Cinnamon 2.0 is out!

The release was announced on Segfault:


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. Hey, Clem,

    Awesome news!

    Would this happen to fix the ATI/AMD driver issue you and I have discussed in the past? I really want to use Cinnamon, but so far I can’t.

    • Roj says: - reply

      Hi Mike,

      I’m curious – what ATI / AMD issue? I’m running a Quad Core 965 and a Radeon 5670 Ultimate and I haven’t seen any showstoppers…

      • When running Cinnamon and using the proprietary ATI/AMD driver for the Radeon HD 4200 in my laptop, graphic-heavy programs (mostly games) cause intense flickering, which quickly alternates between what should be on the screen, previously drawn screens, and garbage. It makes the games unplayable, and anything else really annoying. It also slows the system down to a very low FPS and the laptop gets dangerously hot.

        This doesn’t happen with the open source drivers, but then I loose features and speed.

        This doesn’t happen with any other DE, including Gnome 3 itself. It’s only with Cinnamon.

        Clem got his hands on a system with the same card and confirmed the problem, but didn’t know what would cause it, other than there being some sort of exception included in ATI’s drivers so that they work with Gnome 3/Mutter, but don’t recognize Cinnamon/Muffin. Or something like that.

        It forces me to use Mate or other DE’s. But I’d really love to use Cinnamon.

        • roj says: - reply

          I recently rebuilt my system and consequently put in the new ATI proprietary drivers (we’re talking two eeeks ago). A very annoying bug that prevented me from taking screenshots is gone. I owuld hit PrntScrn and get a screen capture of what my screen looked like ten minutes previously or just a blank screen. The new drivers give me a current screen capture. That indicates to me a buffer issue (I think). Perhaps the new drivers will similarly cure your issues?

          • Mike Freeman says: -

            Because my card is considered “legacy”, there are no new drivers for me. 13.1 from back in January are the newest drivers they offer for my hardware on their site.

  2. Also, when will it hit the Mint 13 LTS repo?

  3. Roj says: - reply

    Fantastic and congratulations!

    Enormous amounts of hard work put in by you and your team to combat the lack of an extensible architecture on the part of the GNOME dev team (I’m being very kind and trust me, it’s hard). It’s hugely appreciated.

    That being said, I have three questions:

    1) Will add-ons like Tobias Quinn’s gnome-mouse-wheel-zoom still wotrk?

    2) Will the backport for Mint 13 clean up and remove all the old GNOME crap and settings that are no longer needed?

    3) Will there be a new CD for Mint 13 like there will be for the Debian version?

  4. Man says: - reply

    I want to say THANKS for your work to all contributors of Cinnamon!

    When I use Cinnamon , I have feeling that this DE is made to satisfy my needs, unlike Gnome.

    Good luck to you , guys!

  5. Thank you very much! I can not imagine Linux desktop without Cinnamon – the last usable desktop.

  6. cherep says: - reply

    Great work! Thank you a lot for your effort! Just a minor thing: the build is failed in ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable for ubuntu precise. I’m looking forward to update.

    • Andy says: - reply

      What do you mean? I updated and cinnamoon won’t run anymore (crashing). Just wait for a repo update?

      • Andy says: - reply

        Working now, but don’t know the cause (reinstall, reset, switched to gnome3 and back ..) ;)

        • Andrea Aime says: - reply

          The same was happening to me this morning, on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits, then I did a “sudo apt-get clean” to remove the cached packages, reinstalled, and now it starts, but all the icons are missing in the panel and menu, and are replaced with a gray one looking a bit like a terminal… now fiddling with themes in the hopes I can get them back.

        • cherepn says: - reply

          There are many other packages in cinnamon stable ppa which are failed to build for ubuntu precise, namely: cinnamon-bluetooth – 1.8.2-20131011012103-precise, cinnamon-control-center – 2.0.2-20131011013606-precise, nemo – 2.0.0-20131011010006-precise, nemo-preview – 2.0.0-20131011023603-precise. Could someone rebuild them?

        • Rob says: - reply

          I had a crashing issue also after installing cinnamon on ubuntu 13.1. on boot it would crash then revert to gnome fallback. I found it was a problem with applets, actually calandar applets I had installed. When I removed them from /home/user/.local/share/cinnamon/applets ; the crashing stopped. When I replaced them it started again. Now it is working fine and it is awesome

  7. legume says: - reply

    Broken for me too on precise

  8. Andrea Aime says: - reply

    Ah, one more thing, non Gnome apps are looking out of place, e.g., Google Chrome is not following the theme settings. It used to be better integrated in Cinnamon 1.8

  9. The menu applet is not working correctly in my machine (Ubuntu Raring 64 bits) :(

    1 (very minor) – When I click on it, it opens, the search input box has the cursor but it doesn’t blink (can’t swear it blinked before, but since I just noticed after the upgrade I would say it did). This make it feel “frozen”. Typing works ok…

    2 (medium, but very annoying) – When I hover the different menu items, they don’t highlight, except for the icons in the favorites…

    3 (big one) – The different app sections (Accessories, Administration, etc) don’t work. I click and nothing happens, All Applications keeps selected

  10. And I can’t downgrade. All prior versions of Cinnamon for Ubutu 12.04 have been removed from ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable


  11. Been running it on Mint15 for a few days, very happy, no issues. Well done.

  12. Tim says: - reply

    I’ve tried to read the 2.0 release post you have linked here but the link seems to be broken.

  13. sdim says: - reply

    How did you do it?
    I added the gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly ppa but it doesn’t update.
    Any pointers?

  14. Dingo says: - reply

    Why do I get a 404 when trying to read the article at segfault? Weird.

  15. cheZ says: - reply

    hi Clem ~ I have been truly thrilled using the new MINT releases …thanks so much for all the hard work , both yourself and the wonderful team :)
    > I’m having a bit of a problem registering on the cinnamon-spices blog ( under this user name ) , for some reason as i have not received any follow-up confirmation email after i registered. i wanted to ask you a specific question about your ‘Force-Quit’ applet …namely why it takes up so much width in the panel compared to other applets , is that necessary ?? anywayz , hopefully i will receive a confirmation email for my registration under this name and email so i can ask you about this on the Force Quit applet page on the Cinnamon blog. thanks again for everything ~ cheZ

  16. infoholico says: - reply

    Hello, I began using GNU/Linux with Lubuntu, then, after upgrading my RAM from 512MB to 2GB, I started using Ubuntu, but it only left me use Unity2d because some incompatibility of my graphic chip (VIA Chrome9), then I intalled Kubuntu, since then I’m a KDE user, but since Kubuntu it sometimes crashes or freezes, so I’m looking for a DE again.

    I installed Mint 15 Mate, and some launchers (Docky, AWN, Cairo…) but most of them are abandoned projects and Cairo crashes frecuently due to my graphic card’s partial OGL incompatibility, because of this I have problems with Gnome3 and Cinnamon 1.8.8, Gnome3 doesn’t work at all and Cinnamon enters in “software accelerated mode” and Gnome fallback doesn’t let me use Unity-like panel.

    What would you recommend?

  17. Well, I can’t seem to get it to run at all on my hardware. The previous version will run fine, but version 2 (both standard and software rendering versions) crash. Like I said before, I’m not even sure that it’ll work well with my graphics driver, but I’d like to at least give it a try. I’ve tried all the suggestions here and in the other site listed above by Clem. Any other ideas?

  18. Wojtek says: - reply

    @Mike Freeman

    Maybe You should try nightly build?
    I tried to use stable version under Ubuntu 12.4 but it crashed. Now I’m using nightly and everything is OK.

  19. Richard says: - reply

    First off, thanks for this great desktop. Been running 1.8 for a wile on our business desktops and it has run like a champ.

    We ran into issues on the 2.0 upgrade though on Ubuntu 12.04. Once the upgrade is in and you reboot the desktop icons are all the default unknown file type. None of the menu items works except for terminal, shutdown and log off. There is a message about session-migration not found in the logs but the desktop is pretty much unusable. Is there a better place to be bring this issue up? Is there a dev or user list some place?

    Once again thanks to all those who have and continue to work on this project. First off, thanks for this great desktop. Been running 1.8 for a wile on our businnes desktops and it has run like a champ.

    We ran into issue on the 2.0 upgrade though on Ubuntu 12.04. Once the upgade is in and you reboot the desktop icons are all the default unknow file type non of the menu items works except for terminal, shutdown and log off. There is a mesage about session-migration not found in the logs but the desktop is pretty much unusable. Is there a better place to be bringign this issue up? Is there a dev or user list some place?

    Once again thanks to all those who have and continue to work on this project.

  20. @Wojtek

    Thanks! Got a newer version and it runs. Sadly, it still doesn’t like my graphics driver, so I can’t use it anyway.

  21. Linux Mint with Cinnamon is the perfect Linux distro I ever tryed. It’s awesome!

  22. MintyStark says: - reply

    This is Fantastic!

    I have been working on some themes and came across a minor issue.
    I have been using Looking Glass to inspect elements, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to inpect applets, etc as it doesn’t allow for Event Pass through.

    Does anyone know of a way to inspect all cinnamon elements incuding applets? Will it be possible for me to do that with 2.0?


  23. mitcoes says: - reply

    It looks great, i use manjaro with the ATI 4250 and open source drivers.

    i had some issues:
    1.- 720p with NEMO options does not fit the screen – is bigger – and it cannot be moved part out of the screen
    2.- Not geoIP or menu to setup locations at weather widgets
    3.- Problems with some themes putting menus at programs without separation between items.
    4.- Lack of control variety as any MS WOS or OSX alike buttons / themes
    5.- Chrome browser no tintegrated its own buttons, but KWIN themes can change it at KDE or XFCE
    6.- No number of desktops setup or at least easy one to find
    7.- Lack of applets, one to embed conky or conkys as METRO conky from conky manager would be nice network applet not working at the desktop

  24. marius says: - reply

    Awesome, can’t wait to test it out! Well done to everyone involved

  25. Kristian says: - reply

    I would love if someone could create a “Torrents Applet” that would work similar to the Torrent lens in Ubuntu.

  26. cheZ says: - reply

    trying to sign up to this blog ( Cinnamon ) a number of times as i have an issue with an applet and woud like to message an author. so , what am i missing here , and why the problem to register ? the registr function does not work on the blog.

  27. I just love it! good job guys :) Great

  28. I have just installed LINUX MINT LMDE 201303.
    On initial inspection all seemed well.
    I decided to download all the software updates.
    Over 1300 of them.
    On reboot I get the GUI login screen but a when then I am informed that Cinnamon cannot start.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  29. TH says: - reply

    VERY UNSTABLE – switch user feature
    crashs every time, i daren’t touch it
    i’m on ubuntu 12.04 with cinammon 2.0
    love cinammon 2 otherwise

  30. Frank says: - reply

    How can you be lead developer for Cinnamon……and release manager for Mate? Doesn’t anyone see a conflict of interest here ?

  31. TH says: - reply

    PLEASE make it so you can turn off user switching. it totally crashes the computer in ubuntu, and turning it off in dconf-editor does nothing to cinammon

  32. SoloID says: - reply


    I Like the “start with dualpane” setting in Nemo…
    Thanks for the effort :)

  33. StuG says: - reply

    Like most of you I’m sure I am tired of losing productivity with Windows and have been pointed your way to use cinamon. Currently using SAFE MODE with a three moth old laptop. Already. Been told to download cinamon to a disk and go from there. Any advice on apps, pls? I need Office, Adobe XPro, Video, magazine software, download managers, youtube downloaders, phot edit stuff, antivirus, dragon naturally – type stuff, media players……

  34. Silviu says: - reply

    I am new to ubuntu, and I want to use this “cinnamon” to make my taskbar to look like in the picture.
    I installed cinnamon from Ubuntu Software Center but I can not find where to make settings. Can anyone help me? I use ubuntu 13.10. Thank you

  35. Silviu says: - reply

    thanks for deletting my comment

  36. Hello,

    I realized that the mouse wheel is inverted with scrool command, ie when we rolled down the screen goes up and when we rolled up the screen falls … This will get as standard?



    Eu percebi que a rodinha do mouse está com o comando scrool invertido, ou seja, quando rolamos para baixo a tela sobe e quando rolamos para cima a tela desce… Isso vai ficar como padrão?

  37. Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon not instailed. No boot fron DVD or USB flash. Hardware: Intel Pentium, Intel HD Graphics

  38. hey,
    cinnamon is a nice desktop environment to use.
    i wish,
    they add more features to their file manger, with sorting, grouping and other basic stuffs.
    i like dolphin file browser the most, that is easy to use.
    that’s a suggestion. wish development team can do something about it :)
    going great :)

  39. SouthernC says: - reply

    Just wanted to say thanks , Ive tried just about every enviro out there and cinnamon met my needs and my expectations. really appreciate all the hard work .

  40. dd says: - reply

    today i received the update for cinnamon 2.0.14 for maya 13 but i have no sound effects. there is the old window with barc, drip etc.

  41. jm says: - reply

    new release jams totally my netbook :
    the “fn” function key remains now always “on”
    any attempt to reinstall brings always the same result
    sudo apt-get purge cinnamon
    sudo apt-get install cinnamon
    trying to have older version has the server replying “version 1.8.X has not been found”
    If I can’t have a trick to reinstall it for tomorow friday, I’ll have to reinstall another Mint version, need my netbook for job!
    A GOOD feature in WinXP is the possibility to very simply revert back to a previous state of installation, so if an update or new software fails, you still can _work_ with your computer.

  42. ulysses says: - reply

    Just changed to 2.0 in Maya without problems
    it works very fine and very fast
    great work, thank you very much

  43. Fig says: - reply

    Just updated to cinnamon 2.0 in Maya. Mostly good, only one glitch unresolved:
    * Startup applications no longer run. I’ve checked, and cinnamon-session-properties and gnome-session-properties both open the same applet, and my startup apps are still in there but they dont run. Any ideas?

  44. guest4394 says: - reply

    Hi, how do I disable the window shadow? (it’s not in Appearance->Effects, since “Enable desktop effects” is diabled.

  45. mascir says: - reply

    Hi All,

    well done!

    question: Is it possibile to install Cinnamon 2.0 on Debian 7 without other DE? If is yes. How?

    I tried to install but Cinnamon doesn’t start at boot :(

    Thanx in advance


  46. Scott S says: - reply

    Hi Clem.

    Is this where ideas and suggestions for cinammon go?



  47. Fred says: - reply

    I use Linux Mint 13 “Maya” LTS Cinnamon (64-bit)
    how I can upgrade to Cinnamon 2.0?

  48. tony says: - reply

    I just installed Mint 16 – Cinnamon on 32 bit hardware.
    The flickering described in the post above from Mike Freeman
    still exist, with the difference that I wasn’t even running an application.
    Just trying to open it started this behavior.
    At one stage, my desktop started vibrating and then froze
    Hard reset needed.

    Apart from this quirk, it looks absolutely great.

    Thanks and…..good luck

  49. Scott says: - reply

    I love cinnamon, but every time I try to install it on ubuntu I get endless headaches. First it doesn’t work out of the dist – ever. So I added the ppa for the latest stable version, updated the repositories and installed 2.0. Now if I select cinnamon when logging in, the icons pop up on the desktop, but nothing else. No status bar, no menus, nuthin!
    How do I get this to work??? (Ubuntu 13.10)

  50. taidoka says: - reply

    First of all: Overall I’m satisfied with Cinnamon. It’s fast and there’s progress. I like the design and it’s ability to configuration. But since a month I’m running into issues with VirtualBox: and
    And untill now there hasn’t been a response. There are at least a dozend threads regarding this issue. Is there a fix coming up? It would be nice if there would raise a devs reaction such as: this is well/not a cinnamon issue. We are working on that/This is a minor issue … etc. Thanks – taidoka

  51. How do I get rid of the window border shadow?

  52. Godlike says: - reply

    Does possible turn off 3D acceleration to 2D like Mate Desktop Environment and unlike Gnome 3?

    Long live to Cinnamon. KDE is very heavy today.

  53. Please, import Triquel Gnu/Linux’s Gnome-Fallback to Cinnamon to run fine in Atom processon and intel on-board videocard.

  54. soe3zno says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I use maya and after I update it into cinnamon 2, when screensaver active, both of cinnamon screensaver and gnome screensaver are activated.
    After this update, can nautilus and other gnome applications remove from my maya, so it completely cinnamon desktop?


      • soe3zno says: - reply

        hi Clem,

        Thanks for your reply, when I use cinnamon 1.8 and I remove nautilus, everytime I open .jpg image and text file using gedit, cinnamon always restarting, and they opened on second try after cinnamon restart. Would it be happen on cinnamon 2? (I’m a common user that have a few knowledge about linux, so when I face a problem like above, I was reinstall all my mint ^_^)


  55. Richard says: - reply

    Cinnamon ,,Its A “New”n To Mean Its A Knock Out Compared To Linux Mint 14 ,, Developer Did A Wonderful Job Great Graphics

  56. Roj says: - reply

    Rwo Really Annoying Bugs which may be related:

    1) If I have zoom active and plug in a USB device, Cinnamon can freeze. This happens more often than not on my Dell Optoiplex 740 with stock video drivers but also happens on my Quad Core with ATI proproetary drivers.

    2) If I restart Cinnamon, zoom fails and will not restart without a reboot.

    PB asked why I would restart Cinnamon in another thread and my reasons are a) I theme and sometimes the Metacity doesn’t change correctly when I change it, requiring a restart of Cinnamon and 2) if I update an applet or a desklet, a reboot is required depending on the applet or desklet.

    In any event, there is / are definitely a bug / bugs seriously impacting the zoom function so please fix.

  57. Mintkatze says: - reply

    hi Clem,

    I found a really wonderflull new Cinnamon-Theme on

    This should become the new default Cinnamon-Theme including these new zoncolor-Themes:

    There look at the Mint-color gtk-theme and put this together with this Cinnamon-theme and with the matefaenza-icons installable via Synaptic. This looks really like shooting-star!!

    This is just a suggestion and I am really interested, what the other users think.

    • Roj says: - reply

      I’m completely unimpressed by all of those themes. They either lack contrast to allow easy viewing of text or screen elements or they have no quick way to distinguish those elements, for example the window control widgets. I find that far too many themes (the majority, in fact) put “art” before substance (read: finctionaliuty) and these themes are typical of that broken mindset.

      Sorry – just call me the Interface Nazi.

  58. Ledstorm says: - reply

    Or you could get Cinnamon Creator, to help make their own themes? Please.

  59. Will Cinnamon support wayland someday?

  60. joaco says: - reply

    Hello, I wanted to know, when is Cinnamon 2.2 coming out?

  61. I have designed a new Numix Light variant which I wanted to upload for others to use. I have registered but find no way of uploading my theme..

    Any assistance would be grateful.



  62. Craig says: - reply

    I have problems with installing Cinnamon 2.0 Mint 16 on the following system:

    I am upgrading my system, but after trying to install Mint Cinnamon 16 64bit on my system. I can not see anything but a few random pixels flashing on the screen, but nothing is visable too do anything. It seems to the screen seems to cycle 2 or 3 times before stopping completely.

    990FX Extreme 3 MB
    AMD Athlon II x4 630 2.8GHz chip
    12 Gb ram DDR3
    Radeon HD 6450 PCIe 2.0 1Gb GDDR3 card connected to Acer AL2216W on DVI connector
    4 HD – 250 Gb, 750 Gb, 2 Tb, 2Tb booting off one of the 2 Tb all SATA II
    DVD+RW SATA II drive

    I have installed twice just to make sure that it was done correctly. This was off a DVD that I have checked three times and checked the MD5 checksum also. It has to be done off the compatible setting off the CD to see anything also.

  63. GlenM says: - reply

    I have also posted this question in the Mint forums but I haven’t received any replies yet.
    I am using LM16 Cinnamon and really like it. But, when I am using Nemo 2.0.8 it doesn’t update on it’s own. If I create a new folder I have to collapse the whole left pane tree and then expand it for the folder to show up in the left pane. Also previews for new jpgs etc also don’t load unless I go to a different folder and come back.

  64. Robert says: - reply

    This is a thing of beauty, keep up the excellent work. We are grateful to have a satifisfying desktop system to use. Thank you!

  65. roj says: - reply

    Another day, another system freeze-up using Accessibility Zoom.

    This is NOT stable.

    Cinnamon 1.8 WAS.

  66. roj says: - reply

    OK, where do I log a bug report where it will actually be paid attention to?

  67. Got to always restart Cinnamon to make the notification applet working again, but then Cinnamon loves to crash after hitting the restart button, this is what the terminal gives me:

    (cinnamon:18273): St-WARNING **: percentage lengths not currently supported

    (cinnamon:18273): St-CRITICAL **: _st_create_shadow_material: assertion ‘src_texture != COGL_INVALID_HANDLE’ failed

  68. Is there any repository for ubuntu precise (12.04)??


  69. Hello,

    I really like Cinnamon on Ubuntu, but I am not sure where to get a stable release for Ubuntu these days.

    The Ubuntu PPA listed on is no longer accessible.

    The nightly PPA at is availble, but only has packages for Trusty and Utopic.

  70. hi

    a new version, but yet Cinnamon still doesn’t stop the screensaver when you watch an online video such as youtube… It’s a pity… even XP did that.

    One of my clients needs to watch online videos of music groups to organize concerts an tours… He’s fed up with moving the mouse each time Cinnamon fades to black screen… The only solution seems to be to deactivate screen saver, wich is not a solution… Caffeine needs to be installed, but needs to be alternatively activated and deactivated…

    Is there a trick, a script or somethig to modify, to explain to that system that, when you’re watching a video, you shouldn’t have to move a mouse to tell him you’re still here ?

  71. Andrew says: - reply

    Does this version fix the issues with applets crashing Cinnamon? Adding the desktop switcher and a spacer crashes my Cinnamon desktop.

  72. Kevin A says: - reply

    …I don’t understand why there is still not a “put” keyboard shortcut to move window between multiple monitors. I love everything about Cinnamon EXCEPT for this one missing item.

    Obviously, Cinnamon recognizes the multiple monitors as right-clicking on the app in the taskbar provides the option to move.

    Really hope it is in Cinnamon 2.x!!!

  73. Hi Clem and everyone,
    I was having a great time with Cinnamon 1.6.7+lmde – my wife and kids were happy too – but, since I updated to 2.0.14+lmde, I could never open a Cinnamon session again (I’m in Gnome Classic now, which is quite inferior).
    I tried purging and reinstalling, deleting config directories, resetting stuff thru gsettings and cinnamon-settings, updating libraries and so on, without success. Would you mind to check the issue? I posted the problem, with lots of details of the errors, logs and my steps here:
    Best regards and keep up,

  74. Ahammed says: - reply

    Since long i use Linux mainly Ubuntu and LM as dual boot with Windows.
    Some how , i need to go back to windows for doing some work that cannot be done perfectly in linux. But after installing latest LM , i an sticking to it and only for printing i go to windows.All except printing i do in LM.


    Feature request.

    -If you could make file open dialog feature rich as windows , its more good. Just like right click to open the file

  75. i recently moved to Cinnamon on Debian SID and I must say, Cinnamon is fantastic. Smooth, beautiful and so customizable.
    Great work by you and all the developers. My hat is off to guy/gals.
    Keep up the good work and I am sure more will see the beauty of Cinnamon, what Gnome 3 should have been.
    I’ve used Gnome 3 but Cinnamon beats it hands down.

  76. I love Cinnamon. I think it is the best DE for Linux. Thank you for building this.

    I know you’re busy and all that, but could you give us a bi-weekly/monthly update? Please?

    I like getting excited about upcoming updates and such.

    Thank you

  77. Scott R. says: - reply

    Hello Clem…..I’m currently running the Ubuntu 12.10 OS….can I install Cinnamon 17 without issues that you know of? I’m DLing the ISO now so thought I’d ask first.

  78. Scott R. says: - reply

    Hi again….I should have mentioned I’m using these OS’s on a Dell Latititude D810…..anyone know which Linux or Ubuntu system works best with this computer?

  79. Mike says: - reply

    I am having system shutdown issues with the Cinnamon Setting Daemon. Every time I try to shut down an error occurs that states the Cinnamon Setting Daemon is not responding and a CUPS Server Error. To shutdown my system I have to force a shutdown also my HP-2542 printer is not working now but it did before the last update. I am new at this, any help?

  80. Geraldo says: - reply

    Is this distro still supported? I haven’t received any updates via the update manager for some weeks now. (v.2.0.14 Kernel


  81. C.D. says: - reply

    Hi, I have a couple of questions. I am currently bashing my head on my desk dealing with Windows 7 and I am looking for some alternative operating systems. I really like the potential of Cinnamon but I am leery only in that I want to download it and play with it before going full bore into it. Is there a way that I could possibly download this operating system onto an external hard drive and switch to it and alternate using it with a Windows laptop? Essentially swapping operating systems when I plug in the external hard drive?

    • Jeremy says: - reply

      You can download and install a free virtualization software such as Virtualbox ( and run the operating system from within your Windows 7 O/S. This is the safest way to test/experiment with new operating systems as it poses no threat to your existing data.

      In my experience, if you decide to go with the external hard drive route, unhook your main O/S hard drive as I’ve had linux mess with the boot record on that drive even though I told it to install on a separate hard drive. Once it’s installed, you should be able to hook up your main hard drive and use your boot menu key at startup to select whichever drive you want to boot to.

  82. FM-USA says: - reply

    JUST curious:
    I’m not versed in Linux and didn’t know the pronunciation of MATE. Then I read the history of it and found its proper pronunciation, Mah-Ta
    If that’s the way it’s pronounced why not spell it this way, Ma’Te?

  83. abdelkader says: - reply

    this desktop is really the big surprise in all linux, it’s pretty,quick, and good to see, the eyes are relaxed between the hands of this desktop

  84. Okay – first of all: Kudos to the GNOME and Chromium (and LLVM and all the people working on the projects who made this possible) developers for making it possible to provide a platform which allows to create Cinnamon.

    If GNOME focuses on competing with Android that’s their choice (and it might be a good one – a large part of the population in the western hemisphere is switching from PCs to tablets… A UNIX based tablet (using Linux) might give users back control over their hardware… I see the need for a wine-equivalent here – running Android apps integrated into a traditional Gnome 3 shell :-) ) – but there is no Cinnamon for Android so… thanks for the flexibility.

    But… even more kudos to everyone involved in the Cinnamon development. My Linux desktop finally feels like a desktop again – although I have to give up Debian stable unattended-upgrades which has a pretty serious security impact. :-/

    I can only hope that the next Debian stable will include Cinnamon in a usable state… and I wish they would offer the user the choice between the stock GNOME 3 Shell and Cinnamon during installation…

  85. Ron says: - reply

    If Cinnamon is still being actively developed, then the home page should be updated a bit more frequently.

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