Cinnamon 1.1.3 released

We are proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.1.3.

This release is significantly better than the previous one and features a lot of fixes and improvements. Although Cinnamon still lacks a graphical configuration tool and it’s still too early for extensions and themes developers to extend it (these three issues are the main priority for 1.1.4), this release is stable and provides users with one of the best Linux desktop experience available.

With 1.1.3, we’re seeing some of the old mintMenu features re-appear in the Cinnamon menu, and the first batch of configuration options emerge. You can start making Cinnamon your own, define your favorite apps, your panel launchers, decide whether you want an overview corner or not, how to name your Menu, whether to auto-hide your panel… etc.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you enjoy this new release as mush as we enjoyed working on it.


Menu improvements:

  • The search entry isn’t cleared anymore when the menu is closed
  • Clearing the search entry now resets the search results
  • Context menu for applications and favorites to “Add to panel”, “Add to desktop”, “Add/Remove to/from favorites”

Panel Launchers improvements:

  • Custom launchers don’t appear in the menu anymore and are store separately
  • Application launchers can be added by right-clicking on apps in the menu and selecting “Add to panel”
  • The Panel Launchers applet refreshes automatically when launchers are added/removed

Visual improvements:

  • The space between panel applets was reduced to 4px
  • Improved menu look & feel (less margins, system buttons merged with favorites..etc)
  • Reduced overall font size to 9.5pt (we’re targeting PC users not mobile phones)
  • Windows in overview now feature icons for easier recognition
  • The notifications were moved a bit in order not to appear on top of window buttons when a window is maximized
  • Thumbnails from theme.json files in Gnome Shell themes are now used
  • Improved dialog for adding custom launchers
  • Panel Launchers now have tooltips

Network Manager Applet improvements:

  • Switching Ethernet off now actually disconnects the device
  • Switching Wireless off now actually disconnects the device

Bug fixes:

  • Critical: Cinnamon doesn’t crash anymore when a theme was unreadable due to permission problems
  • Themes: Themes in ~/.themes are now detected
  • Panel: New default size for status icons (fixes issue with Gnome Shell themes where an icon could get too big)
  • Window List: A bug which prevented LibreOffice applications from showing an icon was fixed
  • Dual Monitors: Fixed a bug which prevented the mouse pointer from moving from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor

New configuration options:

  • The menu text (“Menu”) is now configurable via gsettings (at “org.cinnamon menu-text”)
  • The panel can now auto-hide (this is turned OFF by default and available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon panel-autohide”)
  • The Overview Hot Corner can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon overview-corner-hover”)
  • The Overview Icon can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon overview-corner-visible”)


About The Author

Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") is the lead developer and founder of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. He's also involved in the MATE project as release manager.


  1. kelebek333 says: - reply


  2. I can add apps to the panel, but cannot remove them.

    //on Arch Linux 64

  3. greg says: - reply

    nice work!
    a bit more configuration options and the option to add a second panel and im ready to make the jump!

  4. Bill says: - reply

    Very nice indeed. You definitely have your finger on the pulse of what we want, namely freedom and choices. Thank you so much. One question or observation though: I have a firewall running and as soon as I installed Cinnamon 1.1.3 I began to get probed by and over and over again. What’s that all about??

    • clem says: - reply

      Bill: I’m not sure. I ran a full search on the code here, I can assure you Cinnamon doesn’t have anything to do with either or :)

      • Bill says: - reply

        Thank you. I guess canonical is just worried about who is going to Cinnamon. :-)

        Happy New Year to you too I am soo grateful for your efforts and I am certain there are thousands just like me.

  5. Bill says: - reply

    Well, I restarted Cinnamon and no more probing so maybe it was a one time thing that just coincided with the new install. Strange though I’ve never been probed by them before. Weird.

  6. mitcoes says: - reply

    I am ATI propietary driver user
    I did install Cinnamon, but as it uses Muter it does not go well.

    Is it possible until this Mutter-ATI bug is solved to use for ATI cards another CW as compiz?

    ATI open source driver works but it is not as fast as ATI propietary one and do not detect HDMI.

  7. Bill says: - reply

    Love the right click in menu and add to panel. Now I have Thunderbird with a nice icon to match.
    dconf Editor doesn’t work through root terminal, but does enable auto-hide through mintmenu.
    Nice to be able to turn off Network on panel, works well.
    Love the theme thumnails.
    mintupdate panel icon still disappears and doesn’t return after first run.
    Overall a great improvement in a short time. Well done!

  8. Robert says: - reply

    Just added Cinnamon 1.1.3 to Mint 12 through the repository, this is my favorite! I do actually feel like I might be able to get some work done again. Thank you.

    • William says: - reply

      Hey Robert
      How can i get the Cinnamon 1.1.3 to my Mint 12 via repository – i’m new at linux and i successfully loaded cairo-dock.. can you help? please.

      • miloose says: - reply

        Just open a terminal and type

        sudo apt-get install cinnamon-session

        Then log out and choose the “Cinnamon” session at the login screen.

    • Gary says: - reply

      I’ve been reading and following this since my recent (less than a week ago) upgrade of Fedora. I went from v14 to v16, and used their online upgrade option, preupgrade, to do it. It went through the whole install, everything was backed up well so I had all the user and config files – everything! The upgrade worked, and I attempted to login to just the prompt as root and (after installing mc, of course!) quickly move the user files to their respective directories. A couple of users worked to a degree, but it left my system in a horrid state! With everything backed up (and I mean EVERYTHING), I just started a fresh install from the Live CD I had downloaded, then committed (again) to re-install and remove the packages I needed/wanted or not. Add all the users, AGAIN. Takes a while, to say the least.

      Now I’m tempted to try Cinnamon and see if it improves the desktop any. I’m getting used to it, I just want configuration options GALORE. I like being able to move the icons on the bar or move the whole thing to the bottom, you know? If it turns out I don’t care for it, is it easy to uninstall? I just don’t want to use up disk space for nothing. I might really like it and keep it as long as I can, then again I might not feel comfortable with it and just want Gnone back. I know I can switch, I just want to make sure there’s an option to uninstall it if I want to.

  9. luca says: - reply

    I hope Cinammon will provide a 2D support for machines without opengl extensions via llvmpipe.

    I’d like to use it on my netbook and low end laptops :)

    • Franck says: - reply

      @luca: I am using cinnamon 1.1.3 on my Dell netbook thats 12 months old and it works great. Not sure what netbook you have or the age but I suggest you try it out if you haven’t yet. ;-)

  10. Is there a chance of you uploading the Cinnamon DE to an Ubuntu PPA? I am currently using Ubuntu and wouldn’t like to reinstall the OS just to test the DE.

  11. eka says: - reply

    Missing my extension that gave me easy access to my VirtualEnvs… :(

  12. domenico says: - reply

    Keep going… It seems that, after a lot of time, my desktop will come back again usable.
    thank you

  13. aguitel says: - reply

    can i run cinnamos in fedora 16 with xfce installed ?

  14. Dave says: - reply

    How is the search menu not clearing when the menu is closed an improvement?

    The only time I might need a search to be remembered is if I accidentally closed the menu mid-search or chose the wrong search result. This happens very rarely, if at all.

    On the other hand I don’t need the search result remembered if I choose the correct search result. This happens over 99.9% of the time.

    These days I launch everything via search. This means that every single time I open the menu the first thing I have to do is delete the previous search term.

    Another inefficiency in the menu search is the first result not automatically being highlighted. This has irked me about the mintMenu for years and it is a shame to see this behaviour transitioning to the Cinnamon menu.

    Also, if you press enter after entering a search term without selecting a search result first, pressing the “down” key selects the first menu category and clears the search bar rather than highlighting the first search result.

    • clem says: - reply

      Dave: Good points. Thanks for the feedback on this.

      • Jacek says: - reply

        If you are looking for a good example of desktop search have a look at Gnome-Do. I used it a lot on Mint 11 and preferred it over Mints own search. Gnome Shell search is a disaster. When you consider speed, Cinnamon’s menu is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over Gnome Shell and if it could be made as fast as Gnome-Do I’d be very happy.

      • de heinz says: - reply

        i “hate” it, that when i click on menu and type a search and than go with the mouse over the category, it delete the search result.

        is there any chance/solution to change that ?

        and i would “need” a option to remove the “show desktop icon” from panel. i use this option very rarely, an it looks not nice.


        and by

      • jasir says: - reply

        Thanks Clem for creating Cinnamon. It’s great and improving fast. I’m not sure if this is the place for this, but here goes:
        1 – Can we get keyboard navigation for the favorites? May be press Left to bring the selection to the first icon in the favs and then Up/Down to scroll through?
        2 – Quick launch for favorites? Win+1, Win+2, etc?
        3 – Unified Power button (instead of three options) Mouseover/Click to bring up the list of all actions including Suspend and Hibernate.
        4 – Get the search to do Gnome-Do style search and actions.

    • Awi says: - reply

      I’m using Cinnamon for three days, and the experience already has surpassed all other new desktops. I would like to contribute with more feedback, is here the better place to do so, Launchapd maybe? I’m with Dave on these one, remembering the last search is most of the times annoying. It happens to me all the time within Firefox, when you open a new tab, the search field hast the last words used, almost always useless, normally you would do a new search, I think it will be better blank at start.

    • Gary says: - reply

      I realize some people may never like it that way, so there should emerge a way to toggle it on/off. I happen to use my search like that a LOT. Just for instance, I might be reading emails and want to find something, so I type Ctrl-F and type it in. No luck. I read more emails, but for some, the search isn’t wanted or needed, so it gets closed to free up screen space. A few more emails, I get another one from the same place, and want to (take a guess) search for the SAME THING! I hit Ctrl-F and it’s already there and has found the first (if any) instance of my search term. I don’t have to keep typing it in, and if I did it wouldn’t bother me much anyway. I just go to the beginning or end of the text, select it, and type right over it. Those couple of extra keystrokes don’t really bother me that much. Still, there should be a way to toggle it if you happen NOT to like it.

    • Gary says: - reply

      Dave, you are too anal about this! If I needed something that badly, I know enough C(++) so that I would get the source (if possible) and change the darned thing myself, then recompile it! I’d make a right-click context menu that would lead to configuration options, and one would be for the search. Programmers tend to write code a lot of times thinking of the way THEY would do it, and sometimes it’s the most efficient. Sometimes, it’s so kludgy and unintuitive that few people could do anything with it! To me, it’s nothing to highlight the field, press home or end, hold down the shift key and select home or end, the opposite of what I started with, then just type over it. Some fields you can just move the cursor into and hit Ctrl-A, which will select all the text and THEN you can just type.

      My old lady does that constant search thing with the internet. Everything she does has to go through Google first, it drives me crazy! I use the address bar most of the time so I go exactly where I want, though I make plenty good use of search functions when necessary! I say either get the developers to change it so you have the choice, learn to live with it and love it, or get a copy of the source code and change it yourself, if you know how (or hire someone).

  15. Bill says: - reply

    One carry over I see from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 is when a window is closed it does not always open when clicking the window list (button) in the panel. Most times I have to right click and choose “restore.”

  16. Hit says: - reply

    Well after knowing Cinnamon stable release, I copied it from GIT* and installed on my Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop and after logging back in I find that old filling of complete desktop just reappeared ! Meanwhile before this I had tried so many desktop shell replacement option after UNITY like Gnome3 shell, Xfce, KDE, LXDE, Razor QT and even Pantheon ! But unfortunately every shell failed in bringing that old feel of Usable Desktop. Please don’t get me wrong, Old Desktop means useful and easier Desktop ! My 3 year old son “Vir” started playing Frozen Bubble from shortcut I have created that is the ultimate proof of easy and usable GUI/shell.

  17. Great effort Clem team. The menu is bit slow. Takes 2-3 sec to open the menu. Log off, shutdown icon need to be changed. Thanks for all.

  18. Thierry says: - reply


    Excellent and very good idea !
    Small question: how to change the theme window ?
    In Advanced Settings, the subject window not working ?

  19. Horus says: - reply

    I have only recently jumped distros to Mint 12, and I must be honest and say that I love Gnome 3 shell. It is fast and does everything that I want.
    I have played with Cinnamon, and whilst it seems ok, I prefer G3.
    Does all this effort on Cinnamon mean that the G3 shell option will be getting binned in the near future?

  20. bobby says: - reply

    Sorry Clem, I missed this blog. So here are some feedbacks.

    In cinnamon, if I put any application in favourites, size of cinnamon menu starts increasing vertically, which if I put too much of applications shortcut there may look very ugly, as it may cover the whole desktop, perhaps a scrollbar may do well there.

    Height of panel and icon size on panel are too small.

    While playing VLC either music or video no sound is there in any of the desktop (MATE, MGSE & Cinnamon), perhaps a Gnome problem.

    As regards Banshee, if I play a song, banshee icon appears in panel. If i quit Banshee from desktop, song still continues, I can just stop the song, but cannot quit the Banshee icon at panel. It just remains there. The other way is, first without quiting the Banshee, I have to first just stop the song from the panel and then quit the Banshee, only then this icons go. Perhaps a right click quit on the panel menu will help.

    Themes are not working properly.

    As @Dave has already given some feed back, no need to repeat them. Rest on further exploring.

    To me Cinnamon seems better than MGSE and Gnome3.

    Thanks for all.

  21. mgawin says: - reply

    Thank you for great work, this project is awesome!
    One minor comment from myself. I noticed today while switching months forward in the calendar that the height of the calendar bar and position of the arrow buttons change depending on the layout of days in a month. This may be a bit annoying, sure could be improved in future at polishing stage.
    Well done and looking forward to see Cinnamon by default in Mint!

  22. Hunkah says: - reply

    I can totally see Cinnamon becoming the envy of Gnome 3.

    I can also see this becoming the desktop that will allow Linux to touch the thousands of users that “the year of the desktop” has been preaching for the last decade.

    Nice job!

  23. Jordan says: - reply


    Thanks for all of your work on this. I would like to try this out but every time I install this on an Ubuntu 11.10 or other gnome 3 vm running on virtual box I get a black screen. I have 3d graphics and enough vram to run gnome shell correctly but cinnamon does not yet seem to work. Just thought you might want to know.

  24. Can you move the panel to the top?

    • Gary says: - reply

      Ivo – if you’re asking Jordan this, the answer is probably no, as he related by the “black screen”! If you’re talking to someone else, you should say so as we often can’t tell!

  25. Adam says: - reply

    How do I add an application to the panel that isn’t in the system menu already? Let’s say something like Jetbrains IDEA.

  26. Adam Paeth says: - reply

    OK, figured out how to add the custom launcher. Any chance of being able to set the icon? Regardless, I’d like to thank all the developers of Cinnamon! This project may save my sanity (or at least a small part of it).

  27. Tricko says: - reply

    Great work, as a recent convert to Linux due to work projects, you’ve restored my faith in a usable desktop future on Linux after having to experience the horror that Unity seems to be heading for!
    I’m already showing Mint + Cinnamon as the way forward to other colleges…

  28. jsnj says: - reply

    Just trying Cinnamon 1.1.3 on Ubuntu 11.10 now. Really like the fact that Gnome-shell themes are recognized and change the look of Cinnamon’s bottom panel & menu.

    There can be some spacing issues within the menu & panel items depending on the theme chosen but this I assume is due to the fact that the authors didn’t make them specifically for Cinnamon.

    Also, GTK themes work, but window themes don’t seem to be recognized even after restarting the shell.

    Have found the gsettings folder “/usr/share/GConf/gsettings” but no org.cinnamon configuration files.

    Would like to configure the clock to show seconds and remove date, but I’m assuming that’s to come in future releases.

    Nice work.

  29. jsnj says: - reply

    scratch the missing conf files & clock options. Fixed with dconf editor.

  30. Chakrapani says: - reply

    Can I install Cinnamon in Lubuntu 11.10?

  31. DavidStl says: - reply

    Thanks for the hard work love cinnamon-session is there a way to put the panel on the top of the screen just asking? I aways like it at the top and the docky at the bottom. But for now this is just what I was looking for I liked mint 12 but cinnamon-session is looking even better thanks again.

  32. James says: - reply

    I just started using Linux Mint 12 yesterday, with no prior Linux experience. The Terminal has taken some getting use to, I’m glad that I’m learning it the hard way instead of using dconf-tools and other gui’s to get around using it. I love cinnamon and now that I’ve figured out how to use gsettings successfully, I love it even more.

  33. shelly says: - reply

    “Cinnamon” looks attractive and promising (Spicy and hot)…Linux Mint is going to be the future of Linux Desktops.

    Great work Clem !!! Awaiting Linux Mint 13 with Cinnamon…….


  34. Jim says: - reply

    Great stuff. So why didn’t Canonical do something like this instead of sinking thousands of man hours into Unity? Sigh.

  35. Chris says: - reply

    Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to all.

    Cinnamon looks very promising to me, and I have already run it successfully in two different environments (one on a persistent live USB stick, the other on an external hard disk as boot disk besides my normal Win7 installation).

    One problem occurs when testing Linux Mint 12 (64 bit) inside virtualbox: I am able to start a Gnome session or a MATE session when logging in. If I choose “Cinnamon” or “Gnome classic” the desktop does not change its appearance and stays in the original Gnome 3 look. Looking in “~/.dmrc” with gedit it states “Desktop=cinnamon” although I can’t see anything of it on my desktop.

    Maybe it is a bug in Cinnamon (but then switching to “Gnome Classic” should work), maybe it is my own fault, because I am new to Linux, I don’t know, but perhaps you “Linux Gurus” can help with this matter.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    • Kirk M says: - reply

      It’s not so much a bug in VirtualBox or Cinnamon, it’s a problem with Gnome 3′s ‘mutter (powers gnome-shell and thus Cinnamon) which requires 3D support and VirtualBox is only 2D enabled by default. You can enable 3D support for the VM you’re testing Linux Mint 12 on and hopefully that will fix the problem. And the more memory you can assign to your VM’s video the better.

      For myself I have a couple test partitions on my hard drive for testing distros so i don’t have to deal with these kind of issues but not everyone has (are stuck with) an old, slow 1.0 TB drive either. ;)

      • chris says: - reply

        Thank you so much, Kirk. Enabling 3D really helped.

      • Gary says: - reply

        Yeah, I get it with the disk space, Kirk M. All I have is 80G internal, and only about 60G of it left. Then there’s the external 1/2T drive. It’s supposed to be 500G, and I barely have 400 of it left! I guess I can’t test anything.

  36. jasir says: - reply

    Just noticed that I’m unable to drag screenlets in Cinnamon

  37. Jim Maney says: - reply

    I have mostly given up on Linux. As a visually impaired person, it is critical for me to make the mouse pointer larger. Recent versions of either Mint or Ubuntu have removed that feature. Granted, I am a newbie with Linux, and don’t understand the OS. If it is possible to make the mouse pointer larger, it is buried way beyond my skill level.

    Maybe Cinnamon has this feature, and if so, please advise.


    CONGRATULATIONS on your advance past Ubuntu to the #1 spot on DistroWatch!!!!!

    • Gary says: - reply

      Jim, you really should give Linux a try. Almost anything that could be done in Windows has at least been tried to implement. You may have to install the package, or may already have it, but there IS one for Linux that allows you to use a mouse for your keyboard, a magnifier, all kinds of neat stuff. I know, my wife has Multiple Sclerosis so I have to keep it as easy as possible and she might occasionally need one of these. I’m 50 and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, so from time to time I’ve even used the magnifier! Right now I don’t remember the name of it, but you can search for it. If I run across it again, I’ll install it and let you know if you want. If you can locate something about “accessibility”, you’re close. That’s what they group those in.

      Oh, I just remembered “mousetweaks”. I’m fairly sure that one will supply you with an easy way to increase the pointer size. I’m not sure what distro you are using so I’m not sure how you would get the package, but if you have a package manager it will probably help. Even if you don’t have one, they can usually be found in a format that will give you an install program. If you need any help, hopefully someone here will have a similar setup to yours and can help lead you through it. Once you get used to installing packages on Linux, it’s a breeze most times. What do you expect for free?

  38. Jan says: - reply

    feature request

    it would be nice to see history of executed commands once you hit ALT+F2 and be able to click on one of them with mouse

    sorry, i couldn’t find any contact, so i am writing it here..

  39. veggen says: - reply

    Cinnamon is the best news in Linux world in a long while. We’ve been bombarded enough with unasked for paradigm shifts, and a responsible approach to innovation is a breath of fresh air. I hate it when people say you’re just further dividing the Linux community with this. You’re not. You’re just giving it a choice. Plus, if there ever should be a “standard” Linux GUI, Cinnamon would be the best candidate anyway. Keep up the good work guys! I’ll recommend you to everyone and encourage all my friends to donate.

  40. Nerduban says: - reply

    Thanks a lot, I just installed cinnamon on top of Mint 12. Looks a great deal better than gnome3, and much more usable. Moreover, we have all of the gnome3 stuff working at the same time.

    For the future, it would be great if you could add more customization options to the task bar… Could be like to be able to add transparency and shadow, to change color and font size, or to resize the height.

  41. session says: - reply

    In Gnome-shell, the gsettings key “org.gnome.gnome-session logout-prompt” can turn off the shutdown prompt. Is there a workaround in Cinnamon?

  42. maybe i missed something, but I still cant use applets on panel like “netspeed”? thnks

  43. Thanks for the great work.

    Although I’m not a Mint user, I’m a Ubuntu user using the MGSE and following the development of Cinnamon. After the main issues for 1.1.4 are solved I will sure give this a try.

    Again, thanks for everything :)

  44. Mat says: - reply

    Great work so far!

    A couple of comments…

    I think the search entry should be cleared in the case that I search for an application and actually launch it.

    I am not convinced by the favorites bar on the left of the menu. It has very wide margins, and to browse to an application, I often go through a category with the mouse, which changes the application list.

    Also, there is some improvment to be thought about workspaces. I feel it is counterintuitive to scroll them horizontally, and have them displayed vertically in “shell” view.

    Keep up the good work, very appreciated!

  45. Is there a way to move the panel to the top of screen ?

    • Craig says: - reply

      @ Aaron: Clem earlier mentioned that that will be an option in a future version of Cinnamon…as each new version is sent to us in the update manager, there will be additional features added and soon there should be an easy to configure application so that changes can be made without using the gconfig editor…possibly also additional optional “themes” too…

  46. amnesix says: - reply

    Thank you for Cinnamon. I was getting desperate. Now there is a future again… :)

    Only (detail) point : I’d love to be able to get the panel on top. But I can also live with a panel on bottom, if it goes this way…

  47. dolphin says: - reply

    What I wish was possible is to have (eventually ) ability to have two panels one right above the other, as it is possible in Gnome 2. I prefer to use two panels at once, one for icons and second for open applications (open windows list). I find it very convenient.
    I also ask the same question on forum
    I also have a question about Nautilus. Would it be possible to use Caja in Cinnamon? It has just implemented feature of Ctrl+Z undo/redo the latest action. Or perhaps a tweak to Nautilus giving this feature would be possible?

  48. Marius says: - reply

    Where do I find gsettings?

  49. Marius says: - reply

    BTW, I think that Cinnamon is a great step forward. Thank-you Clem & team for all of your fine work.

  50. Jeannie says: - reply

    Why are you basing it on the Gnome-Shell? Gnome 3 Classic offers everything Cinnamon wants to have. In my opinion it’s wasted energy to make the Gnome-Shell the base for something that is to look and work like some other thing that already exists in Form of Gnome 3-Panel ( aka Fallback and Classic). Gnome 3 Panel even works wonderfully with Compiz, no need to use Metacity/Clutter

  51. Chakrapani says: - reply

    Right click Popup menus properties goes hidden behind Panel (Taskbar). Unable to click properties.

  52. Pranav says: - reply

    Great and Perfect Desktop.

    Runs great on Archlinux. Hope to see more and more configuration tools for these.

  53. Pranav says: - reply

    Clement, you are a great developer. I just want to thanks for the cinnamon shell.

  54. Mircsicz says: - reply

    I appreciate your work, it look’s so great!

    But saddly I can’t use it… Have dist-upgraded my Dell D830 to from 11.04 to 11.10 last night and downloaded the two deb’s from and install using dpkg -i. But when I choose the cinnamon session at lightdm all I get is a gnome session…

    I’ve tried to –purge them several times but situation didn’t change!

    Hope you can give an advise?


    • Mircsicz says: - reply


      tried to start in the fallback session with: “cinnamon –replace” and got: “Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:0.0″”

      So I google’d and found the solution here:

      Now I can start a session from within a running on with: “cinnamon –replace” But I still can’t start the Cinnamon session from lightdm. If I choose it it falls now back to Unity…

      /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/cinnamon.session looks as expected

      Anyone a hint?

  55. This looks like the way forward. I started a year ago with Mint 10 (and liked it a lot.) I upgraded to LM11 and then 12. Cinnamon gives me the menu I was used to – but smartened up, a bottom panel with a working upgrade advice shield, minimise & retrieve, and some handy Gnome 3 features. One strange thing, though: Changing themes affects the second hand of MacSlow’s Cairo-clock. This also happens in some (not all) other desktops. Also, a ‘basket-weave’ effect will scramble the screen in certain circumstances. Could this be a graphics hardware issue?

  56. kennyg says: - reply

    Clem, you’re a genius. Thank you for cinnamon. My thanks to the cinnamon team too.

  57. shelly says: - reply

    For those who are not aware of how to install cinnamon….

    1. Open Software manager, search for “cinnamon-session”.
    2. install cinnamon-session.
    3. Restart and choose Cinnamon at login prompt. Click the * icon at login screen to choose cinnamon….

    Experience the greatest Linux Desktop Environment….

  58. SteveZoob says: - reply

    I went back to Mint11 because of Gnome3 now I have gone back to Mint12 and installed Cinnamon… Love it!
    Cinnamon, the way Mint should be…

  59. Dick Roark says: - reply

    Sincerest thanks for the great piece-of-work that is Cinnamon. I have really been missing this.

  60. bill says: - reply

    The icons in the mint menu are too small!
    maybe something like elementary’s slinghsot would be more atractive and productive

    Users like easy acess buttons like the big buttons on the menu bar in windows 7.
    Most of the users have 5 to 10 (at MAX) prefered apps that they use all the time.
    I dont think desktop icons are the answer.

  61. I second the suggestions by several users, to add the ability to create additional panels, and to be able to control their position. With Gnome 2, I settled for two panels – one on top, with the menu, some launchers (including drawers), and the applets, and one on bottom, with “desktop” button, windows list, and workspace selector. Oddly enough, when I tried the Mint 12 Live DVD, I found a configuration that was very similar (and different from what was configured when installed).

    However, I would also consider replacing both the launchers and the windows list with a Dock-like panel. If that were an option, I would probably do with just one panel. I know not everybody likes Dock-like interfaces, I used to dislike it myself, but eventually I changed my mind… I believe it was the late Steve Jobs who said, when you see a good idea, you should not be afraid to copy it :-)

    One thing I just noticed: I enabled the clock in the panel to show the date as well as the time, but the date format is incorrect – it is actually different from what is set in System Settings > Keyboard > Formats (Italy Italian).

    I consider Cinnamon a huge improvement, and very promising. Keep the good job!

  62. Hunkah says: - reply

    OK, an update…
    I am so loving Cinnamon! I am now using it full time and don’t even care if Gnome 3 or Fallback are improving. I’m using Cinnamon from now on.

    1. Would it be possible for us to choose our favorite file manager as the default FM? I don’t like the new changes in Nautilus and would rather use PCManFM instead. Every time there is a call on the filemanager Nautilus opens. I would love to be able to uninstall Nautilus alltogether and be done with it.

    2. Could we have a dconf option to disable the desktop switcher in the panel? It is annoying to have it keep flipping a 2 in there when I really don’t care. (yet leaving the CRTL+ALT+Left or right still work)

    Thanks eh? You’re doing an AMAZING job!

  63. flyingfisch says: - reply

    What are the hardware requirements for Cinnamon?

  64. Chakrapani says: - reply

    Thankyou Clem and the team for this wonderful DE, I installed it since a week. I enjoyed it very well. I hope a further better experience in the final release.

  65. It’s very nice. BUT where is the documentation? Without documentation it is useless. I have just spent an hour trying to find how to use gsettings to change things and failed completely.
    This website should, at minimum, have some wiki documentation. Or if the docs DO exist, a pointer to them.

  66. Clem,

    I have one small request regarding cinnamon. Is there any way to move the menu button over to the extreme bottom left of the screen so when you bang your cursor down to the bottom and left and click you will get the menu, instead of having to move it over a little bit to the right to make the menu appear after a click?

    This would make it PERFECT!

    Thanks so much,


  67. Craig says: - reply

    @TheOld Fellow: you have to install the program gconfig editor from the package manager….that is the best way to make settings changes at this point…but why not just wait awhile…

    i think the next version update will be adding a configuration application for cinnamon as well as additional themes, and other nice goodies…so have a little patience and each new version you get will allow you to do even more…

    what’s the rush…enjoy the ride (lol) !!!

  68. I re-read my comment above. It’s unduly critical. Once I ‘discovered’ dconf-editor plus gconf-editor, (and you need both) the customisation is available. Menu now reads ‘Start’! ;-) But more important the damn grid (Edge tiling), and the Overview corner automation, is off.

    There is a lot of help available on the web if you search for it, but it would be nice to see a clearing house of these articles here.

    But I love using the Cinnamon-ised Mint-12 system. This is what I will eventually be moving my clique of Linux-converted Ex-Windows non-techy (LCEWNT) friends and relations to, from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    Regards, R.

    • clem says: - reply

      1.1.4 will come with a graphical tool to change these settings. If you know how to use git, most of it is already implemented in the latest branches of cinnamon, cinnamon-themes, cinnamon-extensions and cinnamon-settings.

  69. Maurício says: - reply

    Hi Clem,
    I installed Cinnamon in Oneiric and is so great !

    How to hide the week date ?
    I tried with dconf-editor (org > cinnamon > calendar > show-weekdate), but no changes.
    Any tip ?
    Thanks !

    (from Brazil)

  70. Good Work.
    I tried today on ubuntu and really enjoyed it!
    One more user to Ciannamon.

  71. Chakrapani says: - reply

    I Thank GOD for your effort. You are a blessing to me Clem and the TEAM. I started installing Linux mint to my Clients since version 10. I’m a System technician. When ever clients ask me to install Non-Genuine OS (Pirated), I start telling them about best alternative OS i.e, LINUX MINT. Where ever I go i tell them about Linux.

  72. Bill says: - reply

    Having discovered “flipped” in dconf Editor sure makes Cinnamon nice.

  73. frankci says: - reply

    Failed to fetch
    The requested URL returned error: 404

    Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. The ppa cinnamon is in the source list but Update Manager fails to download it.

    So I download it manually and install cinnamon using 'dpkg -i'. However, dpkg fails on cinnamon-session, again with the 404 error as previously Update Manager.

    What am I doing wrong?

  74. Craig says: - reply

    Clem: i was “quoted” in this linux article about Cinnamon…there have many so many articles and blogs about it in the last few weeks…shows how popular it is getting already!

  75. Marc Lewis says: - reply

    Just discovered Cinnamon and installed it and my first impressions of it are great. There are a few things I noticed within the first few minutes of using it though:

    – I use Psi+ for XMPP/IM. There is no longer a systray icon for it. I have my roster auto-hide after 5 minutes so when it vanished I had to run it again from the menu to get it back.
    – What is the hot-key for the hover area so I don’t have to move my mouse all the way to the upper left of the screen? This used to be the “Start”/Super key, but that now brings up the menu.
    – I can no longer seem to use Synergy as a host machine while running Cinnamon. My mouse refuses to “leave” the screen. I have verified that the clients are connecting.

    I’ll be switching back to Xfce for the time being because of this, but as I said, my first impression is “Wow. This rocks.”.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this.

    • bobby says: - reply

      Hot key for hover area is alt+F1

    • Ray Auge says: - reply

      I have the exact same problem with Synergy. With Cinnamon on the client machine it worked fine. But I upgraded my desktop to Cinnamon today, and can no longer use Synergy with exactly the same symptoms: mouse refuses to “leave” the screen, clients are connection.

      I love Cinnamon, but I need Synergy to work. Any ideas?

      • Sean Kepner says: - reply

        I did find that Synergy works as the server running Cinnamon under a few different circumstances. (My basic setup is as follows: Desktop Client (left) Desktop Server (right).)

        1. ) If the cinnamon bar is set to “Classic” mode, it seems to work fine.
        2.) If I’m in the “Top/Flipped” mode for the bar, it’ll let me move to the second screen if I try near the Menu bar right below the ‘left hot corner’. OR if I have an application maximized, it works fine. OR if I have an application ‘docked’ to the left side, it’ll let me move to the as far down on the screen as the title bar.
        3.) If I’m in “Traditional/Bottom” mode for the cinnamon bar, Synergy will let me move over to the second screen right below the hot corner and from the bottem area over the cinnamon bar. Again, also if I have an application maximized Synergy works fine.

        I hope to file this info to a bug report soon.


  76. I want to try Cinnamon but, it seems it still is not mature enough.

    Clem, could you please tell us something about the application/window switcher?, i think this is very important in the desktop.

    Thank you.

  77. Bill says: - reply

    Cinnamon 1.1.4 is SO going to Wow the world of users.
    I can’t wait until I see their reaction. What a quality DE should be, it IS.
    Thank you all for the hours devoted to this.

  78. kapz says: - reply

    Hi clem! Thanks for cinnamon! I like it very much…however there are some things I would like to suggest to improve the user experience:
    mintMenu:- When typed something in the search box, the text does not stay ‘locked’ hence when mouse cursor is accidently moved over other tabs(which happens a lot!) on the mintMenu the search results are cleared, then one has to type again to search. This was the problem in the previous versions as well.
    AutoHide bottom panel: The panel does not stay visible when clicked on calander and if it’s open then hovering mouse does not make it visible again.
    That HoverThing: In the mouse-hover overview transparent window, please can you add a tab for -Applications- besides ‘Windows’ and ‘Themes’?

    It would be great if you could fix those things, and keep up the good work! Thanks again :)

  79. hooly says: - reply

    me: a Linux noob.
    my machine: an old p4 with 1g ram and matrox g550 graphics.
    my OS: recently installed ubuntu 11.10 + Cinnamon 1.1.3.
    my problem: login as a Cinnamon session but there’s no Cinnamon desktop! looks like I’m getting some Gnome default (top bar, bottom bar but no “Menu” item, etc).
    my status: Software Center says Cinnamon 1.1.3 is installed.
    my question: will i not be able to run Cinnamon? is this a 2D/3D/openGL/no-openGL thing? (not that I really know what that means).

    hoping some knowledgeable folk(s) can point me in the right direction. thx++.

    (fwiw, i’ve posted same over at the Ubuntu forums:

  80. hello anybody, i do not understand, whats bad in gnome3 and gnome-shell. whats the no go there? Neither Cinnamon nor Unity is in any kind an improvement or even a benefit for the user … Both are looking like the Gnome3-shell after an accident.
    Gnome3-shell is just the right dimension step colncerning the innovation, where Unity jumps too far und Cinnamon too short. Well: Cinnamon is definitly smarter than Unity, but Cinnamon is even definitly far more – too far – conventionell .. Gnome-2-like oldfashioned .. like a Gnome-2-retro-look ..
    I changed from Ubuntu to LinuxMint because ! its runnuing Gnome3-shell in a nearly pure matter. Change this and i will look for another distribution ..

    • Horus says: - reply

      I agree 100%.
      Gnome3-shell is smooth and futuristic.
      I suppose all those who do not like change will like Cinnamon because it is much like Gnome 2, and hey, thats ok.
      But for me however, I much prefer Gnome 3.

    • revdjenk says: - reply

      Klaus, you can run either gnome3 or Cinnamon. It is your choice. You are not forced to use one or the other. At boot, next to your user name, click the icon and choose gnome3 – and it will be your desktop system!

  81. Bill says: - reply

    For those who have used the new Cinnamon Settings and can install themes, I have modified one for you (but left in all of the original credits). First I tried Dark-Glass but wasn’t happy with the way it scrunches up the menu items. I found a theme on deviant art made by satya 164 and under the GPL license called SHINE and I modified it myself to work with Cinnamon. It is a glass theme and looks very nice indeed. Here is the link:

    Cinnamon Rocks!

  82. hooly says: - reply

    eventually found my answer over at the Mint forums: Cinnamon requires a graphics card with 3D acceleration which mine doesn’t have so the system defaults to “Gnome Fallback”. :sad:

    fair enough, but maybe Cinnamon should state that up front? i know that experts would find it obvious but noobs like me shouldn’t have to learn it the hard way. just saying.

  83. csavi says: - reply

    Thanks! I works perfectly.

  84. Bill says: - reply

    Uploaded a 2nd theme this morning called Dark Shine. It’s a darker version and I like it better. So both are available for Cinnamon at the link above. Have fun!

  85. Franck says: - reply


    I notice that the tooltips in the panel always seem to sit below the panel and can only be partially read. In fact the panel needs to be customizable so that it can be hidden too if necessary. This is particularly necessary for those who use netbooks and need more screen realestate. I have linked a screenshot to show you the tooltip issue. :-)

  86. Jurek says: - reply

    Thank you Clem. Using Cinnamon, I know why I donate to Mint.

    Keep up the great work!

    Kind regards: Jurek.

  87. Hunkah says: - reply

    I only have one request. Please let us know when you’re planning releases. This is seriously the best / most news-worthy event happening in Open Source right now. I visit here daily to see updates, and wish I could see when the next release is planned.

    Thanks :)

  88. kev says: - reply

    Hello folks

    Thanks you guys rock! \m/
    Question: how can i get left panel that’s in orginal Gnome 3 back in Cinnamon? I miss it


  89. jose luis says: - reply

    veo en otros sitios que hay un menu para configurar cinnamon, en el cual se puede configurar la barra inferior para ocultar o incluir un barra lateral. Yo no encuentro ese menu en mi cinnamon. ¿como lo encuentro?

  90. Tester says: - reply


    Will cinnamon work with a gma 500 aka poulsbo ? Because if I need to run with 3D in virtualbox, I don’t think the gma 500 will do it. I made a test on ubuntu and gnome shell doesn’t start… I tested linux mint for MGSE but it isn’t like gnome 2, I can add some icons on the panel but I can’t remove them… I can’t change the panel size… The MATE project is interesting but it will be (in my point of view) like the trinity desktop…

    This project looks very promising.
    Best Regards.

  91. Mike C says: - reply

    To all who developed this brilliant package – thank you. I used to use Ubuntu, then changed to Mint when Ubuntu 11.04 was released (who thinks that interface is good?), tried Cinnamon 2 weeks ago – big convert. Thanks, and keep up the great work

  92. Fantastic …… now my standard desktop in Mint 12!

  93. bobby says: - reply

    Earlier my post was under moderation. I checked regularly for one week and then gave up. I was trying Cinnamon only on VB and it was working very well. I tried to install it on desktop but, some time problem of nvidia some time no response, it failed. Yesterday i again tried on desktop, and after update, and after working some hours, I can only say Wow!. Everythhing is working perfectly. Speed is the best so far. Then while playing banshee music icon on the panel I saw the quit button. I can only say thanks for providing that.

    In Cinnamon while using alt+tab, it shows application which are running only on current desktop, applications running on desktop No.2 or 3, it does not show them. But in MGSE alt+tab shows applications of all the desktop. I don’nt know about others, but to me MGSE alt+tab functions looks much better and more appealing when application on other desktop comes swiping on the main.

    Alt+f1 function for hovering mouse on hot point, if I use it regularly looks tiresome. Perhaps default is better, but then its my opinion.

    Lastly, if it can be solved, ‘Teamviewer’ software does not work properly in Gnome-3. Although there is no problem in installing it, but while connecting to Gnome-3 computer from somewhere else, it hangs and then the system also hangs. It was working perfectly in earlier versions of Mint. As I use it a lot, hope that in future it may be solved.

    Thanks : Bobby

  94. Alex says: - reply

    Excellent! But there is one annoying bug: when mouse is moving over menu items there is a nasty window tremble on some of them. It’s like Cinnamon draws highlighted item then redraw previous item and then redraw highlighted item again. The window treble happens because of font size difference in in item description at window bottom. Some of items have smaller font in their description.
    Platform: Fedora 16, Russian UI.

  95. mrjive says: - reply

    Can it be installed on debian or LMDE ?


    Edit by Clem: 1.1.4 was successfully installed on Debian Testing.

  96. chris says: - reply

    Cinnamon is great!
    One suggestion, ability to change from dynamic desktops to a fixed number. Also, the ability to name the desktops.

  97. Bill says: - reply

    Will we be seeing Cinnamon 1.1.4 soon or will we need to wait until Mint 13 comes out?


    Edit by Clem: Yes. No need to wait.

  98. edyjun says: - reply

    It’s look great with gnome3 taste with more space especially in small screen size on netbook. But, still, is there a way to integrate the status bar panel with the menubar so netbook user will have more work space ?

  99. René says: - reply

    Thank you very much. You keep Linux alive for me. I tried Unity und Gnome3 several times and always came back to Gnome2, which i can now replace with Cinnamon.

  100. Congrats !! A great piece of software. Thank you :) )

  101. I saw on a website that I need to install dconf-editor so I can edit Cinnamon settings, but it says [E: Unable to locate package]???

    Edit by Clem: With 1.1.4 most of the settings are configurable graphically. For the rest you can use gsettings.

  102. rjrich says: - reply

    I am using LM12/G3 with a number of shell extensions and tweaks that produce a functional and aesthetic desktop that I like very much. I tried Cinnamon 1.1.3, and it looks promising. My wish list for Cinnamon would include the following: drag and drop items to panel; choice of top and/or bottom panels; ability to drag and drop items in the panel to change their positions; selection of widgets for the panel (weather, etc.); stable menu that does not freeze (Cinnamon’s menu is twitchy and it freezes sometimes); wider selection of shell themes so that the look and feel of other versions of LM might be replicated in Cinammon. Thanks.

  103. rjrich says: - reply

    Thank you for introducing Cinnamon. It is intriguing and appears to be on the right track. However, I would urge developers at Linux Mint to continue to provide an array of DE choices in future releases of Mint. In particular, I hope that you will continue to provide Gnome 3 with access to shell extensions and Mate along with an updated version of Cinnamon.

    It would also be nice if a partnership could be developed with Xfce. I really appreciate the intuitive nature and degree of control afforded by Xfce, but it does not have quite the level of integration and polish that is present in LM12/Gnome 3. If Mint and Xfce could work together, I think this could produce the great distro/DE combination that many linux users are seeking.

  104. Benoit F. says: - reply

    I tried it and it looks very promising. Thank you Clement and keep up the great work!

    Save our desktop!

  105. Shred says: - reply

    Thank you for Cinnamon. You are my heroes! After Gnome 3.2 pissed me off (again), this time for being very sluggish with Nvidia graphics, I finally dumped that crap for good and installed Cinnamon. There is still a lot of work to do, but it’s very fine for me as long as I can actually work WITH the desktop instead of AGAINST it. Please also keep up the Fedora support. I would change to Mint, but I prefer rpm over deb.

  106. Oskar says: - reply

    In Cinnamon I can not switch users if you do not lock the screen. Logout user not have user switching as was it in mint 11. Gnome 3 has user switching

    thanks for cinnamon

    Sorry for my English because I used a traducctor

  107. There is already an openSUSE 12.1 Cinnamon Remix:

  108. Yuri says: - reply

    Good work, thank you. But in the session cinnamon not work themes and tachpad from Acer Extensa 5230

  109. Douglas says: - reply

    Hi! you are a hero at this time!
    gnome3 becomes ugly and disfunctional, I believe cinnamon will grow up quickly!
    Thank you for your great work!

  110. Milo Nej says: - reply

    UBUNTU just made an automatic update and uninstalled the configurator (i think?) and the session files.

    While I am at it: how do I make nested menus?

    Great work! Hope teething problems disappear soon

    Edit by Clem: That’s ok, the session files and the configuration tool are now part of Cinnamon itself. The default Cinnamon menu uses filtering as opposed to nested categories. We’ll probably see 3rd party applets being developed featuring alternative menus and nested categories (ala Gnome 2).

  111. Frank says: - reply

    This is great! I’ve been messing with the ui javascript (layout.js, panel.js, panelLaunchers.js, panelMenu.js) and cinnamon.css and am amazed at how much I can change without having to know anything about the workings of cinnamon. I look forward to GUI tweaking tools but it was pretty easy to figure out what to change. One quick LOL: at one point I completely lost the panel and had to re-install cinnamon to get the original javascript files back (now they’re backed-up!), but that is all part of the exploration. Since leaving Ubuntu for Mint, I haven’t looked back. Great work!

  112. Dominic says: - reply

    I CAN’T SEE PANELS IN LINUX MINT 12 WITH CINNAMON !!! (all actualizations) . I ALSO HAVE MATE WITH IS LAGGY IN GAMES AND GNOME CLASSIC WITH CRASHING COMPIZ.My system is AMD athlonXP 2200+/ Radeon9550 gpu/ 2GB.ram. Please fix this i don’t wan’t install old mint9 now.

  113. Andrea says: - reply

    hi together,

    Wow, Cinnamon is really a great thing…I start to love it. I am just starting testing it and I think, I will stay with it for a while.

    But one thing: changing the window-border does not work for me. I use the gnome-tweak-tool for it. But it always remains on Adwaita, equal, which one I choose…

    What’s going on there??


  114. Sean says: - reply

    I love Cinnamon – at least for the few minutes I had to play with it lol. I had just installed it on a relatively clean Ubuntu 11.10 from the ppa, and one of the first things I did was to move the panel to top of the screen. I then relogged for the change to take effect, and no more panel – at all!

    Can anyone help me with this? Is there a config file I can change to fix this? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling…

    I don’t know if this is relevent or not, but my setup is:

    - nvidia geforce 310M w/optimus
    - bumblebee installed
    - dual monitor (laptop display + HDMI to external which is set as my primary)

    Any suggestions in getting the panel back so I can test cinnamon some more would be appreciated!

  115. Nil says: - reply

    I do like the look and feel of Cinnamon, which is a relief after Unity. But I wonder how it is configured. I try to use dconf-editor to do it, but I guess many options are under org/gnome instead of /org/cinnamon, or am I wrong about this? Anyway, I have not found how to set defaults or mandatory settings (that should be applied to ALL users) with it.

    Please, does anyone know a tool to do that, or a configuration file I could try to edit? I think /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory/%gconf-tree.xml might be a good candidate, but I’m not sure it applies to Cinnamon, and it looks like a hell to edit by hand.

    Any hint would be appreciated.

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