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Cinnamon 1.6.3

This is another maintenance release for Cinnamon. Cinnamon 1.6.3 brings the following fixes: Accessibility: Magnifier now displays context menus correctly Windows management: When a window requires attention (typically, when you open a file with an editor that is located on another workspace), Cinnamon moves to that workspace by default rather than bringing the ...

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Introducing Nemo

Introduction It was only a matter of time before we announced it, and the news was leaked in the press as soon as the project got on github: Cinnamon now has its own file browser called Nemo. Nemo is a complete fork of Nautilus 3.4 and its goal is to extend the ...

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Cinnamon is available for download in a variety of ways. Linux Mint Cinnamon is available from the Linux Mint repository. Simply install the package "cinnamon". Fedora Cinnamon is available from the Fedora repository. Simply install the package "cinnamon". Ubuntu Use the following PPA: OpenSUSE Find some explanations and a 1-click install package ...

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