the ridiculous mafioso – the psycodwarf)

    • clem says: - reply

      Great. As a side note, everybody loves Italy. If there was a popularity contest per country, worldwide, I’m sure Italy would score pretty high.. the food, the cities, the culture, the language, it really is a happy place for most people. Don’t worry about politics, let other people waste their time with that :)

  73. John says: - reply

    Pleaseeeeeee I want Cinnamon 1.8 :( :( :D

  74. Jeanne says: - reply

    Great work but after update to Cinnamon 1.8, when I run certain Windows programs using Wine (like ‘Netflix Desktop’) the panel stops responding, the Cinnamon Menu, icons or applets, nothing works when I click on them. If I close that program all starts to work again.

  75. Jan says: - reply

    Very good work! I love Cinnamon. Thank you very much for that!

    But i must say, the breadcrumb in nemo (c 1.8) is not really nice in Ubuntu default theme – and is not well readable because of the low contrast.

    Otherwise: Keep it up!

  76. Repeating my previous post, to see if I get a response ;)

    Just updated Ubuntu and I’m happy cinnamon also got an update :)

    There are 2 things that annoy me though:

    - When click the menu with the mouse and then start typing, it doesn’t work :( I have to mouse-over the search input box and sometimes only after clicking it.

    - The menu doesn’t “highlight” the selected app. The categories on the left column (Accessories, Administration, Games, etc) get a lighter grey on mouse over (key up/down), but the apps within don’t :( It’s expecially worse when using keyboard to search for an app, as I write 2 or 3 letters to have just a few possiblities and when pressing down arrow I can’t see what is the highlighted app.

    Both worked always fine with 1.6… Any suggestions?

    • Ally says: - reply

      I have the same issue (Cinnammon 1.8 on LM15 RC). I’ve tried changing the menu hover time to 50 milliseconds, but that hasn’t helped.

      If I do discover what is causing it, I’ll let you know.

      • Ally says: - reply

        I submitted an issue concerning this:

        However, I also just found a workaround from a comment on a previously submitted bug on launchpad concerning the same issue:

        • Hi, was running cinnamon –replace on the command line to post here the issue when I noticed I was using the “Simplest Menu” applet that I forgot I had :|

          JS ERROR: !!! Exception was: TypeError: this.selectedAppTitle is undefined
          JS ERROR: !!! message = ‘”this.selectedAppTitle is undefined”‘
          JS ERROR: !!! fileName = ‘”/usr/share/cinnamon/applets/SimplestMenu@bownz/applet.js”‘
          JS ERROR: !!! lineNumber = ’1033′
          JS ERROR: !!! stack = ‘”([object _private_Cinnamon_GenericContainer],[object _private_Clutter_Event])@/usr/share/cinnamon/applets/SimplestMenu@bownz/applet.js:1033

          Now it’s working great :) Thanks for everything

      • Thanks Ally. Unfortunatly I have no idea what to try to change :( Thought it could be a Ubuntu-related bug, but it seems it afects Mint too, so maybe there’s a bit more hope it can get solved.

        Let me know if you ever find anything…

  77. Rob says: - reply

    So, I added the PPA to Mint 14. When I try to install, it tells me Cinnamon is already at the newest version. Looking in the package manager, I can see packages for 1.8, but not the main Cinnamon 1.8 package itself. Any ideas on what’s going wrong?

  78. Omar says: - reply

    good job!!!
    I’m from Bolivia, please sorry my english
    but why not set options for compress and decompress in nemo??
    is what is missing from nemo for future releases

  79. pst007x says: - reply

    I am running Cinnamon 1.6.. How do I upgrade it to 1.8… any ideas? Thanks

  80. Drew says: - reply

    After this fiasco:
    I’m looking forward to a possible fork of GNOME-Terminal for Cinnamon, just as Nemo was done. It’s not that it needs to be improved; it simply needs to be restored to its former glory.

    • clem says: - reply

      Hi Drew,

      From the point of view of the Cinnamon project, there is no ambition as of yet to maintain our own terminal application. I agree with the problem but this doesn’t warrant a fork. This is something that falls under the responsibility of the distribution (selecting the components which work best for the users). For instance, our upcoming Mint 15 release doesn’t come with Gedit/GNOME/Totem 3.8 but Gedit 2.30, GNOME 3.6 and Totem 3.4. Each component is evaluated not only against its alternatives but also against its previous versions. Regressions aren’t taken lightly.

  81. katze_sonne says: - reply

    Hi Clement, I’m wondering under which license you published the screenshots? I would like to use them in a news article but I’m not sure if that would be allowed?

  82. Jeanne says: - reply

    I tried to report a problem I have with Cinnamon 1.8 here but my message never appeared. I tried to post it again but the system said it was posted already…

  83. Jeanne says: - reply

    [Original message:]

    Great work but after update to Cinnamon 1.8, when I run certain Windows programs using Wine (like ‘Netflix Desktop’) the panel stops responding, the Cinnamon Menu, icons or applets, nothing works when I click on them. If I close that program all starts to work again.

    • Bruno says: - reply

      I just noticed that I’ve been having a problem that seems related to this. The same issue happens while a Skype notification is on-screen, and functionality is restored when the notification fades out. I’m using the native Linux build

  84. ReneS says: - reply


    Thanks for this release. Update was fine. I am running it on Ubuntu 12.10. The only thing I am noticed, I lost the “locked after hibernate” functionality as well as have not found a way to adjust the screensaver timing (including the lock). The config screen offers me only a setting for an away message.

    Thanks again for this great release.


  85. roj says: - reply

    I have encountered a strange graphics anomaly:

    I run Cairo-Dock as a sidebar (no OpenGL) and occasionally the dock fades as if someone turned the transparency up to 95%. A logout or a reboot solves the problem and restores the dock.


  86. roj says: - reply

    How the heck do I move a desklet? For example, I can’t left-click and drag the clock somewhere else on the screen.

    • Bruno says: - reply

      Click-and-dragging works for me. At first my clicks registered in the background instead, but after a couple tries they caught the desklet. Or try going to the general desklet settings, remove Snap to grid and see if that helps.

  87. Hi
    I just installed cinnamon…

    I want to know that is there any way to save windows size for the next use?
    For example i want Viewnior to open in a fixed size every time i open an image but it doesn’t…
    This is really annoying…

  88. Namiko says: - reply

    Clem, I am curious as if in the future you will do away with title-bars in Cinnamon/Mint. They seem redundant and waste space. In some applications it is simple to remove them like in Chromium. Here is a photo describing what I mean.

  89. Caner says: - reply

    I noticed something that may be good to know. In Mint 14 Cinnamon, when I create hyperlinks in Libreoffice it is automatically colored as Ubuntu theme (orange).

    You may want to change it in incoming releases.

  90. Caner says: - reply

    In Cinnamon 1.8, window dragging inside the panel needs some fixing.

    Just open three windows and drag the middle one to the left and right. It behaves as if there are four in total.

    Just a cosmetic problem, functonality is okay.

  91. mehran says: - reply

    what about “open with”?! when i right click on a file i want to have full control on which software should i open it with/i want to be able to write commands just like mate allows us to do that…right now i only could select from a handful of selected programs which does not have enough flexibility. this is a must have feature plz do something about it!

  92. Dieselkopf says: - reply

    Are there an download statistics? i’d like to see the proportion between cinnamon and mate downloads (i’m a big cinnamon fan and it would be positive for me if mint would drop mate to enforce the cinnamon-development ]:-> )

    • anon says: - reply

      They’re two separate projects with two separate teams. Even if MATE died off completely, it probably wouldn’t benefit Cinnamon.

  93. Alan Zhang says: - reply

    Pretty good. Thx clem.
    I’m trying to install it on my linux 14.

  94. @Clem,

    Just wanted to congratulate you and team of Devs. on such beautiful and excellent job you have done with LinuxMint and Cinnamom, first time trying Cinnamon with Nadia 14 and I am very happy and excited to be using this wonderful DE, I come from Openbox……

    By the way my first time trying a Linux distro was LinuxMint 7 and have always felt for it…because of is elegance as its slogan “From Freedom came Elegance”.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Clem!

  95. @ Clemen and Devs. team…

    Just want to take a minutes to congratulate you for such a wonderful Linux Distribution and for such amazing DE like Cinnamon….just as your slogan “From Freedom came Elegance” and this is what always has impressed me about LinuxMint since LinuxMint 7…ALWAYS getting better and better.

    Cheers and keep up such tremendous job up!


  96. Ahmad says: - reply

    +1 for an open with context menu option.
    Also using hot corers while an app (movie player) is open in full screen doesn’t work.

    //off-topic: Also, please switch to systemd in linux mint. Seriously!

  97. Tania Duffy says: - reply

    Unter den von der Community beigesteuerten Desklets ist ein Anzeigeprogramm für den Comic Xkcd. Bild: Cinnamon-Projekt Desklets, ein neuer Screensaver und eine Spices-Management-Software sind einige der wichtigster Verbesserungen des jetzt erhältlichen Cinnamon 1.8. Ähnlich wie die Plasmoids von KDE oder Widgets bei Android lassen sich jetzt Desklets auf Hintergrund des Desktop-Oberfläche legen, um dort Informationen anzuzeigen. Zum Lieferumfang gehören drei Desklets: ein Launcher, eine Uhr und eine Fotoanzeige; weitere, von der Community entwickelte Desklets sind über die Webseite des Desktops abrufbar.

  98. Justin says: - reply

    Any chance of Cinnamon supporting a wallpaper slideshow on the desktop like KDE does? I know that there are other programs that can be installed, but in my opinion it’d be better to not have one more program installed if I didn’t have to.

  99. Justin says: - reply

    Any chance of getting a desktop wallpaper slideshow for cinnamon?

  100. Justin says: - reply

    Any chance of a wallpaper slideshow similar to XFCE & KDE?

  101. Paul says: - reply

    Loving 1.8. Any chance of a sticky note desklet being added similar to the windows 7 ones at some point? Would be cool.  

  102. jasir says: - reply

    On ubuntu 13.04, got cinnamon upgraded to 1.8.
    Then while checking out the desklets it crashed. (I installed the launcher desklet and then tried to add another launcher). It keeps crashing, I’ve tried uninstalling and purging cinnamon and reinstalling it, but no luck. Using unity till I can get this fixed.

    The same thing happened on another machine with ubuntu 12.10. But this time I kept asking it to restart cinnamon and at the 4th or 5th attempt the desklets window showed up (without window borders) and when I selected the laucher desklet and click the restore option, cinnamon started working again.

  103. Bug report: Vsync does not work with cinnamon 1.8 and nvidia drivers. Previous versions of cinnamon work fine, 1.8 does not.

    Video card: gtx660
    Nvidia drivers tested: 310, 313, 319

    • Brandon says: - reply

      Try doing this:

      sudo nano /etc/environment

      add this line to it and save it with ctrl + o: CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling

      Then reboot

  104. Anthony says: - reply

    Thanks for a good job!
    It’s really the best DE nowadays (I also love Pantheon Shell, but it’s only in development).
    Since I’ve updated to cinnamon 1.8 in my Archlinux there is one big problem: I can’t choose themes, applets, extensions and desklets… I thought it’s a bad package in my distro, and decided to install Mint 15 RC. But the problem repeated… So what I can do to fix it?
    There is screenshot of “System settings – Themes”:

  105. Sr. clem, boa noite.

    Estou testando a versão RC do Mint 15. Observei que o Networking Manager não está habilitando a configuração de conexão para modens (Banda Larga Móvel). O Mint até identifica o modem e operadora que fornece o acesso GSM, mas o botão “Opção” não está sendo habilitado e quando clicamos no botão da rede na bandeja do sistema apenas abre a janela de Configurações de Rede e não estabelece a conexão.
    Mr. Clen, good night.

    I’m testing the RC version of Mint 15. Networking noticed that the Manager is not enabling the connection setting for modems (Mobile Broadband). The Mint until identifies the modem and operator that provides access GSM, but the button “Option” is not enabled and when we click the button the network in the system tray only opens the Network Settings and does not establish the connection.

  106. sdim says: - reply

    Great work, everyone. Many thanks from the Greek Mint Community.
    Installed new Cinnamon on LMDE, though, an d some applets can’t be
    installed correctly, giving an error message. I don’t know if it’s an LMDE thing or a path missing, and I know it’s still in Romeo, but perhaps you could look into it a bit.

  107. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I have a question to you:
    for me, the Cinnamon-settings and these nice desclets still do not work. I have to add, that I am useing a german installation, because I learned in the mintblog from another user, that with english language it should work.

    So can it be possible, that some language-packs need to be fixed or is the german translations for Cinnamon-Settings not yet finished?

    Because when I want to open Cinnamon-Settings and there the Cinnamon-Applets, all I get is still an empty window. Here is a screenshot, so that you can see, what I mean:

    So I cannot activate any Cinnamon-applets or even the desclets

    I thought, perhaps you could help me what I do wrong.

    What I already did:

    * installing the language-packs completely via System-settings with the language-tool

    * running this command in Terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

    But this did not help.


    • Zyzz says: - reply

      Same problem and german version too. Let’s hope for a quick fix. :D
      (A forum would be better to report bugs than this comment function but it’s better than nothing.)

  108. FJOSba says: - reply

    Well done! Congratulation to Clem and the Team!
    I have tested it on Ubuntu 13.04 and on RC of Mint 15. Pretty cool!
    Cinnamon is default DE for me (since its very first release). Linux Mint with Cinnamn includes all the best things that and why I like Linux. Cinnamon on Mint is default for my wife because of easy usage; and default for me because I have more than a decade experience in Linux environment. Thanks a Lot! Just go ahead!

  109. Kalimba says: - reply

    Im new to Mint and Cinnamon and what can i say .
    This is the desktop i was searching for. Thank you !!!
    Very, very impressive. …

  110. Hello Mr. Clem

    I want to upgrade to Cinnamon 1.8 . I just have Cinnamon1.6.7 from backport repository. Where i can have new version of cinnamon for my LM 13 ?

    Thank you

  111. Unknow says: - reply


    in the screenshot of cinnamon control center you show sound, networking, bluetooth and other stuff support but I update cinnamon from Romeo and setup Advanced Mode and dont have this options. If necessary remove gnome-control-panel or need more packages?


    • clem says: - reply


      cinnamon-control-center (these modules) cannot be backported. We’ll be able to do so in cinnamon 2.0 though which will feature its own settings daemon.

  112. Bill says: - reply

    And yet still no taskbar on the second monitor?

    Well, at least I can leave an away message. :p

  113. roj says: - reply

    Annoying bug:

    Making mounted drives and trash visible on the desktop works for the current session and if you log out and log back in. If you reboot, theyre’re gone.

  114. roj says: - reply

    Annoying Bug:

    Turning on mounted drives and the Trash on the desktop works for the current session and if I log out and log back in. If I reboot, they’re gone. I’m running 12.04 LTS and have Nemo managing the desktop.

  115. sujit nag says: - reply

    very very good development.
    I install cinnamon 1.8 and nemo 1.8.1 on my LM13 64 bit system.
    It works fine.

    Only a small problem
    when I try to update a applet it shows that

    An error occurred during installation or updating. You may wish to report this incident to the developer of

    If this was an update, the previous installation is unchanged

    Details: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/sujit/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/’
    another case

    An error occurred during installation or updating. You may wish to report this incident to the developer of netspeed@adec.

    If this was an update, the previous installation is unchanged

    Details: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/tmp/tmpDyWlya/metadata.json’
    same thing happens with other applets update.

    is there any solution

  116. Dakiro says: - reply

    Excellent, thank you very much.

    What I would like to see improved is the keyboard shortcuts with the Windows / Super key. Right now they never work, show up the search bar, unless pressed twice. A big bit annoying.

    Of course the work is great and appreciated.

  117. vivek says: - reply

    I upgraded to 1.8 on lmde. But adding any launcher to the launcher desklet causes crash of cinnamon which can’t be recovered. I have to just login with GNOME session and reset the desklet settings only then I can login to the cinnamon session. Please fix this.

  118. Cinnamon 1.8 no longer uses gnome-session for fallback which has advantages such as the ability to restart Cinnamon after a crash or the use of a wrapper which allows Cinnamon to restart itself after potential crashes. This should also fix the issue with Cinnamon not working on some hardware which was actually capable of running it.

  119. CajaGooGoo says: - reply

    Nemo’s SOOO close, but still not quite there. Glad to see some recommendations made it in (Location toggle persistent, quick-switch Treeview/Places buttons); however…

    Bug: In Preferences dialog, labels next to check/radio button are centered. Interestingly, they’re fine in Columns dialog.

    Near Miss: Quick-switch Treeview/Places buttons should be at TOP (like Caja). First, the idea is for switching to be HANDY so you can do it QUICKLY. Having controls miles away from everything is hardly better than having to go through menu. Second, having CONTROLS in a STATUS bar is nonsensical(/bad) UI design. They don’t have any logical tie to status information, and shouldn’t be dependent on user have statusbar on. They should either be in the toolbar with the other controls, or in the sidebar itself (since that’s what they control) — that’s where Caja has sidebar control. …And at the top!

    I keep waiting for a Nemo version that’s good enough to replace Caja; this one’s the closest yet, but still not there. My criteria is simple — Nemo can’t slow me down more than Caja. It doesn’t have to be better, just equal. Sidebar controls may seem minor, but to someone who really exploits them to get things done quickly, it’s a big, glaring deficiency. Still, hope springs eternal.

    As always, I’ll once again recommend sidebar unification (Places/whetever on top, Filesystem Tree below…ala Dolphin). The whole either/or is a false choice.

  120. Sr. clem, boa noite.

    Antes eu havia citado um problema que identifiquei em minha máquina com o network manager para conexão com mini modem. No entanto, após uma última atualização feita hoje (22/05/2013) a conexão funcionou perfeitamente e no momento estou acessando a web através dele.

    Muito obrigado!!!
    Mr. Clen, good night.

    Before I had mentioned a problem I identified in my machine with the network manager to connect to mini modem. However, after a last update made today (22/05/2013) the connection worked perfectly and I’m currently accessing the web through it.

    Thank you very much!

  121. bluedxca93 says: - reply

    Hi ,
    Cinnamon works very well on my pc.
    And it’s also possible to theme it a bit like windows 7:

    All that works , but i have three questions:

    1) How long do you think current applets can run on cinnamon.?

    2) Where are the desklets ?? I couldn’t rrally find them . I can only find one with comic ?? and a digital clock but wherer are the others. Will there be a replacement for the old python 2 screenlets ???

    3) Will it be possible in the cinnamon control center to switch beetwen different boxpointer,js versions ???

    Cinnamon is for me as good as gnome 2 which was a great desktop environment unlike KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.X .

    Thank you very much!

  122. Bart Houkes says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.8 is very unstable:
    1. #340 appears again. Several programs leave a grey area at popup windows. These grey windows are in front and on all desktops.

    2. 60-80% of all characters are gone after changing another desktop theme. Go back to the original is 40% missing characters.

    3. Menu has only 2 icons left… grgrgr

    4. With extra monitor in other resolution, the corner hot-spot does not work anymore.

    5. Laptop starts black, have to switch on backlight manually. Other people may think Linux sucks.

    HELP! I cannot use Olivia like this!

  123. Paul says: - reply

    Thank you for all your work.I have been usin Cinnamon for 6 months.
    I like it more than windows 7, in fact it s my favourite desktop of all.
    I have used mac, windows XP, 7 and tried 8(yuck)..
    I have tried Ubuntu Unity, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, ChrOS and unless it has the latest Cinnamon, it’s not good enough.
    Am using Fedora 19 right now and Cinnamon 1.8.3 and it’s running well.
    I needed a distro that would run on a UEFI laptop Also using a laptop with an SSD cache disk but using the cache as boot. This is not easy to do and not possible with Mint 13.
    I’m delighted that Fedora installs easily on my SSD and has Cinnamon 1.8.3
    Thank you again.

  124. Senhores, bom dia.

    Tenho observado que o menu do meu Linux Mint 15 RC está estático, ou seja, ao passar o ponteiro do mouse sobre as categorias de programas o mesmo não altera a lista de programas lateral…
    Só para ter uma ideia, para abrir um programa da categoria Escritório, por exemplo, eu preciso digitar o nome do item na caixa de pesquisa. Alguém já passou por esse problema? Já tem uma solução?

    Gentlemen, good morning.

    I have noticed that the menu of my Linux Mint 15 RC is static, ie, when passing the mouse pointer over the categories of programs it does not change the list of programs side …
    Just to have an idea to open a program from the Office category, for example, I need to type the item name in the search box. Has anyone experienced this problem? Already have a solution?

  125. Caner says: - reply

    Bug in Nemo:

    When you have long list of files in Nemo in ‘list view’, try to switch the active window to something else (eg. firefox or terminal). Once you come back to Nemo window, the column lengths are increasing and decreasing until they stabilize (takes about a second or so).

  126. Matthew says: - reply

    Thanks for a great release – have just tried 15RC and cinnamon looks great.

    However, I’m trying to install it on Xubuntu 13.04. When I apt-get install cinnamon before adding the PPA – ie from the ubuntu repos, which is 1.7, it wants to install 33 packages, which sounds about right to me.

    But I want to install 1.8, so added the cinnamon-stable ppa. When I then go to install cinnamon, it wants to include 185 packages – including all of Unity. I tried it and confirmed that unity is a session option after install – so reverted back.

    How can I install 1.8 without Unity coming with it?

    • roj says: - reply

      It’s likely pulling in LightDM as your login manager which requires Unity. install MDM as part of the Cinnamon Install and you’ll get around that. Here’s my install sequence for Ubuntu 12.04 (make of it what you will):

      To install Cinnamon and MDM:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cinnamon mdm mint-mdm-themes synaptic deborphan

      Restart the system and login to Cinnamon. To remove Unity:

      sudo apt-get remove unity unity-2d unity-2d-common unity-2d-panel unity-2d-shell unity-2d-spread unity-asset-pool unity-common unity-lens-applications unity-lens-files unity-lens-music unity-lens-video unity-scope-musicstores unity-scope-video-remote unity-services indicator-messages indicator-status-provider-mc5 appmenu-qt appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 lightdm unity-greeter overlay-scrollbar zeitgeist zeitgeist-core zeitgeist-datahub activity-log-manager-common activity-log-manager-control-center

      sudo apt-get autoremove

      sudo apt-get purge deborphan

      Repeat the deborphan step several times until completely clean.

      sudo dpkg –purge dpkg -l | egrep "^rc" | cut -d' ' -f3

      This gives me a 12.04 with only Cinnamon and MDM with NO Unity.

      In /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions delete:

      In /usr/share/xessions delete:
      Ubuntu 2D

      Note that there are TWO Ubuntu session files. Ensure that the one to be deleted is the SMALLER file containing Unity keys.

      Hope this sheds some light…

      • roj says: - reply

        I almost forgot:

        As an additional step to clean things up afterwards if you go this route, Install and run Ubuntu Tweak’s Janitor to remove the enormous detritus that will result (packages no longer in use, etc.).

        Here’s the code to add Ubuntu Tweak:

        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak


      • Ed says: - reply

        This only really works well with 12.04 and 12.10. Maybe 13.04 but not the 13.10 dailies.

        • roj says: - reply

          Yup – I stated that in the get-go, hence the “make of it what you will”. And given that I only pay attention to LTS releases that’s not surprising. :)

  127. disPlay says: - reply

    Congratulations for the release clem.

  128. Alexis V. says: - reply

    Hullo there ! :3

    This update is nice, but before it, there was an hotcorner with the icon. When I dragged my mouse right in the corner, Zoom activated and when I clicked the icon, Expo activated. I have not found how to do so with the new configuration panel :( Can someone help me ? :D

    Thanks ~

  129. Karol says: - reply

    amazing, all work nice!

    Tank you :)

  130. Was searching around for a random wallpaper generator for 1.8 and found out there is a slideshow feature already built in, but not enabled anywhere in the settings.

    in terminal:

    gsettings get org.cinnamon.background mode “slideshow”

    then right click on your desktop and select “change desktop background” , you’ll see the options have changed :)

    change the mode back to “wallpaper” to get the old settings back.

  131. work exelent on ubuntu 12.0.2 alonside with: unity, gnome-shell, panhteon-shell, e17, openbox, LXDE, gnome-shell, gnome-classic, jolyOS de.

  132. Ed says: - reply

    Clem, Thanks again for your hard work, not to mention all the developers who were involved. It has become my number one desktop after uninstalling unity and it’s friends in Ubuntu 12.10. I have a rocking machine which I honestly say I love again.

  133. roger64 says: - reply


    Thanks for this new release. I must be part of the unlucky ones:

    - Alt + F2 and r does not relaunch Cinnamon but crashes systematically the session on LMDE 64 bits:
    “Oh mince, quelque chose s’est mal passé …”

    - The -most popular- weather applet does not work any more.

  134. Jeff says: - reply

    The New Cinnamon is working awesome. I have not found but one problem, that is most of the Applet Icons do not show up on the panel. the only thing I see is a black spade the shape of the actual Icon. but other than that it works awesome Thank you.

  135. Good release! However I’ve noticed that several basic features are broken:

    Cinnamon screensaver refuses to activate on suspend:

    Nemo fails to redraw thumbnails very often:

    I really hope we can get some updates to fix these without having to wait 6 months for the next versions!

  136. cshin9 says: - reply

    When will 1.8 be available on the default Ubuntu PPA?

  137. Sina Momken says: - reply

    1. The new lockscreen message can be used to remember the last idea (task) you were working on, so when you come back you won’t forget it and can easily continue.
    2. The Desklet’s idea is cool. I hope using not optimized Desklets don’t waste CPU (the problem with widgets and Placmoids).
    3. The online Spices management was really a need. Thanks
    4. Cinnamon 1.8 is not released officially yet. So I wait, especially that I’m sure many applets (or extensions) will stop working when updating to 1.8.

  138. roj says: - reply

    Would someone please tell me how to get an acocunt here? WordPress is annoying in that NOWHERE does it tell you how to get an account (it happily tells you how to change your password – go figure).

    I want to leave some comments on the applets and desklets (the new analog clock remains broken despite the 1.1 update) and I can’t find a way to do so.

    Please and thank you.,

  139. Jatt159 says: - reply

    Hello sir, well done! Nice release!

    Any idea to porting it to Wayland Weston? Or you are waiting Mutter to be ported on Wayland?

  140. Hmm, looks nice but sadly unusable here. Every time the screensaver kicks in or screen locks, the whole thing goes AWOL and has to be killed from a text console just to get the desktop back.

    Both Cinnamon and Gnome ‘fallback’ have similar issues, being basically unusable in practice. What am I doing wrong? Such major issues cannot have been missed in testing, so what am I missing?

    Bear in mind I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for 11 years now, and this is a brand new Mint 15 installation on a modern Core i5 machine.

    I’m back to MATE now, which is basic but reliable so far. I guess the future will have to wait…

  141. bart Houkes says: - reply

    Cinnamon usually starts in black.
    Sometimes many characters are missing.

    cinnamon –replace is working very will, but annoying to do. especially new people will go back to Windows if they see this…

    cinnamon –replace
    JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: Unable to register authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: Error registering polkit authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject (polkit-error-quark 0)
    JS LOG: Cinnamon started at Wed Jun 05 2013 13:35:44 GMT+0200 (CEST)
    JS LOG: network applet: Cannot find connection for active (or connection cannot be read)

    (cinnamon:3005): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: STACK_OP_REMOVE: window 0×62 not in stack

  142. Zyzz says: - reply

    Lookingglass (the debug console) is named “Bildschirmlupe” in the German version which is probably the wrong meaning as “Bildschirmlupe” is usually used to describe a function to zoom in on certain objects.
    As said before applets, desklets and extensions don’t work with German language, changing to english works fine.
    Using desklets (I tried the clock and the comic together) makes youtube videos stutter even on a pretty decent computer. Removing them solve the problem. They can’t be that hardware intense no?
    So for now I use 1.8 without any applets.
    Best thing is I can watch youtube videos without having the desktop to freeze randomly (picture freezes, audio continues, no chance to get out of full screen). Maybe that’s not related to 1.8 but that’s basically the only change to my system so thank for fixing it. :D

  143. Cynthia says: - reply

    I must say I have been waiting for this for some time, always sticked to GNOME 2 till now. Unfortunataly, it seems to be to unstable for me right now, as the screen froze 3 times already after a brand new install.

    Not sure if the problem is within Cinnamon, but I might give mate a go and get back to Cinnamon once it is more mature.

  144. heiko says: - reply

    In my case – which is a german setting as well – desklets and applets both work fine.
    I upgraded to 1.8.8 and I had no issues so far.
    The only thing I notice is if I apply a new desklet to my desktop with cinnamon-settings running I can’t move that desklet. It keeps jumping back to it’s default position. Closing cinnamon-settings solves that issue. Probably that’s because I still use nautilus as my default file manager.
    Also self created keyboard shortcuts are not listed in cinnamon-settings but in gnome-control-center.
    BTW I’m running LM 13 64 Bit cinnamon 1.8.8
    It’s a great DE, that’s why I’m using it. And it get’s better with every new issue.
    All the best

  145. roj says: - reply


    I’m running Cinnamon 1.8.8 and Cairo-Dock (no OpenGL), which is used to provide an application dock a la Windows Sidebar. On Cairo-Dock (NOT GLX-Dock), I have several sub docks which expand out when I mouse over them and click. If I have a Cinnamon Desklet such as the newly released Analog Clock on my desktop and one of the Cairo-Dock sub docks expands out to overlap it, any keystrokes that should go to the sub dock (to launch an application for example) will NOT be picked up by the sub dock but instead will be passed through to the Desklet that the sub dock overlaps.

    Steps to repeat this bug:

    - Install Cairo-Dock (no OpenGL)
    - Create a sub dock with a new launcher in it
    - Add a Cinnamon Desklet to the desktop in a place where the Cairo-Dock sub dock will overlap it when expanded out form Cairo-Dock
    - try and launch the application from the sub-dock and watch what happens
    - click inside the sub-dock in an area that overlaps the Desklet, and click and hold down the left mouse button
    - you will be able to drag the Desklet aroud your desktop THROUGH the sub-dock as if it wasn’t there

    Please fix this.

  146. roj says: - reply

    Also needed:

    The ability to lock Desklets in place so that they cannot be accidentally moved.

  147. roj says: - reply

    Yet another thing needed:

    A way to lock applets on the panel. The “show desktop” applet keeps moving depending which app that has an icon in the tray displays its icon.

  148. Fadil says: - reply

    I recently installed Cinnamon Desktop and started disliking it. Is there any way to switch back to whatever fedora 18 originally came with?

  149. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    one question: I have a new-bought Toshiba-Notebook here (model is C850-1QL) and as bad point: it has UEFI-Boot on it. So this question is: how to get LinuxMint 15 installed with UEFI enabled (currently I have manually disabled it and switched back to CSM to get it installed)?? I need help with this.

    Could you give me a helping-hand how to do that??

    Thanks and Greetings

  150. Mintkatze says: - reply

    And the second question is: how can I use Beryl-Emerald with Cinnamon-Desktop (Cinnamon-Desktop is my favorite Desktop)?? Is there any way how to get this working in Cinnamon??


  151. Johnny says: - reply

    Totally new to all of this. Running crouton on my Acer C7 chromebook, under a xfce desktop. Would LOVE to use this environment, had it back when I was dual booting. Anyone have any suggestions? The simpler the better.

  152. Etienne says: - reply

    It seems that the “Network connections” dialog is not available in cinnamon 1.8. I need this to configure multiple ethernet connections (with different IP settings). Previously I followed the instructions given here, but with 1.8 it opens up the “All Settings” dialog. Any way to have that dialog back?
    Insert the following string on the next line below the line containing “Network Settings”:“Network Connections”), ‘nm-connection-editor.desktop’);

    However, I can run the command nm-connection-editor and add the connections, they appear in the network applet.

  153. roj says: - reply

    Where can I find a comprehensive and easy to understandchagelog for Cinnamon? A new release comes out (for example 1.8.8) and nowhere can there be found an expressive and concise list of the changes. Ever.

    I’m sure there has to be one (and if there isn’t, there should be) so where is it located?


  154. JeffF73 says: - reply

    Awesome job I love cinnamon, can’t wait for the next update. Thanks

  155. Ian Chapman says: - reply

    Mint 15 cinnamon 64 bit. I’m having a hard time with Nvidia Geforce 8500gt and drivers. An app I use from the repositories is pcb. All I get with the Nvidia drivers in Driver Manager is a white screen. The default open source works but in low resolution. The same distro on my laptop is fine. Mint 13 did some strange video thing, that’s why I upgraded. What is the situation with kernel and Nvidia? Ian.

  156. dd says: - reply

    between cinnamon and libreoffice 4.1 are some problems. it’s not the case in kde.libreoffice has a problem in view with the fonts.

  157. Fede says: - reply

    The ‘theme’ tab in the select background dialog is missing. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  158. moorkaï says: - reply


    I am running Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail with Cinnamon 1.8 installed. In nemo Open as Root option works only if gksu is installed. If nemo actually depends on gksu, why isn’t it set as a dependency?

  159. Cinnamon is excellent with the exception of the menu. I know where the program I want is and expect to go straight to it on the menu. Unfortunately there is a significant pause as the menu appears, even with “Menu Hover Delay” set to zero. I can even hear a disk access sometimes (before loading the chosen program), it’s very surprising to me that the menu is not in RAM. This pause is just as bad as having autohide on Unity. It makes the menu practically unusable for me so I have plenty of Launchers on the panel and only use it for very rarely used programs.

    It’s not a problem with Mate, so it’s not my computer. I have read somewhere that it is a difficult to solve problem as it is built-in in some way, but it would be worth the effort to fix it.

  160. James says: - reply

    Hi, is there any documentation which someone could pioint me in relating to the new settings feature which is available for applets?


  161. taryo says: - reply

    great job clem, best!

  162. i have hackers watching what i am doing on my pc how do i stop them from connecting and watching my passords and bank details

  163. Ajc says: - reply

    just a quick heads up re a behaviour in cinnamon 1.8 (I’m running LM15)

    * I grab a file and move it towards the Trash – my bottom right-hand corner desktop
    … I also have my workspace applet in the same area

    * if I move the file too quickly, and it touches one of the workspace numbers in the applet

    => the system goes into the following behaviour

    * it looks like I’ve just selected the Scale HotCorner
    … with the following exception

    => the screen looks like a workspace which has no contents
    => it is not possible to do anything to get back via the mouse
    => pressing the Esc key, makes no difference

    my current solution is to use the keyboard to go through each workspace and shutdown any program / file running etc.

    then, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to login again.

    … just wanted someone to be aware.

    really loving Mint, been using it now for over 5 years …
    … moving tons of friends and customers on to it.
    => particularly those users that currently have WinXP (which ‘expires’ April 2014).

    It just keeps getting better … great job Clem !!

  164. Andrej says: - reply

    I found Cinnamon perfect for my needs.

    The only issue is I can not use “Allow different layouts for individual windows” and “New windows use the default layout” within Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux due to these options are missing in settings.

  165. JeyKeu says: - reply

    Please improve documentation for Applet/Extension/Desklet development and IDE support for GJS

  166. guy may ask if this operating system have a function to block all social media like facebook, twitter and other site like youtube wattpad and many more can you please help me how to block this using this operating system

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